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Eclectic Medical College of


American Artisan and PatPENNSYLVANIA.

Extract from Report of Farmer's

ENT RECORD.-New Series. This College Holds Three Sessions each


The American Artisan, now in the fourth Year.


year of its publication, is a Weekly Jour. The First Session commences October

the Club give us its opinion of

nal, devoted to fostering the interests of Sth, and continues until the end of January.

Washing machines? Is it econ

Artisans and Manufacturers, encouraging The Second Session, commencing Feb.

omy to pay $14 for one of Doty's

the genius of Inventors, and protecting the 1st, continues until the beginning of May.

machines Washing - machines

rights of Patentees. The Third Session continues through the

have so generally proved to be

Each number contains numerous original summer months.

failures that I am afraid of throw

engravings and descriptions of new maIt has an able corps of twelve Professors,

ing away my money upon one.

chinery, etc., both American and Foreign; and every department of Medicine and


reliable receipts for use in the field, the Surgery is thoroughly tanght.

to pay ten times the money you

workshop, and the household; practical TACULTY OF THE COLLEGE.

rules for mechanics and advice to farmers; Joseph Sites, M.D., Prof. of Obstetrics and mention, it would be the best investment you ever made upon your farm. But you must not have that alone. Get the Universal Clothes Wringer with it, and your wife and

* Mechanical Movements," and other useDiseases of Women and Children. Henry Hollembaek, M.D., Prof. of Materia children will rise up and call you blessed, for they will find washing made easy."

ful lessons for young artisans; the official

list of claims of all patents issued weekly Medica and Pharmacy. The following Testimonials have been given:

from the United States Patent Office; reJoseph P. Fitler, M.D.Prof. of Chemistry “We like our machine much; could not be persuaded to do withont it; and with tho ports of law cases relating to patents, etc. and Toxicology.

aid of Doty, we feel hat we are masters of the position."-Rev. BISHOP Scott, M. E. Each number of the American Artisan John Buchanan, M.D., Prof. of Surgery and Church.

contains sixteen pages of instructive and Institute of Medicine. It is worth one dollar per week in any family.-N. Y. Tribune.

interesting reading matter, in which the William Clark, M.D., Prof. of Practice of "I give it the most unqualified praise, and pronounce it an indispensable part of the progress of the arts and sciences is recordMedicine. machinery of bonsekeeping."-Rev. HENRY WARD BEECHER.

ed in familiar language. Twenty-six num. Edward Down, M.D., Prof. of Descriptive "In the laundry of my house there is a perpetual thanksgiving on Mondays for the in- bers form a handsome half-yearly volume. and Comparative Anatomy. vention of your excellent Wringer."--Rev. THEODORE L. CUYLER.

The columns of the American Artisan are Emil Querner, M.D., Prof. of Physiology Every week has given it a stronger hold upon the affections of the inmates of the rendered attractive by articles from the and Microscopic Anatomy. laundry.-N. Y. Obserrer.

pens of many talented American writers Lewis A. Hall, M.D., Prof. of Diseases of BOTH THESE MACHINES HAVE RECENTLY BEEN GREATLY IMPROVED. upon scientific and mechanical subjects. the Nervous System.

You may prove the above statement truc by sending the retail price: Washer, $14; Terms of subscription : Single copies, by A. Rittenhouse, M.D., Prof. of Special | Extra Cog-Wheel Wringer, $9; and we will forward to places where no one is selling, mail, per year, $2 50 in advance. Single Pathology and Diagnosis.

either or both, free of charges. If, after a trial of one month, you are not entirely satis- copies, by mail, six months, $1 25 in adJ. V. Lewis, LL.D., Lecturer on Medical fied, we will REFUND THE MONEY on the return of the machines.-Large discount Jurisprndence.

to the trade everywhere.—R. C. BROWNING, General Agent, 23 Cortlandt St., N. Y. The publishers of the American Artisan James Cochran, M.A., M.D., Demonstrator

are also extensively engaged as Solicitors of Anatomy.

of American and Foreign Patents, and will L. D. McMichael, M.D., Demonstrator of


promptly forward to all who desire it, per Surgical Anatomy.

Anti-freezing and Double-acting. The best in use. mail, gratis, a pamphlet, entitled "ImportSplendid Hospital and Clinical Instruc

We do know that the West Pump is all that any man ever ant Information for Inventors and Patenttion is afforded. Free tickets to all our

reqnires, being cconomical, desirable, and efficient.-N. Y. ees." Address City Hospitals are provided. Dissecting


BROWN, COOMBS & Co., material abundant at a nominal cost.


Proprietors of the American Artisan, Perpetual Scholarships are sold for $60;

Self-regulating, Self-adjusting, and Self-oiling. The latest Mch, tf. No. 189 Broadway, New York. bo other expenses.

and best. For particulars, address JOSEPH SITES,

It is very strongly built, is cheap, and always under per

Watson's Manual of CalisM.D., Dean, Sixth and Callowhill Streets,

fect control. - Scientific American. Philadelphia, Pa.


THENICS, contains a complete course of The ECLECTIC MEDICAL

or Copper or Galvanized Iron. The only perfect insulation physical exercises, WITHOUT APPARATUS. in America.

It has all necdful directions, rules, and JOURNAL OF PENNSYLVANIA. Published

"I would recommend to the public the use of the Otis' explanations, with sections on phonetics Monthly. 48 Pages. Price $2 per annum.

Patent Lightning Conductors." - Hon. HORACE MANN. and respiration. The exercises are arThe most original and progressive Medi

ranged in accordance with well-known cal Journal in the United States. All arti

Agents wanted everywhere, with exclusive right. cles original and thoroughly practical. 2t.

