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PATENT OFFICES. — InvenICON. An English Dictionary of all except

wood contains near 400 acres of land, 300 tors who wish to take out Letters Patent [Under this head we publish, for a consid- Familiar Words; including the Principal in a good state of cultivation and under are advised to counsel with MUNN & CO.,

good chestnut fence. The remainder is Editors of the Scientific American, who eration, such matters as rightfully belong to Scientific and Technical Terms, and For

timber land, consisting of a growth of have prosecuted claims before the Patent this department. We disclaim responsibility eign Moneys. Weights, and Measures. White Oak, Hickory, Pine, Chestnut, Lo- Office for over Twenty Years. Their for what may herein appear. Matter will Price, in Gilt Morocco, Tuck, $1; in cust, and Cedar, affording an abundant American and Enropean Parent Agency is be LEADED, and charged according to the Leather Gilt, 75 cents. Sent post-paid by supply for the Farm. This Farm is in the the most extensive in the world. Charges

Second Election District of the County, less than any other reliable agency. A space occupied, at the rate of $1 a line.]

S. R. WELLS, New York.


known as the “Factory District," in & Pamphlet, containing fall instructions to

pleasant neighborhood, and within half a inventore, is sent gratie. THE HYGEIAN HOME. At Advertisements. mile of the Potomac River and in full Br" A handsome Bonnd Volame, conthis establishment all the Water-Cure ap

view of it. It is on Hening Creek, very taining 150 Mechanical Engravings, and

famous for its abundance of fish, oysters, the United States Census by Counties, pliances are given, with the Swedish Move- [Announcements for this or the preceding and wild fowl, which bounds it on the with Hints and Receipts for Mechanics, ments and Electricity. Send for our cir- department must reach the publishers by the

east, south, and west for three miles. I mailed on receipt of 25 cents. Address cular. Address A. SMITH, M.D., Wer- they are intended to appear. Terms for ad1st of the month preceding the date in which have known one person during the past



season to catch with the hook and line, in nersville, Berks County, Pa.

37 Park Row, New York. vertising, 50 cents a line, or $50 a column.) two hours, 120 fine perch in this creck. Mrs. E. DE LA VERGNE, M.D.,

We have Rock, Taylor, Tront, Sheepshend,

DAVIES & Kent, Printers,

Crocus, and Drum, all in geason, besides 325 ADELPHI STREET, BROOKLYN,

Uniform 12mo edition.
other small fish which we catch ourselves.

Stereotypers, and Electrotypers, No. 183
By an act of the Legislature, persons own-

William Street (cor. of Spruce), New York. HEAVEN AND HELL, from things heard HYGIENIC CURE, BUFFALO,

Note, Circular, Bill-Head, and Card and seen. 1 vol. 12m10, pp. 379, price

ing land binding on this creek have the N. Y.-Compressed Air Baths, Turkish $1 25.

exclusive right to the creek for the plant Printing neatly and promptly executed. Baths, Electric Baths, and all the appliances spiritual world, describes the condition of planting Oysters, and the supply around

This work unfolds the laws of the

ing of oysters, etc.; and there are upon
this estate some of the finest Cores for

BookS BY Post AT HALF of a first-class Cure. Please send for a

PRICE! We have a few copies or remboth good and evil spirits, exhibits the Circular, Address H. P. BURDICK, M.D.,

its shores is inexhaustible. This is cergeneral arrangement of the inhabitants of

pants of Editions which we will sell at or Mrs. BRYANT BURDICK, M.D.,

tainly a great advantage in these times,
both heaven and hell, and the scenery by

when oysters are becoming scarce and the

one half the regular prices, and simply adddick Ilouse, Buffalo, N. Y. which they are surrounded.

demand for them is so great. Here you ing postage. This offer will hold good THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE. 1 vol. 12mo, have the oysters of the creek belonging during the present month, or till all shall INSTITUTE of Practical Civil

extra cloth, beveled boards, gilt top, exclusively to you, and no one-not even
price $1 25.
citizens of the County--can catch them

be sold. The books will be sent, postage Engineering, Suryeying, and Drawing, at The object of this work is to show that without your consent.

prepaid by us, on receipt of the smallest Tolleston, Ind, For Circular, address A.

the Divine Providence works according to This Estate bas on it a good Dwelling price named.

certain invariable laws; that it is universal, house, with eleven rooms, including NurVANDER NAILLEN.

extending to the least things as well as to sery and Kitchen, all under the same roof;


Considered in Relation to Human Aliment Works ON MAN.–For New eternal with’man, and to things temporary the greatest; that it has respect to what is a large yard, inclosed by a good, suhstantial, and ornamental fence; a Garden of

and the Wines of Scripture. By Sylvester Illustrated Catalogue of best Books on only for the sake of what is eternal.

Graham. Regular price, $3; present price,

one acre; an Orchard with a fine variety Physiology, Anatomy, Gymnastics, Die- | The Four LEADING DOCTRINES. Being of good' fruits-Peaches, Apples, Pears,

$175. those concerning the Lord, the Word, tetics, Physiognomy, Shorthand Writing,

Cherries, Plums, etc., etc.; a good brick

THE POWER OF KINDNESA ; Inculcating Memory, Self-Improvement, Phrenology,

Faith, and Life. 1 vol. 12mo, pp. 390, dairy in the yard, and a well of good water the Principles of Benevolence and Love. price $1 25.

at the door; also as fine a spring as can be 75 cents. By first post 40 cents. and Ethnology, send two stamps to S. R. THE ATHANASIAN CREED.

found in the State. It has all necessary 1 vol. 12mo,

FAMILIAR LESSONS ON ASTRONOMY. DeWELLS, Publisher, No. 389 Broadway, pp. 206, price $1 25.

out-houses, including Ice-house, Stables, signed for Children and Youth, in Schools

Carriage-house, three Barns, Overseer's New York. Agents wanted,

and Families. $150. We send it for House, also a MAN AS A SPIRITUAL BEING.

new Cottage, with five 75 cents.

rooms. I have this Estate divided into THE PROTESTANT CHURCH- By Chauncey Giles. 12no, tinted paper,

ILLUSTRATED BOTANY. With more than five fields, with good water in cach.

One Hundred Engravings; with a Floral MAN. – A Religious Family Paper. The extra clothi, gilt top, price $1 25.

