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"As the campaign proceeds, the issue is seen to be joined, not between the
relative personal qualities of the candidates, but between the principles, history, and
spirit of the two great parties."-Harper's Weekly, Sept., 1880.









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Robert Toombs to a friend in Washington.

From a Speech of Hon. Mr. Horr. We of the North do not seek sectional strife. * * * What you really need is to go to work. (Great laugh ter.] You should have more schools, more enterprise and thrift, and less recklessness of life, less hatred of what you cali carpet baggers-damned Yankees ! Your business enterprise should be conducted more with piety and less with pistols! What Mississippi needs to-day is more corn and cotton and less cussedness, llaughter and applausel; more mills, more man liness; less murders, less moonshiners. What would improve South Carolina is more hams and fewer Hamburghs. She should raise more horses and hogs and less hell. (Great applause.]"-Congressional Record.

“But what are we to do? We cannot put in one of our own men this time, and have to take a 'Yanke' That being the case, let us take one who is less 'blue bellied' than the most of them. You may depend upon it, sir, that, 'Yank’or no 'Yank,' if elected, the old boys of the South will see that 'Hancock' does the fair thing by them. In other words, he will run the machine to suit them, or they will run the thing themselves. They are not going to be played with any longer. If you hear any man say that 'Hancock' can not carry all of the South, you may put him down as a d- fool.”

Compiled by GEORGE FRANCIS DAWSON, (Treasurer of the Republican Congressional
Committee, and Ex-Librarian of United States Senate,) Washington, D.O.,

by direction of the Republican Congressional Committee.

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cated-A “Necessity” for the Safety and

Freedom of the Southern States”—The duty

The Impending Crisis.

to fight for it-The South will abide by the

Constitution as they construe it -- Assurance

PARTI-Page 1-The Paramount Issue of the of full Triumph to the South-The coming

Hour-Dernocratic Leaders preparing for Southern Domination - "Principles and
Violence-If Fraud fails, then Force-Demo-

Practices” of the Slave-holders to be Re-
cratic belief that Tilden was “legally” |

stored --The Mississippi Shot-gun means
elected-Tilden cheered as “President” in

Southern Restoration-The spirit which
1880–Democratic leaders declare in advance animated his hearers-Spirit of the Missis-
there shall be “no Arbitration” this time-

sippi Press.

Wallace shrieks "Aggression"_Representa-

tive Hill declares that they will inaugurate PART IV-Page 8-Further Testimony as to

Hancock whether they elect him or not-

the Spirit of the South, from Southern

Speaker Randall and Inauguration by Democratic, Greenback, and other sources-
Force-Governor Stevenson declares Han Senator Morgan says the recent Alabama
cook is “Elected” President-Declarations Election shows “ conclusively the Spirit of
of John Kelly, of New York, Barnes of Ga.,

the South!”--A Greenback Orator Astound-
Montgomery Blair, General Preston of Ky.,

ed in Alabama-“The Confederacy still
Col. Williams, Col. McDaniel, and others,

exists !” — "Jeff Davis is yet our °Presi-
showing the Programme of Force.

dent!”- A “Solid South will give us con-

trol, and we can redress all our wrongs”_
PART II—Page 3-The Power behind the

Voice of Virginia's Democracy--The hour at
Throne-- Direct as well as Internal Evidence

last has come to take the Presidency, “and
that Hancock was Nominated by the “Solid

resume the Record of Glory where in 1861

South "--Testimony of Senator Wallace,

it unhappily closed !”-Governor Wiltz of

General Joseph E. Johnston, and Wade

Louisiana says the South is solid for Han-

Hampton-Hampton's condition piedge-

cock-" There is no occasion now for Bull-

The evidence conclusive.

dozing.” The Negro must side with the

Democrats, " or go to the Wall”_"The Im-

perishable Heritage of Glory” transmitted


by Rebels—White Republicans to be brand-

ed as Enemies-White Republican candi-

Spirit of the Solid South.

dates to be “Saturated with Stench "--1,000

Democratic votes "equal to 5,000 vile

PART 1- Page 4-Wade Hampton's Speech Radical" votes—“We have the Count”-

at Staunton, Va., backed by Proofs of Genu The Democrats control South Carolina, and

ineness-The Indissoluble Bonds of the "intend to Retain it at every Hazard !"-

Confederacy - The “Glorious Heritage” of Heroic deeds of Rebel Sires--We offer no

hate and lust of Power-He adjures Virginia Excuse for being a Solid South-The Cen-

by her Confederate “Traditions” to stand tral National Greenback Organ'on' the Spirit

by the “Solid South”-A “Glorious Past” of the South-The party of Hate, Malice,

“Our one great object," Hancock's election and Subversion--Advises Greenbackers to

Look only to that; Fight for it!"--Elect “Work against it, Vote against it, Refuse its

Hancock and the North also shall be Bull Alliance !

dozed--The Republican vote North shall

disappear-"Peace and Union” when the

South can Dictate--"Consider what Lee


and Jackson would do were they alive.

These are the same principles for which

Revolutionary Proceedings and Purposes

they fought. - * * Do not abandon them

of the Democratic Leaders.

PART II—Page 5--The Confederate Briga-

PART 1- Page 10-Introduction to the Evi-
diers in the Senate-They eulogize Jeff

dences of Tilden's Revolutionary Inten-

tions-Democratic Revolutionary Proceed-
Davis, and would Pension him and the Con-
federate Soldiers-How they Voted ---Zach

ings thus far-Their remarkable growth-
Chandler's scathing denunciation.

How a Minority can Overthrow a Govern-

ment--Forcible Illustrations of the perilthat
PART III - Page 7–Jefferson Davis' last set Potter strove to Precipitate-Plausible pre-

Speech-The right of Secession now vindi-l texts for Revolution always ready.

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