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THE BELLEFONTE NATIONAL The Feliciana Democrat, of Clinton, La., | lady writes us from California as follows:

(FORMERLY CENTRAL PRESS) thus laments over the departure of a Having occasionally received letters from

(Under this head we publish, for a consid- Published at Bellefonte, Centre Co., Pa., school teacher for her Northern home: parties in New York and elsewhere, wish

eration, such matters as rightfully belong to

BY KINSLOE & BROTHER. "The strong-minded woman who pre- ing me to become an agent for some won

this department. We disclaim responsibility Located in one of the greatest producing sided over the classic begrophilic hall derful and cheap invention, to sell tickets

for what may herein appear. Natter will sections of the State, surrounded by some where the offspring of the freedmen in some grand lottery distribution, or

be LEADED, and charged according to the of the richest bituminous coal, iron, and and they themselves drank freely of the something of the kind, please allow me to

space occupied, at the rate of $1 a line.] lamber regions in the country, it presents fountain of knowledge the waters of which ask how such parties obtain the names and

advantages to advertisers which should she laved upon them, kas departed. Yes, addresses of persons all over the country?

THE HYGEIAN HOME. - At not be overlooked by men of shrewdness Clinton knows her no longer; yet Yankee- Do they get them from publishers' books?

this establishment all the Water-Cure ap

and business tact. dom will embrace her as a daughter who | We can think of no other way in which had gone among the disloyal and rebel

It is the organ of the Republican party ours could have been obtained, and, pre

pliances are given, with the Swedish Movelious, and suffering martyrdom to the tune supposing this to be the case, we beg leave

ments and Electricity. Send for our cir- of Centre County, and has entered upon of $2,000 net gains, the proceeds derived to make a few remarks in regard to it.

cular. Address A. SMITH, M.D., Wer

its eleventh volume. Send for specimen from her colored flock in teaching them Our address is free to any persons who

nersville, Berks County, Pa.

numbers and terms. Address, hatred and insubordination to those who wish to use it for laudable purposes, but it


"NATIONAL," Bellefonte, Pa. are their only true friends. She hath suf- is not free to swindlers and unprincipled


Rev. J. G. SCHAEFFER, fered much: yet it is hoped that little pile vagabonds. If editors will give our names N. Y.-Compressed Air Baths, Turkish will go somewhat toward soothing her in to some one who will send us a sewing

Baths, Electric Baths, and all the appliances Editor of “Mirror," has a new and popular

Lecture. Address, this the hour of affliction. For, lo! she machine for nothing, we should certainly

of a frst-class Cure. Please send for a

"MIRROR OFFICE,” Sharon, Wis. ascertained that the mine which she has feel gratified, for none of us are too fond

Circular. Address H. P. BURDICK, M.D., for the last two years worked so profitably of stitching in the old way; or if they will

or Mrs. BRYANT BURDICK, M.D., Buris now exhausted, and she must look for pnt is in the way of making a fortune

dick House, Buffalo, N. Y.

tf. new diggins. We are truly disconsolate, from three cents, we may tender them a

[ Announcements for this or the preceding Hanging our harp up somewhere, we will vote of thanks, or we may choose to earn MRS. E. DE LA VERGNE, M.D., department must reach the publishers by the skin an onion in remembrance of you, dear our fortunes; but if our names are given 325 ADELPHI STREET, BROOKLYN. 1st of the month preceding the date in which old school-marm, proud scion of gifted to those who would use us as instruments

they are intended to appear. Terms for adNew England.

vertising, 50 cents a line, or $50 a column.] May you rest there in in swindling the insuspecting, and in dis

SPURZHEIM. - Photographs peace, and in the enjoyment of the spon- seminating obscene books and engravings to poison the minds of the young and ig

from Lizar's superb engraving of Sporzdulicks which your industry has earned. norant, we must protest against it as not

The Northwestern Farmer,

heim, from an original drawing by Madame AN ILLUSTRATED RURAL MAGAZINE, May the scent to which you have been only taking undne liberty, but as doing a

Spurzheim. A magnificent head and face. (size and style of the PHRENOLOGICAL accustomed always remain with you." great wrong in aiding the circulation of

44 size, $1; “carte-de-visite" style, 50

JOURNAL,) is the largest, finest, and most [This young man needs reconstructing. do any such thing. -ED.) We recently resuch things. (No respectable editor would

popular Rural Monthly in America. It is

cents. He should be taught to respect school.ceived from “Messrs. R- & Co.," of

just closing its third yearly volume, with

$. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York, the largest circulation of any similar teachere, and not be allowed to slander New York, a package containing speci

or JOHN S. D. BRISTOL, Detroit, Mich. journal in the West, and with prospects them. He may not know it, but he is cut. obscene books, photographs, and paintmens of lottery tickets, advertisements of

the most flattering for the future. ting a stick for his own back by this sort ingy, wishing to obtain agents for selling