As an evidence of the productiveness of
The New York Tribune says: “It ad-
Leading Evangelical Organ in the Protes-heres rigidly to the received principles of

this land, I will mention the amount of

Dictionary or Language of Flowers. $1 50. tant Episcopal Church.

crops grown upon it one year, just preced-Only 87 cents. Swedenborg's teachings, but it surrounds ing our unfortunate civil war. Of Corn,

THE FAMILY DENTIST; a popular TreaDevoted to the advocacy of Evangelical them with lucid illustrations, clears up 1.500 bushels; Wheat, 1.800 bushels; Oats,

tise on the Teeth, with various Recipes their apparent difficulties, enforces their Truth, against Ritualism and Rationalism;

750 bushels; Tobacco, 34,000 lbs, ; besides

for their Preservation, $1 50. We send Turnips and Potatoes in the greatest pro

it for 87 cente. the defense of the “Liberty of Preaching," logical applications, and exhibits their practical scope and bearing in a style re

fusion. There is a Grist Mill three quar- THE PHYSIOLOGY OP DIGESTION, with and the cultivation of fraternal relations markable for clearness of statement, as ters of a mile from the house, Protestant Experiments on the Gastric Juice. By with Evangelical Churches, well as argumentative force."

Episcopal Church a quarter of a mile, Wm. Beaumont, Surgeon in U.S. Army.

Catholic Church one and a half miles, Post | Very scarce. $1 50. We send it at 87 The Editors are assisted by a large corps THE INCARNATION AND ATONEMENT. By Chauncey Giles. Uniform with the

Office one mile (a daily mail); two Steam- cents. of clerical and lay contributors in all parts

above, price 75cts.; also, in common
boat Landings within five miles, with

HYDROPATHY FOR THE PEOPLE. With of the United States, in England, and on cloth, 50cts; paper, 25cts.

three and four boats a week, one of the the Continent. * Whoever is not satisfied with the com- Landings being the famous

watering-place, plain observations on Drugs, Diet, Water,

With Notes and Ob

Air, and Exercise.

Pivey Point. Point Lookout is within Published ever Thursday at 633 Broad monly received doctrines of the Lord's

servations by R, T. Trall. 1 50. By post, sixteen miles of the Farm. There can be work, while on earth, should read this

87 cents. way, New York. little book."

found no more desirable situation than TERMS: $4 per annum.

To Clergymen, All the writings of Swedenborg and col-

this, both as a pleasant residence and for
the productiveness of the land. We have

rions Modes of Bathing Illustrated, and $3. To Theological Students and Mission- lateral works constantly on hand.

Curative Effects of Water Treatment aries. $2. Club Rates: Five copies to one

Publishing House of the New Jerusalem great sport in the field with dog and gun,
Church, 20 Cooper Union, New York.
hunting Partridge, Snipe, and Squirrel.

given. $1 50. Now only 87 cents. address, $15; twenty copies, $50.

JOS.'R. PUTNAM, Manager.

In the winter, the Redneck, Flock, Fowl, THE WATER-CURE IN AMERICA, Over

and Canvas-back Duck are most abun- Three Hundred Cases of various Diseases SPECIMEN COPIES FURNISIED.

Send for a Catalogue.

Treated with Water. $1 75. We send it THE PROTESTANT CHURCHMAN.

A more extended description is deemed for 87 cents.
Box 6009 P. O., New York.

ELECTRO VITAL.-DR. JE- unnecessary, as the purchaser will of DR. ALCOTT on the Use of Tobacco.

ROME KIDDER'S Highest Premium Electro- course visit the premises before buying. cents. By post, 10 cents. ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE !! Medical Apparatus, warranted greater

I will take for this Estate Sixteen ThouThe Carrier Dore, or Mecklenburg Fe- magnetic power of any called magnetic. sand Dollars, one half cash, and the deferred


Dr. Dods. 50 cents. We send it for 30 male College Magazine, is offered to you England, and France are on the machine

The patent labels of the United States, payments secured by Deed of Trust on the

cents. as an advertising medium. It is a Quar- itself, as the law requires for all genuine

I have also a very desirable Estate on SCIENCE OF THE SOUL, Physiologically terly Magazine of 48 pages, elegantly patentee districts.

the St. Mary's River, containing 500 acres and Philosophically. By Dr. Haddock.

"The best yet devised in any country printed on fine paper, and issued from

of land, lying immediately upon said river 60 cents. Only 30 cents. for the treatment of disease."---Dr. Ham- for a distance of one mile." Has on it a Charlotte, N. C., at the low rate of $1 per mond, late Surgeon-General U. S. A.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF ELECTRICAL Percomfortable Dwelling, & very fine Barn,

CHOLOGY; being a Course of Twelve Lec. annum, in advance. Caution.-The latest improved bears the and necessary outhouses. Abont 175 acres

tures. By Dr. Bods. $1 50. We send it It goes to the following States of the patent labels of 1860 and 1866.

are cleared and under a good fence, and in for 87 cents. Address DR. J. KIDDER,

a fine state of cultivation. Union, viz. : Iowa, Connecticut, New tr.

CHEMISTRY and its applications to Physi. 478 Broadway, New York.

This is a high and airy situation, being ology, Agriculture, and Commerce: Bor York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mary

some hundred feet above the river, and is land, Virginia, North Carolina, South CarSCHOOL

Prof Liebig. 50 cents. We send it for Inst.," very healthy. It has on it a large quan

30 cents.

tity of Chestnut Timber, also Oak, Pine, olina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, founded 1855, is a reliable Educational

and Cedar, and delightful springs of water. THE PRACTICE OF WATER-CCRE, with Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. Bureau-

I will take for this Estate Ten Thousand Evidence of its Emcacy and Safety. By It goes into the hands of that very class For supplying Schools with Teachers;

Dollars. For further particulars address, Drs. Wilson and Gully. 50 cents. We For representing Teachers who want posiof persons whom advertisers wish to

THOS. A. LYNCH, Great Mills, St. Mary's send a copy for 30 cents. tions ;

County, Maryland. reach. Its principal circulation is in the For giving parents information of good

It is not probable that other editions of Southern States. Ratcs moderate. schools;

these works will ever be printed. Those For selling and renting School Properties.

IMPORTANT EDUCATIONAL For further information in regard to

who wish copics should order them at All Teachers should have the “ Application DISCOVERY - THE NATURAL ALPHAthe Magazine, or in regard to Mecklen

once from S. R. WELLS, 359 Broadway, Form."

BET, for Printing and Writing . ALL New York. burg Female College, send $1 for one All Employers of Teachers should have LANGUAGES. Based upon an Original year's subscription to the Carrier Dove,

"Amer.. Educational Monthly and

and Comprehensive Classitication of the

"Teachers' Bulletin." or simply correspond with the under- J. W. SCHERMERHORN, A.M., Actuary,

Elementary Sounds.-Address, inclosing

Free! Our new Catalogue 50 cents, J. MADISON ALLYN, Principal,

of Improved Stencil Dieg. More than signed, REV. A. G. STACY,

No. 14 Bond Street, New York. Industrial Institute Ancora, Camden Co., $200 a month is being made with them. 1t Charlotte, N. C. (Removed Vay 1st from 130 Broome st.) N. J.

