Environment, Human Rights and International Trade

Francesco Francioni
Hart Publishing, 2001 - 361 páginas

After the completion of the Uruguay Round and the adoption of the 1994 agreement establishing the WTO,the place of international trade in the context of the international legal order has radically changed. International trade law has become a subject of wide-spread interest, cutting across traditional boundaries, and engaging diverse political and legal concerns. One consquence of this development is increasing concern with the legitimacy of the WTO process, which in turn has led to the WTO becoming the focus of rancorous protest by, among others, environmental NGOs, trade unions, and human rights activists.

This collection of essays by leading scholars and lawyers engaged in the policy-making process, addresses the underlying tensions and dilemmas of the WTO process and its impact upon the environment and human rights in particular. The contributors search for a balance between, on the one hand, legitimate free trade interests and, on the other, the role and limits of unilateral measures as an instrument to protect non-commercial values. The essays thus range over a host of topical questions including: trade in GMOs, biosafety in intellectual property rights, technology transfer and environmental protection, trade and labour rights, child labour standards, the EU and WTO, MERCOSUR, and many other topics.
The contributors include: Thomas Schoenbaum, Andrea Bianchi, Chris McCrudden, Michael Spence, Sarah Cleveland, Patricia Hansen, Riccardo Pavoni, and Francesco Francioni.

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1 Environment Human Rights and the Limits of Free Trade
2 International Trade in Living Modified Organisms
A New Dilemma for Developing Countries
Balancing Trade and Environmental Security The Jurisprudence of the European Patent Office as a Paradigm of an International Public Policy Issue
5 The Impact of International Trade Law on Environmental Law and Process
6 The Necessity Principles as an Instrument to Balance Trade and the Protection of the Environment
7 Technology Transfer and the Protection of the Environment
8 A Perspective on Trade and Labour Rights
9 Human Rights Sanctions and the World Trade Organisation
10 Which Intellectual Property Rights are TradeRelated?
11 International Trade and Child Labour Standards
12 The Interplay Between Trade and the Environment Within the NAFTA Framework
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Francesco Francioni is Professor of Law at the European University Institute.

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