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Page 128. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. Impaled : 1st Coat, Canterbury ;

2nd Coat, Laud, sa. on a chevron betw. 3 etoiles or, as many crosses patée.

fitchée, gu. 429. See of Gloucester. Az. 2 keys endorsed in saltire, or. 430. Louis, Dauphin of France. 431. See of York. (Modern.) 432. Sir Thomas Bodley. Arg. 5 martlets in saltire, sa. on a chief az, 3 crowns or. 433. City of London. (Modern.) Arg. a cross, in the 1st quarter a sword erect gu. 434. See of Durham. Az,

a cross or, betw. 4 lions ramp. arg. 435. Henry III., King of England. 436. William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury, 437. Hales Owen Abbey, Shropshire. Az, a chevron arg. betw. 3 fleurs-do-lis, or. 438. Sir Robert Cotton, 439. City of London. (Ancient.) 440. Humphrey Bohun, Earl of Hereford, and High-Constable. 441. Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, and Earl-Marsbal. 442. Edward I., King of England. 443. See of Durham. 444. Sir Thomas Bodley. 445. Henry VII., King of England. 446. Saxon Kings. 447. William I., King of England. 448. Canute, King of England. 449. Edward the Confessor. 450. Richard II., King of England. 451, Edward I., King of England. 452. George IV., King of England. Quarterly : Ist and 4th England; 2nd Scot

land; 3rd Ireland. On an Escutcheon of Pretence ensigned with the royal crown of Hanover, parted per pale and per chevron, the coats of Brunswick, Luneburg, and Saxony; with an ineseutcheon for the Arch-Treasurership of

the Holy Roman Empire. 453. Sir Edward Coke. Parted per pale, gu. and az, 3 eagles displ. 2 and 1, arg. 454. Sir Robert Cotton Bruce. 455. Bruce. 456. Sir W. Blackstone. 457. Hon. Daines Barrington. Arg. 3 chevronels, gu. 458. City of London. (Modern.) 459. See of Lincoln. 460. George IV., King of England. 461. Plantagenet. 462. Alice of Savoy. 463. See of Dublin. 464. Philip II., King of France. 465. Arthur, Duke of Bretagne. 466. Philip II., King of France. 467. Eleanor of Acquitaine. 468. William, King of Scotland. 469. See of Canterbury. 470. Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury. 471. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. 472. John, King of England. 473. Philip II., King of France. 474. Blanche of Castile. 475. Isabella of Angoulême. 476. Arthur, Duke of Bretagne. 477. Hubert de Burgh. 478. John, King of England, 479. Dukedom of Normandy. 480, Dukedom of Guienne.


Page. 481. Pope Innocent III. 482. Llewellin, Prince of Wales. 483. Thomas de Erdington, 484. Armas of the Popedom. 485. Cardinal Pandulphus Di Masca. 496. Another Coat of the same. 487. Philip II., King of France. 488. Louis, Dauphin of France. 489. Cardinal Jacobus Di Gualo. 490. Louis, Dauphin of France. 491. See of Worcester. 492. Isabella of Angoulême. 493. Almerie de Sancto Mauro. 494. Jobin, King of England. 195. Plantagenet. 496. France. (Ancient.) 497. Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury. 498. Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury. 499. Pope Innocent III. 500. Pope Honorlus III. 501. Another Cont of Langton. 502. John, King of England. 503. See of Canterbury. 504. Robert Fitz-Walter. 505. Saher de Quincy. 506. Priory of Dunmow. Sable, a cross argent, between 4 mullets, or. 507. John, King of England. 508. Louis, Dauphin of France. 509. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. 510. Ancient Banner of London. 511, Benjamin Mildmay, last Earl Fitz-Walter. 512. Lothario Conti. 513. Arms of the Popedom. 514. Pope Innocent III. 515. Louis, Dauphin of France. 516. Philip II., King of France. 517. Henry II., King of England. 518. Caoute, King of Denmark. 519. Arthur, Duke of Bretagne. 120. Cardinal Pandulphus Di Masca. 521. See of Norwich. 522. Louis, Dauphin of France. 523. Alexander II., King of Scotland. 524. See of Winchester. 525. Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent. 526. John, King of England. 527. William Plantagenet, Earl of Warren and Surrey. 528. King Alfred the Great. 599. Henry I., King of England. 530. John, King of England. 531. Sir Thomas Bodley. 532. Sir Robert Cotton. 583. City of London. (Modern.) 534. Bishop of Durham. $35. Cardinal Jacobus Di Gualo. 326. Bishop of Winchester. 537. Bishop of Worcester. 538. Almeric de Sancto Mauro. 589. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke.

