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Aspects of Contemporary Jb'iction,., Archibald Henderson, Ph.D.

SolvingtheLabor Problem, Hon. Lucius F. C. Garvin 10

Judge William Jefferson Pollard: A Practical Idealist Who is Achieving a Great Work in Redeeming

Drunkards An Editorial Sketch 14

Edward W. Redfield: An Artist of Winter-Locked Nature (Illustrated), B. O. Flower 20

Rambles in Switzerland (Illustrated), Carl S. Vrooman 26

Child-Labor, Compulsory Education and Race-Suicide Willard French 35

Governor Albert B. Cummins: A Statesman Who Places the Interests of the People Above the Demands

of Privileged Classes, Lewis Worthinoton Smith 88

British Egypt—Part II Ernest Crosby 41

VA Primer of Direct-Legislation.—Chapter HI.,. 45

Part I.—The RecaU, Eltweed Pomeroy, A.M. 45

Part II.Proportional Representation, Robert Tyson 4g

Part III.—The Absolute Majority Method, Robert Tyson 4e

Part IV.—The Direct Primary, Ira Cross 52

The Parting of the Ways: A Story, Wilmatte Porter Cockehell 55

The Mountain Robbers, the False Great Citizens, and the Plundered People of the Plains: A Parable

oj the Hour 59

San Francisco and Her Great Opportunity, George Wharton James 113

The Court is .King, Thomas Speed Mosby 118

The Spirit of American Literature, • Winifred Webb 121

The Right of the Child Not to be Born, Louise Markscheffel 125

A Criticism of Mr. Grimke's Paper, Arthur M. Allen 127

Picturesque flothenburg (Illustrated), Williamson Buckman 128

An Australian Artist Who Believes in Art for Moral Progress (Illustrated), B. O. Flower 136

^fhe Virgin Birth, Katrina Trask (Mrs. Spencer Trask) 141

Mr. G.1 H. Wells: The Prophet of the New Order Rev. Chauncey J. Hawkins 143

Our l^ext Ice-Age, John C. Elliot 148

x^Common Ground for Socialist and Individualist, John W. Bennett 15T

^ British Egypt—Part HI., Ernest Crosby 162

Shall Prohibition Be Given a Fair Trial? Finley C. Hendbickson 168

Food-Production of the Future, John A. Morris 173

Byron t A Study in Heredity, Charles Kassel 175

Tried by Fire: A Story Wilmatte Porter Cockehell 178

Shall Lynching Be Suppressed, and How? Winthrop D. Sheldon, LLJD. 225

Economics of Jesus.—Past I., George McA. Miller, LL.B., Ph.D. 234

W. Gordon Nye: A Cartoonist of Jefferaonian Democracy (lUuttrated) B. O. Flower 238

An Artist's Message on Christ and Conventional Christianity (Illustrated) An Editorial Sketch 248

Avacucho: The Spanish Waterloo of South America, Professor Frederic M. Noa 255

The Thaw-White Tragedy Henry Frank 262

The Cause and Cure of Our Marine Decay William W. Bates, N.A. 265 Managers of Railroads, Stephen H. Allen 272

Social Conditions and the Liquor Problem Philip Rappaport 275

yur National Library Frank Vrooman 277

Liberty, Law and Labor Fannie Humphreys Gaffney 285

\K Cure for Municipal Bribery , George Crane 289

TThe Primary Cause~of Alternate Activity and Depression in Trade, Sam Oki. Brazier 292

An Unconscious Return to Tyranny ..frank Munho 295

The Miraculous Forest, Dr. Fredericka C. Zeller 297

The Costliness of War William Restelle 337

The University of Berlin and the Proposed Changes in the German System of National Education,....

