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SEC. 3570. The tables in the schedule hereto annesed

Anthorized ta

bles of weights shall be recoguized in the construction of contracts, and in and measures

Ibid., 8. 2. all legal proceedings, as establishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system; and the tables may lawfully be used for computing, determining, and expressing in customary weights and measures the weights and measures of the metric system.


Metric denominations and values.

Equivalents in denominations in use.


10, 000 meters.
1,000 meters.
100 meters.
10 meters.

1 meter.
Ito of a meter.
to of a meter.
Todo of a meter.

6.2137 miles. 0.62137 miles, or 3,280 feet and 10 inches. 328 feet and 1 inch. 393.7 inches. 39. 37 inches. 3. 9:37 inches. 0.3937 inches. 0.0394 inches.


Metric denominations and values.

Equivalents in denominations in use.


Nom. of

Cubic measure.

Dry measure.

Liquor or wine




or stere. Hectoliter.

Dekaliter ..

1 cubic meter ...... 1.308 cub. yards ... 264. 17 gallons. 100 ið of a cubic meter.. 2 bushels and 3.35 26. 417 gallons.

10 10 cubic decimeters 9. 08 quarts...

2. 6417 gallons. 1 1 cubic decimeter .. 0.908 quarts. .:

1.0567 quarts. to to ofa cub. decimeter 6. 1022 cub. ipch[es] 0. 845 gills. τοσ 10 cubic centimeters. 0.6102 cub. inch 0.338 fluid ounces. Toto

I cubic centimeter. 0.061 cub. inch 0.27 fluid drams.


Metric denominations and values.

Equivalents in denominations in use.


10,000 square meters.
100 square meters.

1 square meter.

2. 471 acres.
119. 6 square yards.
1550 square inches.


Metric denominations and values.

Equivalents in de. nominations in use.


Number of Weight of what quantity of

grams. water at maximum density.

Avoirdupois weight.

Millier or tonneau
Kilogram or kilo.

1, COO, 000
100, COO

1 cubic meter.
1 hectoliter
10 liters
1 liter
1 decili:er
10 cubic centimeters.
1 cubic centimeter.

of a cubic centimeter.
10 cubic millimeters.....
1 cubic millimeter...

2204.6 pounds. 220. 46 pounds, 22. 046 pounds. 2. 2046 pounds. 3. 5274 ounces. 0.3527 ounces. 15. 432 grains.

1.5432 grains. 0. 1543 grains. 0.0154 grains.

100 Toto


United States notes.

Amount of fractional

currency autborized.

than ten cents.

Form and re

tional notes.

SEC. 3571. United States notes shall be of such denomi. 3 Mar., 1863, c.

nations no[t] less than one dollar, as the Secretary of the 3.1. 13, P. Treasury may prescribe, shall not bear interest, shall be

12. Jan. 1863, payable to bearer, and shall be in such form as the Secre. res. 9, v12p 822, ante, p. 53. 11 July, 1862, c.

tary may deem best. 112, p. 1. v. 12, p. 532, ante, p. 50 ; 25 Feb., 1862, c. 33, s. 1, v. 12, p. 345, ante, p. 44. (See R. S., ss. 5413, 5414, post, p. 135.]

SEC. 3572. The whole amount of notes or stamps for the

fractions of a dollar, issued as currency, shall not, at any 30 June, 1864, c time, exceed fifty millions of dollars. 172, A. 5, v. 13, p. 220, an'e, p. 66. No issue less SEC. 3573. No issue of fractional notes of the United

States shall be of a less denomination than ten cents; and 16 May., 1866, c 1c1, 8. 3, ante, p.77. all issues of a less denomination sball, when paid into the

Treasury or any designated depository of the United States, or redeemed or exchanged as now provided by law, be re. taiped and canceled.

SEC. 3574. The notes of the fractional currency shall be demption of frac

in such form, with such inscriptions, and with such safe. 3 Mar., 1863. c. guards against counterfeitingasthe Secretary of the Treasury 7:3, s. 4, v. 19, p. 711, ante, p. 56. may deem best. They shall be exchangeable by the assist

30 June, 1864, c. 172, 8.5, v. 13, p. ant treasurers and designated depositaries for United States 220, ante, p. 66.

votes in sums of not less than three dollars; and shall be receivable for postage and revenue stamps, and for all dues to the United States, except customs, in sums vot over five dollars, and shall be redeemed on presentation at the Treasury of the United States in such sums and under such

regu. lations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe. Preparation of SEC. 3575. The Secretary of the Treasury may provide

for the engraving and preparation, and for the issue of frac30 June, 1864, c. 172, s. 5, v. 13, p. tional and other notes, and shall make such regulations for

3 Mar., 1863, c. the redemption of such notes when mutilated or defaced, 711, ante, p. 56. and for the receipt of fractional notes in payment of debts

to the United States, except for customs, in such sums, not over five dollars, as may appear to him expedient.

