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What They Say.'

Social Affections. The Moral Feelings. | subjects respectively the “ Dignity of of our Christian religion, while on earth,
The Esthetic Feelings. The Religious Man," the “Unity of Mankind," the “Early encountered many "objections" to his

Feelings. Feelings which give concentra- Social Life of Man," "Language as a Test teachings, and that ever since Christianity Ilere we give space for readers to express, tion, power, or permanence to the others, of Race,” the “Origin of Architecture," has been more or less subject to opposi

. briefly, their views on various topics not pro- Authority and Obedience, Temper, Punish- the "Growth of the Alphabet," the “ Four tion and detraction. The JOURNAL CAN vided for in other departments. State- ment, Manners, Example. Chapter III. Types of Religious Worship," and "Arkite not hope to escape criticism, nor will it ments and opinions-not discussionswill The connection of Mind with Organization, Symbolism," the interesting natures of try to do so at the sacrifice of truth of be in order. Be brief.

the Subjective and the Objective. Chapter which are obvious in the very titles. The principle. It will aim to be right on all

IV. The Intellectual Faculties. Conclusion. appendix published with the volume is a questions, sacred and secular. But to err TESTIMONY. In a letter THE PRINCIPLES OF MEDICINE. little versed in archæology.

valuable glossary for the reader who is but is human. Again, we say, thanks.] from Stanton, W. V. B. says: “It does me good to see such articles as Pauperism, By John M. Scudder, M.D., Professor of

THE BUTTERFLY Hunters. By the Principles and Practice of Medicine ALCOHOL: its Nature and Ef. IIelen S. (onant. With illustrations, Dissipation, and Hard Times in the March, in the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cin

Boston: Ticknor & Fields. $1 50. April, and May numbers of the A. P. J.;

fects. cinnati, Ohio, Author of " A Treatise on

Ten Lectures. By Dr. C. A.

Science presented in this pleasing way and I think if our religious monthlies and the Diseases of Women,"

Story, of Chicago. New York: National

etc., etc. weeklies would publish such articles, and 8vo. Sheep, pp. XV., 361. $3.

Temperance Society and Publication should not fail to make some permanent The volume is intended as an introduc

Ilouse. Price, 30 cents. use as much effort to reform men and so

These lectures are clear and convincing the chief diversions of innocent, frisking

impressions on youthful minds. One of ciety as you do, we would have a better certain important basilar principles, which tion to the study of medicine, and presents

in detail, vigorons, forcible, and spirited childhood, one which has furnished the world than we have. Let them try it. if mastered by the student will prove of

(not using the term in any malicious sense) " I repeat, I am much pleased with your invaluable service to him in subsequent

argument for many a poem, is "chasing in style. The topic, Alcohol

, is discussed the butterfly;" and Mrs. Conant has caught article on Hard Times. But I think you examination and practice. Dr. Scudder

in a liberal and comprehensive manner, as

the happy vein and given us and our chillay too much blame on the poor, weak, ig- embodies in this work the results of many

only a cultivated scientific lecturer could dren a pretty book on the natural history norant, and vicious, and not enough on the

discuss it. The nature, source, and utility of the butterfly. In this volume we find rich, strong, intelligent, and professedly thought. He ventures no favorite theories, years of professional observation and close

of this subtile fluid are first considered; the germs of the right mode of imparting good. Are there not thousands of hon

next, its effects upon the human system, scientific instruction to the young. Chilno pet notions, no suppositions, but aims est poor men, women, and children in New

and what organs are chiefly liable to injury dren must take real pleasure in reading to furnish serious substantial fact. Ap. by its action ; next, the influence it exerts York city, as well as all over the United

such books, and at the same time imper. States, who are willing and anxions to be preciating the importance of a correct

upon the brain and, of consequence, the understanding of the laws which govern in industrious, honest, good people, willing

ceptibly gather the seeds of scientiac

mind; next, the mode of manufacture, knowledge, which will prompt them to to pay their way in life, but can not, be practical medicine, he aims to present

with statistical accounts of the numbers those definite principles which are com

further study and investigation in aftercause oppressed, wronged, and neglected

employed in its preparation; how many prehended in such laws. A cursory glance

years. by the rich and strong? Is not all this

drink it in one form or another; how many true ? Does not the Bible abound with clude our brief notice. The Introduction at the arrangement of the work must con

die from its use; what its use as a bever- UNITED STATES MUSICAL REcurses against the rich and intelligent for considers the nature, symptoms, analysis, counterfeited, and imitated; and, what is

age costs the nation; how it is adulterated, VIEW, Price, $2 a year; 25 cents per oppressing and neglecting the poor and and classification of disease. Chapter I.

number. weak. See Matthew, chapter XXV., verse 45, as well as hundreds of other passages." treats of Life, with a review of the opinions

the duty of a free people with reference to PETERS' PARLOR COMPANION. it.

For the Flate, Violin, and Piano. Price, of leading medicists thereon; Formative DRINK,

$3 a year; 30 cents a number.

Here is a letter Force, and the other forces of vital power.


other Stories. By Charles Dickens. from Georgia, giving the views of the wri- Chapter II. considers Cellular Pathology.

Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson & Brothers. Price, $3 a year; 30 cents a number. ter on the subject of the drinking of intox- Chapter III, Nutrition of Texture. “ Food

Cloth. Price, $1 50.

The above publications exhibit an einicating liquors. is valuable as it is easy of appropriation."

This volume closes the so-called “People's usual degree of musical ability and enterEl. Phrenological Journal : You are a Digestion, Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Per

Edition" of Dickens' works, issued by the prise, and are well adapted to their respecfirm believer in human progress ; so am I verted Nutrition, Deposits, Repair of In

Petersong. In quality of composition" | tive departments. Publisher, J. L. Peters, and so is every reader of your progress. juries, Morbid Growths. Chapter IV. or ive JOURNAL. There is nothing that would Secretions. Chapter V. Death and Life

and manufacture it is equal to the first of New York. please me better than to see our country how associated. Chapter VI. Of the Blood.

the edition. Nineteen volumes constitute rid of every evil with which it is filled;


this edition, which is sold entire for $28. and it is filled with evils of all descriptions? Chapter VII. The Lymph and its Circula

By the author of "Snsy's Six BirthBut there is one evil which in magnitude tion. Chapter VIII. Lesions of the Circu- COLORADO.

days," etc., and other Tales. Nex is greater than all others; and there will lation of the Blood. Chapter IX. Inflam

The Rocky Moun- York: National Temperance Society and never be much real progress until we are

tain Gem, as it is in 1868. Paper. 12mo, Publication House. $1. rid of it entirely. It is the traffic in and mation. Chapter X. Of Innervation. A

With small map. By Ned E. Besides this very interesting and pracdrinking of intoxicating liquors. What very interesting chapter on the brain

Farrell. Price, 25 cents. Chicago : can be done to arrest this evil? I propose and nervous system. Appendix. Ratiocal

Western News Co.

tical account of the experiences of an old that Congress take the matter in hand and abolish the liquor business entirely out of Medicine, with numerous practical sug- A compact gazetteer or hand-book of brown pitcher, we have in the same volthe land, and make it a penitentiary crime gestions on disputed subjects.