WORKS ON Man.-For New BY THE PEOPLE AND THE PRESS to be the of talk. the same! Such things are an outrage and

Illustrated Catalogue of best Books on best thing of the kind ever altempled in The same paper says: "As far as conld a shame, and we trust your JOURNAL,

this country, and the cheapest paper offered which has ever been ready to expose and be ascertained on the 20th ult. there were denounce imposition, may raise a protest

Physiology, Anatomy, Gymnastics, Die.

to the people. Terms $1 50 a year, and a

tetics, Physiognomy, Shorthand Writing, premium book worth twenty-five cents 41,560 whites and 78,500 blacks registered ation aguinst this crying evil.–S, J. C.

Memory, Self-Improvement, Phrenology, given to each subscriber. in this district; total, 119,800. Black ma- (Persons who write to any of the for

and Ethnology, send two stamps to S. R.

To AGENTS We offer the largest and most jority, 37,140." tune-tellers, patent medicine venders, hair

attractive list of premiums of any publisher

WELLS, Publisher, No. 389 Broadway, If this be so, we should think it would restorers, gift concerns, etc., have their

in the world, and on terms 25 (o 50 per cent. New York. Agents wanted.

more liberal. For example, we give a five. be policy for the whites to make friende of names, with post-office address, put into

hundred-dollar, seven octave, rosewood the blacks while they may. Kind treat- lists, which are sold by the thousand to

Piano, for only 400 names at $1 50 each,

SOMETHING NEW,-To LECment would be kindly remembered.] lottery dealers and other swindlers. No

Our list of premiums comprises Pianos,
TURERS.-- We have for sale a large poster, Cabinet Organs, Sewing Machines, Hand
responsible editor or publisher would per-
FISH, OYSTERS, ETC.—The mit the names on his subscription books

29 by 43 inches, with more than tifty illus

Looms, Tea Sets, American Watches,

Washing Machines, Clothes Wringers, Enfollowing letter explains itself: to be used for any such purpose.]

trative engravings, including our largest cyclopedias, Dictionaries, Sets of Tools, GREAT SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH TER.

symbolical head, handsomely printed in Chromo Paintings, Hand Powers, Potato Editor PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL-Sir: ADVICE GRATIS.—Here is colors, at $12 per hundred copies; also a Diggers, Grain Drills, Corn Shellers. Early I am very anxious to obtain a work on the what the Inside Track says to advertisers :

smaller size, which we call pictorial poster

Rose Potatoes, Useful Books, etc., etc.

Sample copies containing full particulars, culture and propagation of fish and oysters. Nowadays, everybody can read. Your

No. 2, and may be had at $3 a hundred. only ten cents post-paid. Our large streams are tolerably well sup- advertisements will not, in this era of These are particularly recommended to The Northwestern Farmer is published common schools, waste their sweetness on

at Chicago, Ill., and Indianapolis, Ind.. plied with the "mountain trout," a very

Lecturers, being printed with blank spaces
the desert air.
good Ash, and I am anxious to introduce

the Chicago edition being adapted to the
Continued dropping will wear away a
for inserting the name of a lecturer and

Prairie States, and the other to Indiana and
them into our smaller streams, lakes, and rock. Keep dropping your advertisements the date and place of his lectures. These the States east and south of her, and in writ-
artificial ponds.
Can the salmon, do you | it like rock-salt.
in the public, and they will soon melt under posters are handsome, and well calculated ing on business connected with the paper,

address NORTHWESTERN FARMER think, be successfuly introduced into our Small advertisements are worth more in

to attract the public attention. They will

CO., 57 State Street, Chicago, III., or streams? (We think it can.] Our Great proportion than large. If all people were

save lecturers much time and money, by NORTHWESTERN FÁRMEK CO., corner Salt Lake is too salt, I fear, being one third deaf, loud advertisements might be expect | rendering it unnecessary for them to get Meridian and Circle streets, Indianapolis.

ed to win. pure salt (of course it is); but probably

up bills in each town as heretofore.

One twentieth of a column twenty times they would thrive at the mouths of the is worth more than a whole column once.