J. D. WEST, & CO., No. 40 Cortlandt St., N. Y.

principles of anatomy, physiology, and

hygiene. They have been thoroughly Splendid inducements to subscribers for

tested, securing the happiest results. 1888. Premium engravings, valued at $3, Dollar Magazine for Young Men.

These exercises, practiced habitually and given to each subscriber. Specimen copy

energetically, can not fail to yield grace, sent free.

agility, suppleness, a ready hand, as well Address, JOHN BUCHANAN, 227 North Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


as robust health, and power of endurance. Almost any school-room or parlor will suf

fice for the exercises. For those who use A. A. Constantine's Persian

the piano to enliven the exercises, there is HEALING OR PINE TAR SOAP.

An American Magazine devoted to the interests and adapted to the tastes of the young music, prepared by the best masters. Patented March 12th, 1867. men of the country.

The book is richly illustrated; is printed For the Toilet, Nursery, and Bath this

on superior paper, and bound in best style. Soap has no equal. It Cures Pimples, ONE DOLLAR a year. Single copies, fifteen cents.

A reviewer" writes: “This is the most Rash, Chapped Hands, and all Diseases of

elaborate and satisfactory attempt yet the Scalp and Skin. Is a good Shaving This is an carnest effort to supply young men with unexceptionable reading matter, at

made to apply practically to educational Soap.

so low a rate that there can be no excuse for neglecting its advantages. The very best purposes the great truths of physiology, WHAT THOSE SAY WHO USE IT.

relating to physical culture and training. Baldness Cured. – It is bringing my

writers in the country are engaged, and there will be nothing cheap about the magazine To those in authority it is a positive duty hair in beautifully. I consider it the best but its price.

to promote the circulation of this book by hair renovator in use.-M. H. COMBS, 218

every means in their power. All who Atlantic St., Brooklyn, N. Y. I have used it for catarrh in the head, The contents of the June number will indicate somewhat its character and scope.

have the physical welfare of the human

race at heart, and understand how powermaking a suds and sniffing it through the Robert Bonner and the Ledger (with Portrait)..

..By Oliver Dyer.

less the intellect is to contend against the nose, and it has cured me. I use it con

burden of a feeble frame, are equally interstantly for the toilet, and consider it the Success or Failure in Life......

By Horace Greeley. ested in its teachings, and answerable, best soap for that purpose.-G. R. BENSON,

each in his own sphere, however small it Office of the U. S. Life Ins. Co., 40 Wali Clerks and Apprentices ....

.By James Parton.

be, for the consequences of neglecting St., N. Y.

..By Edward Cary.

them." Sent by mail for $1. Political Duties of Young Mon.. I have used your Persian Healing Soap

J. W. SCHERMERHORN & CO., PubIn my practice extensively, and it has Money and Morals

.By Rev. J. L. Corning. lishers, 14 Bond Street, New York. 2t. proved the best healing soap I ever used. It has no equal as a soap for washing the Some Autographs

.By the Editor. heads and skin of children.-L. P. ALDRICH, John O'Groat's House....

..By Elihu Burritt.

Hall's Great Geological Chart. M.D., 19 Harrison St., N.Y.

Size 6 ft. 6 in. by 5 ft., finely engraved and I had salt rheum badly fifteen years. The Telescope of the Stars. (A Pocm.).....

..By G. W. Bungay. colored, exhibits the order of successive Your soap has made a complete cure.- Editorials, etc.

strata of rocks and the characteristic fossils G. M. BALL, 119 West St., N.Y.

which have given the key to this arrangeI use it for the toilet and bathing, and In the July number will be commenced a series of illustrated articles by Mr. Dyer, on

ment. It gives the appearance if a section prefer it to any other I have ever known.

were made from the surface toward the J.H. T. KING, Member of the Royal College the Undercurrents of City Life, truthfully setting forth the gigantic evils which fester in center of the earth, exposing the edges of of Surgeons, England.

the different layers. It is, in fact, such I have nsed it for soldier's itch. The the great metropolis, and proving that “truth is stranger than fiction.”

representation as may be seen in the banks scalp was badly diseased, resembling scald- Great inducements to Clubs. Address

of many rivers, as the Niagara, or in high head. A cnre was effected in a few days.

rocky cliffs of lake or ocean shores, only it -T. S. P. LORD, M.D., Chicago, Ill.

is much more extended. It is the best medicine we have ever

This beautiful Chart was prepared by geen for cutaneous eruptions of every kind,

Professor IIall, that it might render a study and every family should have it.-Ameri

so delightful in itself, and so practically can Baptist.

11seful, more extensively introduced, and It accomplishes all it claims.-R. Hal

more easily understood. ILTOX, M.D., Saratoga, N. Y.

937 Broadway, New York.

Only a limited number were produced The wife of Rev. Dr. King, Missionary

from the lithographic stones. The subat Athens, Greece, writes: *I have used

scribers have for sale a few of them, fresh ponr Persian Healing Soap for rheumatism,

Boarding in New York. Cheapest Bookstore in the and perfect. and find it exceedingly good.”

Good board and pleasant rooms at 13 and WORLD.--New Catalogue, No. 18, free. Price, Mounted on Cloth and Rollers, Agents wanted. Send 50 cents for eam- 15 LarghT STREET. Turkish Baths, Elec- Send a stamp. 100,000 Old and New Books $18; wholesale price to Teachers, $12. ple, or 3 cents for circular. tric Baths, and Swedish Movements to on hand. Immense prices paid for Old

Key to Hall's Geological Chart, $1, A. A. CONSTANTINE, those desiring such.