Colorado, describing each county in brief, ume very readable stories entitled as folto manufacture it; also have government

with notes on the mineral and agricultural lows: "The Sleigh Ride," "John Saun. officerse in every town whose business it Man's Origin AND DESTINY. resources, climate, scenery, and snch ders’ Little Guide," "* Just for the fun of shall be to seize liquor and empty it out wherever found; also to arrest the person

Sketched from the platform of the general information as the emigrant or It," “ The Butterfly Turned Bee, ". ** Christfound dealing in it, and let him be punish

Sciences. In a course of Lectures de.

tourist would be glad to bave. This little mas Day,” “The Bundle in the Doorway," ed as the law may direct. I also propose livered before the Lowell Institute in

“ The Snow - storm,"

Derby Colt," book is warmly commended by Western

Boston, in the winter of 1865-6. By J. that our Temperance people—" Sons of

editors and railway men.

· Katy Whitefoot," "Nothing but Water Temperance,"

P. Lesley, member of the National
Kuights of Jericho,"
* Good Templars," " Friends of Temper-
Academy of the United States, Secretary

to Drink," "Baby May's Work," "My ance, " "Health Reformers," and all of our

of the American Philosophical Society. THE PHRENOLOGICAL Jour-Aunt Fanny;" all by popular writers. churches unite and petition Congress to act

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. on this matter; and let us have a “United 8vo. Cloth, $1.

NAL. New York: S. R. Wells, Editor

and Publisher, 389 Broadway. $3 per THE TEMPERANCE REFORMA. States Liquor Law" which shall banish this One thing which strikes us in the outset

TION: Its History from the First Tem. VILE CURSE out of our land. What say the of an examination of this work is the chaste We have heard objections urged in some

perance Society in the United States to readers of the PABENOLOGICAL JOURNAL ? Truly yours,

and beautiful language with which Mr. quarters against this admirably edited the Adoption of the Maine Liqnor Law. ALEXANDER KING.

By Rev. J. Armstrong. Post-paid. $1 50. Lesley has clothed his scientific exposi- monthly, but we have as yet discovered

New York: S. R. Wells, publisber, tions. There is no want of technicality; no trace in the JOURNAL itself of grounds 389 Broadway. no lack of that precision of statement for such objections. It is natural that we

A new edition of this interesting hiswhich is usually a characteristic of the should dissent from it on some few points, torical work is now printing, and will be

descriptions of the well-versed scientist, {AU works noticed in The PHRENOLOG- but the terms and style are highly polished

but as our friend Wells does not profess ready before this notice reaches the read

to edit the Protestant Churchman, we do ICAL JOURNAL may be ordered from this and rhetorical.

We have only space at present to an

not expect to find our paper mirrored in office at prices annexed.]

nounce the fact. Copies may be ordered The first lecture is introductory, furnish- the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL.

It cer by post from this office, and received by The EDUCATION OF THE FEEL- | its classification. The second lecture treats

ing a general view of physical science and tainly has a vast amount of curious and return. Temperance men will find it full INGS OR AFFECTIONS. By Charles Bray: of the "genius" of the ancient and modern

useful information, and the articles are of of truth and encouragement. See our new Third Edition, London: Longman &

a very high order in the line of literary list of Temperance publications, sent on Co. New York: S. R. Wells. 8vo. sciences, ascribing fancy and hypothesis to composition. The monthly descriptions receipt of stamp to prepay postage. Cloth, $175.

the former, practicality and consistency to of character, whether accepted by readers This excellent work is best epitomized the latter. In the third lecture the subject or rejected, are certainly highly suggestive.

The People's MAGAZINE, by reciting the contents. Chapter I. Men of the course is fairly entered upon, and the -The Protestant Churchinan.

published by the Society for Promoting tal Constitution. Chapter II. Education“ geological antiquity of man" considered. [We thank the Protestant Churchman for Christian Knowledge, continues to merit of each Feeling Considered Separately. This lecture is rendered especially interThe Self-Protecting Feelings : Appetite, esting by the dispassionate reasoning on

its candor and courage in discountenan- the highest commendation. It is supplied Combativeness, Destructiveness, Secret- the theories advanced by theological sci

cing what is a very prevalent belief in many by Messrs. Port & Amery, No. 5 Cooper ireness, etc. The Self-Regarding Feelings: ence and the science of the anthropologist. JOURNAL "are materialistic, fatalistic, and cents a number, postage prepaid. Trya

minds, viz., that the teachings of the Union, New York, at $3 a year, or 20 Self-Esteem, Love of Approbation. Thel The balance of the lectures have for their infidel. We do not forget that the author I number.

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pp. 70.


Literary Notices.



The FREEBOOTERS ; a Story | of chronicles and characters, and“ Orval,''

THE LADIES' REPOSITORY, he wonld take it if he had to steal the of the Texan War. By Gustare Aimard, and other poems. Many of the poems author of "The Prairie Flower," etc. abound in humorous allusions to the in

now in its twenty-eighth volume, though funds with which to buy it. All such dis

always an Philadelphia : T. B. Peterson & Bro- consistencies of church, stato, and society,

excellent family magazine, positions are opposed to common sense. thers. Price 50 cents.

seems to improve with each succeeding while their general moral influence is This novel abounds in vigorous por

year. It is now one of the best serial pub

CONTINUITY SMALL.-I have healthful. Some of the imitations and

lications of traitures of frontier life as experienced

a religious character in a good memory and but little Continuity. paraphrases of celebrated European an

I have often wondered why I should not

which every member of the family would among the Indians and Mexicans of Texas. thors are excellent, especially those of

secure as good a standing in my classes as The writer, a Frenchman, in early life

find profitable reading-produced in Amer- others, my memory being good. I never Dante and Lucretius. lived among the Indians of the Southwest,

ica. Terms, $350 a year, Cincinnati: could study or place my mind in the least Messrs. Poe & Hitchcock.

upon my books, eepecially when others and acquired a practical knowledge of THE WORKSHOP. A Monthly

were ta}king or there was any noise. The their customs and language, so that the

Journal, devoted to Progress of the Use. The following volumes of question is, can I improve Continuity, and descriptions are more real than imagin

ful Arts. Edited by Prof. W. Baumer, their “Cheap Editions" of Charles Dick- Ans. You can improve this organ by ative. J. Schnorr, and others.

ens' and Sir Walter Scott's works have using it. It is, in fact, the only way to We have received the first three numbers FOOTPRINTS OF or,

been received from T. B. Peterson & Bro- | improve any organ; and having a good Faith and Nature Reconciled. By Philip of this new monthly from Mr. E. Steiger,

thers, of Philadelphia. Each volume menHarvey, M.D. New York: Samuel R. of 17 North William St., New York, and

memory, if you can learn to hold the tioned contains a novel coinplete.

mind to its work, you can attain a good Wells. 12mo, cloth, pp. 140. $1 25. must confess our pleasure in examining THE HAUNTED HOUSE. By Charles Dick standing in your class. We offer to the public the above work so richly illustrated a work devoted to the

ens. Price 25 cents. with the utmost reliance on its worth. It mechanical arts. Its application seems A MESSAGE FROM THE SEA. By Charles BEST WORKS ON a poem written in the heroic measure, general; architects, builders, cabinet-mak- Dickens. Price 25 cents.