1t. Š. M. SPENCER & Co., Brattleboro, Vt.



Sent post-paid on receipt of price.


S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

This College Holds Three Sessions each


The First Session commences October Annuals of Phrenology, 4 years. 1 vol. $0 60


8th, and continues antil the end of January. Phrenological Journal, a year.. 3 00

The Second Session, commenciog Feb. Combe's Lectures on Phrenology 1 75

Edited by her Sister, CHARLOTTE BREMER, One volume, crown 8vo, cloth, price $2. 18t, continues until the beginning of May. Combe's Moral Philosophy. 1 78

The Third Session continues through the

NOTICES OF THE PRESS. Combe's Constitution of Man,. 1 75

summer months. “ In this handsome volume we have a fitting memorial of one of Sweden's most Defence of Phronology. Proofs..

1 50 gifted writers.---a woman who labored for many years to improve the condition of her It has an able corps of twelve Professors, Education Complete. In one vol... 4 00 Education. By Dr. Spurzheim... sex in Europe. Miss Bremer's character, as shown in her sketch of her own life, and in

and every department of Medicine and 1 50 the interesting biography written by her sister, is one which womankind everywhere

Surgery is thoroughly tanght. Lectures on Mental Science. 1 50

FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE. Memory and Intellect. Their Culture 1 50 of steady working for a certain result, and that result

- good to its kind. Her letters, will do well to study. It is not without angularities: but it is an admirable illustration

Joseph Sites, M.D., Prof. of Obstetrics and New Physiognomy; or, Signs of Character-As manifested through Temwhich fill 151 pages of the volume, are replete with rich thought, and should be read by

Diseases of Women and Children. all mothers and daughters. It is through them that we get the best insight into the

Henry Hollembaek, M.D., Prof. of Materla perament and External Forms, and Swedish authoress's life, for they are what letters between friends always ought to be

Medica and Pharmacy. especially in the Human Face Di. vine. With more than 1,000 Illustra

transcripts of the life and thought. Her sketches are instructive as well as pleasing: Joseph P. Fitler, M.D., Prof. of Chemistry tions. One vol, In muslin...,

and the book, as a whole, is a very acceptable addition to our memorial literature.' 5 00 Rural New Yorker.

John Buchanan, M.P., Prof. of Surgery and Heavy calf, with marble edges. 8 00 “The biography of one who did so much for the elevation of the women of her own

Institute of Medicine. Turkey morocco, full gilt, extra .. 10 00 country, and wished to do as much more, is especially timely and interesting now when

William Clark, M.D., Prof. of Practice of Phrenology Proved. Illustrated..... 1 75 the 'woman question,' with its various phases, is occupying so much of the public at

Phrenology and the Scriptures

tention."-Springfield Republican.

Edward Down, M.D., Prof. of Descriptive Phrenological Guide

25 Phrenological Bust (not mailable).

The double biography is delightful, chiefly because it shows Fredrika in the bosom and Comparative Anatomy,

1 7 Self-Culture and Perfection..

of her family, from earliest childhood, and may be said to trace the history of her mind." Emil Querner, M.D., Prof. of Physiology

1 50
Self-Instruction in Phrenology.
-Philadelphia Press.

and Microscopic Anatomy.
"The letters, which constitute the greater part of the volume, are its greatest charm.!'

Lewis A. Hall, M.D., Prof. of Diseases of Thoughts on Domestic Life.

- Albany Express.

the Nervous System.
Copies of this charming book will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, on receipt of the

A. Kittenhouse, M.D., Prof. of Special Alcoholic Controversy. Temperance 50 price, $2.

Pathology and Diagnosis. Physiology of Digestion. Dr. Combe 50

Nearly ready.

J. V. Lewis, LL.D., Lecturer on Medical Anatomical Physiological Plates...... 20 00 A SKETCH OF THE OFFICIAL LIFE OF John A. ANDREW, as Governor of MassaCombe's Physiology. Illustrated.

James Cochran, M.A., M.D., Demonstrator 1 75 chusetts, to which is added the Valedictory Address of Governor Andrew upon retiring Family Gymnasium. Illustrated. 1 75 from office, January 5th, 1866, on the subject of the Reconstruction of the States recently

of Anatomy. Family Dentist. Illustrated. 1 50 in rebellion. In one volume, 16mo, with photographic portrait, price $1 25.

L. D. McMichael, M.D., Demonstrator of Food and Diet. Analysis of every kind 1 75

Surgical Anatomy. Fruits and Farinacea, Food of Man., i 75

THE CHARITIES OF NEW YORK, Compiled by Messrs II. J. Cammann and H. N. Camp, Splendid Hospital and Clinical Instruc

with illustrations. Natural Laws of Man. Spurzheim... 1 vol., 8vo.

tion is afforded. Free tickets to all our 75 Hereditary Descent, its Laws.

*** A limited edition only is isgned of this work. 1 50

City Hospitals are provided. Dissecting Infancy; or, Management of Children i 50 LIFE IN THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC IN THE DAYS OF THE TYRANTS; or, Civilization

material abundant at a nominal cost. Philosophy of Sacred History.. 3 50

and Barbarism, from the Spanish of Colonel Sarmiento, Minister Plenipotentiary to the Perpetual Scholarships are sold for $60; Physiology. Animal and Mental. 1 50 United States, with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, By Mrs. Mary Mann. In one

no other expenses. Sober and Temperate Life. Cornaro 50 volume, crown 8vo.

For particulars, addrees JOSEPH SITES, Diseases of Throat and Langs. Cure. 25 REMINISCENCES OF EUROPEAN TRAVEL. By Andrew P. Peabody, D.D., LL.D.,

M.D., Dean, Sixth and Callowhill Streets, Accidents and Emergencies... 23 Preacher to Harvard University, and Plummor Professor of Christian Morals. 1 vol.,

Philadelphia, Pa. Children, in Health and Disease. 1 75 12mo,


MEDICAL Consumption, Prevention and Cure.. 1 60 Cook Book-new-Hydropathic...... 1 50 FIOR D'ALIZA. By Alphonse de Lamartine. 1 vol.. 16mo.

JOURNAL OF PENNSYLVANIA. Published Domestic Practice of do, do, *** A simple, charming story. It is highly praised by the Saturday Reviero, and Leon

Monthly. 48 Pages. Price $2 per annum. 2 00 Family Physician, Hydropathic... de Gazlon pronounces it the " Paul and Virginia" of the Nineteenth Century.