Books. LEGGATT BROTHERS, J. W. SCHERMERHORN & CO., 14 1t No. 43 Ann Street, N. Y.


113 Nassau Street, New York. Bond Street, New York. July, 2t.


SS Packard


Lord Jeffey said: "" It will supersede all other works on the subject, and never be itself KIDDER's Highest Premium Electro-Med


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Astory which

holds the reader's attention, and makes him satistied with himself for for the treatment of disease. Han

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Just Received.--We have
The First Volume of Putnam's Magazine,

All interested in School
just received from our London agent the New Series, is now ready; Containing 772 large pages, and including 90 articles of Furniture should have knowledge of the
fine English Edition of TIE LIFE AND
WRITINGS OF EMANUEL SWEDENBORG. By writers of eminent ability. Neatly bound'in green morocco cloth, price, $2 50.
permanent interest and value, Historical, Descriptive, Practical and Entertaining: by great advantages of the

NEW AMERICAN SCHOOL DESKS Wm. White. 2 large vols, price $12. N. B.-CLOTH COVERS can be had separately, for binding the volume. Price, 50 cents,


GEORGE MUNGER'S PATENTS. lustrated with 26 Full-page Steel Engrav- The volume is a very handsome one, and contains as much matter as six volumes of

I. THEIR COMFORT-being." constructed ings. By Thos. Woolnoth, Esq., histori. Irving's Works-Reading of the most interesting and valuable kind. It contains six on Physiological Principles." cal engraver to the Queen. '$5 50. portraits, viz.: General Grant, H. W. Beecher, H, Greeley, Speaker Colfax, Fitz-Greene II. THE FOLDING SEAT, with its varied THE EDUCATION OF THE FEELINGS OR Halleck, and D. Huntington, P. N. A. It is handsomely bound in cloth.



WOOD AND IRON, securing firmness, and post-paid, $175.

G. P. Putnam & Son have now ready the first volume of the Continuation of the
THE CHESS CHAMPIONS is the title of a ** Riverside Edition," in 16mo, on fine paper, green cloth, gilt top. Price, $1 75; being preventing warping and checking.

IV. CHEAPNESS OF TRANSPORTATIONneat card photograph of a chess-board, that most romantic of veritable biographies,

being readily and securely packed flat, as each sqnare of which contains the likeness THE LIFE AND VOYAGES OF COLUMBUS AND HIS COMPANIONS.

ordinary freight. of a prominent chess-player. The follow

By Washington Irving. With illustrations on wood and on steel. Vol. 1, 16mo, gilt top. V. IN APPEARANCE hey rival all other ing is a list of the sixty-four portraits, in $i 75.

School Furniture now known. And they alphabetical order:

*** This edition matches the eight vols, of the lighter works heretofore published. cost no more than the cheapest styles. Allen, Anderssen, Andre, Barnett, BayAlso, the same Work, People's Edition, cheaper paper, neatly bound in black cloth.

e Send for Illustrated Description. er, Bilguer, Boiron, Bourdonnais, BrenzPrice, $1_25.

Also a List of Articles for Every School. inger, Brown, Cheney, Cook, Elder, Fiske,

N.B. - Both editions will be continued in monthly volumes until completed; and also J. W. SCHERMERHORN & CO., ManuFrom, Fuller, Graves Grimshaw, Hanthe Knickerbocker edition, larger paper, $2.25 per volume.

facturers, 14 Bond Street, New York. 2t. stein, Harrwitz, Hazeltine, Jaenisch, Jonr

Mr. Prescott, the Historian,

wrote of Irving's work : “ It is the noblest monument to
nond, Julien, Kidson, Klett, Kockelborn,

Electro Vital-Dr. Jerome
Kohtz, Kolisch, Lasa, Leonard, Lesquesne,
Lichtenheim, Lowenthal, Loyd, Macken-

ical Apparatus, warranted greater mag-
zie, Marache, Maurian, Mead, Meyer, Mor-

netic power of any called magnetic. phy, Mortimer, Paulsen, Pavitt, Perrin,

In 1 Vol. 12mo. $1 50.

The patent labels of the United States, Petroff, Philidor, Potter, Preti, Reichhelm,


England, and France are on the machine Rice, Rivière, Rosenthal, Schlesinger,

itself, as the law requires for all genuine Schultz, Smith, St. Amant, Stanley, StaunA Novel by Mr. Thom. White.

patented districts. ton, Thompson, Walker, Wells, Willmers,

- "Wormald. For sale at this office, carte de

any country visite size. 20 cents each, $2 a dozen. having spent the time in reading the book."-Rochester Express.

mond, late Surgeon-General U. S. A. Larger size, $1 each.


Caution.-The latest improved hears the S. R. WELLS, Publisher,


patent labels of 1860 and 1866.
339 Broadway, N. Y.

Address DR. J. KIDDER,
A Tale of the Primitive Moravians. By Charlotte B. Mortimer. 1 vol. 12mo. $2.


478 Broadway, New York.
In this volume will be found in detail, ample illustrations of this extraordinary mode
THE VERY HIGUEST PRIZE. of settling the matrimonial destinies of the whole of a Christian denomination.

Our Gymnastic Apparatus
III. MATTHIEU ROPARS, ET CETERA. By an Ex-Editor. 12mo. $1.

is made of well-seasoned wood, varnished

and polished. Dumb-bells and Indian A Manual for Housekeepers. 12mo. $1. The design of this Manual is to suggest what Clubs are made of maple, beech, or birch ;

is seasonable for the table, each day in the week, and how it shall be cooked, without the Wands of white ash; Xand-rings of cherry, THE

IMPERIAL trouble of thinking. The receipts have all been tested by actual experience. A daily birch, or mahogany.

