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TOG LIDONAU VERISTIAN 18 one of the largest, best conducted, and most spirited
Papers in New York.- New York Independent, April 23, 1868. Terms $3 a Year in advance.

Address, J. N. HALLOCK, Manager, 82 and 84 Nassau Street, New York City.

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By Thomas Gregg. Muslin. $1.00. S. R. WELLS, Publisher.

tion and Management of Fruit Trees. Illustrated with Ninety Engravings. Fruit Culture for the Million, or, Hand-Book for the Cultiva

$to $85.

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$2 to $85.

$8 to $85.
A Petor List has been prepared expressly with a view of supplying castomers at a dio-
tance, with MOBICAL MERCHANDISE of every description at the lowest N. Y. prices.

Especial care is given to this department, and customers can rely upon receiving as good
an article es were they present to make the selection personally.

Attention is invited to the assortment of Strings for Violins, Guitar, Banjo, etc., which
can be sent by mail post-paid on receipt of the marked price. 'Also any pieces of SHEET
MT810, MOBIO BOOKS, &c., of which catalogues are furnished on application. Bend stamp
for price list. For list of New Musio, see advertisement in another column.
Jano ly FREDERICK BLUME, 1125 Broadway, N. Y.,


Pack in small space, and are light to handle. A good Spring Mattress was always a real luxury. We make them Comfortable and Durable. Satisfactory to the most Fagtidious, and within the reach of persons of Moderate means. Call or send for our Illustrat. ed Circular with prices. Mattresses, Beds, Bolstere, Pillows, Comforters, Blankets.

200 pages, illustrated, 200 engravings, 60 cents. Eerst first post by S. R. WELLS, 889 Broadway, Ñ. Y. “RICH,” “RACY,” “PROFOUND.”—Read the ILLUSTRATED ANNUALS OF PHRENOLOGY and PHYSIOGNOMY for 1865–66–67-68, On Marriage of Cousins : Whom to Marry: Right Age. Jealousy: Stammering and Stuttering; Bashfulness. Portraits of Bismarck, Disraeli, Victor Hugo, Hon. Henry Wilson, Bright, Cobden, Brigham

* How to Read Character"-a capital Haud-Book. loung, Carlyle, Dr. Pusey, Ruskin, Froude, Kings and Queens. in one vol.


All Numbers, from 8 to 150, on Spools of 200 to 500 Yards.

This thread took the only Prize Medal awarded to

Bpool Cotton at the Great London Exhibition

in 1851, and the only First-Class Prize Medal at the


S. P. KITTLE, 17 Bowery, N. Y.
A !

GENTS WANTED POP National Temperance Almanac.

Konoras ellos T'ELETYT har just Issued Temperanco
WRITING Classes. Terms to Agents Almanac for 1869, containing statistics,

and subscr.bers unprece- Anecdotes, Stories, Illustrations, a Directory

dented. A copy given to of all Temperance Organizations in New OF any person who will pro-York City and Brooklyn, together with a

cnre A good Agent. Ad great variety of other valuable matter for
GOD dress J.W.GOODSPEED&Co every friend of Temperance in the land.

143 Lake street, Chicag', Price 10 cents. Address,
Or, 57 Park Row, N. York. J. N. STEARNS, 172 William St, N. Y. City.

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Paris Exposition in 1855, also a Gold Medal at
the Paris Exposition in 1867, thus establish-
ing its superiority over all competitors.

It is SMOOTH, STRONG, and ELASTIC, and, for
hand or Machine use, is the BEST AND CHEAPEST
in the market, there being no WASTE FROM BREAKING.

The undersigned, Sole Agents for the Manufacturers

in the United States, have constantly on hand, in J.BROOK & BROS

WHITE, a full assortment of

In cases of 100 dozen each, assorted numbers, and in packages of 10 dozen each, solid num-
bers; also, a full assortment, in WHITE, BLACK, and COLORED, of

Brook's Celebrated Patent Glace Finish,
In cases of 100 dozen each, assorted numbers, or in packages of 10 dozen cach, solid pum-
bers. Orders solicited and promplly executed by

WM. HENRY SMITH & CO., Sole Agents,
June 11 t.

No. 61 Leonard Street, N. Y.



No. 231 Broadway, New York.

