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Indexed by the large numbers

Abbott, Jos. C, motion on currency bill, 588.
Admission of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas, 572-579.
Address, President Grant's Inaugural, 41(5, 417.
Akerman, Amos T., Attorney General, 507.
Alabama, Smith, Governor, vice Patten, Legislature
convened and XlVth amendment ratified, 428; mil-
itary rule withdrawn, 422, 428; attitude towards
XVth amendment, 488; vote on XVth amendment,
Allison, Wm. B., motions on public credit bill, 396, 413;

motion on currency bili, 594.
Amendment, congressional proceedings on, 399-
406; to the tenure-of-oiiice act, 413-415; resolution
as to effect of XVth, 415; votes of State legisla-
tures on the XVth, 488; proposed XVIth, 500;
proposed religious constitutional, 500; XlVth, text
of, 548; XVth, ratifying votes, proclamation, bills
enforcing, and votes thereon, 545-572; votes of States
on, 557-502.
Amendments, bill to regulate mode of ratifying consti-
tutional, 621.
Amnesty, general, President Johnson's proclamation of,

419, 582.
Apportionment, 583-585.

Arkansas, military rule withdrawn, 422, 428, 429; ad-
mitted to representation, 428, 429; vote on XVth
amendment, 488.
Banking And Currency, 586-596.
Banks. Nathaniel P., reports Cuban resolution, 619.
Banks, right of the United States to tax State, 523-530;

right of States to tax National, 530-532.
Bayard, James A., motions on XVth amendment, 402,

404; as to public credit bill, 396.
Bayard, Thos. F., funding motion, 601; motion to tax

bonds, 607.
Beck, James B., substitute for Mississippi bill, 577; for
Texas bill, 579; motion to tax interest on bonds,
Belknap, William W., Secretary of War, 507.
Bingham, John A., motions as to XVth amendment,
400,400; reports enforcing bill, 550; substitute for
Virginia bill, 574; proviso to Georgia bill, 611; mo-
tion on Cuban resolution, 620; substitute for same,
621; reports bill to regulate mode of ratifying con-
stitutional amendments, 621.
Blaine, James G., Speaker House of Representatives,

Blair, Austin, funding motion, 602.
Bonds issued to the Union Pacific Railroad Company,

503; purchasing, 580.
Boreman, Arthur I., funding motion, 601.
Borie, Adolpii E., Secretary of the Navy, 407.
Boutwell, George S , motions on XVth amendment,

405; Secretary of the Treasurj', 406, 507.
Bradley, Justice, 523.
Broomall, John M., resolution declaring repudiation

odious, 392.
Brown, Chief Justice, opinion in White vs. Georgia, 470,
471; opinion of Georgia supreme court as to inter-
marriage of whites and blacks, 474, 475.
Buchanan, General, temporary command Louisiana,

Buckalew, Charles It.,motion on XVth amendment, 402.
Buckingham, William A., motions on funding bill, 600.
Bdrchard, Horatiq C, motion on currency bill, 594.
Butler, Bcnjamin F., objects to Georgia electoral vote,
394; reports Mississippi bill, 410, 411; tenure-of-
office act, 414; reports Texas bill with conditions,
578; motion on funding bill, 603; reports bill for
restoration of Georgia 611; reports Senate amend-
ment to Georgia bill, 614.
Cabinet of President Johnson, 383; of President Grant,

406, 407, 507.
C^sar Griffin Case, opinions in the, 457-466.
California, Republican and Democratic platforms, 478,
479; attitude towards XVth amendment, 488; vote
on XVth amendment, 557.
Cameron, Smon, proviso to Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568; funding motion, 601.

