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Página lxix - Thy skolderit skin, hewd lyk ane saffrone bag, Garris men dispyt thar flesche, thow Spreit of Gy : Fy ! feyndly front ; fy ! tykis face, fy ! fy...
Página 304 - Patrikes band be hynd, wer by covyn be set both before and behind with the Scottes. Yet for al that Gray with his men lightting apon foote set apon them with a wonderful corage, and killid mo of them than they did of thenglisch men. Yet wer there vi. Scottes yn numbre to one Englisch man, and cam so sore on the communes of England, that they began to fly, and then was Thomas Gray taken prisoner.
Página 301 - Scotland, yn the meane while, wan agayne, part by strenght, part by treason, part by famyne, al the holdes that king Eduard had yn Scotland, saving the only toun of Berwik. And the tyme of the ii. firste monithes of the assege of Calays, he enterid ons in somer in to the parties of Cairluelshir ; and...
Página 303 - Scotland, by a litle and a litle, wan a! that they had lost at the bataille of Duresme : and there was much envy emong them who might be hyest; for every one rulid yn his owne cuntery...
Página 221 - QUANT li reis out sa curt tenue, La novele li est venue Ke Malcolumb estait oscis, Li reis ki ert ses enemis ; Uobert de Munbrai l'aveit mort, Cel rei, u fust à dreit u fust à tort. A Alnewic fu la bataille, Treis mil homss trestuz par taille I out oscis od Malcolum, E de arabes parz maiut bon baron.
Página 303 - King Edward went with his hoste to Calays and rode thorough Artoys and Pykardy, destroying 700. paroches. And apon this King John of Fraunce, sumwhat to redubbe the rebuke of King Eduardes actes in his reaulme, sent his marescal to King Edwarde, that he should apoint a day by gages. And King Edwarde assignid the place in the marches of Calays ; but King John cam not nere it by viii.
Página 212 - Angliae indómitos receptaverat, hostiliter impetens speravit ibidem aliquos de hostibus suis invenire ; sed ipsis in locorum desertis latitantibus et quandoque impetum in Normannos raptim facientibus, cum non posset ipsos patenter convenire, licet omnia perlustrasset, in regem irruere proposuit hostiliter. Sed idem Scotorum rex régis...
Página xx - Lancaster by the service of the fourth part of one knight's fee, and is worth per annum, clear, £6 1 3*.

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