This company Insures all good Lives at




OLOGY, always Open and Free. Examinations of ladies and gentlemen daily. Ladie, in attendance.

the bad, the high and the low, virtuous and vicious, educated and ignorant, MUSEUM OF PHREN“Look in ” at No. 389 Broadway-and see heads of the good and


The only Electro-Medical Apparatus having a
strong direct current, as well as a to and fro

And makes a deduction from those rates to

current. A direct current without intensity
in a medical point of view is of no value at all.

The direct corrent at its negative pole, is
powerful y tonic and contractive, while at its
positive pole it is diametrically the reverse.

Females insured without additional rates.
It draws all metallic poisons from the human
system at its negative pole, and when a tonic or
contractive action is required, as in hemorrbages
and other relaxed conditions of the body, closes
the capillaries at once, stops the effusion of D. D. T. MARSHALL, President.

JAMES Cushing, Jr., Vice-President.
blood and gives vigor to the system,
This machine is universally recommended by

Elizur Wright, Consulting Actuary. Edward A. STANSBURY, Secretary.
all leading physicians throughout the United A. Halsey PLUMMER, Ass't Secretary. STEWART L. WOODFORD, Counsel.
States and Canadas, as having double the mag-
netic power of any other machine.
It is self operating and is in a neat portable

black walout case. Price with single cup battery $18, doub'o cup $20. Send for circular,



Son of the late Dr. Samuel B. Smith,
July ly.


TYPES OF MANKIND; or ETHNOLOGICAL RESEARCHES based upon the Ancient Monuments,

Paintings, Sculptures and Crania of Races, and upon their Natural, Geographical and Biblical History, illustrated by Selections from the Papers of SAMUEL
George Morton, M.D., (late President of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia). By J. C. Nort, M.D. and Geo. R. GLIDDEN. Sent by Express,
$5.00, or prepaid by mail, $5.50. S. R WELLS, 389 Broadway, N. Y.

give a new WHEELER & WILSON FAMILY SEWING MACHINE worth $55. Address S. R. WELLS, Publisher, 389 Broadway, New York.

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Unquestionably the best sustained Work of the kind in the




The most popular Monthly in the world. New York Observer.
AMERICAN MINERS! MECHANICS ! cisely the popular taste, furnishing a pleasing and instructive variety of read.


ing for all.—Zion': Herald, Boston.
Capitalists! Geologists!
Mineralogists! Metallurgists!

A complete Pictorial History of the Times."

"The best, cheapest, and most successful Family Paper in the COAL AND IRON TRADERS !



American Journal of Mining,

New Physiognomy, or Signs of Character.—As manifested through Temperament and External Forms and especially in the Human Face

Divine, with more than 1,000 illustrations. By S. R. WELLS. In one large volume handsomely bound. In muslin $5; heavy calf 'with marbled edges, $8; Turkey morocco, full gilt, $10. AGENTS WANTED !

New York City is the great money-centre of the Continent, to whicb
flock THOSE NEEDING CAPITAL to develop Mines, and those desirous
of INVESTING in legitimate Mining. It is also the focal poirit of the
Railway and Telegraph Systems, and accordingly of American Mining,
Milling, Metallurgical, Mineralogical, Mechanical and other Newe. Hence The model newspaper of our country-complete in all the departments of
EVERY AMERICAN directly or indirectly interested in Mining and an American Family paper--Harper's Weekly has earned for itself a right
kindred Professions or pursuiis, should subscribe at once to the

to its title, “ A Journal of Civilization.”—New York Evening Post.

This paper furnishes the best illustrations. Our future historians will enrich
themselves out of Harper's WEEKLY long after writers and printers and pub-

lishers are turned to dust.-New York Evangelist.
(ILLUSTRATED), published here EVERY SATURDAY at noon. Since
its estabiislıment, March 1866, this Journal has been warmly and frequently

The articles upon public questions which appear in Harper's WEEKLY
praised by the Home and Foreign Press, the Professions, the Trades. and from week to week form a remarkable series of brief political essays. They
General Public for its reliabllity, comprehensiveness and infinite superiority

are distinguished by clear and pointed statements, by good common sense, in every respect to any other of the kind ever published in America. Send by independence and breadth of view. They are the expression of mature for a specimen copy (free) and judge for yourselves.

conviction, high principle, and strong feeling, and take their place among

the best newspaper writing of the time. -North American Review, Boston,
Sixteen pages with 39 wide columns of_reading matter!

Subscription $4 per annum.

A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction."
Journal of Mining Office,
No. 37 Park-Row, New York City.

Sept. ti


EMPLOYMENT_Will it Pay ?

$1 50. “LIFE IN THE WEST," $2. “SELF-EDUCATION," $4.

