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act to provide for the exemption of property from forced sale under execution, approved l'eb. 1887.

No. 144. An Act to amend Section 10 of an act to provide for the exemption of property from local sale under execution, approved Feb. 24, 1887.

No. 145. An Act in regard to judgments.
No. 146. An Act to establish Pyramid county.

No. 149. An Act to enable the several counties of the Territory having a funded or bonded indebtedness to liquidate and pay off the same before maturity.

No. 150. An Act relating to county treasurers in the Territory of New Mexico.

No. 151. An Act relating to bridges and county roads.
No. 152. An Act to provide for a struck jury.
No. 153. An Act relating to tax collectors.
No. 154. An Act relating to gambling.



SANTA FE, N. M., December 29, 1890,

Monday, 12 o'clock m.
In conformity with the provision of law, the Council of the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico met at
the Territorial Capitol at 12 o'clock m.

The session was opened by prayer by the Rev. G. G. Smith.

The following named persons were sworn in as members of this body and the oath of office administered to them by the Hon. B. M. Thomas, Secretary of the Territory, to-wit: Pedro Perea and Elias S. Stover, of Bernalillo county.

. Narciso Valdez, of Colfax and Mora counties. Joseph A. Ancheta, of Doña Ana, Grant and Sierra counties. George A. Richardson, of Lincoln, Chavez and Eddy counties. Pedro I. Jaramillo, of San Juan and Rio Arriba counties.

Hermenegildo Vigil and Theodore B. Mills, of San Miguel county

Thomas B. Catron, of Santa Fe county.
Matias Contreras, of Socorro county.
Juan Santistevan, of Taos county.
J. Francisco Chavez, of Valencia connty.

Mr. G. A. Richardson, of Lincoln, Chavez and Eddy counties, entered a written protest requesting the secretary not to administer the cath of office to J. 1 Ancheta, Councilman-elect of

1 Doña Ada, Grant and Sierra counties, vír. Richardson further protests in the mes of Ronnie blarinen, of Santa Fe county, aud Alexander Gudlorf of Taos County, respectively against the administration of the oath of office to Thomas B. Catron of Santa Fe county and Juan Santistevan of Taos county; they, the said Romulo Martinez and Alexander Gusdorf claiming seats in this Council from Santa Fe and Taos counties respectively, of which protests the Secretary refused to take cognizance and referred them to the future action of the Council.

The Council then proceeded to permanent organization. The nomination of a permanent President being in order, Mr. Catron, of the county of Santa Fe, placed in nomination the name of Col. J. Francisco Chavez, of the county of Valencia, as Pesident of this Council. Mr. G. W. Richardson, of the counties of Lincoln, Chavez and Eddy, moves to amend by substitut. ing the name of T. B. Mills, of the county of San Miguel; the ayes and nays were ordered on this question with the following result:

Ayes, 5; nays, 7.
The motion of Mr. Catron being in order, the


nays were demanded, with the following result.

Aycs, 8; nays, t.

Therefore, J. Francisco Chavez was declared elected President of this ('ouncil, and pon taking the chair thanked the body in a few appropriate remarks, for the honor conferred upon him.

Mr. Catron of the county of Santa Fe, then proposed the names of the following persons to fill the different positions, all of whom were elected to-wit:

Chief Clerk, Maximiliano Luna.
Sergeant at Arms, George G. Gantz.
Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk, Charles C. Shirk.
Messenger, Tomas Gonzales.
Watchman, Felipe Mares.
Chaplain, George G. Smith.

Assistant Chief Clerk, Hugh (). Iorrison.
Assistant Enrolling Clerk, Malaqnias Martinez. .
Assistant Engrossing Clerk, M. Miera.
Committe Clerks, Antonio Lucero and Maximiano Romero.
Journal Clerk, Charles A Spiss.
Assistant Sergeat i at lum, D. Naranjo.
Interpreter, P. Pino.
Translato", Clarence Rey.

Assistant Translator, G. Otero, Messenger and Watchman, F. Sandoval. Pages, Gus O'Brien, Gus Warning, and Ismael Esquibel. Mr. Stover of the county of Bernalillo, then proposed the following resolution which was adopted unanimously.

Resolved, That the hours of meeting of the Council be 10 o'clock a. m. and 2 o'colck p. m. each day until otherwise ordered.

Mr. Perea of the county of Bernalillo moved that a commit tee of three members be appointed to inform the House that the Council was ready to proceed to business, which motion being carried the chair appointed the following members: Messrs. Perea, Mills and Jaramillo.

Mr. Ancheta moves that a committee of three be appointed to inform his Excellency, Gov. Prince, that the Council is ready to proceed to business, which motion being carried the chair appointed the following members to act on such committee:

Messrs. Ancheta, Catron and Richardson.
Mr. Catron presented the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the President of this Council to act in conjunction with a similar coinmittee to be appointed by the House of Representatives to agree upon the number of additional employes of the respective branches and their compensation, and the House be requested to appoint a similar committee for such purpose.

Which motion being adopted the following names were appointed by the chair: Messrs. Catron, Valdez and Santistevan.

Mr. Catron asked to be relieved from acting on the committee and Mr. Contreras was appointed.

On motion of Mr. Catron the Council adjourned until 2

o'clock p. m.


SANTA FE, N. M., December 29, 1890,

Monday, 2 o'clock p. m. The President informed the Council, that by to-morrow morning he shall present the constitution of each standing committee.

Mr. Catron moves that the Council be governed by the rules prevailing in last session and that the rules then adopted, be adopted in this session, until otherwise changed, which motion was carried.

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