Besides these posters, we have an excel

Orange Culture.- A gentlestreams emptying into it. How can their People who see a fluming advertisement lent circular of THREE 12mo pages, con

man owning a suitable tract of land near
eggs be brought ? What time of year is
one week, but never after, get an idea the

the St. John's River, Florida, wishes &
taining a statement of the UTILITY OF
man has fizzled.

partner with some capital to engage with the best? Of whom can they be obtained ?

A heavy advertisement once is more

him in the culture of the orange and other etc. I desire, also, all the information I can than quadrupled in value by a small card

distinguished men as to its truth and im- tropical fruits. Address FLORIDIAN,

care of S. R. Wells, Esq., 389 Broadway, obtain concerning the introduction of published for a few months after, giving portance. With these three pages may be

New York. your address, oysters. Is there a book that gives this

printed another page, giving a PROGRAMME

You can't eat enough in a week to last information ? [There is not, but there you a year, and you can't advertise on that

of lectures to be given in any particular

Davies & Kent, Printers, should be.] If so, please give me its name plan, either.

place. This circular of three pages-the Stereotypers, and Electrotypers, No. 183 and price, and I will remit. I want this

Beware of long, proxy advertisements. fourth in blank-can be furnished at $5 William Street (cor. of Spruce), New York,

If you want people to read them, have knowledge, not from speculative motives, them short and sweet."

per thousand; or, if the programme be

Note, Circular, Bill-Head, and Card but so far as I can to do the people good,

Printing neatly and promptly executed.
Let those who read your notices feel that

printed here with the other three pages, it believing that to live on pork and beef is you are in carnest, and that you believe may be had complete at $8 50 per thousand. injurious and unwholesome. Inclosed, I times create a complete distrust of your

what you say.
A little flippancy will some-
Samples of the posters and circular will be

The Trapper's Guide; a forward you $1 for the trouble I give you, enterprise or wares.

sent from this office, post-paid, on receipt kinds or Fur-Bearing Animals, and Curing

Mannal of Instructions for Capturing all which I trust you'll please pardon. Very If you mean to quit business next week, of 30 cents, and orders for large quantities their Skins; with Observations on the Fur; respectfully yours,

don't advertise. Advertisements are like A. MILTON MUSSER.

will be promptly filled by

Trade, Hints on Life in the Woods, and Need-wheat. It takes months to reap the (We publish the above, hoping it may fruit after you scatter the seed. We have

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

Narratives of Trapping and Hunting Ex-

By S. Newhouse, and other meet the eye of persons who can furnish ourselves made sales of printing presses

Trappers and Sportsmen. Second Edition, the desired information. There is nothing distinctly traceable to advertisements of THE BEST AND CHEAPEST with new Narratives and mustrations,

nearly three now in print available. Who will get up a

years preceding.).
Advertising Medium in the South is the

Valuable as a work on Natural History.
If your competitor advertises, let your

Southern Journal of Education. manual giving all the necessary directions advertisement differ from his as much as


The numerous illustrations are accurate

and beautiful. Price by mail, post-paid. for growing and curing tish, oysters, clams, possible. The public despise an imitator sent upon application to JOHN T. HEARN, $1 50. Address, and lobsters? It would seil.-ED. A.P.J.] / worse than any other 'tator.

Publisher, Shelbyville, Ky.

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

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Mental and Social Culture. For Families and Schools. By L.C.Loomie, A.M., M.D., President of Wlieeling Female College. Contents: I. How to Obtain Knowledge; II. Observation, Reading, Lectures, Conversation, and Meditation Compared ; III. Rules relating to Observation; IV. Of Books and Reading; V. Judg. ment of Books; VI. Of Living Instructions and Lectures ; VII. Rules of Improvement hy Conversation ; VIII. Practical Hints: How and When to Speak, and What to Say; IX. Of Study or Meditation; X. Of Fixing the Attention ; XI. Of Enlarging the Capacity of the Mind; XII. Of Improving the Memory: XIII. Of Self-Control; XIV. A Cheerful Disposition ; XV. Politeness; XVI. Practical Hints on Behavior, Sent, post-paid, for $1.

J. W. SCHERMERHORN, & CO., Publishers, 14 Bond Street, New York. 3t.*


Smoking and Drinking. By James Parton. 16mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1. This volume contains three articles on Smoking and Drinking, recently contributed to The Atlantic Monthly, by Mr. Parton, with a Preface. These have attracted unusual attention both from the public and the press. They deal thoroughly and candidly with topics of great individual and social interest, and should be read by all.

The Tribune says : “ His impressive statements on the subject of Drinking are of more value to the cause of temperance than volumes of inflated rhetoric.'

