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“I would never have drawn my sword in the cause of America, if I could have conceived that thereby I was founding a land of slavery."

Again, while in the prison of Magdeburg, he says :

“I know not what disposition has been made of my plantation at Cayenne ; but I hope Madame de Lafayette will take care that the negroes who cultivate it shall preserve their liberty.”

0. LAFAYETTE, grandson of General Lafayette, in a letter under date of April 26th, 1851, says :

“ This great question of the Abolition of Negro Slavery, which has my entire sympathy, appears to me to have established its importance throughout the world. At the present time, the States of the Peninsula, if I do not deceive myself, are the only European powers who still continue to possess slaves; and America, while continuing to uphold slavery, feels daily, more and more how heavily it weighs upon her destinies."

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“What civil law can restrain a slave from running away, since he is not a member of society ?"

Again, he says

“ Slavery is contrary to the fundamental principles of all societies.”

Again :

* In democracies, where they are all upon an equality, slavery is contrary to the principles of the Constitution."

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Again :

“Nothing puts one nearer the condition of a brute than always
to see freemen and not be free.”

Again :
“ Even the earth itself, which teems with profusion under the
cultivating hand of the free born laborer, shrinks into barrenness
from the contaminating sweat of a slave.”

Louis x. issued the following edict :-
“ As all men are by nature free born, and as this Kingdom is
called the Kingdom of Franks, (freemen) it shall be so in reality.
It is therefore decreed that enfranchisement shall be granted
throughout the whole Kingdom upon just and reasonable terms.”

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" It is apparent that the unfortunate negroes are endowed with excellent hearts, and possess the seeds of every human virtue. I cannot write their history without lamenting their miserable condition.” “ Humanity revolts at those odious oppressions that result from avarice.”


“ The terms slavery and right, contradict and exclude each other.”


BRISSOT says :

6: Slavery, in all its forms, in all its degrees, is a violation of divine law, and a degradation of human nature.”


GROTICS says :

“Those are men-stealers who abduct, keep, sell or buy slaves or free men. To steal a man is the highest kind of theft.”


-tast viclerce is, by no means, the ordinance of God, and beze e can tiad no one in conscience and right, to obey, whether ite oemand comes from pope, emperor, hing or master."

la alte German writer of the present day, says, in a erat letter to his friends in this country :

C'est that the cause of American liberty is the cause of Ein ty; its failare, a triumph of despotism everywhere. BT: wie Azerican liberty is the great argument of 12 ius , Azerican s'arery is the greater argument is Resezter that all our actions should be govhere are better individual, social, or political; Barve: abate all, no republican government, is Susis spea that practically deny that rule. Will Tiesire tole a system that recognizes property of 11:21 122 Asien which sanctions the sale of the child by 31. ties of the purpose of the buyer ? What Jedisposatte you the unmitigated wrong of slavery ? Esse size of ce are that argument is needed against

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y szerszire property; it is the property of manin s smertal, though crushed, can never die ; sease se Timara; though fettered, she will get



CICERO says idegend laws of mature, all men are born free, and this wally binding upon all men."


Again, he says >

“Eternal justice is the basis of all human laws.”

Again :" Law is not something wrought out by man's ingenuity, nor is it a decree of the people, but it is something eternal, governing the world by the wisdom of its commands and prohibitions."

Again :

* Whatever is just is also the true law, nor can this true law be abrogated by any written enactments.”

Again :-

"If there be such a power in the decrees and commands of fools, that the nature of things is changed by their votes, why do they not decree that what is bad and pernicious shall be regarded as good and wholesome, or why, if the law can make wrong right, can it not make bad good ?"

Again :

"Those who have made pernicious and unjust decrees, have made anything rather than laws.”

Again :

“ The law of all nations forbids one man to pursue his advantage at the expense of another."


“Justice teaches men to know God and to love men, to love and assist one another, being all equally the children of God.”

LEO X. says : “ Not only does the Christian religion, but nature herself cry out against the state of slavery.”



"Slavery is a system of outrage and robbery."


“It is neither for the good, nor is it just, seeing all men are by nature alike, and equal, that one should be lord and master over others."


"None but unprincipled and beastly men in society assume the mastery over their fellows, as it is among bulls, bears, and cocks."

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PLATO says :

"Slavery is a system of the most complete injustice."

From each of the above, and from other nations, additional testimony is at hand; but, for reasons already assigned, we forbear to introduce it. Corroborative of the correctness of the position which we have assumed, even Persia has a voice, which may be easily recognized in the tones of her immortal Cyms, who says :

“To fight, in order not to be made a slave, is noble." Than Great Britain no nation has more heartily or hon. orably repented of the crime of slavery-no nation, on the perception of its error, has ever acted with more prompt magnanimity to its outraged and unhappy bondsmen. Entered to her credit, many precious jewels of liberty remain in our possession, ready to be delivered when called for ; of their value some idea may be formed, when we state that they are filigreed with such names as Wilber

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