Campbell, James H., reports Union Pacific Railroad bill,

Canby, E. R. S., General, assigned to department of
Washington, 422; to first military district, 424; to
fifth and department of Texas, 424; in command
first district, orders all civil officers to take test-
oath, as to registration and voting, extending stay
law and guarding against fraud, 426; justifies his
test-oath order, 4'X 427; in second military dis-
trict annuls railroad appointments and withdraws
military rule from North and South Carolina, 427,
428; in command of fifth district, re-assembles
Texas constitutional convention, military posts,
apprenticeship and education of children, real
estate sales, indigent educational fund, relin-
quishes command, 429, 430.
Carpenter, Matthew C, motion on enforcing bill, 556.
Casserly, Eugene, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
Northern Pacific Railroad bill, 568; on currency
bill, 590,
Cessna, John, motion on amnesty, 582.
Chandler, Zachariah, motion on'currency bill, 589.
Chase. Chief Justice, dissenting opinion in Crandall
vs. Nevada, 436, 437,; opinion of United States Su-
preme Court on State taxation of United States
certificates, 437-439; on State taxation of United
States notes, 439, 440; on the legality offender of
United States notes for State taxes, 440-443; on
express contracts to pay coined dollars only satis-
fied with coined dollars, 443-447; on the status of
the State of Texas, 448-454;: in the McCardle case,
456,457; the Caesar Griffin case, 457-402; on valid-
ity of contracts in Confederate money, 509-511; on
constitutionality of legal-tender clause as to prior
contracts, 512-519; on right of United States Gov-
ernment to tax State banks, 523-528.
Chinese" Naturalization, direct vote in the Senate on, 619.
Circulation Of Currency In The Various States, 596.
Clakkk, Sydney, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad

bill, 570.
Clifford, Justice, dissenting opinion in Crandall vs.

Nevada. 430, 437, 523.
Coburn, John, motions on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 57 i; apportionment proposition, 585; motion
on currency bill, 591; on funding bill, 602.
Colfax, Schuyler, Speaker, 383; declared elected Vice
President, 3j5; Vice President, and President of
Senate, 407, 507.
Commerce, message as to, 540-541.
Confederate Money, on the validity of contracts in, 509- ,

Conkling, Roscoe, motion on currency bill, 588, 589; to
strike out income tax, 607, 608; reports naturaliza-
tion bill substitute* 618.
Connecticut, vote on XVth amendment. 488, 489; elec-
tion of 18C9, 500.
Congress, members of the 40th, 3d session, 383, 384; of

the 41st, 407, 507.
Conn Ess, John, motion as to XVth constitutional amend-
ment, 40 L
Constitution, proposed XVIth amendment to, 506; pro-
posed religious amendment to, 506.
Constitution Of Illinois, new, 621.

Constitutional Amendment, XVth, congressional pro-
ceedings upon, 399-106; text XVth, 545, 546; text
XlVth, 548; votes of States on XVth. 557-562.
Constitutional Amendments, bill to regulate mode of

ratifying, 621.
Constitutionality Of Legal-tender Clause, as it relates

to contracts made prior to its adoption, 511-523.
Contracts In Confederate Money, on the validity of. 509-

Contracts Prior To Adoption Op Legal-tender Clause, 511-

Contracts, express, to pay coin, 443-448.
Cooke. General P. St. G., to department of Cumberland,

Corbltt, Henry W., motion on XVth constitutional
amendment, 402; motion on funding bill, 600.

Cox, Jacob D., Secretary of the Interior, 407, 507.

Cox, Samuel S., general amnesty resolution, 582; motion

on income-tax, 605.
Credit, bill to strengthen public, 395, 397; act, &c, 412,

Creswell, John A. J., Postmaster General, 407, 507.
Crooke, General George, to department of the Colum-
bia, 422.
Cuba, message as to, 542-544.
Cuban Question, 619.
Currency, increasing the, 580, 581; banking and, 586-

Daniel, R. T., Virginia election dispatch to Grant,

Davis, Garrett, motion as to general disability bill, 393;
motions on XVth amendment, 405; motion on en-
forcing bill, 555; currency bill, 589; financial bill,
599; income tax, 608.
Davis, Noah, funding bill motions, 603, 604; introduces

naturalization biH, 618.
Davis, Justice, 523.