How much can I make ?
How to Do Business, $2.25 and “ NEW PHYSIOG NOMY," 1,000 engravings, $5. "ÆSOP'S FABLES," Pictorial Edition, $1. “POPE'S ESSAY ON MAN," finely illustrated, $1.

Send Stamps for Terms to S. R, Welle, No. 389 Broadway, N. Y.
Take an Agency for the Book_“ How to Write, How to Talk, How to Behave, and

"ORATORY, Sacred and Secular,"


And for



Little Corporal

Back Nos. supplied.

" FIGHTING AGAINST WRONG, Footprints of Life; Harper's Bazar will be not only a journal of Fashion—and fashion is

great power in the world—but something more; a publication calculated to

R, FAITH AND NATURE RE- be of the utmost service in the work of dissemioating sound views on many

A Poem in Three social subjects, and in helping to promote the cause of education. We believe
Parts. By Philip Harvey, M.D. Part the undertaking to be quite original; for no other periodical of the kind is

1st- The Body. Part 2—The Soul. now published; and we are certain it will be entirely successful, not only as
Is acknowledged by Press and people almost univer- Part 3— The Deity. Something new. a business enterprise, but in respect to those high offices of journalism which
sally to be THE BEST PAPER for BOYS AND Price $1 25. Sent by mail, post paid concern the entire country.Boston Traveller.

Girls ever published in this country.
It is edited by ALFRED L. SEWELL, and

on receipt of price, by S. R. Wells,
EMILY HUNTINGTON MILLER. Publisher, 389 Broadway, New York. become the Queen of American newspapers.-Albion.

The Bazar, as an intelligent critic upon all feminine topics, will doubtless
Volumes begin July or January
Terms, One Dollar a year; Sample copy ten cents.

A centre to which taste will look for its expression.--New York Evening
GREAT INDUCEMENTS are offered to those


Addresa, ALFRED L. SEWELL, Publisher,

HARPER's Bazar has made its first appearance, and the completeness of its
ACRED AND SECULAR; or, the furnishings, both artistic and literary, warrant us in ascribing to it at once

EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKER. In the position of leading fashion paper in America. - Home Journal.

cluding the Chairman's Guide. By
William Pittenger, with an Introduc-
tion by Hon. John A. Bingham. A
clear and succinct Exposition of the
Rules and Methods or practice by
which Readiness of Thought may be

acquired, and an acceptable style, both
in composition and gesture obtained.
Price $1.50. S. R. Wells, Publisher.


who wish to raise clubs.



13 years is proved a reliable Educational Bureau,

For aiding all who seek good teachers;

For representing teachers who want posi-
Are pronounced by the Musical Profession

the Conservatory of New York,

Demand is now brisk. See APPLICATION
The Best Pianofortes Manufactured,

Because of their immense Poroer, Equal Send also for AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL
ity, sweetness and Brilliancy of Tone,

Elastio Touch, and great Durability.

J. W. SCHERMERHORN, A. M., Actuary,
A Descriptive Circular bent on applicatior,

WAREROOMS, 429 Broome St., N. Y.

Oct8t. 14 Bond St., New York.

Harper's MAGAZINE, One Copy for One Year . $1 00
HARPER'S WEEKLY, One Copy for One Year . . 4 00

HARPER'S BAZAR One Copy for One Year .. 4 00
Harper's Magazine, Harper's Weekly and Harper's Bazar, to one Addrese,

for One Year, $10 00; or any two for $7 00


Franklin Square, New York.

American Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World. Revised edition. 10,000 new Notices, and the

Pronunciation of 100,000 Places. No Library complete without it. Price $10. Sold by S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, N. Y.


Now Ready-ILLUSTRATED ANNUAL of Phrenology and Physiognomy for 1869.

80 pages. 50 Illustrations, Price 25 cents. S. R. WELLS, Publisher, 399 Broadway, New York,

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At the Paris Exposition to the NEW WEED SEWING MACHINE was bestowed the FIRST PRIZE awarded

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MODERN WOMEN and What is Said of them. With an Introduction by Mrs. Lucia Gilbert Calhoun.

Pust-paid. $2.00. Every Man and Woman should have a copy. S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, N. Y.

THE TEMPERANCE REFORMATION: Its History from the First Tenperance Society in the

United States to the Adoption of the Maine Liquor Law. By Armstrong. New Edition. Now ready. $1.50. Address S. R. Wells, New York.


WHAT ANSWER? A Story of To-Day.