* bill of fare" for breakfast, dinner, and tea is given, for one week in each month, which There are four sizes of Dumb-bells-Nos.
may be varied to suit the income. A collection of Pickles and Sauces of rare merit form 1 and 2 are intended for boys and girls;
a desirable addition at the end.

No.3 for women and youth; No. 4 for men.
V. THE USE OF TOBACCO; ITS PHYSICAL, MORAL, AND SOCIAL EVILS. Price, per pair, of Nos. 1 and 2, 50 cents;

of Nos. 3 and 4, 75 cents.
By J. H. Griscom, M.D. 32mo, 25 cents ; cloth, 50 cents.

Two sizes of Hand-rings-No. 1 is for
This " Counterblast" against “the Weed” contains new and startling facts well boys and girls; No. 2 for men and women.
worth the serious attention of all victims to this narcotic naisance and pernicious poison. Per pair, 75 cents.

There are eight sizes of Indian Clubs,

four of long clubs, and four of sbort ones. LEGION

Large octavo. About 550 pages, cloth extra, gilt top. $5.

Nos. 1 and 2 are for women and youth ;
THE LIFE OF NATHANIEL GREENE, MAJOR-GENERAL IN THE ARMY OF Nos. 3 and 4 for men. Price of Clubs, per

pair, $1 75 to $6.
By George Washington Greene. Price to Subscribers, $4 per volume.

The Wand is seven-eighths inch in diam

eter. Price 30 cents; with metallic balls, Was conferred on the Representative of the

75 cents.

Apparatus for Physical Training.-BACON'S PATENT


HOME GYMNASIUM. The only complete portable

14 Bond St., New York.

Gymnasium ever invented. Invaluable to those of At the EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE, PARIS,

sedentary occupations. No home should be without 1867.

one. Put up in any room, and removed in a minute. Salesrooms,

All complete Gymnasiums that have been previously The Eye that Brightens when ! 3t. 495 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.

constructed, have been too cnmbrous or too expen

Come. ve; and those of a cheap and simple character have

By Godfrey. Composer of heen lacking in the necessary scope and variety, not

"Guards" and "Mabel" Waltzes.. 30cts. TANTED) - AGENTS

heing adapted to swinging or somersault exercises. For Flute or Violin, 15cts,

Live in My Heart and Pay No $75 to $200 per month, every

Many attempts have been made to construct one where, male and female, to intro

which would overcome these difficulties, and this we Rent. A Characteristic Irish Song 30c. duce the GENUINE IMPROVED

now claim to have accomplished in our PATENT HOME For Violin, 15cts, COMMON SENSE FAMILY

GYMNASIUM. It is based on the principles devised Palling Hard Agalust the Stream, SEWING MACHINE. This

aud taught by Ling, Schreber, and Dio Lewis, and is An excellent Song, with good Motto 30c. Machine will stitch, hem, fell,

a combination of these systems brought into a small

For Violin, 15cts. tuck, quilt, cord, bind, braid,

compass. While the first exercises are simple enough Dream of the Ball. New Waltzes, by and embroider in a most superifor children, the last are such as only can be accom- Godfrey.

40cts. or manner. Price, only $18.

For Violin, 15cts.

plished by the most athletic. It is believed that this Fully warranted for five years.

apparatus-being cheap, portable, and adapted to all

Wiener Bon-Bons. New Waltzes, by We will pay $1000 for any machine that

--will be the means through which Gymnastics will

Strauss... will sew a stronger, more beautifnl, or

become universal.

For Violin, 15cts. more elastic seam than ours. It makes the

This apparatus is supported by two strong hooks Golden Secret. New Waltz, by Sie. "Elastic Lock Stitch." Every second in the ceiling, eighteen inches apart, and screwed into dle......

30cts. stitch can be cut, and still the cloth can

the joist five inches, leaving only the small hooks vis Hill-Side, New Galop, by Beyer. 3cts. not be pulled apart without tearing it. We

ible. It can also be used in a yard, by the erection of Very brilliant. pay Agents from $75 to $200 per month

a framework such as is used for swings. The straps The Grande Duchesse of Geroland expenses, or a commission from which

are of the strongest linen, handsomely colored, and steln. All the principal melodies of twice that amount can be made.--Address

by an ingenious device, the rings and stirrups can be this popular opera, among which are SECOMB & CO., PITTSBURGH, PA., or

instantly raised or lowered to any desired height. A The Sword of my Father.....40cts. BOSTON, MASS.

space six or eight feet wide is ample for any of the exercises. The apparatus can also For Violin, 15cts. CAUTION.--Do not be imposed upon be converted into a Trapeze for the athlete, or a swing for the juvenile.

Say to Him. by other parties palming off worthless castPrice of the complete Gymnasium, with four large sheets of illustrations (100

For Violin, 15cts. iron machines, under the same name or cuts), and Hand-book explaining how each is performed

$10 00 Song of the Letters.

50cts. otherwise. Ours is the only genuine and The Trapeze adjustment, with thirty-two illustrations, extra...

3 50 For Violin, 15cts. really practical cheap machine manufacThe Swing adjustment..

1 50 Sabre Galop.

35cts. tured.


A liberal Discount made to the Trade. Sent by Express to any part of the United For Violin, 15cts.
States or Canada, on receipt of price. Address

Grande Dachesse Waltzes..... 4Octs.
The Missouri Baptist Jour-

W. H. BIDWELL & CO., 108 Fulton St., N. Y. For Violin, 15cts.
NAL, Palmyra, Missouri.
H. Luther,

Feather Bali Galop.