Gray's Botanical Series now forms the and in easiness of diction and gracefulness ers, carpenters, sculptors, plasterers, deco- SOMEBODY'S LUGGAGE. His leaving it most complete set of works on the subof style will compare favorably with many tors, engravers, workers in metal, painters,

till called for; his boots, imbrella, dress.ject. They are extensively used both in of the best modern productions in verse. weavers, potters, etc., etc., may all find

ing-case, brown paper parcel, etc. By this and in the old country. They consist It is po verbose or pedantic jingle, but a something of value in its pages. There is

Charles Dickens. Price 25 cents.

of: GRAT'S “How PLANTS Grow," A calm, somewhat profound and philosophi- no periodical work issued by the American THE UNCOMMERCIAL TRAVELEN. By Botany for Young People, $1 25. GRAY'S cal, yet engaging and instructive lyric. press that can surpass it in richness of il- Charles Dickens. Price 25 cents.

LESSONS IN BOTANY, $1 75. GRAY's ManNature, man and the Creator, God, and lustration.

MRS. LIRRIPER'S LODGINGS, and Mrs. UAL OF BOTANY, $3. GRAY'S MANUAL their relations with each other, form the

Price, $5 40 a year. Specimen numbers, Lirriper's Legacy. By Charles Dickens, AND LESSONS. In 1 vol. 93 75. Gray's barden of the song. The poem is divided 50 cents. Price 25 cents.

MANUAL, WITH Mosses, ETC., $450. into three parts. First, the Body, com


English clown. Written ont from Gri- BOTANY. (Revised and improved edition gressive development, and end of animal A novel. By Mrs. Edwards ; author of "Archie Lovell," etc. Elegantly illus

maldi's own Manuscript and Notes. By of the Botanical Text-Book.) $1. Gray's life. Second, the Son), including exorditrated. Author's edition--printed from Charles Dickens. Price 50 cents.

GENERA OF THE PLANTS OF THE UNITED um, soul, instinct, reason, faith, the laws advance sheets. New York: Sheldon &


STATES. Illustrated. 2 vols. $20. FLORA of nature. Third, the Deity, including Co. 8vo, cloth, $2. Scott. Price 20 cents.

OF THE SOUTIIERN UNITED STATES. By A. retrospect, the love of God, His worship, For neatness of style and delicacy of

THE BLACK DWARF, and the Legend of

W. Chapman, M.D. $4 50. May be or. prayer, forms of faith, universal prayer.

characterization, Mrs. Edwards' novels are Conclusion. conspicuous in the modern whirl of sensa

Montrose. By Sir Walter Scott. Price dered from this office.

20 cents, No one can read this volume carefully tionalism. We will not say that this vol

THE BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR. By Sir ume is a paragon of excellence in the realm without deriving inach substantial instruc


Walter Scott. Price 20 cents. tion. of fictitious literature, but we do say that

-Åns. The parties who base their

OPPOTur MONASTERY. By Sir Walter Scott. it were better for those who will read

sition to phrenological teachings on the asOur PARISH. A Temperance novels to read something of this kind, and

Price 20 cents.

sertion or assumption that those tenchings Tale. By Emily C. Pearson. New York: avoid the extravagance and sensationalism

THE ABBOT. By Sir Walter Scott.

declare man to be a congeries of certain talNational Temperance Society and Pub

Price 20 cents. lication House. 75 cents. of the common miscellaneous literature of

ente, dispositions, and peculiarities by vir

THE PIRATE. the day,

By Sir Walter Scott.

tue of certain tixed physical conditions; that Another stirring story of the workings

Price 20 cente.

he is what he is in consequence of an analof alcohol. In this neatly-written volume FARMING FOR Boys. What

terablo organization, and therefore thinks we have portrayed the ruin wrought in the They Have Done, and What Others May

and acts not from choice but from an unahonse of the dispenser of the poisonons Do, in the Cultivation of Farm and

voidable necessity, are much in error. Does drink. The “dignitaries" of the religious Garden; How to Begin, How to Proceed, society play a prominent part in the tale, and What to Aim At. By the Author of

any candid, intelligent man impute fatalism * Ten Acres Enough." With illustra

to anatomy and physiology because those and enliven it much. The book is adapted tions. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. $1 50. to accomplish good results if circulated. The reading of "Ten Acres Enough” af

SPECIAL INFLUENCE.-How systems declare in the most positive terms

the constitution of man physically, how he forded us much pleasure and instruction,

can one organ gain control over the whole CHRISTMAS Books, and Sketchas it doubtless has thousands of others; body contrary to the force of common

is organized, what is requisite for healthy es by Boz, illustrative of Every-day Life

sense, the person being intelligent ! and symmetrical bodily functions, how and Every-day People. By Charles Dickand the present work, bearing as it does

Ans. That question to a phrenologist those functions may be disturbed by esens. With sixteen illustrations. Bos- the evidence of like anthorship, can not

or physiologist answers itself; still it may ternal or internal means, how the whole ton: Tickuor & Fields. Price $1 50.

fail to interest and instruct all who read need a formal answer. Sometimes the human economy may be promoted or deThis volume contains those irresistibly it. To boys--and girls, too-who enjoy

mueical faculty will lead one, contrary preciated, how intimately mind-thought fanny sketches for which “Boz' was dis- the luxuries of farm or rural life, with op

to common sense, to devote that time to and emotion-is related with body, the tinguished in the outset of his career of portunities for garden or field cultivation,

the practice of music which ought to be condition of one affecting the condition of authorship. The illustrations are the old this book will not only be found as enter

employed in earning food or clothing. the other ? By no means; and yet Phreones by Cruikshank and Leech, but no taining as a story, but as instructive as a

Sometimes the love of fun leads men into nology can not scarcely be said to go further better have since been produced. The school manual on agricultural subjects.

jolly company, to the neglect of their busi- in its prescriptions than those two sciences. volume belongs to the graceful “Charles It furnishes many practical hints by which


Sometimes Alimentiveness leads Dickens'" edition.

Again, why impute tendencies to a syschildren may be enabled to make profitable

men to use liquor, tobacco, or opium. tem dependent upon, and explanatory of, use of a waste garden corner or an untilled New Poems. By Owen Mere

The habit becomes formed, and though physical phenomena, if those tendencies acre. It, besides, has such an air of reality, dith. In two volumes. Boston: Tick

they struggle intellectually and morally appear in the methodical presentation of that we have little doubt of the book's nor & Fields. 16mo, fancy cloth. $4.

to rid themselves of it, they find it next to such phenomena ? The system can not Owen Meredith has won a poetic reputabeing based upon facte.

impossible to do so. One is inflated with be made responsible for what it discerns in tion which no encomiums of ours would

ambition, another with pride; another is the field of inquiry which is chosen for its heighten. The neat and graceful edition of

NEW Music. We have re- depressed, contrary to common sense, and sphere. We must not be understood here his productions poticed above will serve to ceived from Mr. C. M. TREMAINE (SUC- although he knows he is not surrounded by as admitting the fatalistic tendencies of popularize him more than any chance re- cessor to Horace Waters), 481 Broadway, danger, yet the feeling of Cautiousness is Phrenology, but as discussing the question marks of approval, Volume I. contains the following picces of Music, just pub- feverish, and he can not help thinking affirmatively. Phrenology did not make "Chronicles and Characters," or poems of lished: “La Belle Hélène," Polka. Ar- himself in imminent peril. Another be- man, any more than the sciences of geology a historic or descriptive character, relating ranged by Cull. 30 cents. “ La Belle comes a slave to lust, and against his own or chemistry made the rocks and the varito the progress of events from the earliest Danseuse," Mazourka Elégante. Cull. 40 better judgment and every other restrain- ous substances composing the soil. PhreGrecian periods to modern eras.

