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Herein all the world-religions are traced to their naturalistic origins, exposing the Pagan source of Christianity.

The London Athanxum. "An Interesting work, true to the Impulses of religion while following the Light of Reason."

The DM, Chicago.—" Fruit of much thoughtlulnest and patient labor, in four hundred pages, presents greet variety of criticisms against traditional beliefs."

The Tramcript, (Bosion)-—" Received a wide welcome and greatly enjoyed. Should be in every library. . . . Indlspensible to every student of theology. Author « always ardent, sincere, entertaining. An epoch-marking work."

The KepuMican. (Springfield, Mass.)—" Mr. Prank is profoundly sincere and earnest. Bis book reads like a tragedy of our times. Others fighting their way Into freedom will find here many useful suggestions."

The Pott, (Birmingham, Eng.)—" Has brought together many historical facts that will surprise the unprejudiced reader."

The Arena.—" This book is broad, scholarly, and what is more rare, reverent and constructive. It evinces wide reading and deep research."

Cloth bound, 400 pp., gilt top, tl.50 (postage, 15c. extra).

Also, by the name author, "THE SHRINE OF SILENCE," of which John Burroughs says he "finds in it unmistakable evidence of the footprints of the Spirit," and many have called It their New Bible. 275 pages of Unique Meditations. Price, cloth bound, postpaid, II.50.

Independent Literature Association

122 W. 44th Street (F), New York, N. T.


100,000 WRAPPERS

Machine No. 27,676, equipped with black indelible inked pads, has used the original pads more than two years, during which time over 100,000 wrappers have been addressed, besides handling a heavy correspondence dally. This pair of pads cost SI.00, the same as a good ribbon which will last about five weeks. Thisservlceon a ribbon machine would have required the purchase of twenty-one ribbons. Here Is a comparison of the saving:

21 ribbons @ $1.00, - $21.00
1 pair pads, - - l.oo

Net saving. - - $20.00

Suppose ten machines were used, the saving would be $'2(10.00, or the original cost of two machines. But the pads are sllll giving better service than most new ribbons. Remember these pads have not been touched, while the ribbon machine would have required the operation of taking off and and putting on twenty-one ribbons. The


Visible Standard Typewriter

can prove a record approached by no other machine. Write to-day for Booklet 17.


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