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“ where trees and berries are set, whereof we make “ divers kinds of drinks, besides the vineyards. In “ these we practise likewise all conclusions of graft

ing and inoculating, as well of wild trees as “ fruit trees, which produceth many effects. And

we make, by art, in the same orchards and gar“ dens, trees and flowers to come earlier or later than “ their seasons; and to come up and bear more “ speedily than by their natural course they do. We “ make them also by art greater much than their “nature; and their fruit greater, and sweeter, and of

differing taste, smell, colour, and figure, from their “ nature. And many of them we so order, as they “ become of medicinal use.

“ We have also means to make divers plants rise by mixtures of earths without seeds; and likewise 6 to make divers new plants, differing from the

vulgar; and to make one tree or plant turn into • another.

“ We have also parks and inclosures of all sorts of “ beasts and birds, which we use not only for view or

rareness, but likewise for dissections and trials; that

thereby we may take light what may be wrought “ upon the body of man. Wherein we find many “ strange effects; as continuing life in them, though “ divers parts, which you account vital, be perished, 6 and taken forth ; resuscitating of some that seem “ dead in appearance; and the like. We try also all

poisons and other medicines upon them, as well of

chirurgery as physic. By art likewise, we make * them greater or taller than their kind is; and con“ trariwise dwarf them, and stay their growth: we “ make them more fruitful and bearing than their • kind is; and contrariwise barren, and not generative. “ Also we make them differ in colour, shape, activity,

many ways. We find means to make commixtures " and copulations of divers kinds, which have pro“duced many new kinds, and them not barren, as the só general opinion is. We make a number of kinds “ of serpents, worms, flies, fishes, of putrefaction; “ whereof some are advanced in effect to be perfect




creatures, like beasts, or birds; and have sexes, and “ do propagate. Neither do we this by chance, but

we know beforehand, of what matter and com“ mixture, what kind of those creatures will arise.

“ We have also particular pools, where we make “ trials upon fishes, as we have said before of beasts “ and birds.

“ We have also places for breed and generation of " those kinds of worms, and flies, which are of spe“ cial use; such as are with you your silk-worms and “ bees.

“ I will not hold you long with recounting of our “ brew-houses, bake-houses, and kitchens, where are “ made divers drinks, breads, and meats, rare, and “ of special effects. Wines we have of

Wines we have of grapes; and “ drinks of other juice, of fruits, of grains, and of “ roots: and of mixtures with honey, sugar, manna, “ and fruits dried and decocted. Also of the tears

or woundings of trees, and of the pulp of canes. “ And these drinks are of several ages, some to the

age or last of forty years. We have drinks also “ brewed with several herbs, and roots, and spices;

yea, with several fleshes, and white meats; whereof " some of the drinks are such as they are in effect “ meat and drink both: so that divers, especially in

age, do desire to live with them, with little or no

meat, or bread. And above all, we strive to have “ drinks of extreme thin parts, to insinuate into the

body, and yet without all biting, sharpness, or fret“ ting; insomuch as some of them put upon the back “ of your hand, will, with a little stay, pass through “ to the palm, and yet taste mild to the mouth. We “ have also waters which we ripen in that fashion as " they become nourishing; so that they are indeed “ excellent drink; and many will use no other. “ Breads we have of several grains, roots, and ker“ nels : yea, and some of flesh, and fish, dried; with “ divers kinds of leavenings and seasonings : so that “ some do extremely move appetites; some do nou“ rish so, as divers do live on them, without any other “ meat; who live very long. So for meats, we have




“ some of them so beaten, and made tender, and “ mortified, yet without all corrupting, as a weak heat “ of the stomach will turn them into good chylus, as “ well as a strong heat would meat otherwise pre

pared. We have some meats also, and breads and “ drinks, which taken by men enable them to fast “ long after; and some other, that used make the

very flesh of mens bodies sensibly more hard and

tough, and their strength far greater than other“ wise it would be.

“ We have dispensatories, or shops of medicines; “ wherein you may easily think, if we have such “ variety of plants and living creatures more than you “ have in Europe, (for we know what you have,) the

simples, drugs, and ingredients of medicines, must “ likewise be in so much the greater variety. We “ have them likewise of divers ages, and long fer“ mentations. And for their preparations, we have “ not only all manner of exquisite distillations and

separations, and especially by gentle heats and per“colations through divers strainers, yea, and sub“ stances; but also exact forms of composition, “ whereby they incorporate almost as they were na“ tural simples.