The most original and progressive Medi4 00

cal Journal in the United States. All artiHydropathy for the People... 1 50

cles original and thoroughly practical. Midwifery, Diseases of Women,

1 75

THE NEW YORK Sun.-An Independent Daily Newspaper, Splendid indneements to subscribers for Practice of Water-Cure.

50 Philosophy of Water-Cure.. giving All the News in a fresh, readable, attractive manner, condensed so that a busi

1868. Premium engravings, valued at $3, 50

given to each subscriber.Specimen copy Hydropathic Encyclopedia. Illustr'd. 4 50 ness man can find time to read the wbole. CHARLES A, DANA, Editor and Manager.

sent free. Water-Cure in Chronic Diseases. 2 00 Price: $6 a year; $1 50 for three months. Water-Cure Manual. Popular

Address, JOHN BUCHANAN, 227 North 1 50

Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. The Science of Human Life.. 3 50

THE WEEKLY SUN. Tea and Coffee, Effects. 25

A. A. CONSTANTINE'S Teeth, their Diseases, Management.. 25 Prepared with great care for conntry subscribers. Farmers' Club fully reported. PERSIAN HEALING OR PINE TAR NEW HAND-BOOKS.

Markets accurately given. Horticultural and Agricultural Department edited by SOAP. Patented March 12th, 1867. Hand-Book, Home Improvement, How ANDREW S. FULLER Great variety of interesting miscellaneous reading, making it a

For the Toilet, Nursery, and Bath this to Write, Talk, Bebave, and do

Soap has no equal. It Cures Pimples, Business.' 1 vol. complete..

first-rate 2 25

Rash, Chapped Hands, and all Diseases of Library of Mesmerism and Psychol.


the Scalp and Skin. Is a good Shaving The Emphatic Diaglott; or, the New Price: $1 a year; 20 copies to one address, $17; 50 copies to one address, $35.

Soap. Testament in Greek and English... 4.00

WHAT THOSE BAY WHO USE IT. The same, in fine binding...

Subscribers to the WEEKLY SUN who wish also to receive the Rural New Yorker-one 5 00

Baldness Cured. - It is bringing my of the best agricultural and literary journals in the country-can do 80 on very advanMISCELLANEOUS WORKS.

hair in beautifully. I consider it the best tageous torms. The two papers will be sent for one year to any one remitting $3 25.

hair renovator in use.-M. H. COMB8, 218 History of a Mouthful of Bread... 2 00

Atlantic St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pope's Essay on Man, with Notes.. 1 00


I have used it for catarrh in the head, Æsop's Fables. Illustrated. Fine.. 100 Oratory: Sacred and Secular....

making a suds and snufling it through the 1 50 Same size and character as the Weekly, but fornishing twice as much reading matter, nose, and it has enred me. I use it con. Movement-Care in Consumption. 30 and giving the News with greater freshness. Price: $2 a year; 10 copies to one address, stantly for the toilet, and consider it the Aims and Aids for Young Women... 13 $18; 20 copies to one address, $35; 50 copies to one address, $80; always in advance.

best soap for that purpose.-G. R. BENSON, Chemistry, Applied to Agricalture... 50

Apr. 3t.
Address :

THE SUN, New York City. Office of the U. S. Life Ins. Co., 40 Wall Fruit Culture for the Million... 1 00

St., N. Y. Human Rights. By Judge Hurlbut.. 1 50 Homes for All, Octagon, Gravel Walls 1 50 The ROUND TABLE; A SATURDAY REVIEW OF POLITICS, I have used your Persian Healing Soap

in my, practice extensively, and it has Hopes and Helps for the Young...... 1 50 FINANCE, LITERATURE, SOCIETY, AND ART, is offered to the public as a publication

proved the best healing soap I ever need. Movement-Curë. By Dr. Taylor.. 1 75 which has labored vigorously for national literature, for fearless discussion of political

It has no equal as a soap for washing the Life in the West. By N. C. Meeker., 2 00 and social problems, and for the promotion of a higher type of journalism than in gen

heads and skin of childreli.-L. P. ALDRICH, Saving and Wasting. Dime a Day... 1 50 eral has flourished among us.

M.D., 19 Harrison St., N.Y.
Three Hours' School a Day.

1 50
Money and labor have been ansparingly used to make THE ROUND TABLE a credit to

I had salt rheum badly fifteen years. Right Word in the Right Place.. 75 the metropolis and the country. It has been conducted with energy and perseverance,

Your soap has made a complete cure.Ways of Life, Right and Wrong Way 1 00 has aimed steadily at improvement in every department, and has now won a substantial

G. M. Ball, 119 West St., N.Y. Weaver's Works. Complete, 1 vol... 3 00 position which, in a business point of view, is undoubtedly stronger than that of any

I use it for the toilet and bathing, and Notes on Beauty, Health, and Vigor.. 12 similar journal yet founded in this country.

prefer it to any other I have crer known.-Father Mathew, Portrait & Character 12 THE ROUND TABLE has achieved cosmopolitan success, and has been recognized by

J. H. T. KING, Member of the Royal College Temperance in the Americ'n Congress

the leading journals of both our own country and Europe as the ablest paper of its class

of Surgeons, England.
The Gospel among Animals. Osgood 25
in America. In addition to its large circulation in the metropolis and in all the leading

I have used it for soldier's itch. The The Good Man's Legacy. Dr. Osgood

cities of America, The ROUND TABLE has subscribers in every State in the Union, in

scalp was badly diseased, resembling scaldEducation of the Heart. Colfax... 10 the Canadas, West Indies, in the principal countries of Europe, in China, Japan, Aus

head. A cure was effected in a few days. Footprints of Life-A Poem (in press) 1 25 tralia, the Sandwich Islands, etc., etc. It exerts an influence equaled by that of very

--T. S. P. LORD, M.D., Chicago, Ill. SPECIAL Listg.--We have, in addition to few publications, daily or weekly, in the United States.

It is the best medicine we have ever the above, all works on Phonography, and Subscription price of Tue ROUND TABLE $6 a year.

seen for cutaneous eruptions of every kind, THE ROUND TABLE ($6), and the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL ($3), to one address for a special List of Medical Works, invaluable $7 50 a year.

And every family should have it.-Ameri

can Baptist. to those who need them Lists sent on Office of THE ROUND TABLE ASSOCIATION, 132 Nassau Street, New York.

It accomplishes all it claims.-R. HAXreceipt of stamps.

ILTON, M.D., Saratoga, N. Y. For wholesale terms to agents please address S. R. WELLS, 889 Broadway, N. Y.