SEC. 3576. No portrait shall be placed upon any of the ing persons not to be placed on bonds, securities, Lotes, fractional or postal currency of the

United States, while the original of such portrait is living. 7 Apr.,1866,c. 28, 12, v. 14. Engraving and SEC. 3577. The Secretary of the Treasury may cause printing notes.

notes to be engraved, printed, and executed, at the Depart11 July, 1862, c. 3:42, 9:21. 12, p. ment of the Treasury in Washington, and under his direc532ante, p51.

(See R. S., ss. tion, if he deem it inexpedient to procure them to be en. 5433, 5453, post, pp. 137, 138.] graved and printed by contract; and he may purchase

and provide all the machinery and materials, and employ


73, s. 4, v. 12, p.

Portraits of liv.

bonds or notes.


45, 8. 4, v. 12, p.

such persons and appoint such officers as are necessary for this purpose.

SEC. 3578. The necessary expenses of engraving, print. Expenses or ing, preparing, and issuing the United States notes, Treas. 30 June, 1964, v. ury notes, and fractional notes shall be paid out of any 221, ante, p. 68. money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; but no extra compensation for preparing, signing, or issuing such notes shall be allowed to any officer whose salary is fixed by law. SEC. 3579. When any United States notes are returned to Reissue of Uni.

ted States notes. the Treasury, they may be re-issued, from time to time, as 3 Mar., 1863,

c. the exigencies of the public interest may require.

73, 8. 3, v. 12, p.

710, ante, p. 56; 11 July, 1862, c. 142, s. 1, v. 12, p. 532, ante, p. 51 ; 25 Feb., 1862, c. 33, s. 1, v. 12, p. 345, antē, p. 43. SEC. 3580. When any United States notes returned to Replacing muthe Treasury are so mutilated or otherwise injured as to be 17 Mar., 1862, c. unfit for use, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to 370, ante, p. 50. replace the saine with others of the same character and amounts.

SEC. 3581. Mutilated United States notes, when replaced Destruction of according to law, and all other notes which by law are re. Ibid. quired to be taken up, and not re-issued, when taken up, shall be destroyed in such manner and nnder such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

SEC. 3582. The authority given to the Secretary of the the currency susTreasury to make any reduction of the currency, by retiring pended. and canceling United States notes, is suspended.

4 Feb., 1868, c 6,

v. 15, p. 34, ante,

p. 78; 12 April, 1866, c. 28, 8.1, v. 14, p. 31, ante, p. 75. SEC. 3583. No person shall make, issue, circulate, or pay no test Testi than out any note, check, memorandum, token, or other obliga

17 July, 1862, c. tion for a less sum than one dollar, intended to circulate as 196, s. 2, v. 12, p.

592, ante, p. 53. money or to be received or used in lieu of lawful money of the United States; and every person so offending shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than six months, or both, at the discretion of the court.



one dollar.


21 Feb., 1857, c. 56, s. 3, v. 11, p.

Gold coins of tho United

SEC. 3584. No foreign gold or silver coins shall be a legal Foreign coins. tender in payment of debts.

163, ante, p. 25. SEC. 3585. The gold coins of the United States shall be a legal tender in all payments at their nominal value when States. not below the standard weight and limit of tolerance pro. 131, s. 14, v. 17, p.

, , c. vided by law for the single piece, and, when reduced in 426, ante, p. 92. weight below such standard and tolerance, shall be a legal tender at valuation in proportion to their actual weight.


Demand Treasury notes.

Silver coins of SEC. 3586. The silver coins of the United States shall be the United States.

a legal tender at their nominal value for any amount not Ibid., s. 15, ante, p. 93,

exceeding five dollars in any one payment. (Legal-tender quality of trade-dollar ropealed by res. of 22 July, 1876, post, p. 148.] Minor coins.

SEC. 3587. The minor coins of the United States shall be Ibid., s. 16.

a legal tender, at their nominal value for any amount not

exceeding twenty-five cents in any one payment. United States SEC. 3588. United States notes shall be lawful money,

3 Mar., 1863, s. and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and 3, v. 12, p. 711, ante, p. 56. private, within the United States, except for duties on im.

