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AGENTS WANTED. Eclectic Medical College of

Autobiography of Horace PENNSYLVANIA.

GREELEY. Publishers' Announcement : This College Holds Three Sessions each THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY

The undersigned have nearly ready, and Year. The First Session commences October

are about to issue, by subscription, Hor8th, and continues until the end of January. RECEIVE THEIR TEAS BY THE CARGO

ace Greeley's “Recollections of a Busy The Second Session, commencing Feb.

Life," in a handsome octavo volume, of

FROM THE BEST TEA DISTRICTS OF 1st, continues until the beginning of May.

over 600 pages, well printed, on fine paper, The Third Session continues through the

illustrated with an admirable steel portrait CHINA AND JAPAN,

of Mr. Greeley, and with pictures of his summer months.

various homes, in early and later life, toIt has an able corps of twelve Professors, and every department of Medicine and AND BELL THEM IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT CUSTOMERS

gether with a beautiful portrait of Marga

ret Fuller, engraved by Linton. OriginalSurgery is thoroughly taught. FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE.


ly published in the New York Ledger,

these interesting papers have been revised, Joreph Sites. M.D., Prof. of Obstetrics and

and in part rewritten, by the author, with Diseases of Women and Children. Henry Hollembaek, M.D., Prof. of Materia The Company have selected the following kinds from their stock, which they recom- much additional matter, concerning Poli

tics, Reconstruction, Jefferson Davis, etc., Medica and Pharmacy. mend to meet the wants of clubs. They are sold at cargo prices, the same as the

which make it one of the raciest and most Joseph P. Fitler, M.D., Prof. of Chemistry Company sell them in New York, as the list of prices will show.

readable books of the day. and Toxicology. John Buchanan, M.D., Prof. of Surgery and

Mr. Greeley has said of it: “I shall nev. Institute of Medicine.

er write anything else into which I shall William Clark, M.D., Prof. of Practice of


pat so much of myself, my experiences,

notions, convictions, and modes of thought, Medicine. Edward Down, M.D., Prof. of Descriptive OOLONG (Black), 70c., 80c., 90c., best $1 per lb.

as these Recollections. I give, with small and Comparative Anatomy. MIXED (Green and Black), 70c., 80c., 90c., best $1 per lb.

reserve, my mental history."

The book embraces views of early New Emil Querner, M.D., Prof. of Physiology

ENGLISH BREAKFAST (Black), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 20 per lb. and Microscopic Anatomy.

England settlement, the author's own Lewis A. Hall, M.D., Prof. of Diseases of IMPERIAL (Green), 80C., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 25 per lb.

youthful life, education, apprenticeship, the Nervous System. YOUNG HYSON (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 25 per Ib.

adventures, professional and political rem

iniscences, experience in Congress, news. A. Ritteu house, M.D., Prof. of Special

UNCOLORED JAPAN) 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 %5 per lb. Pathology and Diagnosis.

paper life in New York, and much useful J. V. Lewis, LL.D., Lecturer on Medical GUNPOWDER (Green), $1 25, best $1 50 per lb.

talk about farms and farming. It is a peJurisprudence.

culiarly entertaining and valuable work, James Cochran, M.A., M.D., Demonstrator

a look behind the scenes during an importof Anatomy. COFFEE ROASTED AND GROUND DAILY.

ant period of the country's history. L. D. McMichael, M.D., Demonstrator of

Price, in extr& cloth, $3 50; in sheep, Surgical Anatomy.

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A LIBRARY FOR LECTURERS, For particulars, address JOSEPH SITES, per lb.

SPEAKERS, AND OTHERS.--Every Lawyer, MD., Dean, Sixth and Callowhill Streets,

Clergyman, Senator, Congressman, TeachPhiladelphia, Pa. Parties sending club or other orders for less than $30, had better send a Post-office

er, Debater, Student, etc., who desires to THE ECLECTIC MEDICAL draft or money with their orders, to save the expense of collections by Express, but be informed and posted on the Rules and

Regulations which Govern Public Bodies, JOURNAL OF PENNSYLVANIA: Published larger orders we will forward by express, to "collect on delivery."

as well as those who desire the best books Monthly. 48 Pages. Price $2 per annum. The most original and progressive Medi

Hereafter we will send a complimentary package to the party getting up the club. on the art of Public Speaking, should cal Journal in the United States. All arti- Our profits are small, but we will be as liberal as we can afford. We send no compli- provide himself with the following small cles original and thoroughly practical. mentary packages for clubs of less than $30.

library: Splendid inducements to subscribers for

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The Exhibition Speaker.