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Mental & Social Culture.
For Families and Schools. By L. C. Loomis,
A.M., M.D.. President of Whetling Female
College. Contents: 1. How to Ohtain
Knowledge; H. Observation, Reading,
Lectures, Conversation, and Meditation
Compared: III. Rules relating to Observation;
IV. Of Books and Reading; V. Jadg.

ment of Books: VI. Or Living Instructions
By ANNA E. DICKINSON. One Volume. 16mo. $1.50.

and Lectures; VII. Rules of Improiement
by Conversation; VIII. Practical Hots;

How and When to speak and What to
This story is attracting a large sbare of public attention, both by the bigh reputation of the anthor as a popular lecturer, and by the
unusual interest of the story itself. While it charms those who read for entertainment merely, it has a peculiar interest to all thought- Bay; IX of Study or Meditation; X. ON

Fixing the Attention; XI, Of Eolarging the
ful readers in its bold and earnest treatment of some of the leading political and social questions of the day. It deals with many of the
most striking events of the past few years, and is written in that graphic and picturesque style which has made Miss Dickinson's Capacity of the Mind; Xll. Of Improring

the memory ; XUL.
lectures so popular.

of Selt-Control; XIV. A cheerful Disposition; XV. Polit

ness; XVI. Practical Hints on Bebaviour, By connecting her plot with the events of the war, so familiar to all, the author has secured a deep hold on the attention of the

Sent, post paid for $1. reader. There is much force in the characters, much action in the movement of the story, and much eloquence in particular p Bsages.

J. W. SCHERMERHORN, & CO., Publish-
* * It must have a rapid and wide sale."-Springfield Republican.

ers, 14 Bond Street, New York.
“«What Answer?" is, in every page, cbaracteristic of its author. No reader will complain that it is weak and dull. The style of
the book is terse, strong and forcible. The descriptions of events are always interesting, and sometimes Lighly dramatic in their effect.
In the tenderer passages, the lovers' last interviews, the farewells for the war, the hospital scenes, there is also power, pat og and eym:

Smoking and Drinking.
pathy, worthy and honoring the woman who describes them. That the book will have a wide and profitublo sale there is no doubt."

By James Parton 16mo. Paper, 50 cents;
Cincinnati Commercial.

cloth $1. This volume contains three arti-
cles on Smoking and Drinking,'ecently contri-
buted to The Atlantic Monthly, by Mr. Par.
ton, with & Preface. Tbese have attracted
unusual attention both from the pub ic and
the press. They deal thoroughly and candid.

ly with topics of great individual and social
By H. W. LONGFELLOW. 1 vol. 16mo. Cloth, $1.50 ; Half Calf, $3.00 ; Morocco, $4.50. interest. anu sbould be read by all.

The Tribune says: "His impressive state-
This new volume contains two Poems in Dramatic form,-one dealing with the persecution of the Quakers in New England, and ments on the subject of Drinking are of
the other with the Witchcraft delusion. The pessive, sombre atmosphere that broods over the personages and events of the periods more value to the cause of temperance than
included in these Poems is adınirably reproduced ; the weird and tragic tone of thought then prevalent is skillfuliy represented, and volumes of infla'ed rhetoric."
the pathetic character of many incidents is vividly described. LONGFELLOW's genius is strikingly manifest througaout the entire volume Every one of our Readers should have a

copy of this book. Sent by mail, post-paid,
on rec-ipt of price, by S. R. WELLS, Pubush.
er, 389 Broadway, New York,

Carefully Revised. United States Dispensatory.

$10.00 All Medical Books supplied by S. R. WELLS, New York.

Wood « Bache. Twelfth edition.


Passages from the American Note Books.





For 60 subscribers and $120, we HERALD OF HEALTH and Journal of Physical Culture for 1869, $2.00 a year, 20 cents a number.

give the American Encyclopedia in 20 volumes, worth $100. For 80 subscribers and $60, we give a Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine, worth $55. We send it and the Phrenological Journal for $4.00. Harper's or the Atlantic for $5. "The American Agriculturist and the Herald for $3.00, or the New York Weekly Tribune and the Herald for $3.35. All orders must be sent to Miller, Wood & Co., 15 Laight st., n. Y.

By NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. 2 vols. 16mo. $4.00. Ready Oct. 24.

A Popular Picture, and a

first-class Magazine, The many admirers of Hawthorne will be delighted with these selections from his Note-Books. They consist of hints for st-ries.