Maynard Butler 345

G. 1 i. Spencer: A Cartoonist of Progressive Democracy and Aggressive Honesty (Illustrated),

An Editorial Sketch 351

y Individualism Through Socialism: A Reply to Hon. William J. Bryan,

Professor Thomas Elmer Will, A.M. 359

An Object-Lesson in the Solution of Race Problems, Frank Jewett Mather 364

Heresy in the Episcopal Church, Katherine Kilgore 370

The Anglo-Saxon Crime, Hon. Thomas Speed Mosby 373

The Economic Struggle in Colorado.—III. EioHT-Houit Agitation Strikes And Fights (Contin-

ued), Hon. J. Warner Mills 375

Sarmiento: The Great South American Statesman and Educator, Professor Frederic M. Noa 390

^-Socialism and the Ijqupr Traffic, William H. Watts 395

A King and a Fool: A Story, Charles Townsend 398

Richard Seddon: Democratic Statesman and Master-Builder of a Liberal Commonwealth,

B. O. Flower 449


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N. O. Nelson, Practical Cobperatior, and the Great Work He Is Accomplishing for Human Unliftment

(Illustrated) :George W. Eads 46O

The Zeit-Geist and the Miraculous Conception Rev. William R. Bushbt, LL.M. 483

Concerning Those Who Work, Matnakd Butler 487

Polygamy and the Constitution, Theodore Schroeder 492

Consumption of Wealth: Individual and Collective, C. C. Hitchcock 407

Shall Educated Chinamen Be Welcomed to Our Shores? Helen M. Gougar 506

Unrecognized Insanity: A Public and Individual Danger, Hknkik G. Petersen, M.D. 508

Present Status of the Referendum Movement in Maine, Abner W. Nichols 516

The Woman With the Knitting: A Story, Harlan C. Pearson 518

The Nationalization of Railways in Switzerland, Professor Frank Parsons, Ph.D. 577

Child-Labor, Elinor H. Stot 584

William Wheelwright: The Yankee Pioneer of Modern Industry in South America (Illustrated),

Professor Frederic M. Noa 591

Governor Joseph W. Folk, Hon. Thomas Speed Mosbt 602

Broad Aspects of Race-Suicide, Professor Frank T. Cahlton 607

William Morris and Esthetic Socialism, Thomas Dickinson, Ph.D. 61S

Our Vanishing Liberty of the Press Theodore Schboeder 617

Is Railroad Rate-Regulation a Step to Government-Ownership?

Edwin F. (iHi 111. And Edgab E. Robinson 622

Chucrh and State in France, J. Romieux 626

A Waning of the Interest;in Comparative Anatomy in This Country R. W. Shuteldt, M.D. 629

The Bringing of the Kingdom Jesse F. Orton 631

The Bishop's Ordination: A Story, Gisela Dittrick Britt 638

Nude Lips: A Story f Albert R. Carman 688

In The Mirror Of The Present B. O. Flower

Muck-Shielding the Hope of the Thieves and Corruptionists—The Campaign Against the

Wholesale Poisoners of a Nabon's Food—The Jungle Causes the President to Investigate Packing-

town—The Plutocratic Press Becomes a Voice for the Beef-Trust—The Report of the Presidents

Investigating Committee—Mr. Sinclair's Second Statement to the Public—The New York World

on OnePhase of the Scandal—What Will be the Outcome ?—Later: The Abridged Report Appears

—The Latest Example of the Morally-Degrading Influence of Corrupt Wealth in the Educational

World—Chancellor Day's Attack on the President and Mr. Hearst—A Fundamental Thinker on

Free Government and How to Preserve It—A Distinguished Jurist's Statesmanlike Plea for a

Constitutional Convention—Some Urgent Constitutional Changes Demanded by Chief Justice

Clark—A Vital Service to Democracy—The Courts, The Plutocracy and The People; or, The Age-

Long Attempt to Bulwark Privilege and Despotism—Criticism of the Courts by Statesmen and the

Judiciary—The Fallibility of Judicial Decisions—The President, the Rate Bill and the Public-

Service Companies—The Denver Election: The Latest Illustration of Colossal Frauds and Crim-

inality on the Part of Private Corporations Seeking Public Franchises—Municipal-Ownership

Victory in Omaha—Utilization of Sewage by Pasadena, California—The French Election Another

Great Triumph for Progressive Democracy, 61

Triumphant Democracy; or, The Overthrow of Privileged Classes by Popular Rule—A Prac-

tical Demonstration of the Unsoundness of the Arguments Against Direct-Legislation—A Striking

Illustration of the Difference Between Government by Monopolies and Privileged Interests and

Government By and For the People—The Great Victory as Viewed in Oregon—The Honest and

Dishonest Advocates of Mr. Bryan's Candidacy—The Real Friends of Mr. Bryan—Mr. Bryan on