85cts, Editor. J. A. Jaudon, General Agent. Oficial Organ of the Missouri Baptists. The Monthly Phonographic

SHEET MUSIC, and MUSIC Books, and

Edward 0. Jenkins, Steam INSTRUCTION Books for all Musical In-
Circulates principally in Missouri, Illinois, MAGAZINE.-Terms, $2 a year, or 20 cents Book and Job Printer, and Stereotyper, struments, sent by Mail, free of post-
Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, and California. a number. This is the only periodical
The Journal is read by at least ten thou- printed in Phonography published in

No. 20 North William Street, New York, age, 10 ANY ADDRESS IN THE UNITED

announces to his friends and the public States, on receipt of the marked price. sand Baptists in Missouri. Terms, $2 50 America. Two numbers now ready. that his establishment is replete with FREDERICK BLUME, Publisher, 1125 Broadper year, strictly in advance. A limited

Address, JAMES E. MUNSON, number of advertisements taken.

Presses, Type, and material for the rapid way, New York, second dvor above 25th
1t. tf
117 Nassau Street, New York. production of every description of printing. I Street. Branch, 208 Bowery.


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New Music.

.... 4Octs.



Independent, New York City, Henry C. Bowen, Publisher,

The Methodist, Geo. R. Crooks, D.D., Editor.

Moore's Rural New Yorker, Rochester, N. Y., D.D.T. Moore, Editor and Proprietor.

Tribune, New York City, Horace Greeley, Editor.

We call attention to the above list as a positive guarantee of our manner of doing business; as well as the hundreds of thousands of persons in our published Club Lists,



31 and 33 Vescy Street, New York. Your “ Advocate" is received and circulated. Please accept my thanks. You are extending a blessing to us old tea drinkers in the West.

My profession keeps me in my office, but the limited opportunities I have shall be devoted to the extension of your trade. The orders I have sent have been purely from private families. I have recommended your house to our merchants, with what success you know, not I. They might not like to have their customers see the profits they make. I remain, verv respectfully yours,


Receive their Teas

wo will put each party's goods in separate packages,

and mark the name upon them, with the cost, so there BY T H E CA R GO, need be no confusion in their distribution-each party FROM THE BEST

getting exactly what he orders, and no more. The cost

of transportation the members can divide equitably Tea Districts of China and Japan,

among themselves. AND SELL THEM IN

Parties sending club or other orders for less than QUANTITIES TO SUIT PURCHASERS

thirty dollars, had better send Post-office draft or money

with their orders, to save the expense of collections by AT CARGO PRICES.

express; but larger orders we will forward by express,

to “collect on delivery.” To give our readers an idea of the pronts which have

Hereafter we will send a complimentary package to boen made in the Tea Trade (previous to the establish

the party getting up the club. Our profits are small, ment of the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY), we will

but we will be as liberal as we can afford. We send start with the American Houses, leaving out of the

no complimentary package for clubs of less than $30. account entirely the profits of the Chinese factors.

Parties getting their Teas of us may confidently

rely upon getting them pure and fresh, as they come First. The American House in China or Japan makes

direct from the Custom-House stores to our Warelarge profits on their sales or shipments--and some

houses. of the richest retired merchants in this country have

We warrant all the goods we sell to give entire satismade their immense fortunes through their houses in

faction. If they are not satisfactory they can be returned China.

at our expense within thirty days, and have the money Second. The Banker makes large profits upon the

refunded. foreign exchange used in the purchase of Teas.

The Company have selected the following kinds from Third. The Importer makes a profit of 30 to 50 per

their stock, which they recommend to meet the wants cent in many cases.

of clubs. They are sold at cargo prices, the same as the Fuurth. On its arrival here it is sold by the cargo, and

Company sell them in New York, as the list of prices the purchaser sells it to the Speculator in invoices of

will show. 1,000 to 2,000 packages, at an average profit of about 10 per cent.

PRICE LIST OF TEAS. Fifth. The Speculator sells it to the Wholesale Tea

OOLONG (Black), 70c., 80c., 90c., best, $1 per lb.
Dealer in the lines, at a profit of 10 to 15 per cent.

MIXED (Green and Black), 70c., 80C., 90c., best, $1 per
Sixth. The Wholesale Tea Dealer sells it to the Whole- Ib.
Mle Grocer in lots to suit his trade, at a profit of about

ENGLISH BREAKFAST (Black), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best,

$1 20 per lb. 10 per cent.

IMPERIAL (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best, $1 25 per
Serenth. The Wholesale Grocer sells it to the Retail Ib.
Dealer, at a profit of 15 to 25 per cent.

YOUNG HYson (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 35
Eighth. The Retailer sells it to the Consumer, for ALL

UNOOLORED JAPAN, 90c., $1, $1 10, best, $1 25 per Ib. THE PROFIT HE CAN GET.

GUNPOWDER (Green), $1 25, best, $1 50 per lb. When you have added to these EIGHT profits as many brokerages, cartages, storages, cooperages, and

COFFEES ROASTED AND GROUND DAILY. waste, and add the original cost of the Tea, it will be

GROUND COFFEE, 200., 25., 30c., 35c., best, 40c., perceived what the consumer has to pay. And now we per lb. Hotels, Saloons, Boarding-honse keepers, and propose to show why we can sell so much lower than Families who use large quantities of Coffee, can cconosmall dealers.

mize in that article by using our French Breakfast and

Dinner Coffee, which we sell at the low price of 80 c. per We propose to do away with all these various profits

Ib., and warranted to give perfect satisfaction. and brokerages, cartages, storages, cooperages, and waste, with the exception of a small commission paid

Consumers can save from 50c. to $1 per lb. by purfor purchasing to our correspondents in China and

chasing their Teas of the Japan, one cartage, and a small profit to ourselves

GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, which, on our large sales, will amply pay us.

