Customs Service Modernization: Serious Management and Technical Weaknesses Must be Corrected : Report to Congressional Requesters


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Página 19 - Executive Guide: Improving Mission Performance Through Strategic Information Management and Technology, (GAO/AIMD-94-115, May 1994). For an overview of the IT management process envisioned by Clinger-Cohen see Assessing Risk and Returns: A Guide for Evaluating Federal Agencies' IT Investment Decision-making (GAO/AIMD-10.1.13, February 1997).
Página 14 - Nation's principal border agency, the mission of the Customs Service is to ensure that all goods entering and exiting the United States do so in accordance with all United States laws and regulations.
Página 1 - Chairman, Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Committee on Appropriations United States Senate The Honorable Pete V.
Página 15 - Customs' passenger activities are coordinated with other federal agencies, such as the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
Página 69 - Activity 7: Deviations identified in the software activities and software work products are documented and handled according to a documented procedure.
Página 70 - Ability 2: A group that is responsible for coordinating and implementing SCM for the project (ie the SCM group) exists.
Página 1 - Members of the Senate Committee on Finance and the House Committee on Ways and Means...
Página 66 - The software quality assurance group reviews and/or audits the activities and work products for managing the allocated requirements and reports the results.
Página 39 - Establish adequate visibility into actual progress so that management can take effective actions when the software project's performance deviates significantly from the software plans.
Página 70 - Activity 5: Change requests and problem reports for all configuration items/units are initiated, recorded, reviewed, approved and tracked according to a documented procedure.

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