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1819 FAANAM STREET • OVAHA, HEBRASKA 68183 • 402/444-5001

May 4, 1982

Mr. Melvia Jenkins
Regional Director
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Room 3100, 911 Walnut
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Dear. Mr. Jenkins:

It is apparent that a great deal of time and effort went into the
preparation of the report on police-community relations in the City of
Omaha. I appreciate all of this work, and found the historical perspective
on this situation to be very informative.

As you know, the past year has seen an entire new command structure in place over the police division with ny election as Mayor and with my subsequent appoiatuents of a new Public Safety Director, Assistant Public Saiety Director, and Chief of Police.

Other changes in approach have followed as a result of this change in administration. I am very confident that our approach will meet with your approval.

Some of the elements of my acts are:

My appointment of former Deputy Chief Joseph Friend as my Public Safety Director. This appointment was met with considerable favorable response from many segments of the community, especially in view of Mr. Friend's well-known commitment to community relations and affirmative action.

Mr. Friend's appointment of Erven McSwain as Assistant Public Safety Director. Mr. McSwain previously worked in the City of Omaha Human Relations Department.

My appointment of Robert Wadman as Chief of Police. Chief Wadman is also committed to community relations and affirmative action, and has excellent credentials. · Chief Wadman has already implemented a number of new programs which will obviously greatly improve the Police Division, and he will soon announce a new Mission Statement for the Police Division, a copy of which is enclosed. Also enclosed is a copy of an article which appeared in the Omaha World Herald today regarding the Pciine Division.

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Mr. Melvin Jenkins
May 4, 1982
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These and other activities by members of my administration over the next three years will demonstrate that we are committed to good policecommunity relations.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to review and respond to your report, and we look forward to future opportunities for cooperation with your group.

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