31 and 33 VESEY STREET. By our system of supplying Clubs throughout the

Post-Ofice Box 5,643, New York City. country, consumers in all parts of the United States THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY (established 1861)

is recommended by the leading newspapers, religious can receive their Teas at the same price, with the small

and secular, in this and other cities, viz.: additional expense of transportation, as though they

American Agriculturist, Orange Judd, Editor. bought them at our Warehouse in this city.

Christian Advocate, New York City, Daniel Curry, Some parties inquire of us how they shall proceed

D.D., Editor, to get up a club. The answer is simply this: Let each

Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, J. M. Reid, D.D.,

Editor. person wishing to join in a club, say how much tea or

Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., Thomas M. Eddy, coffee he wants, and select the kind and price from D.D., Editor. our Price List, as published in the paper, or in our

Evangelist, New York City, Dr. H. M. Field and J. G. circulars. Write the rames, kinds, and amounts plainly

Craighead, Editors.

Examiner and Chronicle, New York City, Edward on the list, as seen in the club-order published below,

Bright, Editor. and when the club is complete send it to us by mail, and Christian Intelligencor, E. S. Porter, D.D., Editor.


81 and 33 Vesey Street, New York. Gents : This day I forward you, by M. U. Express Company, $107 50, being amount due you on one box of tea.

It may be proper here to state that the tea received gives entire satisfaction. This makes two orders from this place. Your patrons are so well pleased with the tea that you may expect to furnish us our tea and coffee. I have sent your papers to Linden, Genesee County, in this State, and other places, from whence you may expect to receive orders.

Please accept our thanks for the promptness with which you responded to our order. Respectfully yours,


per lb.


31 and 33 Vesey Street, New York. The order we sent you last month reached us in due time, and with which we are well pleased. We think there is, at least, 50 to 75 cents difference in your favor, compared with the prices of St. Louis, where we have been buying our teas for several years past. You may expect to receive our future orders.


N. B.---All villages and towns where a large number reside, by clubbing together, can reduce the cost of their Teas and Coffees about one-third by sending directly to the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY.

BEWARE of all concerns that advertise themselves as branches of our Establishment, or copy our name, either wholly or in part, as they are bogus or imitations. We have no branches, and do not, in any case, authorize the use of our name.

TAKE NOTICE.-Clubs and quantity bayers are only furnished from our Wholesale and Club Department.

Post-Ofice orders and drafts made payable to the order of the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY. Direct letters and orders to the


Nos. 31 and 83 Vesey Street, New York. Post-Ofico Box, 5,643, New York City.


(JULY, 1868.


ignorant. Much valuable information may be The coal-fields of England are very extens

obtained from the PURENOLOGICAL JOURNAL ive, and excepting her manufactures, consti

AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED, a most interesting tute the richest source of profit to the nation.

monthly magazine edited by Mr. S. R. Wells, The product of the English mines alone annu

which had before the war quite a large circulaally exceeds seventy million tons, of which a

tion in Texas. The subscription price per large quantity is exported to America and

annum is only $3, and a single number of it is the continent of Europe. English coal is used

alone worth the money. Mr. Wells is also the almost exclusively on ocean steamers. The

publisher of a long list of works on phrenology, most important coal districts lie in the north

physiology, hydropathy, and other scientific

works, as well as a number of miscellancous ern counties of Northumberland, Cumberland,

books. Any of our Texas friends who may be York, Lancaster, Durham, Derby, and Stafford;

in New York during the spring and summer, and the major part of the peasant population

who can spare an hour or two, would be well there is employed in the mines. In some of

repaid by dropping in at this popular resort on the deeper mincs, whole families, men, women,

Broadway, No. 389, where they will be sure to and children, live and delve, breathing the nox

see much to interest them." ious exhalations, exposed to imminent peril from explosions and falling rock, and rarely ascend to the surface of the ground and enjoy


lowing remarkable coincidences will be read the genial sunlight. As a necessary result, AN ENGLISHI COAL MINER.

with interest: Some time since it was announcthese wretched victims of the meanest toil are dwarfed and blunted in intellect and semi-sav- may not be cast in their teeth that the produced that a man at Titusville, Pennsylvania, comage in manner and habit. Some of the mines, tion of such wealth is at the cost of English

mitted suicide for the strange reason that lie owing to the thickness and multiplicity of the servitude, misery, and degradation.

had discovered that he was his own grandfather.

Leaving a dying statement explaining this sin. veins of coals, or their inclination, are upward

gular circumstance, we will not attempt to unof two thousand feet in depth. It is said that A TEXAS EDITOR ON PARENOLOGY. – The ravel it, but give his own explanation of the very young children are taken into the damp

Galveston Daily News publishes the following mixed-up condition of his kinsfolk in his own and filthy pits by their parents, and compelled

editorial correspondence in a late number of words. He says: “I married a widow who to labor with them. The destitution, misery, that paper: “Strolling up Broadway the other

had a grown-up daughter. My father visited and ignorance which would permit such unday, I accidentally stopped in front of the store

our house very often, fell in love with my stepnaturalness must be extreme. In a report pre- of our old friends the phrenologists, who used

daughter, and married her. So my father besented before the House of Commons we read to advertise extensively in the ' News' before

came my son-in-law, and mystep-daughter my the following confirmation of the above revolt

the war, and whose works had a large circula- mother, because she was my father's wife. ing statement: tion and a liberal patronage in Texas. After