The wife of Rev. Dr. King, Missionary EDWARD O. JENKINS, Steam


at Athens, Greece, writes: I have used Book and Job Printer, and Stereotyper, 19TH CENTURY I-WONDERFUL ELEC- your Persian Healing Soap for rheumatism, GOOD BOOKS BY Mail. No. 20 North William Street, New York, TRIC FISI. It pleases all. By mail for and find it exceedingly good."

10 cts, and stamp; 3 for 25 cts. Address Agents wanted. Send 50 cents for samAny book, magazine, or newspaper, no mat- announces to his friends and the public

the inventor, NATHAN HALL, Provider where or by whom published, may be that bis establishment is replete with

ple, or 3 cents for circular. dence, R. I. p Agents wanted in every

A. A. CONSTANTINE, ordered at publisher's prices, from Presses, Type, and material for the rapid

No. 90 Fulton St., N. Y. S. R. WELLS, 289 Broadway, New York. ) production of every description of printing.

part of the world.

1t. 1t

up his

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Carefully Revised; with the German Di. be removed in June, 1868, to new and per- 15 LAIGHT STREET. Turkish Baths, Elec

rections and Terms translated into Enmanent quarters in that first-class locality, tric Baths, and Swedish Movements to


glish, and the Pedal Part written on a SepNo. 14 BOND STREET, a few doors east of those desiring such.

Unless the editor speedily makes arate Staff. The whole edited by W. 1. Broadway. All who have educational

MILLER, WOOD & CO. mind to stop it, he is in danger of soon Best. A new and valuable edition of the business of any kind are invited to call.

having the best magazine in the country. most thorough and systematic System of In the new location there will be addi- THE MONTHLY

-The Round Table.

Instruction, for the formation of a correct
tional facilities for conducting the rapidly
increasing business of this useful “Bureau
GRAPHIC MAGAZINE.-Terms, $2 a year, or It has no superior.- New Haven Register. style

of Organ playing, and the mastery of

the instrument in all its varied resources.
20 cents a number. This is the only peri-
*** American School Institute," founded odical printed in Phonography published recognized by all.Boston Ev.

The high character of the magazine is Price, in Six Parts, each $1 50; in One

Vol., cloth, $6. Mailed; post-paid.
1855, is a reliable Educational Bureau :

OLIVER DITSON & CO., Boston. 1. To all who seek well-qualified teachers; Address, JAMES E. MUNSON,

Lippincott's gets better and better.- C. H. DITSON & CO., 711 Broadway, tf 2. To represent teachers who desire posi117 Nassau Street, New York. Phila. Public Ledger.

New York.

1t tions; 3. To give parents information of


It is evidently destined to take position good schools; 4. To sell, rent, and ex

in the foremost rank of literary serials in VALUABLE BOOKS — for all
change school properties. J. W. SCHER-
The following Works are used in the
America.-Baltimore American.

MERHORN, A.M., Actuary, 14 Bond Street, different Medical Schools, and may be
New York; M. J. YOUNG, Secretary; F. M. obtained at this office at prices annexed. Worthy to be classed with the best liter- Mrs. Hale's Poetical Quotations.....$3 60
BROWN, Treasurer.

ary monthlies of England and this country. Life and Speeches of Andrew Johnson. 2 76
“The right teacher for the right place."

Poetry of the War. By Richard Grant Thirteen years' trial has proved the ETC.-We can supply



Lippincott's Magazine for June contains The American Question. By John Sets of Weber's Anatomical and and efficient auxiliary in the Educational

an original Poem of 324 lines, by Algeruon


2 50 Machinery of our country. Its patrons

Physiological Plates and Charts.

Charles Swinburne, written expressly for Russell's Young Ladies' Elocutionary

Life size. 11 in number, for.... $100 00 and friends are among the first educational

their Magazine.

Do. Marshall's, do., 9 in number.. 100 00

1 75 and business men.

Exhibition Speaker,..
Do. Trall's, do., 6 in number.. 20 00
Contents of June Number,

1 50
Principals, School Officers, and others,
Do. Lambert's, do., 6 in number..

American Eloquence. 2 volumes and

20 00 1. Dallas Galbraith. VI. should give early notice of what teachers


12 50 Phrenological Specimens. (Casts, they want. The "Teachers' Bulletin,"

2. Day Dreaming,

Men and Times of the Revolution.... 1 75
Busts, etc.) 40 in number. Boxed,

3. American Forests. published in the American Educational

Reid's English Dictionary.. 2 00 35 00

ready for shipment... Monthly, will be sent on application.

4. Popular Novels.

Youmans' Hand-Book of Household
The set of Forty Portraits, includ-

5. Across the Sierra Nevada. All Teachers should have the APPLICA

Science... ing the Vital, Motive, and Mental

2 00 TION FORM. Early applications for posi

6. The Wind's Reply.

Youmans' New Chemistry.

1 75 Temperaments

30 00 7. Siena, tions are desirable.

Lardner's Lectures on Science and
The best French Skeletons. Wired,
A circular containing Testimony for the

8. To Please Aunt Martha.

Art. 2 volumes..
articulated, etc.
75 00

7 50 "American School Institute" will be sent

9. Conversion of the National Debt into Human Skulls. Articulated. $25 to $35 | Capital.

Lacon, or Many

Things in Few Words. 2 50
to those wanting it.
Do. (inferior) from.....

Trench on the Study of Words....... 125
5 to 15
10. American Culture.

Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary

11. A Strange Passenger.


1 25

12. The Home of Burns. PATENT RECORD.-New Series. COLLEGES.

Flowers of Elocuțion..

2 00 13. Major Noah.

Man, Moral and Physical..

1 50 The American Artisan, now in the fourth

Beck's Materia Medica..

$4 50
14. Our Monthly Goseip.

The Iron Furnace of Slavery. year of its publication, is a Weekly Jour.

7 00
15. Literature of the Day.

Chambers' Information for the Peonal, devoted to fostering the interests of Gray's Anatomy

Churchill's Midwifery..

4 50 For sale at all the Book and News stores Artisans and Manufacturers, encouraging

ple. 2 volumes.

10 00

7 00 the genius of Inventors, and protecting the

throughout the country.

Johnson's and Walker's Pronouncing
Watson's Practice.
8 00


Single Number, 35 cents. Yearly Subrights of Patentees.

5.00 6 00 Each number contains numerous original Fowne's Chemistry. Dalton's Physiology

scription, $4. Liberal Terms to Clubs and Macaulay's History of England. 2 vols. 3 00

2 25 engravings and descriptions of new ma: Dungleson's Dictionary.

Agents. Address

S. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York.