Dawes, Henry L., moves substitute to Georgia bill, 614.
Debt, act to authorize the refunding of the national,

597; statements of national, 500-502, 627-630.
Decisions, judicial, 434-475, 5U9-532.
Delaware, attitude towards XVth amendment, 489;

vote on, 557.
Dickey, Oliver J., motion on Georgia bill, 615.
Disabilities, vote on removal of, 3j3.
District Of Columbia, further security of equal rights,

Dixon, James, motions on XVth amendment, 402, 405.
Doolittle, James li., motion on XVth amendment, 405.
Douglas, Stephen A., introduces Illinois Central Rail-
road bill, 564.
Drake, Charles D., motions as to XVth amendment,
401,404; amendment to Virginia bill, 575; motion
on apportionment bill, 584; on Georgia bill, 613.
Duties upon merchandise in French ships, 421.
Edmunds, George F., resolution as to Georgia electoral
vote, 393; proviso to Virginia admission bill, 575;
motion as to apportionment, 584; income tax, 608;
gross receipts, 608; Georgia bill, 614.
Eight-hour Wages, Grant's proclamation, 421.
Ela, Jacob II., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad bill,

Eldridge, Chas. A., motion on Cuban resolution, 620.
Elections of 1869, 506.
Election, presidential, returns, 499; Virginia, Grant's

proclamation for, 420, 421.
Emory, General W. II., to department of Washington,

Enforcing Act, text of and action upon, 546-550.
Equal Rights in District of Columbia, further security,

Evarts, William M., Attorney General, 383; as to mili-
tary aid to United States marshals, 422, 423.
Evidence of colored persons before military courts,

Express Contracts to pay coin, 443-448.
Faknoworth, John F., reports Virginia bill, 573; motion

* on Georgia bill, 615.
Female Suffrage, 506.

Fenian Invasion, proclamation against, 544.
Ferriss, Orange, resolution as to validity of XlVth and

XVth amendments, 583.
Field, Justice, 523.

Fifteenth Amendment, congressional proceedings, 399-
406; resolution as to etfect, 415; votes of States on,
488-498, 557-562; proclamation of ratification, 545,
546; bills to enforce, and votes thereon, 546-550;
House vote on validity of, 583.
Fi§h, Hamilton, Secretary of State, 406, 507; certificate

ratification XVth amendment, 545, 546.
Flok-ja, cessation of military rule, 422, 428; ratifies
XlVth amendment, 428; vote on XVth amend-
ment, 489.
Fortieth Congress, 3d session, members of, 383, 384.
jb'ORTY-FiRST Congress, members of, 407,408, 507.
Fourteenth Amendment, Seward's final certificate, 417-
419; act enforcing XVth and, 546-550; House vote
on validity of, 583.
Fowler, Jos. S., motions, XVth amendment, 401, 405.
Funding Act, 597.

Garfield, James A., resolution condemning repudiation,
579; substitute for currency bill, 591; motion on,
General Amnesty, President Johnson's, 419; subse-
quent, 582.
Georgia, counting electoral vote, vote on representa-
tion, 393; military government ends, 422, 428; mil-
itary orders as to resignation of sheriffs, intimi-
dating voters, carrying arms, armed assemblages,

the test-oath, ratification of constitution, provis-
ional governor, stay law, ratification of XlVth
amendment, 42S; judicial decisions as to negroes
holding office and intermarriage of whites and
blacks, 400-475; votes on XVth amendment, 4S9,490,
557; reconstruction and restoration of, 609-615.
Gilli:m, General A. C, assigned to fourth military dis-
trict, 422; relieved. 424.
Gorham, George C, Secretary United States Senate, 407,