Some time afterward my wife gave birth to a " In the smaller collieries of the Oldham dis- examining the numerous curiosities in the win

son; he was my father's brother-in-law and my trict, which has only thin strata, varying in dow, which always attract a crowd outside, I uncle, for he was the brother of my step-mother, thickness from eighteen inches to twenty-four, stepped in and found Mr. S. R. Wells at his

My father's wife-i. e., my step-daughter-liad children are employed so early as six, five, and accustomed post in the office, though they have

also a son; he was, of course, my brother, and even four years of age."

changed their quarters to the opposite side of in the mean time my grandchild, for he was Comment is unnecessary when it is remem- the way, and are now near Canal Street, in a

the son of my daughter. My wife was my bered that this occurs in a land where Christi- much larger establishment, with increased fa

grandmother, because she was my mother's anity is upheld by governmental vigilance. cilities for conducting their business. I also

mother. I was my wife's husband and the Our cut represents an English miner of the found Prof. Sizer in the examination-room,

grandchild at the same time. And as the lusbetter class—a sort of upper workman or boss ; where he is kept constantly employed, deline

band of a person's grandmother is his grandyet in the heavy features, thick, blunt nose, and ating the various characters of those who pre- father, I was my own grandfather.” After this general slouchiness we find no indications of sent themselves every hour in the day to as

logical conclusion we are not surprised that the intellectual force or manly aspiration. Such certain what they are best fitted for, and to gain unfortunate man should have taken refuge in is the low rate of wages paid by the coal com- some knowledge of self, which ought to form a

oblivion. panies to the laborers, that the great mass of portion of every man's education in this enthem can scarcely earn more than the pittance lightened age.

"THE PARENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, one of the necessary for daily sustenance; the education “Although the science of Phrenology las of their children in the lowest branches of been much ridiculed, it has been gradually Providence Press of May 23d.

most useful publications in the country."learning being entirely out of the question. working its way wherever it has been introHence by such a system of oppression it can duced by those capable of grasping the subject. not be wondered at that the mining population

THE " should be so low, so brutish, as it has again ed in the South since the war, and the number PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL and again been declared to be by prominent of young men that have now to seek employEnglish educators and philanthropists.

AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED, ment, who had before no necessity to put forth There has been legislation with a view to a

Is devoted to The Sctence of Man, in all its branches, any exertion for a living, I can not but think

including PHRENOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHYSIOGNOMY, remedy for the flagrant evils of the collieries, much benefit might be derived from paying

PSYCHOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, etc. It furnishes and some improvement has been the result;

a guide in Choosing a Pursait, and in judging of some attention to this subject, as many doubtbut British statesman must give more atten

the dispositions of those around us, by all the known tion to so important an interest as the physical less possess dormant capabilities of which they

external - Sigus of Character."

Published monthly, $3 a year in advance. Clạbs of and moral state of their own countrymen. tivation, enable them to shine in the world; are wholly unconscious, which might, by cul

ten or more, $2 each. Sample numbers, 30 cents. Now They should see to it that while they boast of

is the time to subscribe. A new volume begins with the wealth poured into their nation's treasury while others have proclivities, which almost

the July number. Supplied by Booksellers and Newsfrom coal-mines the richest in the world, it amount to besetting sins, of which, as well as

men everywhere. the means of correcting them, they are wholly




389 Broadway, New York, V. S. A.

Something New and Useful! Conant's Binder for the Phrenological Journal.

It is a perfect Binder all the year rouod, and the Journal can be bound as fast as received. Price, by mail, post-paid, 70 cents.

Address, s. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

[blocks in formation]


13 and 15 PARK ROW. .


DRUMB, $2 to $86.

88 to $35. A PRICE Lrer has been prepared expressly with a view of supplying customers at a distance with MUSOAL MERCHANDISE of every description at the lowest N. Y. prloes.

Especial care is given to this department, and customers can rely upon receiving as good an article as were they present to make the selection personally.

Attention is invited to the assortment of strings for Violins, Galter, Banjo, etc., which can be sent by mail post-paid on receipt of the marked price. Also any pieces of SHEET Music, Musio Books, &c., of which catalogues are furnished on application. Send stamp for price list. For løt of New Mudio, seo advertisement in another column. June ly FREDERICK BLUME, 1125 Broadway, N. Y.,


tion and Management of Fruit Trees.

By Thomas Gregg. Muslin. $1.00. S. R. Wells, Publisher. Fruit Culture for the Million, or, Hand-Book for the Cultiva

Pllustrated with Ninety Engravings.


RD The EVENING EXPRESS, SEMI-WEEKLY EXPRESS, and the WEEKLY EXPRESS, for 1868, will be published upon the following terms;


4 cents City Bubscribers, served by Carriers, per week.

.24 Mail Subscribers, one year....

$9 50 Six months...

5 00 Price to Newsdealers, per 100,..

8 00 THE SEMI-WEEKLY EXPRESS. One Copy, one year, (104 issues).

$4 00 Six monihs....

2 B0 Two Copies, one year

7 00 Five Coples, one year........

16 00 Ten Copies, one year.

28 00 Twenty-five copies one year to address of one person..

50 00 An extra copy will be sent to any person who sends us a club of ton and over.

WEEKLY EXPRESS. One oopy, one year, (52

$2 00 Bix months...

1 25 Three Copies, one year........

6 00 Five Copies, one year..

8 00 Ten Copies, one year.

16 00 Fifty coples of Weekly to address of one person...

