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This Special Bulletin Number Ninety-seven is in sequence to Special Bulletin Number Eighty-one issued in March, 1917, and Special Bulletin Number Eighty-seven issued in June, 1918. The three Bulletins, taken together, present court decisions and the full text of court opinions upon the Constitutionality and Coverage of the New York Workmen's Compensation Law from the time of its origin. This Bulletin covers the period, June, 1918, till January, 1920. Legislation of 1919 has not affected Coverage. Decisions and opinions upon Subjects Other Than Constitutionality and Coverage till July, 1919, are in Special Bulletins Eighty-one and Ninety-five. The Introductions to Bulletins Eighty-one, Eighty-seven and Ninety-five present sugges tions and explanations equally applicable to this Bulletin.


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