Every one of our readers should bave a copy of this book. Send by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price, by S. R. WELLS, Publisher, 389 Broadway, New York.

The Bartram & Fanton

Fanton Valuable and Entertaining Works recently Published by
Elastic Stitch SEWING MACHINES, For
Family and Manufacturing Purposes.

This Machine was awarded First Pre-

mium, American Institute. Prize Medal,
Paris Exposition. Principal Office and The Unconscious Truth of the Four Gospels. By Rev. W. H. Furness, D.D. 12mo.

Salesroom, at Madame Demorest's Em-

paper. Fine cloth. $1 50.
porium of Fashions, No. 838 Broadway,

New York.
The Manufacturers of the above Machine

By C. W. Paijkull. Translated by M. R. Barnard, B.A. With Map and numerous

Illustrations. Svo, Cloth. $5.
believe that, after a caremul and thorough
examination as to the merits and qualifica-

tions of the different kinds of Machines

By Isabella Saxon. Crown 8vo. Fine stamped cloth. $2 50.
adapted to Family Sewing, they have over-
come the faults and imperfections of the

many now in the market. The BARTRAM

A Narrative of Adventures in Algeria. By G. Naphegyi, M.D. 12mo. With Portrait
& FANTON MACHINES are pronounced by of Author. Tinted paper. Fine cloth. $175.
connoisseurs to be better designed, better
finished, more accurate and reliable, with

a greater capacity for performing all kinds

By Rev. Charles Kingsley. Illustrated. 12mo. Fine cloth. $2. Making the second
of Family Sewing than any other Machine

volume of the Sunday Library.
ever before offered to the public; and are
80 perfect and simple in their construction

that a novice can operate them with per- Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. By S. Baring Gould. Second Serics. 12mo.
fect success.

Illustrated. T'inted paper. Fine cloth. $2 50.
An examination of our Machines will
convince the most skeptical that we have

produced the ne plus ultra

By the author of “The Heir of Redclyffe.” 12mo. Tinted paper. Fine cloth. $1 75.

This Machine uses bnt one thread, and A Volume of Poems. By Adah Isaacs Menken. 16mo. Cloth, $1. Paper cover,
that directly from the original spool, making | 75 cents. With Portrait, Cloth gilt, $1 50.

FOR 1869.
no fastening off, and dispenses with all the
extra machinery that is necessary to oper- Prospectus for the new year, with terms, club rates, etc., will be sent on application
ate a two-third machine, which is an im- to Publishers.
portant desideratum to all operators.

For sale by all Booksellers, or will be sent by mail, postage free, on receipt of price, by
The design of the BartrÁM & FANTON
MACHINE is different from all others, It

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & ('0.,
is so constructed that it is impossible for

1t. *

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers, Philadelphia.
& lady to soil the work or dress while
operating it, or become ertangled in the
machinery; It will sew equally as well Elementary Anatomy.-IN TWENTY PLATES, REPRESENTING
upon one kind of fabric as another, from

the finest muslin to the heaviest woolen.

This Machine will make Button-Holes with a separate Explanatory Text, the whole forming a Complete
upon thin fabrics, and finish them off com- Manual of Physiological Anatomy, intended for the Use of Physicians,
plete, which no other machine can accom-
plish. It has also an attachment for

Medical Students, Lecturers, Colleges, Schools, and others. From the
making eyelet-holes.

French of Bourgery and Jacob. The following are the subjects and the
Each Machine is provided with Castors, arrangement of the plates :
and can be readily moved from place to

place, yet stand perfectly firm when in use.
It will also embroider, tuck, quilt, cord,

Plate I.-Anterior plane, Right side: The dry bones. Left side: The bones clothed

with their ligaments. At the limbs, the large vessels are added, so as to show dis-
bind, gather, fell, ruffle, braid, and hem,

tinctly their relations to the bones, and to indicate the points at which compres-
etc., etc.
Each Machine is provided with a button-

sion is to be applied in cases of hemorrhage.

Plate I1.-Posterior plane. The same arrangement.
hole attachment, gauge, screw-driver,
wrench, oil-can, three-quarter doz, needles, PLATES III., IV., V., VI., VII., VIII.—MYOLOGY and APONEUROLOGY,
etc., and perfect instructions imparted to Plate III.--Anterior plane.' Right side: Superficial muscles. Left side : Superficial
all purchasers of Machines free of charge. a poneuroses.
Price, $60.

Plate IV.--Anterior plane. Right side: Muscles of the second layer. Left side :
Every Machine is warranted for one year, Muscles of the third layer.