Private Monopoly—The Vision the Vital Breath of a Nation—The Lowering of Ideals in the Polit-

ical and Business World and What It Portends—Social Degradation—The Battle for Good Gov-

ernment in Pennsylvania—Senator La Follette: A Thorn in the Flesh of the Grafters and Cprrup-

tionists—-Jail Sentences for Rebaters and Ice-Barons a Hopeful Inauguration of the Campaign for

Civic Righteousness—How Mexico's Statesmanship Has Striven to Place the Interests of the People

Above All Concern of Special Classes—Results of the Governmental Ownership and Operation of

the Telegraph in Mexico—Universal Suffrage in Finland—Jaures and Clemenceau on the Demands

of Socialism and Radical Democracy—New Zealand's Late Premier and His Work for Progressive

Popular Government—Outline of the Great Premier's Life-^-Mr. Seddon on Public-Ownership of

Railways—An American Journalist on New Zealand's Contribution to Democratic Progress Under

Premier Seddon—New Zealand Under Capitalistic Rule—The Magnificent Financial Success of

the English Cooperative Society—Mr. Gray's Plea for Closer Union and a Programme Instinct

With Moral Idealism—College Cooperative Stores in America, 186

The Renaissance of Democracy in the New World—The Popular Revolt Against Corporation

and Boss-Rule—The Nation-Wide Enthusiasm for Bryan and La Follette Symptomatic of the
Great Popular Awakening—The Union of the Forces of Civic Righteousness in Pennsylvania— •
John B. Moran and Progressive Democracy in Massachusetts—Moran's Declaration of Principles
—The Labor Giant Enters the Political Arena—The Privileged Interests That Prey on the People,
and Their Upholders—Further Revelations of the Beef-Trust's Crime Against the People—Char-
acter of Armour's Canned Goods Officially Exposed—Wholesale Condemnation of Beef-Packers'

Meat Products in Pennsylvania—Adulterated Food Bearing Government-Inspection Stamp—
Speaker Cannon as the Friend of Privileged Interests and the Money-Controlled Machine



tar Tuft's False Witness in Regard to Mr. Bryan and the Trusts—The Nullification of the Ends

of Free Government Through Judicial Usurpations in the Interests of Corporate Wealth—A Lead-

ing Republican Journal on the Colorado Supreme Court—A Great Law Journal Arraigns the Col-

orado Supreme Court—The World Beyond Our Borders—Extension of Municipal Trading in Old-

World Cities—Unqualified Success of Municipal Bakeries in Sicily—The Vindication of Dreyfus—

Russia Again in the Shadow of Medieval Despotism—Mr. Markluim's Noble Poem on Russia—

Prime-Minister Ward on New Zealand's Progress—Sir Joseph Ward: The New Prime-Minister

of New Zealand—Practical Results of Public-Ownership in New Zealand—Notable Example of

Extension of Government Functions in the Interests of All the People—Radical Fiscal Reforms—

The Land-Value Tax—Graduated Income-Tax—The Settled Ideal of New Zealand's Statesmen, 299

Hon. George Fred. Williams and Winston Churchill: Two New England Defenders of the

People's Cause—The Present Battle Between Democracy and Plutocracy Within the Democratic

Party—Leaders of True Democracy—Hon. George Fred. Williams of Massachusetts—Mr. Will-

iams on the Master-Issues of the Present—Winston Churchill—Mr. Churchill's Exposures are of

National Concern—The Master-Issue Clearly Stated by the Novejist-Statesman—Attempted

Bribery by Pass—The Politicians Wearing the Corporation Collar Fight Shy of the Statesman

With a Conscience—A Striking Illustration of How .Public-Service Corporations Rule the People—

Fruits of the Feudalism of Privilege—A Striking Official Revelation Disclosing Widespread Un-

invited Poverty in Our Heyday of Trust and Monopolistic Prosperity—A Striking Case of Corpora-

tion Contempt of the People and Their Government, Aided by the Courts—The Battle Between the

Plutocracy and the Democracy in the Democratic Party of Massachusetts—The Latest Chicago

Bank Robbery from the Inside: A National Scandal—The Struggle for the Redemption of the

Republic—Mr. Bryan's Triumphant Home-Coming and His Great Address in Madison Square

Garden—The People's Battle in Wisconsin—A Practical Illustration of the Vital Difference Be-

tween a Free State and a Class-Ruled Commonwealth—Mr. Ralph Albertson on the National Fed-

eration for People's Rule—Municipal-Ownership in the Old World—Mr. MacClellan on Public-