Messrs. Daughaday & Becker, the entershort descriptions of striking scenes, bits of characterization, sketches of travel, and suggestive reflections peculiarly characteristic of Philade.phia, have just published 1 large

prising publishers of Our Schoolday Visitor,
the author. Every sentence bears the unmistakable stamp of Hawthorne's genius.

original, finely executed steel plate engray-
ing, entitled
from the hand of the celebrated Sartain,
which is destined to be one of the most pop-

ular pictures of the day. Six persons, three
TENNYSON'S Complete Poetical Works in one volume. Handsome Paper Cover, 50 cents.

equestrian figures. Every member of the

family is as faithfully likenessed as the photoThis edition is from new types, set in double columns, printed on good substantial paper. It has a handsome paper cover, with a

graphs, which were given to the artist from vignette head of TENNYSON, from toe latest London photograph. The cheapness and elegance of this edition, combined with the un

tbe hands of the General bimse!, have pow.
rivalled excellence of its contents, will give the Hall-Dollar Tennyson a wide circulation.

er to express. This work has cost months
of skilled labor, and inore than One Thous-

and Dollars in cash, and readily sells for $250,

its regular price.

This magnificent picture and a copy of
If, Yes and Perhaps. Four Possibilities and Six Chronicles

Exaggerations, with some Bits of Fact, 16mo. $1.50.

and Characters, and other New one of the oldest, handsomest, and cheapest

This volume contains "The Man without a Country," one of the

2 vols. Cabinet Edition, $4.00. Blue and Young Folks' Magazines in this country
Gold Edition, $3.00.

which alone is worth $1.25 a year, will both most popular stories ever published ; and also “My Double and how

be sent to every subscriber for 186), for 11 50.
he undid Me," " Christmas Wails ia Buston," and several other “This work exhibits a very wide range of culture and an original Where clubs are formed, a still greater reduc-
stories and sketches, all marked by a vigor of thought and a pun. and wonderful gift of fancy and imagination, and embodies in a very

gency of expression which rank them amoog the best of their kind graceful form the fruits of learning and profound philosophical The Visitor, is a live, high-toned monthly
in Arrerican literature.

Insight and speculation - characteristics of the author's former for the Young of to-day. Neither sectarian

works, but shining out resplendently in the present work." - Hours nor sectional yet scoruing Deutrality, is in-
-at Home.

dependent in all things. Its aim, the instruc

tion, ainusement, and elevation of our young Plain Thoughts on the Art of Living. Designed

people everywhere. for Young Men and Women. 16mo. $1.60.


Please send ten cents at once for sample
Mr. Gladden's thoughts are directed to dress, manners, conversa.

number of the Visitor, and Circular giv ng
tion, religion, amusement, marriage, habits, culture, and like themes. Complete Poetical Works. In one elegant volume. the origin and complete description of this
We do not at the instant recall any volume better calculated to con- $2.50.

large and elegant ongraving, and full list of vey right impressions of the objects of life and of the best methods

Premiums for clubs. for its conduct in such departments as are opened by the author. It lished, and containing thirty new pieces, which cannot fail to re

A superb volume, giving all the author's poems recently pub- drare chance. Agents wanted everywhere. is eminently fit to be placed in the hands of the young of both sexes. commend it to the host of admirers of its author, a man of true

- Philadelphia North American.

genius, and who long since won popular favor, which he bas bonor- DAUGHADY & BECKER, Publishers,
ably kept. of all our poets, his writings afford the best pictures of 424 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

every-day lifo and manners, and therefore they will maintain their

place."- Boston Traveller. The Spanish Gypsy. 16mo. $1.50.

“The Spanish Gypsy' places the author among the most promi
nent naines of this p etic generatio). In largeness of view, depth

and fertility of thought, range of knowledge. force of characteriza-
ti in, and purity of style, this pen lifts G.orge Eliot above even Woman's Wrongs. 16mo. $1.50.
Mrs. Browsing for even in · Aurira Leigh 'there is nothing which, " It will do more than anything that has yet been written, by man
in respect to impassioned imagination, is equal to the last two books or woman, to put the whole woman question, so called, in a fresh,
of “The Spanish Gypsy.'"-Boston Transcript.

clear, and fair light before the public.-Springfield Republican.
Foul Play, With Illustrations. Cloth 1.50; Paper, 75c.