7 50 chinery, etc., both American and Foreign;

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., Publishers, reliable receipts for use in the field, the With such others as Professors may recom- 715 & 717 Market St., Philadelphia.

VALUABLE WORKS ON DEworkshop, and the household; practical mend.

SCRIPTIVE DRAWINGS, ETC., for Stodents, rules for mechanics and advice to farmers; "Mechanical Movements," and other use

WORKS USED IN HOMEOPATHIC Ohio EDUCATIONAL MONTHLY. Draftsmen, and Artisans. ful lessons for young artisans; the official COLLEGES.

Warren's, Prof. S. E.-Two hundred

WHAT EMINENT EDUCATORS THINK OP IT. list of claims of all patents issued weekly

Plain Geometrical Problems. 1

$4 50 from the United States Patent Office ; re Surgery, Druit..

I am glad to see that your journal is so vol., 12mo, cloth...

$1 50 Erichsen's.

7 00 ports of law cases relating to patents, etc.

vigorously conducted and so well sustain- Warren's, Prof. S. E.-On Drafting Anatomy. Gray...

7 00 Each number of the American Artisan

ed. - HENRY BARNARD, Natl Com'r of Instruments and Operations. 6 50

Education. contains sixteen pages of instructive and Physiology. Carpenter.

vol., 12mo, cloth...

1 50 Dalton's

6 00 interesting reading matter, in which the Materia Medica. Hahnemann's..... 10 00

It is not surpassed by any other educa- Warren's, Prof. S. E.-Elementary progress of the arts and sciences is record

tional journal published in this land in the Projection Drawing, with Practical Hull's Jahr Symptomatology... 7 00 ed in familiar language. Twenty-six num

ability, variety, and practical character and Applications. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth.. 1 75 bers form a handsome half-yearly volume. Hempel. Materia Medica. 2 vols.. 13 00

valne of its articles.- Hon. B. G. NOR- Warren's, Prof. S. E.-Elementary Obstetrics. Cazeaux..

6 75 The columns of the American Artisan are

THROP, Conn.

Linear Perspective. 1 vol., 12mo,

5 50 rendered attractive by articles from the Chemistry. Draper..

It takes up the live questions of the times, cloth

1 25 1 75 pens of many talented American writers

and no others, and discusses them with Warren's, Prof. S. E.--Descriptive Medical Jurisprudence. Beck.. 13 00 upon scientific and mechanical subjects.

marked ability.--Hon. J. P. WICKERSHAM, Geometry. 1 vol., 8vo, with numer. Terms of subscription: Single copies, by BOOKS OF REFERENCE


ous large plates, cloth..

500 mail, per year, $2 50 in advance. Single

It stands in the very front rank of its class Warren's, Prof. S. E.-Shades and copies, by mail, six months, $1 25 in ad-Used in the New York Hydropathic of magazines.--Supt. John D. PHILBRICK, Shadows. 1 vol., Svo, large plates,

Boston, Mass.

cloth... vance.

400 The publishers of the American Artisan Chemistry. Youmans'

The Ohio EDUCATIONAL MONTHLY is a Mahan's, Prof. D. H. - Industrial

$2 00 are also extensively engaged as Solicitors


1 75

model magazine. — Pres. RICHARD ED- Drawing. 1 vol., 8vo, plates, cloth 3 00 of American and Foreign Patents, and will

Maban's, Prof. D. H.- Descriptive


2 25 promptly forward to all who desire it, per Materia Medica and Therapeutics.

I read the MONTHLY (Ohio) with more Geometry Applied to the Drawing mail, gratis, a pamphlet, entitled "Import

of Fortiñcations and Stone CutPereira ..

pleasure and profit than any other educa

14 00 ant Information for Inventors and Patent- Materia Medica and Therapeutics.

tional journal.-Prof. Wm. F. PHELPS, ting. 1 vol., 8vo, plates....

1 75 ees." Address


Smith's, Prof. R. S.-Manual of Topo-


The best educational paper now publish-
Anatomy. Gray.

graphical Drawing. 1 vol., 8vo,
7 00

ed in this country.-E. A. SHELDON, N. Y. Proprietors of the American Artisan,


2 50 Wilson

4 50 Mch, tf. No. 189 Broadway, New York.

No other contains so practical and pro- Smith's, Prof. R. S. - Manual of

2 25

fessional articles.-A. S. KISSEL, Minn. Linear Perspective. 1 vol., 8vo, Physiology. Dalton



The ne plus ultra of educational periodi- plates, cloth.. 5 50

cals.-R. W. STEVENSON, Norwalk, 0. Ruskin, John.-Elements of DrawA COLLECTION OF MUSIC,


6 50
The very best educational journal pub- ing. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth.

1 25
Pathology. Gross.



8 00

lished in this country.-Prof. JOHN OGDEN, Ruskin, John. -Elements of PerspecFor the use of the


tive. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth.

1 25 Hydropathic Encyclopedia. Trall... 4 50

It is certainly one of the best educational Hand-Book of Oil Painting, for use


monthlies in our country.-Prof. D. N. of Academies and Private InstrucBY HENRY STEPHEN CUTLER, Medical Institutes. Paine..

5 50

Editor American Journal of Educa- tion. 1 vol,, 12mo, cloth.

2 50
7 00
Doctor in Music, Director of the Cecilinn Surgery. Erichsen...

tion, Conn.

Coes, B. H.--Drawing Cards, with

3 50
Choir, etc.


I prefer it to any other of the educational Instructions--Progressive Lessons,

5 00 Being the most complete and best adapt- Obstetrics. Bedford.

periodicals that I have seen.-B. MALLON, Cottages, Landscapes and Figures.

5 50 ed for use in Lodges.

Supt. Pub. Schools, Savannah, Ga.

15 numbers; each.....

6 75 Published under the auspices of St.


I think your journal is unrivaled.-H. F. 5 50

Published and for sale by
Cecile Lodge, No. 568, city of New York.

FULLERTON, Buffalo, N. Y.
Diseases of Women. Trall..
5 00

Price, $1. Sent free of postage on re-

There is no better educational periodical
Scanzoni. 6 00

389 Broadway, New York. ceipt of price. Descriptive Catalogues of

published.--ALEX. FORBES, Cleveland, O. Simpson.. 5 00

By Prepaid by mail on receipt of price. Masonic Books, Regalía, etc., sent free on


The MONTHLY is the best of the many

5 00 application.

educational papers we are taking.-W.
Elocation. Bronson..

2 00
WATKINS, Supt. Pub. Schools, Marion, O.



3 00

The Ou1o ED. MONTHLY has no superior. Any Book, Map, Chart, Portrait, Album,
Gymnastics. Lewis.