The era

cents. “Think of Me," Nocturne. T. N. ing element rushes onward to ruin. It is nology has created nothing, it has only dis. of Grecian legend, the Roman empire, the

Pattison. 60 cents. “The Bridge O'er the indulgence of appetites and passions covered the properties and functions of opening of the Christian dispensation, the

the River." W. C. Baker. 40 cents. unduly which makes them assume such things already existing. If to ascertain by Mohammedan era, the important events

“Captain Jinks." T. Maclagan. 30 cents. control over men. A normal appetite or analysis that water is composed of hydrofrom the twelfth to the eighteenth centu- "Day by Day." W. R. Dempster. 40 passion may become one's master throngh gen and oxygen in certain proportions, or turies, are discussed in flowing measure

cents. “My own Eileen Bawn." Mal- abuse and perversion. One takes opium, that atmospheric air is made up of oxygen and with all the grace of cultivated classic

méne. 30 cents. "Mother's Little One." as prescribed by a physician, for neuralgia, and nitrogen in certain proportions, is to ism. Volume II. contains a continuation G. F. Sargent, Esq. 30 cents.

and becomes ultimately a slave to it, and I impute a fatalistic tendency to chemistry, two red stamps.





the science which has determined merely ficient." And we believe that no man is

that water and atmospheric air, shinges in phade a constituted that he can not be Jouberostars in the remarks under this head

, u Dr. E. B. De 10 Matre, TE PAS of

General Items.

Publisher's Department.

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supposed to have existed thousands of improved and refined.

published in the June number, were unac Belvidere, I., about 20th January lasi. years, are so constituted, we will admit

Rich WIFE AND Poor Hus- in figures should have had a cipher added wbat it means. Any of our Nlinois friends

coantably inaccurate. Each of the amounts should this meet his eye he will know that Phrenology must succumb to the "soft impeachment."

BAND.--Do yon think it dangerous for a to indicate the true amount. We reproduce will confer a favor by letting us know the If to state that Geology has discovered young man withont property to marry a

the statements with corrections:

"Dr.'s" whereabouts. and classified the rocks and strata of the young woman who has suddenly become

"Some of our cotemporaries have taken carth's crust, and thus simplified, or, wealthy?

considerable pains to show up comparative

WHERE is He?-Inquiries rather, methodized, the labor of those men Ans. That depends very much on who statements of reading matter as furnished reach us as to the whereabouts of one

the woman is, and somewhat on who the who excavate and analyze the various

to their patrons during the past year. The Joux Jones, a Welshman, formerly of formations in their search for truth, is to man is.

If she loves him, and is sen- Educator, published at $1 a year, prints Pittston, Pa. It appears that be left home accuse geology with enunciating fatalistic sible, it will be a good thing that she about 50,000 ems monthly; the New York withont leaving any clew to his destina heresies, Phrenology must plead equal has the money. It will give her a kind of

Teacher, published at $1 50, prints 45,000 tion. A few friends and many creditors guilt. independence which will raise her above

ems monthly; the American Educational will be glad to hear from him. Should be If to assert the established truths of the mean dictation and petty control which Monthly, subscription the same as the last, report himself promptly it may save his

some men unthinkingly and meanly exerPhysiology, to declare that by it are deter

about 63,000 ems, and Hall's Journal of reputation. cise over woman because she is dependent. Ilealth, published at $1 50, prints some mined what may and what may not be eaten with healthful results, what is poison hesitate to marry under the circumstances and proportionately we should print double

If we were in the market, we would not | 30,000 ems. Our present rate is $3 a year, to the blood and death to the man, how the

referred to. functions of mastication, deglutition, di

the quantity of inatter furnished by those gestion, and assimilation are conducted, is

three monthlies last mentioned. Taking CHEAP SEWING MACHINES.

the American Educational as a fair stand. There is a little thumb-and-finger concern, to convict Physiology of fatalism, then Phrenology is as heretical and as fatalistic.

ard, we would do our readers full justice by largely advertised, to be sold for $5. It is The absurdity of such imputations is

giving them 126,000 ems of reading matter. worthless. There are other machines of. palpable. No inductive method or system Our ANNUAL OF PHRENOL- tion of our printer's bills enables us to know very little, but enongh to satisfy us

What, however, is the fact ? An examina- fered for $25, and less. Of their merits we can be affected by moral or ethical postil- LOGY AND INTSIOGNOMY FOR 1869 is now lates. It is not respousible for the simple in the works,” and will be published in reading matter alone over 150,000 ems Baker, Singer, Florence, Weed, Wilcox &

make the astonishing announcement, that that the Wheeler & Wilson, Grover & facts it gathers and arranges into a definite early in the autumn. It will be hand- monthly are furnished. Verily our recent Gibbs, etc., which sell at $55 to $73, are and convenient form. If inevitable con- somely illustrated, containing eighty or clusions drawn from the facts contradict

advance of the subscription price is far overy way the best; and we have never more 12mo pages, printed on fine paper, within bounds. Our old readers, of course, recommended any low-priced machiae, for certain premises generally received by re

and be sold for 25 cents per copy. The would rebel at any curtailment in the num- the simple reason that we do not believe ligious people as orthodox, then the best

Annual for the year 1868 had a very large ber of pages. They keep crying out for they will prove satisfactory to purchasers, way to dispose of the matter is for those

circulation. We expect a still larger depeople to relinquish those premises and

more, more. Well, kind friends, we fain whatever inducements may be offered to mand for that of 1869-say from seventy- would meet the demand; and should our agents. We think the best none too good stand by the facts. That which will not

five to a hundred thousand. A few pages circulation reach 50,000, we may make fur- for us. bear inspection, though it may be very

will be allotted to appropriate announcepleasant to believe, should not be main

ther improvements in accordance with such ments, including the titles of excellent liberal support.”

STILL IT ADVANCES. - Six tained. Fact, and fact only, should be our books on natural science and education.

hundred miles of railroad completed ! basis in thought and action where import- To secure insertion, advertisements must

REGISTER YOUR LETTERS. — Verily the managers of the Union Pacifc ant consequences are involved. Such is

reach this office before the 1st of Septem- When it is not convenient to procure post- are progressive. The summit of the Rocky the reasoning of common-sense; and yet, ber. The rates will be made known on office orders to remit in payment for pub- Mountains, 8,262 feet above tide-water, had in one sense, there may be a fatalistic application.

lications, it is well to have letters regis. been crossed, and left fifty miles behind. bearing implied in such reasoning. Thus,

PIIPENOLOGY IN MICHIGAN. tered. More care is taken of such letters At the present rate of progression, by the given certain facts which sustain certain

-We are in receipt of a large club of sub- by the post-office authorities, and there is end of this year 900 miles will be in full relations with each other; the conclusions

less danger of losses.

operation; and it is confidently expected growing out of such relations being inevi- scribers from Ridgeway, Mich., obtained

that the year 1870 will witnces a continuous table, therefore absolute, are substantially by Mr. J. C. Schreder, resulting from lec

LETTER POSTAGE between line of rail from the Missouri to the Pacifc; fatalistic; in other words, all established tures recently given by Mr. R. C. Barrett, Uncle Sam and Cousin Canada is reduced nay, from Maine to California. Let the causes for certain effects are, so far as moral of Ohio. This geptleman is said to have

to six cents, when prepaid. The old rate- work go forward. considerations are concerned, fatalistic. given a course of lectures in the M. E.

ten cents—is exacted when not prepaid. A Good INSTRUMENT.-One However, for Phrenology we claim that church at Ridgeway, with great accept Everybody should, of conrse, prepay.

who loves the concord of sweet sounds while it has for a basis certain well-es. unce, and to have taught a class of more than sixty persons in that town. We hope A New Pictorial Poster,

could not fail to be pleased with a choral tablished principles, it recognizes sully the influences of position and association as to hear more of this promising lecturer, for lectures on Phrenology, Physiology, organ recently procured by our assistant

and of those benefited by his teachings.

