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Pay, bounty, &c., due colored soldiers..
Collection and payment bounty, &c., 1879 and 1880
Collection and payment bounty, &c., 1881 and 1882
Pay of two and three years' volunteers, colored claims, 1879 and 1880.
Commutation of rations due colored soldiers
Pay, bounty, prize-money, &c., due colored sailors, &c
Military Academy allowance to graduating class, 1879-'80.
Pay of volunteers, Mexican war ...
Traveling expenses California and Nevada Volunteers
Traveling expenses First Michigan Cavalry
Pay of mounted riflemen under General Fremont, in 1846.

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Washington, D. C., October 12, 1881. To the SECRETARY OF WAR:

SIR: I have the honor to report progress in the publication of the military records of the War of the Rebellion.

The examination of the files for 1861, 1862, and 1863, both Union and Confederate, and of the files of the Union Armies for 1864 and 1865, has been completed, and the necessary copying from them is nearly finished. Many of the Confederate files for 1864 and 1865 have also been examined. A few of the book records for 1863 and most of those for later years, of both armies, are yet to be searched.

The War Department agent for the collection (by gift or loan) of Confelerate documents continues to be successful in obtaining valuable records from Confederate officers or their heirs. The more extensive contributions of that nature received since my last report have been from the collections of Generals E. P. Alexander, S. G. French, Johnson Hagood, Bradley T. Johnson, James H. Lane, T. T. Munford, J. C. Tappan, E. C. Walthall, and W. H. C. Whiting, and Colonels I. W. Avery and Charles Marshall.

The “Polk Papers" have been donated to the Government by Dr. William M. Polk, now of New York City.

By the act of June 16, 1880, Congress authorized the publication of 10,000 copies of each volume of the records that might be ready during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1881. Under that act seven volumesfive of Series 1 and one each of Series III and IV-were sent to the Public Printer. Of Series I, Vols. I and II have been given to the pullic. Vol. III, so far as this office is concerned, has been completed, and it will doubtless be delivered by the Public Printer before Congress assembles. The text of Vols. IV and V has been stereotyped and they are being indexed. The text of Vols. I, Series III and IV, has also been stereotyped.

Under the current appropriation Vols. VI and VII of Series I have been sent to the Public Printer; Vols. VIII, IX, and X are ready for him, and Vols. XI to XVI will be arranged during the current fiscal year. With proper regard for accuracy the volumes cannot be published more rapidly until the examination of the records is completed.

The contents of Vols. I to XI, Series I, are as follows:


Chapter I. Operations in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. ber 20, 1860-April 14, 1861.

Chapter II. The secession of Georgia. January 3–26, 1861.

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