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perfect socioeconomic order. If it fails, it will perish as the lawmaking body. What can be done?

Because social disorder interchanges with corporate unaccountability, and vice versa, the only hope to relieve the situation. The Madison Doctrine in this instance, ambition must be made to counteract ambition, is the most likely approach to succeed.

To have any chance of bringing the doctrine to life Americans must by 1998, have at their disposal-on a day-to-day basis—a trillion dollar—that is 12 zeroes—multinational, public services, nongovernment, conglomerate agency. An American third century educational, agricultural, scientific, research and industrial development, international complex, made up of corporate associations capable of and willing to provide the Congress ongoing oversight capacity. Utilizing voluntarily accepted Federal charters.

To build such an establishment requires a certain genius. I am willing to provide that but on my own terms. Energy independence will pay the cost. What is energy independence?

Energy independence is an unlimited supply of safe, environmentally clean, nonfissil, nonsofar, nontransuranium fuel. A fuel the development of which would end the reckless waste of priceless reserves, and most environmental destruction, cut drastically all health care costs, aid full employment, instigate productivity, end income taxation, raise the urban standard of life, add to savings, making available better home for better-educated, less drug-dependent city dwellers, cut crime 80 percent and lessen racial conflict. All of which would end Soviet ideological advantage, help farmers and give Americans the time to, in the interest of preventing world war, openly debate siding with Africa and China against Russia. Regaining in this generation international peace of mind.

Should this committee recommend to the Senate that it commission a total presentation of the Cooper plan? The alternative in this instance, facts will make absolutely clear that it is a way out. A way out that is becoming the national character.

In the interim, I am prepared to improve upon the international reputation and investment capital formation ability of American business, offer legislation to the House and Senate that would put in motion examples of social citizen efforts to provide the Senate the general corporate oversight capability it must regain in order to exercise its constitutional prerogatives, without which its political function will within the near future become purely ceremonial. Purely.

The legislation in question will not require the establishment of an additional executive agency nor would it require new congressional appropriations.

In this regard, I expect to be asked the political and economic objectives of the plan. In reference to cost-risk, conflicting values that must be overcome, the probably positive and/or negative consequences of its success, and how important and what is, the timetable of implementation? Will the pilot plan's outgo be limited to its income, will it restrain and/or rechannel the exuberant escalating pressures and demands by citizens to better their lives through government action, and will it be able to accomplish its objectives in view of facts that make clear that the scope of national government, the vigor of multi

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national business and the planetary range of individual liberty and human possibility have all been expanded and must be maintained ?

Senator DURKIN. I want to thank you, Mr. Cooper.

First I must make an announcement. Tomorrow's hearing will be held in room 2228. That is assuming we get clearance to meet. We have not yet gotten the authority from the Senate to meet, but assuming we do, the hearing will be in 2228 tomorrow.

Mr. Cooper, I just have a couple of questions.
Mr. COOPER. Help yourself.

Senator DURKIN. A. P. Action, that has nothing to do with A. & P. stores, does it?

Mr. COOPER. There is a corporate description of each corporation at the end of the statement presented.

No. It does not have anything to do with A. & P. [The attachment follows:]



Incorporated in Feb. 1974 to promote citizen efforts to change their relationship to Government and its social welfare operations.

(1) To immediately amend the U.S. Constitution to permit free and public trade, except in war-like confrontations. Effective 1984.

(2) To immediately amend the same to forbid the taxation of personal income. Effective 1984.

(3) To further immediately amend the same to prohibit the forced busing of U.S. citizens. Effective 1980.

(4) To legislate the immediate equity of charitable contributions for individuals and institutions, and to

(5) legislate the availability of a national charter to promote Non Government social welfare.

(B) LARRY N. COOPER, INC., L. NAPOLEON COOPER, CHAIRMAN Incorporated in Feb. 1974 to provide in perpetuus momentum the Private, American management and development of tax alternative assets, both plant and investment. To Fund through net gain an American educational, agricultural, scientific research and industrial development, international public service complex. And

(C) PROJECT 76-AN AMERICAN AFFAIR-INC., L. NAPOLEON COOPER, CHAIRMAN Incorporated in Feb. 1974 to provide the bicentennial year seed-fund-fundraising. To provide beginning operational and/or Investment capital to nonsectarian charitable and educational establishments.