Organizamodifying mental conditions.

and Physiognomy.-We have just issued editor from Messrs. Berry & Thompson, of tion, temperament, and culture are con

IN ADVANCE, Or Discon-
a very fine illustrated mammoth pictorial this city. It is certainly a little gem in its

way. If the manufacturers turn out all

gheet (29 by 41 inches), printed in colors, sidered when science would determine character, just as the navigator consults

TINUED. --It is from no feeling discour with a blank space for name and place, their instruments as good as this one they teous that we discontinue sending the

deserve a liberal trade.

thus adapting it to the use of all those the barometer, the sky, and the wind when

JOURNAL when the time for which it has who may desire to have it. It contains he would determine the character of the been paid for expires. It is painful to upward of fifty engraved heads and faces PEUTICAL UPES OF THE TURKISH BATA,

LECTURES ON THE THERAweather; and if the phronologist discovers

feel that we must part company at any defects in the organization, he indicates

of men, women, and animals, illustrating by E. C. ANGELL, M.D.--A late number time; but we have no right to continue , to be pursued to remedy such defects. The sending the Journal and to hold a sub- nearly every imaginable phase of charac of the New York Medical Gazelle contains

ter. Those wishing a sample by post may scriber responsible for future payment. send us 25 cents, and it will be forwarded. and its nses yet given to the public. We

one of the best descriptions of this bath prescribes for the sick mind just as the

It is every way better to have pay in adphysician prescribes for the sick body. vance, and stop when the time expires. and conspicuous means by which to get same to the readers of the PAREKOLOG

Lecturers will find this the most attractive hope soon to give the snbstance of the Were the organization unchangeable, then

In this case the accounts are easily kept, attention. They will be furnished by the ICAL JOURnal, for which we shall expect were man indeed fatally constituted, and

and each knows exactly how the matter qnantity at the cost. incapable of applying the beveficial sug. stands.

to deserve their thanks. gestions of the true phrenologist. Hun

PATTERSON vs. PHRENOLOGY. dreds, yea, thousands, of improved and

NATURAL History Of Man. THE" ANNUAL" APPROVED. enlightened minds are willing to stand up-Several vigilant correspondents in the -In our advertising columns of this num- -A prominent religions weekly of Nest now and testify in grateful accents to the the West have notified us of an attack, by ber may be found a list of works on Etu- York highly commends our combined good wrought in them mentally and physi. one Patterson, on Phrenology and phre- NOLOGY. Owing to the increasing interest "Annuals of Phrenology and Physiogno cally by the appreciation and application nologists, which they deem worthy of no- in this interesting subject, we believe my" as "a capital book for all believers of Phrenology. Can fatalism stand such tice. We have seen the spleeny articles many of our readers will be glad to draw and disbelievers" in the doctrines set forth testimony! We trow not. referred to, and will reply to them shortly from this list.

therein. Its comprehensiveness and clear

. Without having seen the writer, we ven

ness have created a considerable demand But there is one important consideration

GYMNASTICS AND Physical for it. Price 60 cents, postage prepaid. which we have disregarded in our purely tore the opinion that he is a cold, dyspep. CULTURE.—We give in the present numlogical discussion of the question, and that tic, negative, combative spirit ; that he

ber a complete list of works on this very

WATER-Cure in Kansasis worse than a doubting Thomas, and deis the influence of grace, and that, in our

important subject. We also have the ac- Dr. Thomas W. Organ, from Illinois, has opinion, lifts the whole matter beyond the lights in criticism...But, in opposing companying apparatus, a list of which, settled in the beautiful town of Emporia. reach of fatalism. The regenerating and Phrenology, he is “ kicking against the pricks," as we shall show and as he will

with prices, is given in our new Illus. Kansas, where he will try to teach the ameliorating influence of God's spirit on

feel. Those who have favored ns with in- TRATED and DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE, 40 laws of bealth and practice the healing the heart can not be estimated, hence the

formation concerning the obscure "pro- pages. Sent to any address on receipt of will deliver courses or lectures when in Scriptural precept, “ My grace is suf- fessor' have our thanks.

where circumstances faror.

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HAVE THEM?-We have just made ar-

WASHINGTON, 9th May, 1868.
(Under this head we publish, for a consid- rangements with Messrs. FERRIS & CAY-

To WHEELER & Wilson, of [Announcements for this or the preceding
New York:

department must reach the publishers by the eration, such matters as rightfully belong to

WOOD, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., for vines of this department. We disclaim responsibility

Sirs : The Department has received One

1st of the month preceding the date in which

they are intended to appear. T'erms for adthe different numbers of their celebrated Gold Medal, awarded to your firm on Sewfor what may herein appear. Matier will

vertising, 50 cents a line, or $50 a column.] be LEADED, and charged according to the “WALTER” GRAPE, which we offer as ing and Button-Hole Machines, at the

Paris Universal Exposition of 1867.

spare occupied, at the rate of $1 a line.] PREMIUMS TO CLUBS for the PHNENOLOGI-

Your obedient servant, Eclectic Magazine
CAL JOURNAL at the following rates:


OF FOREIGN LITERATURE. this establishment all the Water-Cure ap

For 5 new subscribers, at $3 each, one Messrs. WHEELER & WILSON, No. 625 CONTENTS OF THE JUNE NUMBER: pliances are given, with the Swedish Move- $5“ Walter” Grapevine.

Broadway, expose in their window the

EMBELLISHMENT, ments and Electricity. Send for our cir- For 10 new subscribers, at $3 each, one

original Gold Medal awarded them at the

NAPOLEON IN PRISON AT NICE, cular. Address A. SMITH, M.D., Wer$10 and one $3 vine.

Paris Exposition, for Sewing and Button- I. The Queen's Book. nersville, Berks County, Pa.

Hole Machines; the only gold medal for

-Lond. Quarterly Review. For 20 new subscribers, at $3 each, one this branch of manufacture, over eighty

II. Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Mrs. E. DE LA VERGNE, M.D., $10, one $5, one $4, and two $3 vincs.

-Frazer's Magazine. two competitors.-Sunday Dispatch.

III. A Roman Actor, Quintins Roscius. 325 ADELPHI STREET, BROOKLYN. For 25 new subscribers, at $3 each, one [This is the machine we give as a

-Dublin University. premiom for subscriptions to the PIIRENO

IV. The Wife's Revenge.
HYGIENIC CURE, BUFFALO, $10, two $5, one $4, and two $3 vines, and

Bentley's Miscellany.

N. Y.-Compressed Air Baths, Turkish one copy of the JOURNAL gratis. And larger

V. The Eastern Question. Concluded.

-Lond. Quarterly Review. Baths, Electric Baths, and all the appliances clubs at same proportion.