Each Machine is so constructed that an Plate V.-Posterior plane. Right side : Superficial muscles. Left side : Superficial
attachment for Fancy Embroidery and aponeuroses.
Eyelet-Holes, Button-Holes, etc., will fit it. Plate VI.-- Posterior plane. Second and third layers of muscles.

Reliable agents in every city and town. Plate VII.-Lateral plane. Superficial and deep muscles. Muscles of the os hyoides.
Hlustrated circulars mailed free on appli- Plate VIII.- Diaphragm, interior of the trunk, muscles of the lower jaw, of the

Aug., 3t.

tongue, of the velum palati, and of the pharynx.

PLATES IX., X., XI., XII., XIII., XIV.-ANGIOLOGY. IIcart, lungs, arteries, veins, and
Urbana University,

lymphatics. On the different figures are indicated the pointe at which compression

or ligature of the vessels is effected, and in regard to the veins in particular, the URBANA, CHAMPAIGN CO., OHIO. proper points for performing venesection.

Plate Ix.-Interior of the trunk. Heart, lungs, and their envelopes. Large vessels.

Plate X.-V'essels of the thorax and abdomen, azygos vessels, cerebral and spinal
The Sixteenth Annual Session of this

venous sinuses.

Plate XI.-Anterior plane. Sub-cutaneouis veins, and deep vessels.
Institution will open on the First Wednes-

Plate XII.--Posterior plane. Superficial veins, and deep vessels.
day in September, 1868.

Plate XIII.---Lateral plane. Partial figures, internal maxillary and internal carotid
The Collegiate Institute-a Department

vessels, etc.
for girls only-situated in an opposite part

Plate XIV.-Lymphatic vessels. of the city, will likewise begin its annual


Plate XV.-Anterior plane. Encephalic nerves. Nerves of the extremities. session at the same time.

Plate XVI.-Posterior plane. Great sympathetic nerve. Studies of the ganglions Persons wishing further information will and their nerves. Pneumo-gastric nerves. Studies of the fifth and seventh cereaddress the undersigned,

bral pairs. ALONZO PHELPS,

Plate XVII.-Brain, spinal marrow, and envelopes. Organs of the senses. Larynx.


Urbana, Ohio.
(By Order of the Board.)

Plate XVIII.-Alimentary canal: stomach, intestiner, chyliferous vessels, peritoneum.
Plate XIX.-Liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneye, stipra-renal capsules, bladder. Ab-

dominal venous system.
Boarding in New York – PLATE XX.-Complete study of the perineum in both sexes. Male and female organs of
Good board and pleasant rooms at 13 and

reproduction. Embryotomy.
15 LAIGHT STREET, Tyrkish Baths, Elec- These plates are printed on paper twenty-four by thirty-six inches,
tric Baths, and Swedish Movements to the full-length figures being about thirty-three inches in height. They
those desiring ench.

combine scrupulous accuracy of drawing and anatomical detail withi

great perfection of beauty as specimens of Lithography. They are care-
An Easy Way of Procuring fully colored, after those of the original French work, and no expense has

been spared in any part of their execution. The text is arranged, like
HORACE WATERS & co., No. 481 the French, in a pamphlet for each plate. The whole text forms a hand-
Broadway, will dispose of a few new and somely-printed volume of more than 300 pages, and can be bound so as
second-hand Pianos, Melodeons, and Or-
gans of five first-class makers, and take

to accompany the full set of plates.
from $5 to $25 monthly until paid. Fifty Price, fuil set, twenty plates, mounted, with text, $35; same, colored,
new and second-hand instruments for rent, $65. Sent by express, on receipt of price, by
and rent applied if purchased; or for sale at
bargains for cash.

Oct. 2t.


A Popular Picture, and a first-class Magazine.

Messrs. Daughaday & Becker, the enterprising publishers of Our Schoolday Visitor, Philadelphia, have just published a large, original, ninely executed steel plate engraving, entitledGENERAL GRANT AND HIS FAMILY, from the hand of the celebrated Sartain, which is destined to be one of the most popular pictures of the day. Six persons, three equestrian figures. Every member of the family is as faithfully likenessed as the photographs, which were given to the artist from the hands of the General himself, have power to express. This work has cost months of skilled labor, and more than One Thousand Dollars in cash, and readily sells for $2 50, its regular price. This magnificent picture and a copy of

OUR SCHOOLDAY VISITOR, one of the oldest, handsomest, and cheapest Young Folks Magazines in this country, which alone is worth $1 25 a year, will both be sent to every subscriber for 1869, for $1 50. Where clubs are formed, a still greater reduction,

The Visitor is a live, high-toned monthly for the Young of to-day. Neither sectarian nor sectional, yet scorning neutrality, is independent in all things. Its aim, the instruction, amusement, and elevation of our young people everywhere.

