Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Chancery [1846-1852], by the Right Hon. Sir J.L. Knight Bruce, Vice-Chancellor, Parte65,Volumen2


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Página 252 - ... shall be assets to be administered in Courts of equity for the payment of the just debts of such persons, as well debts due on simple contract as on specialty...
Página 15 - ... arbitrator, then upon such failure the party making the request, and having himself appointed an arbitrator, may appoint such arbitrator to act on behalf of both pnrties, and such arbitrator may proceed to hear and determine the matters which shall be in dispute, and in such case the award or determination of such single arbitrator shall be final.
Página 709 - ... to his eldest son in tail, with remainders over, under which the plaintiff became tenant in tail. The testator devised another estate to trustees, upon trust to sell, and out of the proceeds to pay his mortgage and other debts, and gave the residue to his eldest son, whom he appointed executor and residuary legatee. The trustees did not act, but the son entered into possession of all the testator's estates and property.
Página 332 - ... to any person or persons for any term or number of years not exceeding twenty-one years, to take effect in possession, and not in reversion, or by way of future interest...
Página 5 - ... or may order distribution thereof, or payment of the dividends thereof, according to the respective estates, titles, or interests of the parties making claim to such money or lands, or any part thereof, and may make such other order in the premises as to such court shall seem fit.
Página 65 - The bill was filed by the plaintiff, on behalf of himself and the other shareholders, except the defendants.
Página 61 - ... separately for the sum of money to be paid for the purchase of the lands required for the works, or of any interest therein belonging to the party with whom the question of disputed compensation shall have arisen, or which, under the provisions herein contained...
Página 323 - ... thereof ; AND ALL THE ESTATE, right, title, interest, property, claim, and demand whatsoever, both at law and in equity, of him the said A. in, to, or out of the same and every part thereof : To HAVE AND TO HOLD the said pieces or parcels of land.
Página 5 - Ireland, on the petition of any party interested in such money, to order that the same shall be laid out, invested, accumulated, and paid in such manner as the said court may consider will give to the parties interested in such money the same benefit therefrom as they might lawfully have had from the lease, estate, or reversion in respect of which such money shall have been paid, or as near thereto as may be.
Página 370 - An Act to secure to Proprietors of Designs for articles of Manufacture the Copyright of such Designs for a limited Time.

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