Page. 540. Ranulph Blundeville, Earl of Chester. 541. William, Earl of Ferrers. 542. Walter de Lascy. 543. John de Monmouth. 544. Fulke de Brent.

[The preceding eleven persons were Witnesses to the last Will of King John.

See page 493.)

545. Louis, Dauphin of France. 646. Sir Robert Cotton. 547. John, King of England. 548. See of Worcester. 549. Plantagenet. 550. See of York, (Ancient,) for Archbishop Oswald. 551. See of Worcester, for Bishop Wolstan. 552. Dukedom of Normandy. 553. Earldom of Aquitaine. 554. England. 555. William de Albiniac. 556. Alexander II., King of Scotland, 657, Arthur, Duke of Bretagne. 558. John de Baalun. 559. Robert Fitz-Walter, 560. Hon. Daines Barrington. 561. Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, 562. Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford. 563. Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent. 564. Canute, King of England. 565. Priory of Christ Church, Canterbury. 566. Richard de Clare. 567. Robert the Consul, Earl of Gloucester. 568. Sir Robert Cotton. 569. Delaval. 570. Dunmow Priory. 571. Edward the Confessor, King of England. 572. Edward III., King of England. 573. Ethelred II., King of England, 574. William Fitz-Patrick, Earl of Salisbury. 575. Robert Fitz-Walter. 576, William de Fortibus, Earl of Aumerle. 577. Alan de Galloway, Constable of Scotland. 578. Cardinal Jacobus Di Gaulo. 579. Henry I., King of England. 580. Henry II1., King of England. 581. Hoel Dha, King of North Wales. 582. Howard, Duke of Norfolk and Earl-Marshal. 583. Pope Innocent III. 584. John, Duke of Normandy. 585. Isabella of Angoulême. 586. England. (Ancient.) 587. England. (Modern.) 588. John de Lacy, Constable of Chester. 589. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. 590. City of London. 691. Louis, Dauphin of France. 592. Sir Alexander Malet. 593. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke.

Page. 594. Roger de Montbegon. 595. Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. 596. Hugh Percy, Duke of Northumberland. 597. Richard de Percy. 598. Philip II., King of France. 599. Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. 600. Richard I., King of England. 601. Robert de Ros. 602. Geoffrey de Say. 603. Sheriffs of London. 604. Stephen, King of England. 605. Inn of the Knights-Templars. 006. George Ferrers Townshend, Marquess Townshend, 807. Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford. 608. Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury. 609. Bishopric of Bath and Wells. 610. William I., King of England. 21. Bishopric of Worcester. 612. Arms of the Family of Walmsley of Preston, Lancashire, Gules, on a chief

ermine, two hurts.




Descriptive List of the Embellishments.


Arrangement of the Heraldry inserted in the borders ..
Table of Contents....


Essay on Magna Charta....


Articles of the Great Charter : A. D. 1215...


Magna Charta Regis Johannis : Jun. IV. A. D. 62-100

The Great Charter of King John: 15th June, A.D. 1215... ..... 63-101

Covenunt between King John and the Barons : A. D. 1215... 102

First Great Charter of King Henry III., 12th Nov. A. D. 1216.. 105

The King's Letter extending its liberties to Ireland, 6th Feb.



Second Great Charter of King Henry III. A. D. 1217...


Third Great Charter of King Henry III.: Ilth Feb. 1224-2.... 131
Notice of his Fourth Charter....


First Great Charter of King Edward I.: 12th Oct. 1297


Explanatory Notes on the foregoing Charters of Liberties......159-828

Memoirs of the Twenty-five Securities, and other Barons

connected with the Greut Charter of King John .......... 270-321

First Forest Charter of King Henry III.: 6th Nov. 1217... 329

Explanatory Notes on the Charters of the Forests...


Confirmation Charter of King Edward I.: 5th Nov. 1297.


Last Confirmation of the Charters of Liberties by King Edward

1.: 14th Feb. 1300-1301......


Explanatory Notes on the Confirmation Charters..


Historical and Descriptive Account of the principal Manuscript

and printed copies of the English Charters, &c...


Memoir of John, King of England........


Memoir of Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury...


Additional Notes and Illustrations....


1. Biographical Notice of Robert Fitz-Walter, Baron of




of Pope Innocent III. .....



of Philip II. King of France...... 515


of Cardinul Pandulphus..



of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent.. 521

VI. Account of Runnemede, and other Topographical Notices

connected with Magna Chartu ...


VII. Chronological Table of the several Charters of Liberties,

Writs, Acts of Parliument, and Confirmations, con-

nected with the ancient Laws of England....


VIII. Table of the commencement and termination of the years

of King John's reign....


IX. Historical Examination into the supposed death of King

John by Poison.......


X. Account of the Interment and Discovery of King John's

Remains in Worcester Cathedral.




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