VI. What is Turkey ?
of a first-class Cure. Please send for a

VII. The Seychelles.
Circular, Address II. P. BURDICK, M.D.,
All packages donc up in a careful and STITUTION, Binghamton, affords the best

--Com'r Maclay, U.S. N. compact manner, and forwarded by exprefs

facilities for the treatment of all forms of or Mrs. BRYANT BURDICK, M.D., Bur

VIII. The Enchantress.

-Colburn's New Monthly.

chronic diseases. A few hygienic boarders
dick House, Buffalo, N. Y.
from the nurseries.

IX. The Blockade ; an Episode of
can be accommodated. Special treatment
Neighbors and friends by clubbing to-

the End of the Empire. ConINSTITUTE of Practical Civil

given to ladies by Mrs. Jenkins. Address

tinued. E. S. JENKINS, M.D., or MRS. L. A.

- Translated from the French Engineering, Saryeying, and Drawing, at gether can have the JOURNAL, and at the

JENKINS, M.D., Binghamton, N.

for the ECLECTIC.
Tolleston, Ind, For Circular, address A.
same time secure the introduction of this

X. Modern Mothers.
4* | valuable grape in their vicinity. A full

- Saturday Review, Good Books by Mail. Any

XI. Simson's History of the Gypsies.
description will be found in the JOURNAL
Works on Man.-For New

-Bentley's Miscellavy.
Book, Magazine, or Newspaper, no mat-
for October, 1867, or circular will be sent
Illustrrted Catalogue of best Books on

XII. A Great Chapter in History. ter where or by whom published, may be

-Blackwood's Magazine. Physiclogy, Anatomy, Gymnastics, Die- by mail on receipt of stamps. Address S.

ordered at Publisher's prices, from

XIII. Jack Osborne's Wooing: tetics, Physiognomy, Shorthand Writing, R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York,

- Bentley's Miscellany. S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

XIV. The Island of Mitylene.
Memory, Self-Improvement, Phrenology,

-The Editor.
and Ehnology, send two stamps to S. R.
Ethnology; or, Natural History of Man.

XV. The Poetry and Utility of Tears. WELS, Publisher, No. 389 Broadway, Types of Mankind; or, Ethnological Researches Based upon the

Chambers' Journal,

XVI. Voltaire Dying.
New York. Agents wanted.
Ancient Monuments, Paintings, Sculpturer, and Crania of Races, and upon their

--Lond. Popnlar Journal.
Natural, Geographical, Philological, and Biblical History. Illustrated by Sclections

XVII. Napoleon in the Prison of Nice. TIE PROTESTANT CHURCH- from the Unedited Papers of Samuel George Morton, M.D., and by additional con- XVIII, Poetry.

-The Editor.
MA!. -- A Religious Family Paper. The

tributions from Prof. L. Agassiz, LL.D., W.Usher, M.D., and Prof. 11. S. Patterson, XIX, Notes on Books.
Leading Evangelical Organ in the Protes-
M.D. By J. C. Nott, M.D., and George R. Gliddon, $3; or by mail, $5 50.

XX. Science.
tant Episcopal Church.
Indigenous Races of the Earth; or, New Chapters of Ethnological

XXI. Varieties.
Deroted to the advocacy of Evangelical

Inquiry, including Monographs on Special Departments of Philology, Iconography, Every new subscriber paying $5 in ad.
Cranioscopy, Palæontology, Pathology, Archæology, Comparative Geography: and

vance will receive cither of the following
Tru:h, against Ritnalism and Rationalism; Natural History. Contributed by Alfred Maury, Francis Pulsky, and J. A. Meigs, beautiful chromo oil-paintings :
the defense of the “Liberty of Preaching," M.D. (with communications from Profs. Leidy, and Agassiz), presenting, Fresh BASKET OF PEACHES,
and the cultivation of fraternal relations

Investigations, Documents, and Materials. J.C. Nott, M.D., and George R. Gliddon. OR PIPER AND NUT-CRACKER.
wita Erangelical Churches.
$5; by mail, $5 50.

Tae Editors are assisted by a large corps

The Races of the Old World, a Manual of Ethnology. By C. L. Brace. Single copies, 45 cents; one copy, ono
$2 50.

year, $5; two copies, one year, $9; dve of clerical and lay contributors in all parts The Origin of Species, by means of Natural Selection; or, the Preserva- copies, one year, $20. Address, of the United States, in England, and on the Continent. tion of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. By Charles Darwin, M.A. $2 50.

W. J. BIDWELL & Co.,

5 Beekman St., New York, Published ever Thursday at 633 Broad- The Origin of Species; or, the Causes of the Phenomena of Organic

Nature. A Course of Six Lectures to By Thomas H. Huxley. $1 25. way, New York.

Chickering & Sons'
TERMP: 84 per annum. To Clergymen, Huxley's Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature. $1 50.

$3. To Theological Stndents and Mission Smith's Natural History of the Human Species; its Typical Forms,
arjes. $2. Club Rates: Five copies to one

Primeval Distribution, Filiations, and Migrations. Mustrated by numerous En-
address, $15; twenty copies, $50.
gravings. $200.

The Races of Man, and their Geographical Distribution. By Charles Messrs. C. & Sons

Pickering, M.D., to which is prefixed an Analytical Synopsis of the NATURAL HISTORY

at the Paris Exposition the FIRST OF MAN. By J. C. Hail, M.D. $4 00. Box 6009 P. O., New York. Prichard's Natural History of Man, comprising Inquiries into the


Modifying Influences of Physical and Moral Agencies on tảe Different Tribes of the and a Grand Gold Medal--making sixty.

Human Family. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. By Edwin Norris, of the
ICON. An English Dictionary of all except Royal Asiatic Society. 2 vols. royal Svo, with 62 colored plates, engraved on steel,

three First PREMIUMS during the past
Familiar Words ; including the Principal
and 100 engravings on wood. Cloth, $2000.

forty-five years. Scientific and Technical Terms, and For- Prichard's Six Ethnographical Maps. Supplement to the Natural

WAREROOMS, eign Moneys, Weights, and Measures. Ilistory of Man, and to the Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. Folio,


652 BROADWAY. Price, in Gilt Morocco, Tuck, $1; in

colored, and one sheet of letterpress. Second Edition. $10 00. Leather Gilt, 75 cents. Sent post-paid by The Plurality of the Human Race. By Georges Pouchest. Translated A Practical Homeopathic 8. R. WELLS, New York. tr. and Edited by Hugh J. C. Beavan, F.R.G.S., F.A.S.L. $4 00.

TREATISE on the Diseases of Women and
Lake Habitations, and Pre-Historic Remains in the Turbaries and Children; intended for Intelligent Heads

of Families and Students in Medicine,
Marl-Beds of Northern and Central Italy. By Bartolomeo Gastaldi, Professor of
News has Cartoons each week by

Mineralogy in the College of Engineering at Turin. Translated from the Italian, By HENRY MINTON, M.D. Price, cloth,
and Edited by Charles Harcourt Chambers, M.A., F.R.G.S., F.A.S.L. $4 00.

$3; sheep, $4. Sent by mail, post-paid,

by S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New
and pictures from other first-rate artists.