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Dwyer on Elocution..

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First Lessons in Composition.. 1 25 Hall's Great Geological Chart. N. B.-Inhabitants of villages and towns where a large number reside, by clubbing

We will send one copy each by first Size 6 ft. 6 in. by 5 ft., finely engraved and together, can reduce the cost of their Teas and Coffee about one-third (besides express on receipt of $10; or separately, colored, exhibits the order of successive

the Express charges), by sending directly to “ The Great American Tea by mail, post-paid, at the prices affixed. strata of rocks and the characteristic fossils

FOWLER AND WELLS, New York. which bave given the key to this arrange

Company." ment. It gives the appearance if a section CAUTION.-As many parties in this city and elsewhere are imitating our name and were made from the surface toward the center of the earth, exposing the edges of

manner of doing business, we hope our friends will be particular to address their letters the different layers. It is, in fact, such

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ber 2d.


The influx of the Chinese to California has been so great during the last five years, that they have begun to exercise no little influence on the political affairs of the “Golden State," and now deserve a more extended notice than we have before thought proper to accord them. It is estimated that there are about 65,000 of those singular people in California, about one seventh of the entire population of the State. The number of women among these is very small comparatively, there being but about 5,000, whose social position is very low and degraded.

Nearly every calling known to Americans has its “Celestial” representative, who for industry and thrift can scarcely be excelled by the enterprising American and European residents of California. We find employed on the Western section of the Union Pacific Railroad upward of 12,000 Chinamen, wliose industry has been well spoken of by the managers of the railroad construction. Twelve thousand or more are employed on farms, in gardens, or as house servants. In the last-mentioned capacity,

although they insist in doing things in their own fashion, they are highly esteemed. In washing and cooking, while their methods are peculiar, and in many respects most amusing, they can not be surpassed in the excellence of the results produced by the best European domestics. It may be remarked here, that in all the different capacities mentioned, or to be mentioned, the men do the work.: Chinamen cook, wash, clean, and perform all the services incident to a household. As domestics, however, they are not altogether reliable, because of one peculiarity—they are fond of change; and when the whim takes them, they will suddenly leave master or mistress, though it may be at a most unfortunate juncture. It is simply, “I go-me no like—say no more-good-bye.”

The tobacco business of the Pacific States is almost exclusively in the hands of the Chinese. The enterprise of these people in that line of traffic is evinced by the numbers met with in Northern cities who have their stores or stands in the most frequented thoroughfares.

Of the mechanic class, including those who are regularly engaged, and those who pick up odd jobs and do anything they can find to do, there are probably not less than 10,000. These are chiefly residents of the cities, and are strikingly apt in acquiring a knowledge of a trade. The woolen mills are chiefly stocked with them, and they are also employed to a large extent as laborers on new buildings. In commerce and general trade about 6,000 are engaged, some of whom have accumulated considerable property. As business men, they show much enterprise and tact; in fact, are said to compare well in shrewd bargaining with the proverbial Yankee or the close Dutch

fort as can be well represented in an engraving. location of an internal disease. In judging Fig. 2 represents a younger man, also of the the pulse they try both wrists. Their mode of merchant class, but an out-of-door operator. treatment is far inferior to the enlightened He has to some extent Americanized himself medical systems of the present day, yet considby the adoption of trowsers and blouse.

ering their primitive notions, the “Celestial" physicians do remarkably well.

Society with them is anything but good. They huddle together in very small rooms, the women appearing to be specially related to no particular men. Abroad among the American residents, they preserve a quiet and deferential demeanor. They preserve their national fond. ness for shows and amusements; in fact, a theater in San Francisco is supported by them.

Some attention is paid to the education of their children in schools, where the English language is the chief element of instruction. There are also several hospitals, under the management of companies or corporations organized for the purpose, such are the See-Up, the Quy-Sheon-Tong, and the Lack-Sheon companies.