Ownership in Germany, by Allan L. Benson—Another Victorious Year for Glasgow's Municipal

8 treet-Railwavs—The Disposal of Glasgow's Telephones to the Government and How the Capi-

1 alistic Press Has Misrepresented the Case—The Struggle Between Light and Darkness in Foreign

Lands—The Recognition of Civil Marriages by the Spanish Government—Mr. Morley's Loose

Dae of Terms in Discussing England's Socialistic Experiments in India—Marked Success of Gov-

ernmental Ownership and Operation of Railways in India—Extreme Poverty of India's Millions, 405

The Colorado Conflict and Its Grave Significance—The Clear-Cut Issue Between Democracy

and Plutocracy—Colorado Democracy Drives the Corruptionists and Grafters From the Party—

The Platform and the Ticket—The Republican Party Abjectly Surrenders to the Throne-Powers

—The Division in the Radical Forces Threatens the Success of the People—Why the Union of All

Friends of Free Government is Imperatively Demanded—Henry Cabot Lodge as an Apostle of the

Autocratic Money-Controlled Machine and the Foe of Popular Rule—Senator Lodge: A Man of

Wealth and Education—Senator Lodge's Fatal Choice After Entering Political Life—Mr. Lodge's

Open Opposition to Popular Rule—The Senator as an Upholder of Autocracy and Class-Rule—

Senator Lodge's Opposition to Public-Ownership—The Real Significance of the Wisconsin Prima-

ries—An Analysis of the Result—The Two Candidates—The Stand Taken by Senator La Follette

—Wfll the Cause of Reform Go Forward ?—Senator La Follette's Prestige—Evil Results Already

Seen—The Battle Between Plutocracy and Popular Rule in Various Commonwealths—The Polit-

ical Situation in New York—The Political Situation in Massachusetts—Mr. Churchill and the

New Hampshire Republican Convention—Why Robert Baker Should Be Elected to Congress—

Professor Parsons on a Recent Municipal Contest and the Tactics of the Corporation Press—The

Defeat of Municipal-Ownership in Seattle—The Delirium Tremens of the Corporation Press—

Allan L. Benson on Public-Ownership—Bankers Oppose Postal Savings-Banks: We Also Under-

stand that Burglars are Opposed to Having Police—The Detroit United! Railway Company Bribing

A Detroit Newspapers to Gret Its Street-Railway Franchises Extended—Public Ownership versus Pn-

* vate-Ownership of Public Utilities—Mr. Bryan's Logic Must Make Him a Socialist Unless He or

Someone Else Can Destroy the Trusts—The Healthy Growth of Cooperation in Great Britain, 527

The Conviction of the New York Central Railroad and Its Significance—The Story of the

Sinister Attempt of a Confederacy of the Great Criminals to Debauch Free Government in the

Interests of the Feudalism of Privileged Wealth—The Masterly Arraignment of the Great Criminals

by Judge Holt—Some of the Great Law-Breakers—The Most Dangerous Criminals in America—

The Unhappy Plight of Two Distinguished Defenders of National Honor and Safe, Sane and Con-

servative Politics—The True Secret of Mr. Bryan'sGreat Popularity With thePeople—The Election

—The General Result—The Congressional Election—The Result in Massachusetts—The New

York Election—The Result in Wisconsin—Direct-Legislation Triumphs in Delaware—Mr. Ben-

ion on Secretary Root's Baseless Attack on Mr. Hearst—Elihu Root: A Word About the Man y

Who Baselessly Maligned Mr. Hearst—Public-Ownership of Natural Monopolies—Mayor Dunne .,

on the Chicago Street-Car Situation—Three Views on the Railroad Question—Hon. S. M. Owen's"

Plan—Mr. Louis F. Post's Proposition—Hon. George Fred. Williams' Views—Leading Repub- ^,

Ijjan Senators on Record as to the Advantages of Government-Ownership of Railways—Sound

Morality verrut Morbid Pruriency—Mr. Comstock Not Wanted at the Mothers' Congress—The

National Purity Federation Holds a Remarkable Meeting—In Other Lands—England^ Revenue

ironi Her Income-Tax—Clemenceau Selects a Progressive Democratic Cabinet—Dr. Bisbee on

"ogres in Theological Thought, 642

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