The Anthropological Treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, York:
The latest serial entitled

with memories of him by Marx and Flourens, and an account of his Anthropological

Museum by Professor R. Wagner, and the inaugural dissertation of John Hunter,

The New Illustrated Paper,
M.D., on the Varictice of Mai. Translated and Edited from the Latin, German, and
by J. T. Trowbridge, who is popularly French originals, by Thomas Bendyshe, M.A., V.P.A.S.L., Fellow of the King's The ILLUSTRATED CHICAGO News is gain.
known as the author of "Neighbor Jack-
College, Cambridge.' $8.

ing favor rapidly. Its Cartoons, by Nast,
wood," "Coupon Bonds," etc.

Man's Origin and Destiny, Sketched from the Platform of the Sciences. bridge's Characteristic Story, its shorter
Short spicy stories; lively correspond-
By J. P. Lesley. $4 00.

Stories, Correspondence, Chit-Chat, Gos

etc., are gaining
ence ; critical articles on the “Stage;" Man! Where, Whence, and Whither? Being a Glance at Man in his sip by the "Saunterer,

for it an enviable reputation. All news-
pleasant talk by "The Saunterer;" light
Natural Ilistory Relations. By David Page, F.R.S.E., F.G.S. $1 50.

dealers keep it for sale. The price for
chit-chat, etc., etc.
The Illustrated Natural History of Man, in all Countries of the World.

each copy is Ten Cents, and the subscrip-
For sale by Newsdealers in all places.

By Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S., with Illustrations by Wolf, Zwecker, and others. tion price iz Four Dollars per year, the
FARNUM & CHURCH, Publishers,

This work is 110w being published in London in thirty-two monthly parts, twelve of same as of other papers of its clasg.
which are now ready. Price, 50 cents cach. For sale by

FARNUM & CHIURCH, Publishers, No.

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York. 42 Sherman Street, Chicago, Ill.


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65 American School Insti

Gymnastics and Physical Culture.-We give below a com- Curative Effects of Water Treatment tute,” Reliable Educational Bureau, plete list of the best works on this all-important subject.

given. $1 50. Now only 87 cents. Founded 1855,

THE WATER-CURE IN AMERICA. 1. To aid 'all who seek well-qualified Illustrated Family Gymnasium.-Containing the most improved meth- Three Hundred cases of various Diseases teachers. ods of applying Gymnastic, Calisthenic, Kinesipathic, and Vocal Exercises to the

Water1 2. To represent teachers who desire Development of the Bodily Organs, the Invigoration of their Functions, the Prescr


vation of Health, and the Cure of Disease and Deformities. With numerous illustra- 25 cents. By post, 15 cents. 3. To give parents information of good tions. By R. T. Trall, M.D. $1 75.


Dr. Dods. 50 cents. 30 cents. 4. To sell, rent, and exchange school New Gymnastics, for Men, Women, and Children. By Dio Lewis, properties. M.D. $175.

SCIENCE OF THE Soul, Physiologically J. W. SCHERMERHORN, Actuary.

and Poilosophically considered. By Dr.
Weak Lungs, and How to make them Strong; or, Diseases of the Haddock. 60 cents. Only 30 cents."
M. J, YOUNG, Secretary.
14 Bond St., New York.

Organs of the Chest, with their Home Treatment by the Movement-Cure. By Dio THE PHILOSOPHY OF ELECTRICAL Psy.
Lewis, M.D. Illustrated. $1 75.

CHOLOGY; being a Couree of Twelve Lec.

Physical Perfection; or, the Philosophy of Human Beauty-showing tures. By Dr. Dods. $1 50. 87 cents.
Thirteen years' trial has proved the How to Acquire and Retain Bodily Symmetry, Health, and Vigor, Secure Long Life, CHEMISTRY and its applications to Physi.
“AMER, SCHOOL INST. a useful and ef- and Avoid the Infirmities and Deformities of Age. By D. H. Jacques. $1 75. ology, Agricniture, and Commerce. By
cient auxiliary in the educational ma-
chinery of our country. Its patrons and
Manual of Physical Exercises, comprising Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Prof. Liebig. 50 cents. 30 cents.

THE PRACTICE OF WATER-CURE, with friends are among the first educational Rowing, Sailing, Skating, Swimming, Fencing, Sparring, Cricket, Base Ball, etc.; and business men. together with Rules for Training, and Sanitary Suggestions. By William Wood. $1 50.

Evidence of its Eficacy and Safety. By

Drs. Wilson and Gully. 50 cents. We Principals, School Oficers, and Manual of Calisthenics, a Systematic Drill-Book without Apparatus, for send a copy for 30 cents. others, should examine the "Teachers'

Schools, Families, and Gymnasiums, with Music to accompany the Exercires. Illus- ERRORS IN THE PRACTICE OF WATERBulletin" whenever they want teachers. trated from Original Designs. By J. M. Watson. $1 5.

CURE. By J. H. Rausse. Retail 50 cents.
Those who seek positions should
have the "Application Form."

Hand-Book of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, a Complete Drill-Book Now 30 cents.
for Schools, Families, and Gymnasiums, with Music to accompany the Exercises.


"I know the AYER, SCHOOL INST.' to be
Illustrated from Original Designs. By J. M. Watson. $2 25.

WATER-CURE. 25 cente, for 15 cents. possessed of the most reliable and extended The Indian Club Exercise, with Explanatory Figures and Positions,

PHILOSOPHY OF THE WATER-CURE. A facilities."-Rev. C. V. SPEAR, Principal Photographed from Life; also, General Remarks on Physical Culture. Illustrated Development of the True Principles of Young Ladies' Institute, Pittsfield, Mass. with Portraitures of celebrated Athletes, exhibiting great Muscular Development from

Health and Longevity. By John Balburnie, " The beneits of a division of labor the Club Exercise, engraved from photographs expressly for this work. By S. D.

M.D. 50 cents, for 30 cents. are happily conceived and admirably Kehoe. $2 50.

EDWARD G. Tyler, Ontario Female Semi- Manual of Light Gymnastics, for Instruction in Classes and Private ciples of the Water-Care System. By D.
nary, N. Y.
Use. By W. L. Rathe. 40 cents.

A. Harsha. 25 cents, for 15 cents.
Experience has tanght me that I may
safely rely upon it when I want teachers.
A Hand-Book of Gymnastics and Athletics. By E. G. Ravenstein and

-Rev. J. H. BRAKELEY, Bordentown Fe-
John Hulley. $500.

trated. 25 cents, for 15 cents.
male College, New Jersey.
Calisthenics; or, the Elements of Bodily Culture on Pestalozzian Prin- and Cure; with all Bowel Complaints”;

; , , "I commend it to the entire confidence

ciples, Designed for Practical Education in Schools, Colleges, Families, etc. By of all."-Rev. D. C. VAN NORMAN, LL.D.,

showing the inefficacy of the Drug TrcatHenry de Laspée. Illustrated with Two Thousand Figures. $12 00. New York.

ment and the superiority of the Water"The business of the Institnte is syste- Physiology and Calisthenics, for Schools and Families. By Catharine Cure. 50 cents, for 30 cents. E. Beecher. $1 00.

CURIOSITIES OF COMMON WATER, to liberally educated, and otherwise eminent- An Illustrated Sketch of the Movement-Cure, its Principles, Methods, Health by a Proper Course of Diet. 50 cents, ly qualified for their duties."'---0. R. WILLIS, Alexander Institute, White Plains, and Effects. By George H. Taylor, M.D. 25 cents.

for 30 cents. N. Y.