Grant, U. S., orders re-districting southern States, 422;
military aid to civil authorities, 423,424; sentences
of military commissions, &c, 4 4: assigns Canby
to, and relieves Reynolds from, fifth military dis-
trict, 424; declared President of the United States,
395; cabinet of, 406, 407; inaugural address, 416,
417; reconstruction message, 417 ; proclamation for
Virginia election, 420, 421; as to duties on mer-
chandise, 421; eight-hour wages, 421; for Missis-
sippi election, 505: for Texas election, 505, 506;
majority for President United States, 499; first an-
nual message, 533-540; special messages, on com-
merce, 540,541; urging ratification of San Domingo
treaty, 541,542; Cuban affairs, 542-544; proclamation
against Fenian invasion,544; announcing ratifica-
tion XVth amendment, 545; message on Euro-
pean war and American shipping, 616.
Grants, land, 563-572, 625.

Grier, Justice, dissenting opinion as to status of Texas,
454,456; 523.

Griffin, Caesar, judicial opinions, 457-466.

Griswold, John A., funding motion, 603.

Halleck. General II. W.,"to military division of the
South, 424.

Hamlin, Hannibal, motion oh enforcing bill, 555; on
funding, 600; on Georgia bill, 613; naturalization
bill, 619.

Hamilton, Wm. T., motion to tax interest on public debt,

Hancock, General W. S., to department of Dakota,

Harlan, James, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 567.

Hawley, John B., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568; as to income tax, 605.

Henderson, John B., motions as to public credit bill,
39G, 397; as to XVth amendment, 401.

Hendricks Thomas A., substitute for resolution con-
demning President Johnson's repudiation propo-
sition, 391; motion on XVth amendment, 405.

Hendricks, William, reports Wabash and Erie Canal
bill. 563.

Hoar, E Rockwood, Attorney General, 407, 507; opinion
on jurisdiction of military commissions, 475-478.

Holman, William S , resolution as to land-grant policy,
572; funding motions, 602, 603; as to taxation of
bonds, 605.

Howard, Jacob M, resolution as to Georgia electoral
vote, 394; motion as to and upon XVth amendment,
401,404,405; on public credit bill, 413; motion on
enforcing bill, 556; on funding bill, 600.

Howard, General O. O., to department of Louisiana,
425. •

Howe, Timothy 0., motion on currency bill, 591; on nat-
uralization, 619; motions on funding, 601.

Howell, James B., proviso on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568.

Illinois, vote on XVth amendment, 490; new constitu-
tion of, 621; Central Railroad bill, 563.

Income Tax, 605.

Inaugural Address Of President Grant, 416, 417.

Indiana, vote on XVth amendment, 490, 491; Republi-
can platform for 1870,622; Democratic, 623.

Ingersoll, Ebon C, substitute for currency bill, 593,
594; introduces currency bill, 596; funding mo-
tions, 602, 603, 604.

Intermarriage of whites and blacks in Georgia, 474,

Internal Revenue Statistics, 626.

Internal Tax And Tariff, 605.

Iowa, Republican and Democratic platforms, 479, 480;
XVth amendment, 491; vote on XVth amend-
ment, 558.

Johnson, President Andrew, cabinet of, 383; last annual
message, 384-391; general amnestv proclamation,

Johnson, James A., motion as to effect of XVth amend-
ment, 414.

Johnston, J. E., the surrender of, 504, 505.

Jones, Alexander II.. introduces apportionment bill, 583.

Judd, Norman B., motion on apportionment, 585; on cur-
rency, 594; on funding, 603.

Judicial Decisions, 434-475, 509-532.

Jurisdiction Of Military Commissions, &c, 475-478.

Kansas, vote on XVth amendment, 491.

Kellogg, Wm. P., motion on currency bill, 589.

Kelsey, William H., motion on tariff, 581; on appor-
tionment bill, 584.

Kentucky, vote on XVth amendment, 491, 492.

Lands, 625..

Land Subsidies, 563-572, 625.

Lawrence, William, motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill, 571; on Georgia bill, 615.