Crammed with incidents the story is yet never obscure. The
anthors have constructed the story wito marvellous skill; the char. A Journey in Brazil. Fourth Edition. 8vo. Illustra- BROWN,COOMBS & CO.
acters are each distinct and real; the plot is full of dramatic effects;

ted. Cloth, $5.00; Half Calf, $8.00.
and the style is bold and vigorous, yet graceful and il wing. Du
Maurier's illustrations add largely to the value of the volume, which " It is very interesting throughout, nay, charming, and is written
everybody will be eager to peruse. It is certainly the sensation of in so agreeable a style that neither the education nor the insight of
the early summer."-New Bedford Mercury.
A savant is necessary to enjoy the whole of it."— Boston Advertiser


(189 **For sale by the Booksellers. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price, by the Publishers,

TICKNOR & FIELDS, Boston and New York.


stalments, or at low prices for cash at WATERS & Co.'s, 481 Broadway.

and other first-class new pianos for rent, and rent applied on purchase. Chiokering's, Waters', Bradbury's, Lindemann & Sons',

For sale on monthly in.


MEDICAL ELECTRICITY: embracing ELECTRO-PHYSIOLOGY and ELECTRICITY as a Therapeutic, with special reference to practical Medicioe; showing the

most approved Apparatus, Methods and Rules, for the Medical Uses of Electricity in the 'í reatment of Nervous Diseases. By A. C. GARRATT, M.D. Revised and Illustrated. Price post-paid $6.50. Address S. R. WELLS, 389 Brvadway, N.Y.




[VOL. 48.—No. 6. WHOLE No. 360.

Published on the First of each Month, at $3 a year, by the EDITOR, S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.



... 201

World ...


PAAR Henri Rochefort..

Thomas H. Stockton, D.D..... 216 Phrenology in the School-room 203 Night.-Miraculous Healing.. 817 Menbood and its Development 204 Retrospection ...

219 Concentrated Progress of the End of the Voyage............ 219

205 Do as Others Do........... 219 "Junt"-Neither More Dor Less 206 Autumn..................... 320 Light Literature 206 Premiums...

221 The Body-Wha: 1 its King ?. 307 Progress in Co-operation...... 221 The Abuse of Drugs ......... 208 Pur Haven Harbor and the Advantages of Crying........ 208 · Commerce of Lake Ontario. 293 Phrenology in the West...... 209 A Dream......

224 Kisses 210 An Ideal Chaldea

224 A Woman's Work upon the Smoking on the Street RallPrusso-Austrian Battle-Deld 210

way Cars

211 Literary Noticer.....

Earning . Wle............... 213 To Our Correspondents....... 2:9
Henry Edward Manning...... 313 Publisher's Department ..... 230
The Angel Gulde.... .... 214 General Itom.........
How to be Miverable.......... 314 The Mink.....

336 Notes on the Inhabitants of AD Architectural Curiosity ... 336 Brazil........

214 A Good Temperance Story.... 236

...... 230

The Journal.

Man, know thyrell, All winlom centers there;
To nong man neems Ignoble, but to man.-Yonng.




HERE is a young, wide-awake, clear-minded, highly educated, outspoken, incautious, frank, free, "high-pressure," republican Frenchman. He has a sort of no-fear, don't-care expression, which would look even an emperor in the face and say, “Who are you?" He is versatile, racy, emphatic, combative, sarcastic, critical. How much of the milk of human kindness, how much humility, penitence, or compunction he possesses, this deponent sayeth not. His religion' will not deter him from playing the mischief with aristocratic royalty, and selfelected legislators, emperors, and other upstarts. So long as he continues to ventilate the wickedness of his own country, we will say nothing to him about that Scriptural sarcasm,

namely, “ Physician, heal thyself." He is though the mustache partly hides the expres-
young, and, it is hoped, will improve. We sion of the mouth.
give below a sketch, mainly founded on an Not being familiar with the history of his
article entitled “ Der Lanternemann,” in Der childhood, we are unable to say whether or
Gartenlaube, a Leipsic publication.

not, at an early age, he exhibited any remarkM. Henri Rochefort, whose Lanterne has able talent. As a boy, the accounts of him are created the latest excitement in France, and mcagre, and with the exception of one or two attracted the attention of the intelligent in favorable mentions during his school-days, and other European countries and in the United one literary performance, in which a promiStates, is the son of the Marquis de Rochefort nent Frenchman discovered the manifestation Lucay, and has, as yet, only attained his of an embryo genius, we have little satisfactory thirtieth year. He is a tall, slender man, with knowledge of him until he came upon the a high forehead and well-defined features, political field.

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