1 75

--J. G. LAIRD, Ind. 432 Broome Street, New York.

Trall, do..
1 75

Magazine, or Paper, sent "By return of
Dictionary. Dungleson.

*** Subscription price of MONTHLY, $1 50 Arst Post," at Publishers’ Prices. All

7 50 Cleveland..

1 50

per annum; five or more copies at the rate works on Phrenology, Phonography, Hre PHONOGRAPHY.-Instruction


4 00

of $1 25 a copy. Sample copy sent on re- dropathy, Anatomy, Medicine, Mechanics, given by Mail in this beautiful and useful


1 75

ceipt of postage stamp. Subscriptions be- Dictionaries, Gazetteers, Encyclopedias, Art. For Terms, Specimens, etc., address,

gin in January or July.

and on the Natural Sciences. Address with stamp, WM. A. PEER, Boonton, Orders should be addressed to S. R. Address the Publisher:

S. R. WELLS, No. 389 Broadway, New
Morris Co., N. J.
WELLS 389 Broadway, New York.

E. E. WHITE, Columbus, Ohio. I York. Agents wanted.

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Independent, New York City, Henry C. Bowen, Publisher.

The Methodist, Geo. R. Crooks, D.D., Editor.

Moore's Rural New Yorker, Rochester, N. Y., D. D.T. Moore, Editor and Proprietor.

Tribune, New York City, Horace Greeley, Editor.

We call attention to the above list as a positive guar. antee of our manner of doing business; as well as the hundreds of thousands of persons in our published Club Lists.

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31 and 33 Vescy Street, New York. Your " Advocate" is received and circulated. Please accept my thanks. You are extending a blessing to us old tea drinkers in the West.

My profession keeps me in my office, but the limited opportunities I have shall be devoted to the extension of your trade. The orders I have sent have been purely from private families. I have recommended your house to our merchants, with what success you know, not I. They might not like to have their customers see the profits they make. I remain, verv respectfully yours,


[ocr errors][ocr errors]

Receive their Teas

we will put each party's goods in separate packages,

and mark the dame upon them, with the cost, so there B Y Τ Η Ε C A R GO, noed be no confusion in their distribution-each party FROM THE BEST

getting exactly what he orders, and no more. The cost

of transportation the members can divido equitably Tea Districts of China and Japan,

among themselves.

Parties sending club or other orders for less than

thirty dollars, had better send Post-office drast or money

with their orders, to save the expense of collections by AT CARGO PRICES.

express ; bat larger orders we will forward by express,

to “collect on delivery." To give our readers an idea of the profits which havo

Hereafter we will send a complimentary package to boen made in the Tea Trade (previous to the establish- the party getting ap the club. Our profits are small, ment of the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY), we will

but we will be as liberal as we can afford. We send start with the American Houses, leaving out of the

no complimentary package for clubs of less than $50.
account entirely the profits of the Chinese factors.

Parties getting their Teas of us may confidently
First. The American House in China or Japan makes

rely upon getting them pure and fresh, as they come

direct from the Custom-House stores to our Warelarge profits on their sales or shipments

and some

of the richest retired merchants in this country bave
made their immense fortunes through their Houses in

We warrant all the goods we sell to give entire satis-

faction. If they are not satisfactory they can be returned

at our expense within thirty days, and have the money Second. The Banker makes large profits upon tho

foreign exchange used in the purchase of Teas.

The Company have selected the following kinds from
Third. The Importer makes a pront of 30 to 80 per

their stock, which they recommend to meet the wants
wat in many cases.

of clubs. They are sold at cargo prices, the same as the Fourth. On its arrival here it is sold by the cargo, and

Company sell them in New York, as the list of prices
the purchaser sells it to the Speculator in invoices of

will show.
1,000 to 2,000 packages, at an average profit of about
10 per cent.

Mifth. The Speculator sells it to the Wholesale Tea

OOLONG (Black), 70c., 80c., soc., best, $i per lb.
Dealer in the lines, at a profit of 10 to 15 per cent.

MIXED (Green and Black), 70c., 80c., 90c., best, $1 per
Sirth. The Wholesale Tea Dealer sells it to the Whole- Ib.
male Grocer in lots to suit bis trade, at a proat of about

ENGLISH BREAKFAST (Black), 80C., 90c., $1, $1 10, best,
10 per cent.

$1 20 per lb.

IMPERIAL (Green), 80C., 90c., $1, $1 10, best, $1 25 per
Seventh. The Wholesale Grocer sells It to the Retail Ib.
Dealer, at a proat of 15 to 25 per cent.

YOUNG Kygon (Green), 80c., 90c., $1, $1 10, best $1 %5
Fighth. The Retailer sells it to the Consumer, for ALL

UNCOLORED JAPAN, 90c., $1, $1 10, best, $1 25 per lb.

GUNPOWDER (Green), $1 25, best, $1 50 per Ib.
When you have added to these EIGHT proits as
many brokerages, cartages, storages, cooperages, and

waste, and add the original cost of the Tea, it will be

GROUND COFFEE, 20c., C., 80c., 35c., best, 40c., perceived what the consumer has to pay. And now WO per lb. Hotels, Saloons, Boarding-hoase keepers, and propose to show why we can sell so much lower than Families who use large quantities of Coffee, can econosmall dealers.

mize in that article by using our French Breakfast and

Dinner Coffee, which we sell at the low price of 80 c. por
We propose to do away with all these various profits

Ib., and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.
and brokerages, cartages, storages, cooperages, and
Paste, with the exception of a small commission paid

Consumers can save from 50c. to $1 per lb. by pur-
for purchasing to our correspondents in China and

chasing their Teas of the Japan, one cartage, and a small profit to ourselves

GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, which, on our large sales, will amply pay us.

31 and 33 VESET STREET.

Post Office Box 6,643, New York City.
By our system of supplying Clubs throughout the
country, consumers in all parts of the United Statos THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY (established 1861)

is recommended by the leading newspapers, religious
can recoive their Teas at the same price, with the small

and secular, in this and other cities, viz.:
Additional expense of transportation, as though they American Agriculturist, Orange Judd, Editor.
bought them at our Warehouse in this city.

Christian Advocate, New York City, Daniel Curry,
Some parties inquire of us how they shall proceed

D.D., Editor,

Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, J. M. Reid, D.D., to get ap a clab. The answer is simply this: Let each

Editor. person wishing to join in a club, say how much tea or

Christian Advocate, Chicago, ni., Thomas M. Eddy, coffee be wants, and select the kind and price from D.D., Editor.