Legal-tender Clause, as it relates to prior contracts,

Logan, John A., motion on XVth amendment, 405;
on Cuban resolution, 620.

Loughridge, William, resolution on increasing cur-
rency, 580.

Louisiana, ratifies XlVth amendment, 429; military
rule ceases, 422,429; vote on XVth amendment,

Lynch, John, substitute to currency bill, 594.

Maine, vote on XVth amendment, 492.

Marriage, Inter-, Georgia, whites and blacks, 474, 475.

Marshall, Samuel S., resolutions on tariff, 581, 582; on
apportionment, 535; on funding bill, 602.

Maryland, vote on XVth amendment, 492, 558.

Massachusetts, vote on XVth amendment, 492.

Mayham, Stephen" L., funding motion, 60-.

Maynard, Horace, funding motion, 604.

Mccardle Case, The, 456, 457.

Mccarthy, Dennis, motion to abolish income tax, 606.

Mccoy, Justice, decision and opinion in White vs.
Georgia, 466-470.

Mcculloch, Hugh, Secretary of the Treasury, 383.

Mcneely. Thompson W., resolution as to purchase of
bonds, 580; as to issue of greenbacks, 596.

Mcpherson, Edward, Clerk House of Representatives,
407, 507.

Meade, General G. G., to department of South, 422; to
division of the Atlantic, 424; order as to Georgia
sheriffs' resignations, intimidation of voters, car-
rying of arms, &c, test-oath, ratification Georgia
and Florida constitutions, appointing Governors
of Georgia and Alabama, stay law, ratification
XlVth amendment, and withdrawal of military
rule from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, 428.

Merchandise in French ships, duties on, 421.

Message, President Johnson's last annual, 384-391;
President Grant's, on reconstruction, 417; first
annual, 533-540; on commerce, 540, 541; San Do-
mingo treaty, 541, 542; Cuban affairs, 542-544; rati-
fication of XVth amendment, 545; European war
and American shipping, 616.

Michigan, vote on XVth amendment, 493,494; election
of 18C9, 506.

Military, aid to United States marshals and sheriffs,
423,424; readjustment of districts, 422; orders on
reconstruction, 422, 432; jurisdiction of commis-
sions, 475-478.

Miller, Justice, opinion of the United States Supreme
Court on right of States to tax through passen-
gers, 434,437; dissenting opinion in Bronson vs.
Rodes, 447, 448; dissenting opinion as to status of
Texas, 456; dissenting opinion in Hepburn vs.
Griswold, 519-523; opinion of United States Su-
preme Court on the right of States to tax National
Banks, 530-532.

Minnesota, XVth amendment, 494; vote on XVth
amendment, 558.

Minority Representation, vote on, 382, 393.

Miscellaneous Matters, 504-506.

Mississippi bill, 410-412; Virginia and Texas bill, 408-
410; constitution lost, test-oath promulgated, poll
tax annulled, colored persons competent jurors,
428, 429; Republican and Democratic platforms,
480-482; Grant's election proclamation, 505; XVth
amendment, 494; vote on XVth amendment, 558,
559: text and votes on act to admit, 576, 577; und er
civil authority, 579.

Missouri, votes on XVth amendment, 494, 559.

Morgan, George W., substitute to currency bill, 593.

Morrill, Justin S., motion on currency bill, 591; on
funding bill, 600.

Morton, Oliver P., motion as to tenure-of-office bill,
398; on XVth amendment, 402. 403, 404; as to Vir-
ginia, Mississippi, and Texas bill, 410; on public
credit bill, 413; on enforcing bill, 555; amend-
ment to Virginia bill, 576; motions on currency,
588-590; on funding bill, 600. 601; on Georgia bill,
611, 612.

Mower, General J. A., to department of Louisiana, 425.

Mullins, James, objects to electoral vote of Louisiana,

Mungen, William, funding motion, 603.