60 00 Any larger pumber, addressed to names of subscribers, $1 60 each. An extra copy will be sent to every club of ten,

[ocr errors]

For the next Eight weeks we shall exhibit at our
Exhibition of Sunday School Books and Books and Requisites.
Rooms, 37 Park Row and 145 Nassau Street, New York, everything in the way of Books, Maps, Charts, Pictures, Mottoos, Cards, for SUNDAY SCHOOLS. We solicit from all S. S. Publishers and Manufac

turers, anything they make that they would like to put on such an exhibition.


BROOK'S PRIZE MEDAL SPOOL COTTON, All Numbers, from 8 to 150, on Spools of 200 to 500 Yards.

This thread took the only Prize Medal awarded to Bpool Cotton at the Great London Exhibition in 1851, and the only First-Class Prize Medal at the Paris Exposition in 1855, also a Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition in 1867, thus establish. ing its superiority over all competitors.

It is SMOOTH, STRONG, and ELASTIC, and, for hand or Machine use, is the BEST AND CHEAPEST in the market, there being NO WASTE FROM BREAKING.

The undersigned, Sole Agents for the Manufacturers

in the United States, have constantly on hand, in V BROOX BROS

WHITE, a full assortment of

BEST SIX-CORD CABLE-LAID SOFT-FINISHED, In cases of 100 dozen each, assorted numbers, and in packages of 10 dozen each, solid numbers; also, a full assortment, in WHITE, BLACK, and COLORED, of

Brook's Celebrated Patent Glace Finish, In cases of 100 dozen each, assorted numbers, or in packages of 10 dozen each, solid numbers. Orders solicited and promptly executed by

WM. HENRY SMITH & CO., Sole Agents, June 11 t.

No. 61 Leonard Street, N. Y.





CAMPAIGN WEEKLY EXPRESS FOR 50 CENTS. Commencing July 1st and continuing to January 1st, 1868. We are advieed by our friends throughout the country that determined efforts are making and with some success) to push in tu circulation Radical journals, in the interest of the

present Romp Congress, and believing that the circulation of half a million copies of the WERKLY EXPRESS during the coming year, would be more effectaal in influencing and confirming voters (hy opening the eyes of the people to the issues of the present crisis) than five times their cost spent in the ordinary way just before election. Almost every Democrat knows bonest Republicans, who need only to be undeceived, to vote right in the coming contest. See to it that euch are supplied with the WEEKLY EXPRESS. It costs but little, and the result will be permanent. Friends who propose to co-operate with us, please send your orders as promptly as mayibe.

ADDRESS–J. & E. BROOKS, Nos. 13 & 15 Park Row, New York. Read-Subscribe-Circulate.-Presidential Campaign 1868. The importance of the crisis of 1868 to the saving of the Government of our fatherg the re-establishment of the constitution and restoration of the Union, and the i ecensity of & more healthful and steady business to the people, demands of all Democrats and Conser. vative citizens and people in the country, some efforts to counteract the immense exertion of those who are using the spoils of office and fortunes acquired by war, to maintain the present disorganized state of the country. In view of the present exigency, of public af fairs, and in order to spread political information as widely as possible, and at the mere cost of paper, during the coming campaign, at the solicitation of friends in the State and country, we now offer the following premium to agents :

For every Club of 25 Weeklies, at $1 per copy, $5
50 do


100 do


20 Do

15 Semi-Weeklies, at $2 do 5




5 Dailies, at 9.50 do

10 do



With Iron Frame, Overstrung Bass and Agraffe Bridge. Melodeons, Parlor, Church and


100 Pianos, Melodeons and Organs of six first-class makers, at low prices for Cash, or, one-quarter cash and the balance in Monthly or Quarterly Installments, for rent, and rent money applied if purchased. Second-hand Instruments at great bargains. Illustrated Catalogues mailed. Mr. Waters is the author of 6 Sunday School Music Books ; “HEAVENLY ECHOES," and "NEW S. S. BELL,"

Just Issued.


OLOGY, always Open and Free. Examinations of ladies and gentlemen daily. Ladies in attendance.

the bad, the high and the low, virtuous and vicious, educated and ignorant, MUSEUM OF PHREN. “Look in ” at No. 389 Broadway—and see heads of the good and

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[blocks in formation]

These Premiums will be paid for all Clubs sent us from this date until May 1st. We hope at least to add 10,000 to our list of Weekly subscribers between this time and the Democratic nominations on the 4th of July.

In response to many of our subscribers we have made arrangements to club the Phrenological Journal, Riverside Magazine, and American Agricultorist, on the following terms, viz: Phrenological Journal and Weekly Express for one year.

88 50 Riverside Magazine

8 00 American Agriculturist“

2 50 Phrenological Journal and semi-Weekly Express, for one year.

85 80 Riverside Magazine

6 00 American Agriculturist“

4 00 Thus offering to our subscribers a choice variety of reading, and at a low price. These terms are only

applicable to new subscribers or renewals of subscriptions. B Remit by Draft, Post Office Money Order, or Registered Letter, to

J. & E. Brooks,

No. 18 and 15 Park Row, New York.



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With Book of Explanation and 100 Cuts, $10. Trapeze Adjustment, with 32 Illustrations, extra $3.50. Swing Adjustment, for children, extra, $1 60. Each part sold separately. The whole, $15. This is the most valuable piece of Gymnastic

Apparatus for hoine use ever invented. Any one can use it. For wenk chests, backs, and sides its use is the best remedy known. A ball hour's use of it da ly wou'd prevent and cure many cases of dyspepsia and consumption. For sale by S. R. Wells, 389 Broadway, New York.



the Ancient Monuments,

Paintines Sanlitun

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