P.O. Box 1994, University Station, Cleveland, Ohio 44106.

Founder. Senator Durkin. Parts of your statement read something like the Republican platform. I wonder how we would be able to accomplish all this in such a short order with no taxes, or reduction in taxes?

Mr. COOPER. Well, in the first instance, I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. And in the other instance, for example, if I could have gotten the executive branch or a Member of Congress to act prior to Mr. Getty's death, I had a 50-50 chance of access to his estate. That is where I would have gotten the original funds.

However, the proposition is such that individual citizens will make available the funds under the proper circumstances to create by 1998 such a trillion-dollar establishment.

i Not available for public office.

Senator DURKIN. Fine.
Thank you. I appreciate the answer.

At this time, I really don't have any further questions. I don't know whether that policeman has come over here to tell me to close down the operation because we are violating the Senate's rules, but I want to assure you if you want to file additional statements the record is open and we will hold the record open.

Mr. COOPER. I would like to ask you one question.
Senator DURKIN. Sure.

Mr. COOPER. In this statement I propose to have the Senate commission a full presentation of the plan that would provide an alternative to the Federal chartering proposals of Mr. Nader and serve as a means to exercise the desires you have addressed here with regard to monitoring the corporate establishment in America.

My question is, Will you, on the basis of what I have said, follow up my suggestions to have the Senate commission a full presentation because I hold that if you are sincere, if this committee is sincere as it proposes to be, by holding these hearings for these investigations, because it is proprietary information, is the reason I didn't include it in my statement.

Senator DURKIN. I understand.

Mr. COOPER. But if there is any way out of this mess, then may I call on you personally to pursue this proposal further?

Senator Durkin. Well, as you know, the Nader proposal is a written proposal.

Your testimony is included in the record. It will go to the full Commerce Committee for their determination and then go to the Senate floor for the ultimate determination on this side of the courtyard.

I am not sure you realize that you are talking to No. 100. The other 99 Members of the Senate are not hanging on every recommendation of No. 100.

Mr. COOPER. I wasn't asking about your recommendation to the whole Senate. I was asking about your recommendation to the members of the committee.

Senator DURKIN. Your statements will be included in the record and that will be available for the whole committee, and I am sure the whole committee will look at it.

I don't want to encourage you, though. I have no authority to encourage you to give up proprietary information.

Mr. COOPER. Well, I wouldn't do that anyway, in open session.

Senator DURKIN. Well, it takes a majority vote to go into executive session, now with the sunshine laws.

Your statement and your request will be distributed to the full committee and I can't speak for the full committee, as you know. But I am sure if you check with Mr. Sutcliffe, Lynn Sutcliffe, I am sure he will keep you advised. He is the general counsel for the full Commerce Committee.

He is on top of all these things. He is the senior staff man. I am sure if you contact Mr. Sutcliffe he will keep you posted.

Thank you, Mr. Cooper.
We will stand in recess until tomorrow.

[Whereupon, at 1:30 p.m., the hearing was adjourned, to reconvene on Wednesday, June 16, 1976.]

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[The following information was subsequently received for the record:]


A bill to establish a limited life, Congressional charter for Project 76-An American Affair-Inc., a non-government, non-political, not-for-profit, public service, corporation with authority to develop a limited life, experimental working model of a means by which the Congress can attain ongoing corporate oversight capability, energy independence, quality education, tax reform, economic planning (full employment), environmental and consumer protection, and crime prevention, in a manner consistent with all federal and state regulations so effected.

Submitted to the Senate Committee on Commerce as a supplement to the proposed course of action outlined in testimony given June 15th, 1976 by L. Napoleon Cooper, on the matter of corporate rights and responsibilities, and Congressional oversight capability.

Chairman, Chief Executive Oficer and Founder,
An A. P. Action, L. Napoleon, Project 76, Cooper, Inc., Project.


A bill to establish a limited life, Congressional charter for Project 76-An Ameri

can Affair-Inc., a non-government, not-for-profit, international, public service, corporation with authority to develop a limited life, experimental working model of a means by which the Congress can attain corporate oversight capability, energy independence, quality education, tax reform, economic planning, (full employment-deflation), environmental and consumer protection and crime prevention, in a manner consistent with its state charter and/or all other federal regulations affecting non-political, not-for-profit corporations : present or future.