National Bank Notes, increase of. &c. 586.

National Dkbt, act to authorize the refunding of the,
597; statements, 500-502, 627-630.

Naturalization Laws, act to amend and punish crimes
against. 616.

Nebraska,XVth amendment, 494; vote on XVth amend-
ment, 559.

Negro office-holding in Georgia, 466-474.

Nelson, Justice, 523; dissenting opinion in the Veazie
Bank vs. Jeremiah Fenno. 528-530.

Nevada, vote on XVth amendment, 494.

New Hampshire, votes on XVth amendment, 494,495,
559 selection of 1869, 506.

New Jersey, XVth amendment, 495.

New York, votes on XVth amendment, 495, 496, 560.

Niblack, William E., motion as to public credit bill,

North Carolina, order as to railroad directors, ratifi-
cation of XlVth amendment. 427; military rule
ceases, 422, 427; vote on XVth amendment, 496.

Northern Pacific Railroad bills, 565-567-

Notes, United States, for State taxes, Supreme Court
opinion, 440-443; increase of National Bank, &c,

Office-holding, by Georgia negroes, 466, 474.

Official proclamations, 417-421.

Ohio, Republican and Democratic platforms, 482, 483,
624; votes on XVth amendment, 496, 497, 560.

Orders on reconstruction, 422-432.

Oregon, XVth amendment, 497.

Pacific Railroad bonds, 503.

Paine, Halbert E., resolution as to Georgia congress-
men, 393.

Passenger Tax, can States levy a through, 434-437.

Pennsylvania, Republican and Democratic platforms,
483, 484; vote on XVth amendment. 497.

Phelps, Charles E., minority representation motion,

Platforms of States, 1869, 478-488; 1870, 622-624.

Political Votes, 3d session, 40th Congress. .91-398; 1st
session, 41st Congress, 408-415.

Pomeroy, Samuel C, motions on Georgia bill, 612-614.

Pool, John, motions on enforcing bill, 555, 556.

Potter, Clarkson N., motion as to income tax, 605.

Prior Contracts in coin, 511-523.

Proclamations, official, 417-421, 505, 506, 544.

Public Credit bill, 395-397; act, 412, 413.

Public Debt, statements, 500-502, 627-630.

Public Lands, statistics as to, 625.

Ramsey, Alexander, introduces Northern Pacific lutil-
road resolution, 567.

Randall, Samuel J., motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill, 570; substitute for currency bill, 592.

Randall, Alexander W., Postmaster General, 383.

Rawlins, John A., Secretary of War, 406; Attorney Gen-
eral Hoar's letter to, on jurisdiction of military
commissions, 475-478.

Reconstruction, Johnson's last message on, 384-391;
additional legislation,408-415; Grant's message on,
417; military orders, 422-432; of Virginia, Missis-
sippi, and Texas, 572-579; of Georgia, act to pro-
mote and votes thereon, 609-615.

Reeves, Henry A., resolution abolishing tariff on salt, 582.

Removal of disabilities, vote on, 393.

Representation, minority, 392, 393; of Georgia, 393; ap-
portionment, 583-585.

Repudiation, 579, 580.

Resolutions condemning President Johnson's repudia-
tion plan, 391,392; on repudiation, 579; purchasing
bonds, 580; increasing currency, 580; tariff. 581;
general amnesty, 582; apportionment, 583-585.

Restoration Of Georgia, act relating to, 611.

Revenue, receipts and reductions, 626.

Reynolds, General J. J., assigned to fifth district, 422,
424; relieved, 424; orders cessation military rule
in Louisiana, convention tax to be paid, Texas not
to send Presidential electors, is removed, rein-
stated, test-oath, 429, 430.

Rhode Island, XVth amendment, 497, 559; election of
1869, 506.

Robeson, George M., Secretary of the Navy, 406, 507.

Ross, Edmund G., motion on currency bill, 590.