Please send ten cents at once for sample number of the Visitor, and Circnlar giving the origin and complete description of this large and elegant engraving, and full list of Premiums for clubs.

A rare chance. Agents wanted everywhere. Address, DAUGHADAY & BECKER, Publishers,

424 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 2t.*

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Some of the Finest Piano Music publisbed is contained in the "Home Circle," the two volumes of which, costing but a few dollars, present a collection that in the usual Sheet Music form would cost ten times as much. Price, per vol., $2 50; cloth, $3; full gilt, $4. Mailed, post-paid. OLIVER DITSON & CO., Piiblishers, 277 Washington Street, Boston. CHARLES H. DITSON & CO., 711 Broadway, New York.

Nov. 1t.

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Says the Evening Post : Every young man should read it,”meaning The Chicagoan, the New Literary and Family Weekly, published by H, N. F. LEWIS, Chicago, Ill.

* No literary paper in the country its superior," adds the Harrisburg State Guard. The Choicest Stories, original and selected-numerous Spe. cial Features. Terms, $3 per year, or specimen copies (and Premium List) sert free.

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Vanderburgh, Wells & Co.,

Watson's Manual of Calis

Eclectic Medical College of

PENNSYLVANIA. First-clase Type, Presses, and all Printing Materials at makers' prices.

THENICS contains a complete course of

This College Holds Three Sessions each Manufacturers of Superior Wood Type, Eagle, California, and other Cabinete, Cases, physical exercises, WITHOUT APPARATUS.

It has all needful directions, rules, and ex

Year. Stands, Galleys, etc.,

planations, with sections on phonetics and The First Session commences October 110 FULTON AND 16 AND 18 DUTCH STREET, NEW YORK. respiration. The exercises are arranged Sth, and continues until the end of January'

. Boxwood, Mahogany, Maple, and Pine, prepared expressly for Engravers.

in accordance with well-known principles The Second Session, commencing Feb. N. B.-A large stock of Second-Hand Presses, Type, Cases, etc., always on hand. of anatomy, physiology, and hygiene. 18t, continues until the beginning of May. We are always buying good Type, Presses, and Printing Materials.

They have been thoroughly tested, secur- The Third Session continues through the N. B.-Prices Reduced.

Oct. 6t.

ing ihe happiest results. These exercises, summer months.

practiced habitually and energetically, can It has an able corps of twelve Professors, ESTABLISHED 1861.

not fail to yield grace, agility, suppleness, and every department of Medicine and
a ready hand, as well as robust health and Surgery is thoroughly taught.
power of endurance. Almost any school-

FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE, THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY room or parlor will suffice for the exercises. Joseph Sites, M.D., Prof. of Obstetrics and

For those who use the piano to enliven the Diseases of Women and Children. RECEIVE THEIR TEAS BY THE CARGO

exercises, there is music, prepared by the Henry Hollem baek, M.D., Prof. of Materia best masters.

Medica and Pharmacy.

The book is richly illustrated; is printed Joseph P. Fitler, M.D., Prof. of Chemistry FROM THE BEST TEA DISTRICTS OF

on superior paper, and bound in best style. and Toxicology. CHINA AND JAPAN,

A reviewer writes: “This is the most John Buchanan, M.D., Prof. of Surgery ari elaborate and satisfactory attempt yet Institute of Medicine.

made to apply practically to educational William Clark, M.D., Prof. of Practice of AND SELL THEM IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT CUSTOMERS

purposes the great truths of physiology, Medicine.

relating to physical culture and training. Edward Down, M.D., Prof. of Descriptive
To those in authority it is a positive duty and Comparative Anatomy.
to promote the circulation of this book by Emil Querner, M.D., Prof. of Physiology

every means in their power. All who and Microscopic Anatomy. The Company have selected the following kinds from their stock, which they recom

have the physical welfare of the human Lewis A. Hall, M.D., Prof. of Diseases of mend to meet the wants of clubs. They are sold at cargo prices, the same as the race at heart, and understand how power- the Nervous System. Company sell them in New York, as the list of prices will show.

less the intellect is to contend against the A. Rittenhouse, M.D., Prof. of Special
burden of a feeble frame, are equally in- Pathology and Diagnosis,
terested in its teachings, and answerable J. V. Lewis, LL.D., Lecturer on Medical

each in his own sphere, however small it Jurisprudence.

be, for the consequences of neglecting James Cochran, M.A., M.D., Demonstrator OOLONG (Black), 70c., 80., 90C., best $1 per Ib.

them. Sent by mail on receipt of $1.

of Anatomy.