11 July; 1862, s: ports and interest on the public debt. 1, v. 12, p.532, ante, p. 50; 25 Feb., 1862, s. 1, v. 12, p. 345, ante, p. 44. (For reference to cases, see R. S., 8.3588.]

SEC. 3589. Demand Treasury notes authorized by the act 17 Mar., 1862, c. of July seventeen, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, chapter 370, ante, p. 43. " five, and the act of February twelve, eighteen hundred and 5, s. 1, v. 12, p. 259 sixty-two, chapter twenty, shall be lawful money and a legal a te, p. 38.

tender in like manner as United States notes. 12 Feb., 1862, c. 20, v. 12, p. 338, ante, p. 44; 25 Feb., 1862, c. 33, s. 1, v. 12, p. 345, ante, p. 44.

Interest - bear. SEC. 3590. Treasury notes issued under the authority of ng notes. 3 Mar., 1863, c. the acts of March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, 710, anke, p. 55." chapter seventy-three, and June thirty, eighteen hundred 172, 6. 2, v. 13, p. and sixty-four, chapter one hundred and seventy-two, shall 218, ante, p. 64.

be legal tender to the same extent as United States notes, for their face value, excluding interest: Provided, That Treasury notes issued under the act last named shall not be a legal tender in payment or redemption of any notes issued by any bank, banking association, or banker, calcu. lated and intended to circulate as money.


Permanent an.

SEC. 3689. There are appropriated, out of any moneys in hions, appropria the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purposes

hereinafter specified, such sums as may be necessary for the same respectively; and such appropriations shall be deemed permanent annual appropriations.



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9 Feb. 1847, c. 7, Interest on the public debt: v. 9, p. 123.

For payment of interest on the public debt, under the sev. eral acts authorizing the same.

Bonds issued to Pacific Railway: 1 July, 1862, c. 120, 8. 5, v. 12, p.

For payment of interest on bonds issued by authority of 192 post

, p. 223. law to Pacific Railway. 2 July, 1864, c. 216, ss. 7, 8, v. 13, p. 359, post, p. 227.


Expenses of national loan :

23 May, 1872, c.

197, v. 17, p. 156, To pay the expenses of the issue, re-issue, transfer, de ante, p. 87. livery, redemption, and destruction of securities, legal-tender notes, fractional currency, checks, certificates, commissions, and for any plate and seal engraving and printing required by the Treasury Department, one per centum of the amount of legal-tender notes, fractional currency, and securities issued durivg each fiscal year. Refunding the national debt:

14 July, 1870, c. Of one-half of one per centum of the amount of bonds 272, anté, p. 83.

20 Jan., 1871, c. authorized under the act of July fourteen, eighteen and sev. 23, v. 16, p. 399, enty, to pay the expenses of preparing, issuing, and dispos-ante

, p. 85. ing of the same. Sinking fund:

25 Feb., 1862, C.

33, &. 5, v. 12, p. Of one per centum of the entire debt of the United States, 346, ante, p. 46. to be set apart as a sinking fund for the purchase or payment of the public debt, in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury sball from time to time direct.

256, s. 2, v. 16, p.


SEC. 3693. The faith of the United States is solemnly Payment in pledged to the payment in coin or its equivalent of all the 18 Mar.

, 1969, c. obligations of the United States not bearing interest, known 1, v. 16,ante, p. 79. as United States notes, and of all the interest-bearing obligations of the United States, except in cases where the law authorizing the issue of any such obligation has expressly provided tbat the same may be paid in lawful money or other currency than gold and silver. But none of the interest-bearing obligations not already due shall be redeemed or paid before maturity, unless at such time United States notes are convertible into coin at the option of the holder, or unless at such time bonds of the United States bearing a lower rate of interest than the bonds to be redeemed can be sold at par in coin. The faith of the United States is also solemnly pledged to make provisions at the earliest practicable period for the redemption of the United States notes in coin.

SEC. 3694. The coin paid for duties on imported goods shall Application of beset apart as a special fund, and shall be applied as follows: ties. First. To the payment in coin of the interest on the bonds Payment of in.

terest on publio and notes of the United States.

25 Feb., 1862, c. 33, s. 5, v. 12, p. 346, ante, p. 46. Second. To the purchase or payment of one per centuin Sinking fand. of the entire debt of the United States, to be made within , Soo act of Mar.

, 1875 each fiscal year, which is to be set apart as a sinking-fund, and the interest of which shall in like manner be applied to the purchase or payment of the public debt, as the Secretary of the Treasury shall from time to time direct.



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