Rousseau, General L. II., to department of Louisiana,

San Domingo Treaty, message as to, 541, 542.

Sargent, Aaron A., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 569.

Saulsbury, Willard, motion on currency bill, 589.

Sawyer, Frederick A., motion as to XVth amendment,

Schenck, Robert C, reintroduces public credit bill, 413;
reports substitute to Senate funding bill, 601; fund-
ing motions, 603; reports bill to reduce internal

taxes, fins; tariff amendment, 606; statement of
reductions under revenue act, G09.
Schofield. GeneralJ. M., Secretary of War, 383; assigned

to department of the Missouri, 425.
Scofield, Glenni Vv„ motions on apportionment, 585;

on currency bill, 596.
Scott, John, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on Northern

Pacific Railroad bill, 568.
Seward, Willtam II., Secretary of State, 383; final certifi-
cate XlVth amendment, 417-419.
Seymour, Horatio, Presidential vote, 499.
Shellabarger, Samuel, motions XVth amendment, 400,

Sheridan, General Philip II., to department of Louis-
iana, to division of the Missouri, 424.
Sherman, General,'letter as to surrender of J. E. John-
ston, 504, 505.
Sherman, John, motion on Texas bill, 579; reports cur-
rency bill, 587; motions to strike out and insert,
588; on currency bill, 589, 590; reports funding
bill, 598;»motions thereon, 600; as to gross re-
ceipts, 607; on Georgia bill, 613.
Shields, James, reports Illinois Central Railroad bill,

Shipping, message of President Grant on European

war and American shipping, 616.
Sixteenth Amendment to United States Constitution

proposed, 506.
Smith, Joseph S., motion on currency bill, 594.
South'Carolina ratifies XlVth amendment, 428; mili-
tary rule ceases, 422, 428; vote on XVth amend-
ment, 497, 498.
Spink, S. L., resolution on tariff, 581.
State Banks, right of United States Government to

tax, 523-530.
State Platforms of 1869, 478-488; 1870, 622-624.
State Tax on through passengers, 434-437.
State Taxation of national banks, 530-532.
Statistical Table.*.—Public lands, revenue, election, and

nation; lebt statements, 500-502, 625-630.
Status of Texas, 448-456.

Stewart, William M., motions XVth amendment, 400,
401, 404; moves substitute to enforcing bill, 552;
funding motion, 601.
Stewart, Alexander T., Secretary of the Treasury, 406.
Stoneman, General, removes Governor Wells, and is

himself removed, 425.
Stokes, William B., motion as to disability bill, 583.
Strong, Justice, 523.
Subsidies, land, 563-572.
Suffrage, female, 506.

Sumner, Charles, amendment to tenure-of-office bill,
398; motion on XVth amendment, 402, 403; on
public credit bill, 413; on currency bill. 5-9; to
strike from naturalization laws the word "white,"
618, 619.
Supreme Court, United States, 523.
Surrender of General Johnston, 504, 505.
Swayne, Justice, dissenting opinion as to status of Tex-
as, 456, 523.
Tariff, 581; internal tax and, 605.
Tax And Tariff, internal, 605.
Tax, can a State levy, upon through passengers, 434-

Taxation, State, upon United States certificates, 437-
439; of United States notes, 439-443; of national
banks by State governments, 530-532; of State
banks by United States Government, 523-530; re-
ceipts from and reduction in, 626.
Taxes, State, are they payable in United States notes,

Tennessee, votes on XVth amendment, 498, 560.
Tenure-of-office Act, votes on, 397, 398; amendment,

Terry, General A. H., to department of the South, 424;
orders colored evidence received in all cases be-
fore military courts, 425.
Test-oath, in Virginia, 425, 426; Georgia, 428; Missis-
sippi, 429; Texas, 430.
Texas (Virginia and Mississippi) bill, 408-410; orders
as to taxation, Presidential election, constitutional
convention, apprenticeship and tuition of children,
re<)> estate sales, education fund, test-oath, 429,430;

new constitution, 430-432; status of the State, 448-
456; Grant's proclamation for election, 505, 506;
XVth amendment, 498, 560; text of nnd votes on
act to admit, 577,579; under civil authority, 579.
Thomas, George II., General, to division of the Pacific,

