The English Nation; Or, A History of England in the Lives of Englishmen, Volumen4

George Godfrey Cunningham
A. Fullarton & Company, 1863

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William Heberden
Robert Orme
823 Erasmus Darwin
James Beattie
Richard Owen Cambridge
826 Jacob Bryant
William Cowper
Historical INTRODUCTION 419 854 William Pitt
Barry Lord Avonmore
Charles Earl Grey
George IV 857 Charles Earl of Liverpool
The Princess Charlotte 455 858 Admiral Lord Gardiner
Frederick Duke of York 456 859 James Earl of Fife
Lord George Gordon 465 860 General Melville 832 John Hely Hutchinson 467 861 Sir John Moore
Edmund Burke 470 862 George Earl Macartney
W H Lambton 487 863 Gerrard Viscount Lake
Lord Edward Fitzgerald 489864 Cavendish D of Portland
Caulfield E of Charlemont 493 865 William Windham
Viscount Howe 498 866 Cuthbert Lord Collingwood
Admiral Barrington 502 867 Henry Viscount Melville
Sir Ralph Abercromby 504 868 Sir Peter Parker
John Earl of Clare 507 869 Spencer Perceval
Francis D of Bridgewater 511 870 Granville Sharp
Lloyd Lord Kenyon 512 871 Sir William Medows
Francis Duke of Bedford 515 872 William Viscount Howe
William Woodfall 518 873 William Lord Auckland
Adam Viscount Duncan 519 874 Gilbert Lord Minto 846 Wedderburn Earl Rosslyn 522 875 Hood Viscount Bridport
Charles Marq Cornwallis 530 876 Sir Thomas Picton 848 Horatio Viscount Nelson 537 877 Sir Robert Calder
Charles Duke of Richmond 548 878 Samuel Whitbread
Lord Thurlow 551 879 Sir Samuel Hood
George Marq Townshend 557 880 Richard Brinsley Sheridan

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Página 176 - Where all the ruddy family around Laugh at the jests or pranks that never fail, Or sigh with pity at some mournful tale ; Or press the bashful stranger to his food, And learn the luxury of doing good.
Página 194 - Perhaps he was the most learned man in Europe. He was equally acquainted with the elegant and profound parts of science, and that not superficially but thoroughly. He knew every branch of history, both natural and civil; had read all the original historians of England, France, and Italy; and was a great antiquarian. Criticism, metaphysics, morals, politics, made a principal part of his study; voyages and travels of all sorts were his favourite amusements ; and he had a fine taste in painting, prints,...
Página 296 - After a painful struggle I yielded to my fate : I sighed as a lover, I obeyed as a son ;* my wound was insensibly healed by time, absence, and the habits of a new life.
Página 298 - It was on the day, or rather night, of the 27th of June 1787, between the hours of eleven and twelve, that I wrote the last lines of the last page in a summer-house in my garden. After laying down my pen, I took several turns in a berccau, or covered walk of acacias, which commands a prospect of the country, the lake, and the mountains.
Página 307 - I had been for some days skulking from covert to covert, under all the terrors of a jail; as some ill-advised people had uncoupled the merciless pack of the law at my heels. I had taken the last farewell of my few friends; my chest was on the road to Greenock; I had composed the last song I should ever measure in Caledonia — "The gloomy night is gathering fast,
Página 198 - I was assailed by one cry of reproach, disapprobation, and even detestation ; English, Scotch, and Irish, Whig and Tory, Churchman and sectary, freethinker and religionist, patriot and courtier, united in their rage against the man who had presumed to shed a generous tear for the fate of Charles I.
Página 180 - But Johnson informed me that he had made the bargain for Goldsmith, and the price was sixty pounds. "And, Sir," said he, "a sufficient price too, when it was sold; for then the fame of Goldsmith had not been elevated, as it afterwards was, by his 'Traveller...
Página 289 - The king has lately been pleased to make me Professor of Ancient History in a royal Academy of Painting, which he has just established, but there is no salary annexed ; and I took it rather as a compliment to the institution than any benefit to myself. Honours to one in my situation are something like ruffles to a man that wants a shirt.
Página 289 - English artists are most engaged, a variety, a fancy, and a dignity, derived from the higher branches, which even those who professed them in a superior manner did not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His portraits remind the spectator of the invention and the amenity of landscape. In painting portraits he appeared not to be raised upon that platform, but to descend upon it from a higher sphere.
Página 310 - I have already more than once had occasion to refer to, has often told me that he was seldom more grieved, than when riding into Dumfries one fine summer evening about this rime to attend a county ball, he saw Burns walking alone, on the shady side of the principal street of the town, while the opposite side was gay with successive groups of gentlemen and ladies, all drawn together for the festivities of the night, not one of whom appeared willing to recognise him.

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