J. W. SCHERMERHORN & CO., Pub. L. D. McMichael, M.D., Demonstrator of MIXED (Green and Black), 70c., 80c., 90c., best $1 per Ib.

lishers, 14 Bond St., New York. 3t.* Surgical Anatomy. ENGLISH BREAKFAST (Black), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 20 per lb.

Splendid Hospital and Clinical Instrnc. IMPERIAL (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 25 per lb.

The Western Rural takes tion is afforded. Free tickets to all our YOUNG HYSON (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 25 per lb.

the lead in the Rural line-has the largest material abundant at a nominal cost.

City Hospitals are provided. Dissecting UNCOLORED JAPAN) 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 25 per lb,

circulation in the West.-Farmers' Union.

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THE BUILDER'S POCKET COMPANION, perament and External Forms, and Paper for the Million, seeking to advance the best interests of the entire community, containing the Elements of Building, Sur. especially in the Human Face Di- doing all in its power to make them hetter, more intelligent, and happier, and it is not veying, and Architecture.

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Phrenology and the Scriptures
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THE HOUSE. A Pocket Mannal of Rural
Self-Instruction in Phreuology. 75 Millerisms, but the spontaneous outbursts of natural humorist:--many of whom bid
Thoughts on Domestic Life.
25 fair to rival our great comic contributors: Josh Billings, Q. K. Philander Doesticks,

Architecture; or, How to Build Country
P.B., and John Quill.

Houres and Out-Buildings. 75 cents.
THE KNOWLEDGE Box.- This department is confined entirely to giving useful infor:

Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of
Alcoholic Controversy. Temperance

price, by 8. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway,
mation. The recipes are original and culled from books, and the information conveyed

New York.
Physiology of Digestion. Dr. Combe

through it could not be obtained from a whole library.

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INTERESTING ITEMs.--News of events of importance in all parts of the world, stripped
Physiology. Illustrated

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Family Gymnasium. Illustrated.

1 75

Family Dentist. Illustrated.

1 50

GOSSIP WITH READERS AND CONTRIBUTORS.-A free and easy talk with correspondents, bracing Personal and Critical Notices of Food and Viet. Analysis of every kind 1 75

in which good advice is given, and all questions propounded by inquiring minds are Authors and Selections from their Writ

answered in pointed and courteous language. Fruits and Farinacea, Food of Man.. 1 75

ings, from the earliest period to the presNatural Laws of Man. Spurzheim...

Now is the time to Subscribe for the NEW YORK WEEKLY, “ The People's ent day. With 225 Portraits, 425 Auto75

Hereditary Descent, its Laws
1 50

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Post-office Box, No. 4896.
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No. 55 Fulton Street, New York. TRY, by J. RENWICK, LL.D. $1 25.
Hydropathy for the People
1 50

Midwifery, Diseases of Women. 1 75
Practice of Water-Cure
The Practical Farmer and


American Artisan and Pat-
50 RURAL ADVERTISER. A Monthly Periodical

Philosophy of Water-Cure..


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200 of publication. $1 per annum, payable in

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Water-Cure Manual. Popular

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advance. Sample copies supplied on ap- year of its publication, is a Weekly Jour.

and verse, from the most eloquent Orators
The Suicnce of Human Life..
3 50 plication.

nal, devoted to fostering the interests of

and Poets of other days and the present Tea and Coffee. Effects 25 The P. F., thongh aiming to represent

Artisans and Manufacturers, encouraging

time. $2.
Teeth, their Diseases, Management..
35 especially the agriculture of this middle

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York,
section, circulates in every section of the the genius of Inventors, and protecting the
Union; and is recommended to Farmers

rights of Patentees.
everywhere as well as to Advertisers, for
Hand-Book, Home Improvement, How

Each number contains numerous original
practical reliable information on every de-
to Write, Talk, Behave, and do
Business. 1 vol. complete...

partment of Rural Economy. PASCHALL engravings and descriptions of new ma- The Eye that Brightens when i 2 25 MORRIS, editor and proprietor. Ofice:


chinery, etc., both American and Foreign; Library of Mesmerism and Psychol.

By Godfrey. Composer of 4 00 No. 18 Thirteenth St., above Market St., The Emphatic Diaglott; or, the New

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July tf.