A corporation, contributions to which, for a limited time, are diverted, dollar for dollar, income tax deductions based on I.R.S. estimates.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled that this Act be cited as the "Limited Life Reconciliation and Compromise Planning Act of 1976".



Sec. 101. The Congress finds and declares that:

(a) States are permitted to issue corporate charters primarily because of public welfare concerns but that corporations exist singularly almost without exception to profit from both individual and/or investment efforts.

(b) Corporations and their managements have been insufficiently made accountable and are responsible as a result, for the general disregard of social order which in turn led to the nation's current national emergencies affecting energy, corporate and political corruption, violent, crime, unemployment, inflation, enviromental suicide, spiritual degeneration, busing and oppressive taxation.

(c) Close scrutiny shows that overall, the American financial establishment operates outside the check and balance apparatus so established by the U.S. Constitution.

(d) The approaches to date by the general public, conscientious business leaders, consumer action groups, regulating directives and/or judicial divestiture ultimatums have unsuccessfully addressed the consequences of this unaccountability.

(e) The consequences of nationalization, reckless anti-trust actions, continued unaccountability, and/or procrastination is likely to be continued American ideological disadvantage, communistic expansionism, domestic racial confrontation and a general subordination of the power and status of the United States of America.

(f) The development of a private means by which ambition can be made to counteract' ambition is pertinent to the well being, national security, and to the freedom America represents throughout the world. And that:

(g) As Americans, to simply catch our treath before we drown will not do. Therefore compromise and reconciliation are prerequisites to any lasting resolution and are the prime values pending national elections, study and development.


Sec. 102. It is the Purpose of this Aet:

(a) To be a temporary reconciliation of conflicting causes, ideals, ideas, proposals and desires among House and Senate members seeking passage and/or defeat of legislation pending in either House or both, affecting tax reform, energy independence, full employment, economic planning, corporate oversight, quality education, environmental and consumer protection, trust-busting, busing and/or crime prevention.

(b) Allow for the establishment of a Congressional charter to design, devise, blueprint, draft, diagram, map out, outline and present to the full Congress, 1 year following, a compromise means by which private institutions utilizing such charters can assume the cost of providing all non-military, non-intelligence social services now being provided hy individual citizens' income tax dollars ... thereby ending any need to further collect the same.

(c) To implement a limited life experimental model of a trillion dollar GrossInternal-Product, non-government, not-for-profit, net gain developing, horizontal and vertical, educational, agricultural, scientific research, industrial development, American public service, complex. A means by which all parties so interested in the Congress could implement, via the private sector, accountable management ad infinitum, healthy competition within the economy, energy independence, quality education, tax reform, economic planning and coordinated foreign assistance. Concentrating immediately on the world wide production of communications advances, (transportation and media), agricultural breakthroughs, (food production-natural fertilizers), hydrogen energy simplification (domestic use), educational effectiveness (university, industrial research complexes) and the technological evolution, outer space explorations and domestic tranquillity which springs therefrom such crime cutting developments. TITLE II. CORPORATE STATUS, GENERAL POWERS, ESTABLISHMENT, Tax STATUS,


ESTABLISHMENT Sec. 201. (a) There is hereby created a body corporate, to be known as Project 76-An American Affair-Inc. (Hereafter referred to as “An-American-Affair").

(b) The principle offices of An-American-Affair shall be located in the District of Columbia and any such other place as is required by state and federal law so effected.

GENERAL POWERS Sec. 202. In carrying out the purpose of this Act, An-American-Affair shall hare the authority:

(a) to make grants to beginning not-for-profit corporations where % of net gain is channelled through public services, free of charge to those in need of jobs, health care, and/or quality education;

(b) to adopt, alter, and/or rescind by laws effecting its management, to adopt and/or alter a corporate seal, which shall be so noted in accordance with its original charter ;

(c) to make contracts with individuals and institutions within the limits of its experimental life;

(d) to lease or purchase and to dispose of such real property as may be necessary for the transaction of its business;

(e) to acquire and dispose of personal and intangible property (including money);

(f) to sue and be sued, to represent itself or to contract for such representation in its corporate name in any jurisdiction, state or federal;

(g) to utilize the Congressional Budget Office, the library of Congress and all such patents held by the U.S. Government for such research and use as currently the function of such offices may be, and for the aid and assistance of An-AmericanAffair in achieving its objective as outlined by this Act.

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