Companies or associations are also formed for taking care of the sick within certain districts of country, and for shipping the dead to their native land.

The custom of sending the dead to China is with the California Chinese a sacred obligation. They believe that, at the resurrection, when Josh comes for their families, they must all be

with them to enter the better land, and that FIG. 1.-MERCHANT.

those unlucky persons whose bones lie far The great mass of the ordinary grade of

from their friends are likely to be left behind, Chinamen is found in the mining districts,

the spoil of the evil spirit. Once in three where they busy themselves in the “diggings," years the remains of the dead are shipped in or “set up" as washermen, gardeners, and ser

boxes. Sometimes the collection awaiting transportation amounts to several hundred. It is said that the cost of sending these bodies is nearly one hundred dollars each. Very few women are thus sent back.

They usually have large funerals, on which occasion & feast is spread for the company. Hogs, goats, chickens, cakes, and fruit constitute a variety which is usually well patronized by the sorrowful friends of the departed. A funeral service is performed by a priest, who waves a yellow gourd and chants a dismal dirge. Music of the harsh and noisy national type is also an accompaniment of the service.

It can not be expected that the Chinese will exert much influence on political affairs so long as they so tenaciously cling to the ancient customs and exclusive notions of their native country. As they are, if rightly managed, they may be made conducive to the material growth and prosperity of the Pacific States.

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Fig. 2.-BROKER.


AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED. Is devoted to The Science of Man, in all its branches. including PHRENOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHYSIOGNOMY, PSYCHOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, etc. It furnishes a guide in Choosing a Pursuit, and in judging of the dispositions of those around us, by all i he known external “Signs or Character."

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Our illustration, fig. 1, represents the well-todo Chino-Californian merchant. There is in his appearance as much of easy, satisfied com

vants. Upward of 25,000 are estimated to be thus employed.

There are about 1,000 who practice as physicians. Many of these exhibit much skill in ascertaining the condition of a patient and the

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It draws a leallic palsund field the human system at its negative pule, and when a tonic or coniractive action is r9 irel, as in hemorrhages and other le axed conditions of the body, close a la capi larios at once, stops the etl'sion of Food and gives vigor to the m.

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NVENTORS who wish to take out Letters Patent are adviged to counsel with. MUNN BROWN,COOMBS &CO.

out basting) and for Embroidery can be

excelled by none, Sold at prices lower Patent Office for over Twenty Years. Their American and European Patent Agency is the most extensive in the world. Charges less than any other reliable agency. A Pamphlet,

than ever before offered by any fire containing full instructions to inventors, is sent gratis.

class company.
A handsome Bound Volume, containing 150 Mechanical Engravings, and the Uniter!
State Census by Counties, with Hints and Receipts for Mechanies, mailed on rece pt of 25



No. 825 Broadway:
Aug. 3 t.
37 Park Row, New York.

Agents Wanted.

wbo wish to raise clots.

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ew Physiognomy, or Signs of Character.--As manifested through Temperament and External Forms and especially in the Human Face

Divine, with more than 1,000 illustrations. By S. R. WELLA. In one large volume handsomely bound. In muslin $5; heavy calf 'with marbled edges, $8; Turkey morocco, full gilt, $10. AGENTS WANTED !





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Recommended by Railway Engineers, Conductors and Expressmen, the most esacting class of watcbwearers, as supe rior to all other for strength, steadiness trencacs and dir rability:


American Watohes.—“ The best in the World.” For sale at Waltham Factory prices by

T. B. BYNNER & CO., 189 Broadway, N. Y. Established 20 years. Price List sent on application

w Ready-ILLUSTRATED ANNUAL of Phrenology and Physiognomy for 1869.

80 pages. 50 Illustrations, Price 25 cents. S. R. WELLS, Publisher, 399 Broadway, New York.

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for FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. Office-613 BROADWAY, New York. At the Paris Exposition to the NEW WEED SEWING MACHINE was bestowed the FIRST PRIZE awarded

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MODERN WOMEN and What is Said of them. With an Introduction by Mrs. Lucia Gilbert Calhoun.

Post-paid. $2.00.

Every Man and Wom an should have a copy. S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, N. Y. :

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