Philadelphia, Pa.
Testament in Greek and English... 4.00

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Mrs. Hale's Poetical Quotations
ful lessons for young artisans; the official

Pulling Hard Agalust the Stream,
History of a Mouthful of Bread.. 200 Life and Speeches of Andrew Johnson. 2 75

An excellent Song, with good Motto. 30C. Pope's Essay on Man, with Notes....1 00 Poetry of the War. By Richard Grant

list of claims of all patents issued weekly For Violin, 15cts. Æsop's Fables. Illustrated. Fine.. 1 00


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1 25

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Books, LEGGATT BROTHERS, 1125 Broadway, New York, second door dress S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, N. Y. S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York. 113 Nassau Street, New York. above 15th St. Branch, 208 Bowery.



New Music.

.*3 50

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of the expenditures of the Government, of more than two hundred millions of dollars (212,374,259).

This work of “Benevolence” we believe to be unparalleled in the history of nations ; indeed, we do not remember that the thing on a similar scale has been even so much as attempted. In England, during the Crimean war, and in Germany during the struggle against Napoleon, men and women did much for the comfort and relief of their armies ; but nowhere else we believe have such spontaneous and systematic exertions been made, or such grand results accomplished, as in the United States. Nor were the “ people" of the South less generous or less patriotic. Such heroic sacrifices as many of them made were worthy of the highest humanity. It is true that many acts of great wickedness and barbarity were committed by brutal men; still, benevolence was often manifested by whites and blacks in the fullest measure. But the grand significance of these contributions lies in the deep and almost universal devotion thus manifested by the people in the cause at stake. All classes have taken part in them,—the widow with her mite, the rich merchant with his thousands, the children of the Sunday-school, the settler of the backwoods, and the American roaming in distant lands, and, for once, unanimity inspired by enthusiasm and a noble patriotism was evinced. If it really is "more blessed to give than to receive,” these contributors have indeed made a good investment in the way of "laying up treasures in heaven.”

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All pallid lowers the southern sky

Its mist-like, dew-damp folds ;
All bleak and lone the trees stand op

Out on the barren wolds.
The hills now weep for beauty shorn;

The vales all yellow lie;
No more the angels' rosy breath

Will tinge the western sky.
Their purple mantles, fringed with gold,

Will sweep the air no more,
For sadly, mutely, listening low,

They've passed throngh heaven's door. And earth is left to winter's reign

That dark and dismal night. Earth's softest beauty swift hath fled To realms of golden light.


Gounod has a symmetrical face, a face indicative of the artist. His temperament partakes of the motive, in good proportion with much of that sanguineous element which inspires animation and sprightliness intellectually, and a love for physical enjoyment and society. He is possessed of much imagination and constructive ability; and a strong development of the organs of Mirthfulness and Tune is apparent.

The whole physiognomy evinces cultivation, affability, and polish. In fact, it is said that his graceful manners and easy politeness make a lasting impression on all who come in contact with him.

He was born in Paris, June 17th, 1817. Like most eminent musicians, he very early in life manifested much musical precocity, and was afforded by his parents the means for cultivating his gift. He studied chiefly under the direction of Halévy, the distinguished composer, and at the age of twenty-one composed the cantate “Ferdinand," receiving for it the first or “Roman" prize, awarded by the French Government to young musicians. The recipients of this prize were entitled to draw a stipend from the Government to defray the ex

PHILANTHROPY DURING THE LATE WAR.Though the taxes levied and collected during the war were heavy, the voluntary benevolent contributions by the people for the aid and relief of the soldiers and their families have amounted to over one hundred and eighty millions of dollars (187,209,608). The contributions for the care and comfort of soldiers by associations and individuals have amounted to over twenty-four millions of dollars (24,044,865). The contributions at the same time for sufferers abroad have been $380,140, and the contributions for freedmen, sufferers in the riots of July, 1863, and for the white refugees, have been $639,644, making a grand total, exclusive


AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED. Is devoted to The Science of Man, in all its branches,

including PHRENOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHYSIOGNONY, PåYCHOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, etc. It furnishes a guide in Choosing a Pursuit, and in judging of the dispositions of those around us, by all the known external · Signs of Character."

Published monthly, $3 a year in advance. Clubs ol ten or more, $2 each. Sample numbers, 30 cents. Now is the time to subscribe.

A new volume began with the July number. Supplied by Booksellers and Newsmen everywhere.

SAMUEL R. WELLS, EDITOR. 389 Broadway, N. Y.

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