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Estimate of Funds required for the pay, subsistence, forage, and clothing of the troops of the United States, of which

is Paymaster, from the 1st of , 18 to the 1st of 18 two months, founded on the actual number of said troops.

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I certify that the above estimate is founded on the best data, as to the actual number of troops, to be obtained.

-, Paymaster, U. S. A.


Receipts to be rendered by Paymasters for remit!ances.

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Received of


day of the day of

18—, the sum of no Army of the United States, as follows:

18–, at dollars and

in the State of


dated cents, on account of the pay, &c., of the

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· Nore.-One receipt for the Paymaster General, one for the Second Auditor, and one for the Treasurer.

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I hereby certify that the foregoing account is accurate and just; that I have not been absent without leave during any part of
the time charged for; that I have not received pay, nor drawn rations, forage, or clothing in kind, or received money in lieu of any
part thereof, for any part of the time therein charged; that I actually owned and kept in service the horses, and employed the private
servants for which I charge for the whole of the time charged; and that I did not, during the term so charged, or any part thereof,
keep or employ a soldier as a waiter or servant; that the annexed is an accurate description of my servant; that, for the whole
period charged for my staff appointment, I actually and legally held the appointment and did duty in the department; that I was the
actual and only commanding officer at the double-ration post charged for; and that no officer, within my knowledge, has a right to
claim, or does claim, for said services for any part of the period charged ; that for the whole time brevet pay is claimed I had the
command stated; that I was actually in the command of a company for the whole time additional pay is charged; that I have not
been in the performance of any staff duty for which I claim, or have received, extra compensation during the time an additional
ration is charged for; that I have been in the United States Army as a commissioned officer for the number of years stated in the
charge for extra rations; that I am not in arrears with the United States on any account whatsoever; and that the last payment I
received was from Paymaster

and to the

day of

[ at the same time acknowledge that I have received of

-, Paymaster, this day of , 18–, the sum of
100 dollars, being the amount in full of said account.

(Signed duplicates.)


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Amount.............. Note 1. The amount of additional pay per month, if any, for former services under the act of August 4, 1854, must be carefully

noted in the exact words used on the Muster-Roll.
2. Likewise, the amount due the soldier for a certificate of merit ; or in lieu of a commission, under sec. 4, Act of August 4, 1854.
3. So, also, of any other extra pay for which he may be mustered; ex gr. as acting Hospital Steward, as saddler, &c., and

which may be still due him.
4. Stoppages

for loss or damage done to arms, or other public property, must be noted, and the articles, and particular damage
to each, specified.
3. Stoppages due, under the sentence of a court-martial, must be carefully stated, with number and date of order.
6. In cases of desertion, the date, and that of delivery, or apprehension, must be given, together with a correct transcript of

the order of sentence or pardon, whenever the final settlement of the man's accounts may be affected by either.



Certificate to be given a soldier at the time of his discharge.

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-, aged


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on the

years, and is

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I CERTIFY that the within named

of Captain company (-) of the

regiment of

born in in the State of


feet - inches high, complexion, eyes, hair, and by profession was enlisted by


day of eighteen hundred and

to serve for now entitled to a discharge by reason of The said was last paid by Paymaster

to include the

-, eighteen hundred and and his pay due from that time to the present date.

There is due to him dollars retained pay.

There is due to him dollars on account of clothing not drawn in kind. He is indebted to the United States

dollars on account of extra clothing, &c. He is indebted to

laundress at

dollars. The contract price of the ration at is


day of

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Note.-When a soldier transfers his certificates, the transfer must be made on them, witnessed by a commissioned officer, when practicable, or by some other reputable person known to the Paymaster.

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