Evangelist, New York City, Dr. H. M. Field and J. G. onr Price List, as published in the paper, or in our

Craighead, Editors. circulars. Write the cames, kinds, and amounts plainly

Koraminer and Chronicle, New York City, Edward on the list, as seen in the club-order published below, Bright, Editor.

Christian Intelligencor, E. S. Portor, D.D., Editor. and when the club is complete send it to us by mail, and


31 and 33 Vesey Street, New York. Gents : This day I forward you, by M. U. Express Company, $107 50, being amount due you on one box of tea.

It may be proper here to state that the tea received gives entire satisfaction. This makes two orders from this place. Your patrons are so well pleased with the tea that you may expect to furnish us our tea and coffee. I have sent your papers to Linden, Genesee County, in this State, and other places, from whence you may expect to receive orders.

Please accept our thanks for the promptness with which you responded to our order. Respectfully yours,




per lb.

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31 and 33 Vesey Street, New York. The order we sent you last month reached us in due time, and with which we are well pleased. We think there is, at least, 50 to 75 cents difference in your favor, compared with the prices of St. Louie, where we have been buying our teas for several years past. You may expect to receive our future orders.


N. B.-All villages and towns where a large number reside, by clubbing together, can reduce the cost of their Teas and Coffees about one-third by sending directly to the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY,

BEWARE of all concerns that advertise themselves as branches of our Establishment, or copy our name, either wholly or in part, as they are bogus or imitations. We have no branches, and do not, in any case, authorize the use of our name,

TAKE NOTICE.-Clubs and quantity buyers are only furnished from our Wholesale and Club Department.

Post-Office orders and drafts made payable to the order of the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, Direct letters and orders to the


Nos. 31 and 88 Vesey Street, New York, Post-Ofica Box, 8,648, New York City.


considered. They cultivate the soil, forge ip iron and silver, work skillfully with leather and wood, and manufacture cloth to some extent. They also have schools in which their children are instructed according to the precepts of Mohammedanism, the prevailing religion.

The Fulahs are a warlike people, and the dominant tribe in Senegambia. In stature they are of middle size, limbs delicate in mold but well form. ed and graceful. As described by M. Golberry, a French traveler, they are “fine men, robust and courageous. They have a strong mind, and are mysterious and prudent; they understand commerce, and travel in the capacity of merchants, even to the extent of the Gulf of Guinea: they are formidable to their neighbors. Their women are handsome and sprightly. The color of their skin is a kind of reddish black; their countenances are regular, and their hair is longer, and not so woolly as that of the common negroes; their language is altogether different from that of the nations by

whom they are surrounded—it is more FULAH WARRIORS.

elegant and sonorous."

The subject of their origin is a matBEASONABLE HINTS.

| to have the JOURNAL read in every family; ter yet undetermined. Some ethnologists claim

then, reader, we ask you to help place it there. the Fulah as an offshoot from the Polynesien Each subscriber is supposed to know, with- Science and religion may-should-go hand

race, on account of the analogous sound exout special notification, when his subscription in hand, and the whole world brought into

isting between several words of the Fulah and cnds. The JOURNAL is continued only for the happy harmony and concord. If we ever

Polynesian languages. Prichard considers time paid for. come to know ourselves thoroughly, we shall

them a genuine African race. Renewals are now in order. If they be be most thankful for the knowledge, and this

The Fulahs have a tradition that they are prompt, full and complete sets for binding will will, no doubt, make us more charitable in

descended from Phut, the son of Ham. (Gen. be obtained. But if they delay too long, we judging others. Then let us all join in the x. 6.) The prefix of the word Futa to almost may not be able at the end of the year to good work of self-improvements

every district of any extent which they have

occupied, is singular. supply all the back numbers.

The recent Abyssinian difficulties which Liberal premiums will continue to be given


have brought that people into conspicuous for clubs. We give sewing machines, melode

notice, may stimulate African exploration to a ons, libraries, tool chests, etc. Enterprising THESE people constitute one of the most

degree which will bring to light many interestpersons interested in the JOURNAL will talk up important tribes of Western Africa. The

ing facts related to the Fulahs and associate

tribes. There is a good prospect for Ethiopia the subject their friends and neighbors. region inhabited by them is that watered by now that scientific men are becoming deeply

Clubs may be made up at one or at different the two great rivers Senegal and Gambia. interested in her obscurities. post-offices.

The face of this large region, which extends In remitting, it is best, when possible, to send | interiorward to the distance of six or seven

A TRUE MAN. -- Shakspeare's estimate of P. O. orders, checks, or drafts, payable to the hundred miles, is generally flat and monoto

true manhood is not more definite and beautiorder of the editor. If greenbacks be sent, it nous. The Senegal, which is under the control

ful than suggestive : should be in registered letters. of the French, is navigable for small-sized

His words are bonds, his oaths are oracles, Finally. It must be apparent to every reader, vessels some five hundred miles; the Gambia

His love sincere, his thoughts immaculate ; that the work of disseminating new and un- is navigable for vessels of the largest size some His tears pure messengers sent from his heart; popular truths must, in the nature of things, thirty-five or forty miles, and for ordinary

His heart as far from fraud as beaven from earth! be an “up-hill work.” Only brave and cour- merchant vessels, to MacCarthy's Island, two

THE ageous hearts will engage in it; hearts not hundred and fifty miles from the sea-coast. daunted by the sneers of prejudice, or by the Similar in many physical respects to the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL bigotry of superstition and ignorance. Let Abyssinians, the Fulahs differ greatly from

AND LIFE ILLUSTRATED, cach judge for himself what is his duty and the ordinary negro races. They have long

18 devoted to The Science of Man, in al} its branches, his pleasure. been known to traders in Western Africa,

including PHRENOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHYSIOGNOMY, If the world is to be regenerated; if bad In 1534 commercial relations were com


a guide in Choosing a Pursult, and in judging of habits are to be overcome; and if the race is menced by the Spanish government through the dispositions of those around us, by all the known

external “ Signs of Character." to be elevated physically, intellectually, and De Barros. In personal appearance and men

Published monthly, $3 a year in advance. Sample spiritually, the means must be used. We claim tal capacity they greatly exceed the neighbor- numbers, 30 cents. Now is the time to subscribe. A but a very moderate share in this work; but, ing tribes. In fact, they have attained to some new volume begins with the July number. Clubs of so far as it goes, it is important. Others work degree of civilization, which is a matter of ten or more, $2 each. Supplied by Booksellers and well in other fields; let us work well in this. | astonishment to European travelers when

Newsmen everywhere.

Address, SAMUEL R. WELLS, EDITOR, If it would be an aid to personal improvement their rude and barbarous surroundings are

880 Broadway, New York, V. S. A.

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