“ We have also divers mechanical arts, which you “ have not; and stuffs made by them; as papers,

linen, silks, tissues; dainty works of feathers of “wonderful lustre; excellent dyes, and many others : " and shops likewise as well for such as are not “ brought into vulgar use amongst us, as for those

For you must know, that of the things “ before recited, many of them are grown into use

throughout the kingdom; but yet, if they did flow “ from our invention, we have of them also for pat“ terns and principals.

“ We have also furnaces of great diversities, and “ that keep great diversity of heats; fierce and quick; “ strong and constant; soft and mild; blown, quiet,

dry, moist; and the like. But above all, we have “ heats in imitation of the sun's and heavenly bodies “ heats, that pass divers inequalities, and, as it were,

66 that are.

* orbs, progresses, and returns, whereby, we produce " admirable effects. Besides, we have heats of dungs, * and of bellies and maws of living creatures, and of “ their bloods and bodies; and of hays and herbs laid

up moist; of lime unquenched; and such like. In

struments also which generate heat only by motion. “ And farther, places for strong insolations: and “ again, places under the earth, which, by nature or

art, yield heat. These divers heats we use, as the s nature of the operation which we intend requireth.

“ We have also perspective houses, where we “ make demonstrations of all lights and radiations ; " and of all colours; and out of things uncoloured " and transparent, we can represent unto you all “ several colours : not in rain-bows, as it is in gems “ and prisms, but of themselves single. We represent “ also all multiplications of light, which we carry to “ great distance; and make so sharp, as to discern “small points and lines: also all colorations of light: “ all delusions and deceits of the sight, in figures, * magnitudes, motions, colours: all demonstrations “ of shadows. We find also divers means yet un“known to you, of producing of light originally from “ divers bodies. We procure means of seeing objects " afar off; as in the heaven and remote places; and

represent things near as far off; and things afar off “ as near; making feigned distances. We have also “ helps for the sight, far above spectacles and glasses

We have also glasses and means, to see “ small and minute bodies perfectly and distinctly; " as the shapes and colours of small flies and worms, “ grains, and flaws in gems, which cannot otherwise “ be seen ; observations in urine and blood, not other56 wise to be seen.

We make artificial rain-bows, “halos, and circles about light. We represent also “all manner of reflections, refractions, and multipli. * cations of visual beams of objects.

“ We have also precious stones of all kinds, many ► of them of great beauty, and to you unknown;

crystals likewise; and glasses of divers kinds; and amongst them some of metals vitrificated, and other

66 in use.

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“ materials, besides those of which you make glass. “ Also a number of fossils, and imperfect minerals, “ which you have not. Likewise loadstones of pro“ digious virtue; and other rare stones, both natural 56 and artificial.

““ We have also sound-houses, where we practise " and demonstrate all sounds, and their generation. “ We have harmonies which you have not, of quarter" sounds, and lesser slides of sounds. Divers instru“ ments of music likewise to you unknown, some “ sweeter than any you have; together with bells and

rings that are dainty and sweet. We represent “ small sounds as great and deep; likewise great “ sounds extenuate and sharp; we make divers “ tremblings and warblings of sounds, which in their “ original are entire. We represent and imitate all 56 articulate sounds and letters, and the voices and “ notes of beasts and birds. We have certain helps, “ which set to the ear do further the hearing greatly. “ We have also divers strange and artificial echos, * reflecting the voice many times, and as it were “ tossing it: and some that give back the voice s louder than it came ; some shriller, and some " deeper; yea, some rendering the voice differing in “ the letters or articulate sound from that they re“ ceive.

We have also means to convey sounds in “ trunks and pipes, in strange lines and distances.

“ We have also perfume-houses ; wherewith we join also practices of taste. We multiply smells, “ which may seem strange. We imitate smells, “ making all smells to breathe out of other mixtures " than those that give them. We make divers imi. “ tations of taste likewise, so that they will deceive

any man's taste. And in this house we contain “ also a confiture-house; where we make all sweet

meats, dry and moist; and divers pleasant wines, “ milks, broths, and salads, in far greater variety than “

“ We have also engine-houses, where are prepared

engines and instruments for all sorts of motions. • There we imitate and practise to make swifter mo


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you have.

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