An Exposition of the Swedish Movement-Cure. Embracing the EXPERIENCE IN WATER-CURE. A familiar “Having tried the 'AMER. SCHOOL INST.,'

History and Philosophy of this System of Medical Treatment, with Examples of Single Exposition of the Principles and Results I regard it a most desirable medium for

Movements, and Directions for their Use in Various Forms of Chronic Diseases; of Water-Treatment. 50 cents, for 30 cents.
supplying our schools and seminaries with
the best teachers, and for representing

forming a Complete Manual of Exercises, together with a Summary of the Principles
of General Hygiene. By George H. Taylor, A.M., M.D. $1 75.

It is not probable that other editions of ment." All who are seeking teachers wii Theory and Practice of the Movement-Cure; or, the Treatment of who wish copies should order them at once find a wide range from which to select, Lateral Curvature of the Spine; Paralysis; Indigestion ; Constipation; Consumption ;

We can also send a few copies of the fol. with an assurance that in stating character Angular Curvatures, and other Deformities; Diseases Incident to Women; Derange- lowing, by mail, at reduced prices. Some and qualifications there is no humbug.' ments of the Nervous System, and other Chronic Affections, by the Swedish System of them are a little shop-worn, but many and there can be no mistake. Teachers will of Localized Movements. By Charles F. Taylor, M.D. Illustrated. $1 75.

of them are entirely fresh. find situations for which they may other. Prevention and Cure of Consumption, by the Swedish Movement-Cure; wise may seek in vain. The highly respec. table character of those who conduct the with Directions for its Home Application. By D. Wark, M.D. 30 cents.


CHUDREN, in the School, the Family, and
Institute insure fair dealing, with kind and The Swedish Movement-Cure. What It Is and What It Can Do. the Church. Retail $1 75, for $1 25.
polite treatment."--Rev. Eben S. STEARNS, By William W. Wier, M.D. 25 cents. Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price,
Principal Albany Female Academy, Now

by S. R. WELLS, Publisher, 389 Broadway, New York.

of their Rights as Authorized Interpreters * The most remarkable exponent of what

of the Bible. By C. E. Beecher, "Retail method may accomplish, is that system of Davies & Kent, Printers, Low Priced List.

$1 50, for $1 13. edicational tactics, as conducted and deStereotypers, and Electrotypers, No. 183

BOOKS BY POST AT HALF PRICE ! We Religions Liberty in the Present State of

SIGNS OF THE TIMEs; the Dangers to veloped by the AMER. SCHOOL INST.' Here

William Street (cor. of Spruce), New York. is a set of gentlemen who keep posted on Note, Circular, Bill-Head, and Card have a few copies or remnants of editions the World. By Bunsen. Retail $1 50, for the entire educational wants of the country. Printing neatly and promptly executed. which we will sell at one half the regular $1 13. Every department, high or low, comes

prices at this office, and simply adding Retail $1 50, for $1 13.

THE RESULTS OF SLAVERY. By Cochin. within the plan. The apparatus, the literature, the wants and resources of educa- Patent Offices. Inventors postage when sent by mail. This offor tion, are tabled as in a Bureau of Educa

THE LAST YEARS OF HENRY CLAT. By who wish to take out Letters Patent are

will hold good during the present month, c. Colton. Retail $275, for $1 75. tional Statistics."

advised to counsel with MUNN & CO., or till all shall be sold. The books will be "Mark the value of such knowledge. In Editors of the Scientific American, who

QUESTIONS TO Marsu's ECCLESIASTICAL a time consideration, what saving! In

sent, postage prepaid by us, on receipt of HISTORY. Retail 75 cents, for 50 cents. have prosecuted claims before the Patent stead of schools being closed or sufl'ered to Office for over Twenty Years. Their the smallest price named.

PHYSIOLOGY OF THE OPERA, Retail 50 decline until the right man turns up, one American and European Patent Agency is

cents, for 40 cents. is provided whose calibre is known --- The

the most extensive in the world. Charges THE PHILOSOPHY OF SACRED HISTORY NAPOLEON_III._IN ITALY, and other right man in the right place. The loss of

less than any other reliable agency. A Considered in Relation to Human Aliment Poems. By E. B. Browning. 75 cents, for time, misdirection of talent, imposition Pamphlet, containing full instructions to and the Wines of Scripture. By Sylvester 50 cents, by unprofessional charlatanry, each in itinventors, is sent gratis. Graham. Regular price, $3; present, $1 75.

WESTWARD EMPIRE; or, the great Drama A , con- The Power of Kindness; Inculcating of Human Progress. ' By E. L. Magoon. are avoided.". SAMUEL

the Principles of Benevolence and Love. Wood, Keyport, N. J.

the United States Census by Counties,

Retail $1 50, for $1 13.
75 cents. By first post 40 cents,
with Hints and Receipts for Mechanics,

CLARA; or, Slave Life in Europe. A
The Masonic llarmonia ;

FamiliAR LESSONS ON ASTRONOMY. De- novel. $1 50, for $1 13.
mailed on receipt of 25 cents. Address
signed for Children and Youth, in Schools

June 30 37 Park Row, New York.
and Families. $1 50. Now 75 cents.

STATES. By D. R. Hundley. $1 50, for

ILLUSTRATED BOTANY. With more than $1 13.
For the use of the

One Hundred Engravings: with a Floral
The Practical Farmer and Dictionary or Language of Flowers. $150.

SPIRITUAL PROGRESS; or, Instructions

in the Divine Life of the Soul. Retail RURAL ADVERTISER. A Monthly Periodical

Now only 87 cents. BY HENRY STEPHEN CUTLER,

$1 50, for $1 13. of 16 quarto pages:

Now in its fifth year THE FAMILY DENTIST; a popular Trea-
Doctor in Music, Director of the Cecilian
of publication. $1 per annum, payable in tise on the Teeth, with various Recipes Kallock. $1 50, for $1 13.

Choir, etc.

advance. Sample copies supplied on ap- for their Preservation. $1 50. 87 cents. Being the most complete and best adapt- plication.


THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN ITS ELEed for use in Lodges. The P. F., though aiming to represent Experiments on the Gastric Juice. By lies. By W. C. Fowler. $2 00, for $1 50.

MENTS AND FORys, for Schools and Fami-
Published under the auspices of St.
especially the agriculture of this middle

Wm. Beaumont, Surgeon in U. 8. Army.
Cecile Lodge, No. 568, city of New York.
section, circulates in every section of the
Very scarce. $1 50. Now 87 cents.

Price, $1. Sent free of postage on re- Union; and is recommended to Farmers
ceipt of price. Descriptive Catalogues of

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York. everywhere as well as to Advertisers, for

HYDROPATHY FOR THE PEOPLE. With Masonic Books, Regalia, etc., sent free on practical reliable information on every de

plain observations on Druge, Diet, Water,
partment of Rural Economy. PASCHALL

Air, and Exercise. With Notes and Ob. Free! Our New Catalogue
MORRIS, editor and proprietor. Office:

servations by R, T. Trall. 1 50. 87 cents. MASONIC PUBLISHING AND MANU

of Improved Stencil Dies. More than
No. 18 Thirteenth St., above Market St., THE WATER-CURE MANUAL. The va-

$200 a month is being made with them. 432 Broome Street, New York. Philadelphia, Pa.

July tf. rious Modes of Bathing Illustrated, and 1S. M. SPENCER & Co., Brattleborn, Pt.


mo small misfortunekto patroner Looktaining 150 Mechanical Engraving and

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