Thukman, Allen G., motion on public credit bill, 413;
amendments to Northern Pacific Railroad bill, 567,
568; motion on currency bill, 590; to tax interest
on bonds, 607.
Townsknd, Washington, funding motion, 603.
Treaty, message as to San Domingo, 541, 542.
Trumbull, Lyman, amend tenure-of-office act, 414;
reports apportionment bill, and moves to amend,
584$ moves direct vote .of Senate on Chinese nat-
uralization, 619.
Underwood, Justice, dissenting opinion in the Ciesar

Griffin case, 462-466.
United States Certificates Of Indebtedness, State taxa-
tion upon, 437; notes, State taxation on, 439-443.
Union Pacific Railroad bill, 564, 565; bonds, 503.
Validity, of contracts in Confederate money, 509-511;

of XlVth and XVth amendments, 583.
Vermont, Republican and Democratic platforms, 484;

XVth amendment, 498, 560.
Vickeks, George, motion on XVth amendment, 401; on

enforcing bill, 556; on currency bMl, 5S9.
Virginia, (Mississippi and Texas) bill, 408-410; Grant's
election proclamation, 420,421; military orders as
to test-oath, colored policemen, removing Gover-
nor Wells, reinstating him, reappointment mili-
tary officers to civil offices, registration and elec-
tion officers, stay law extended, to prevent election
frauds, Canby's letters justifying his test-oath
order, 425-427; judicial opinions in Csesar Griffin
Case, 457-466; Republican and Democratic plat-
forms, 484-487; XVth amendment, 49>; election of
1869,506; Daniel's dispatch to Grant, 506; act of
admission and votes on, 572-576; act to amend
said act, 576; under civil authority, 579; vote on
XVth amendment, 560.
Wabash And Erie Canal bill, 563.
Wade, Benjamin P., acting Vice President, &c, 383.
Ward, Hamilton, motion on currency resolutions, 580;

resolution abolishing tariff on coal, 582.
Warner, Justice, dissenting opinion in White vs. Geor*

Warner, Willard, motions, XVth amendment, 401,403;
on currency bill, 588; moves amendment to natu-
ralization bill, 619.
Washburn, Henry D., bill to repeal tenure-of-office act,

Washburne, Ellihu B., Secretary of State, 400; resigns,

406, 408.
Washington Territory, Republican and Democratic

platforms, 487, 488; election of 1869, 506.
Waine, Justice, 523.

Webb, General A. S.,to first military district, reinstates
Governor Wells, appoints military men to civil
office, is relieved, 425, 426.
Welker, Martin, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad

bill, 569.
Welles, Gideon, Secretary of the Navy, 383.
West Virginia, vote on XVth amendment, 498.
Whittemore, B. Frank, motion as to perjury, 574.
Willey, Waitman T., resolution condemning President
Johnson's repudiation plan, 391; motion on enforc-
ing bill, 556; on Mississippi bill, 577.
Williams, George H., motion XVth amendment, 401;
on enforcing bill, 556; on Georgia bill, 612; as to
naturalization of Chinese, 619.
Williams, William, motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill. 572; resolution as to currency, 580.
Wilson, Henry, motions, XVth amendment, 401, 402,
403,404; amendment to Virginia bill, 575; motion
on Northern Pacific Railroad bill. 567; on currency
bill, 590; funding, 600, 601; income tax, 607; Geor-
gia bill, 612.
Wisconsin, vote on XVth amendment, 498.
Wood, Fernando, moves to admit Texas without condi-
tions, 578; motion on tariff, 581; on funding bill,
Woodward, George W., motion to tax bonds, 605.

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