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Wrote my research paper about this and sure enough that paper was excellent.

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Página 210 - In his talons he held a dove, and plucked her and shed the feathers down on the ship. By that omen I know that the lord of this high house will return, and strike here in his anger.' Penelope left the hall and went back to her own chamber. Next
Página 257 - The stories told have humor as well as adventure in them, and they have the fantasy that delights a child or the grown person with a child's imagination. The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said is illustrated by Dugald Stewart Walker, who is one of the few artists who have lived with the fairies. THE
Página 222 - Lady, it is hard for one so long parted from him to tell thee what thou hast asked. It is now twenty years since I saw Odysseus. He wore a purple mantle that was fastened with a brooch. And this brooch had on it the image of a hound holding a fawn between its forepaws. All the people marvelled at this brooch, for it was of gold, and the fawn and the
Página 207 - him that he may go amongst the company and crave an alms from each.' Odysseus ate whilst the minstrel was finishing his song. When it was finished he rose up, and went into the hall, craving an alms from each of the wooers. Seeing him, Antinous, the most insolent of the wooers, cried out,
Página 234 - forsaking the house of my wedlock, this house so filled with treasure and substance, this house which I shall remember in my dreams.' As she spoke Telemachus took the twelve axes and set them upright in an even line, so that one could shoot an arrow through the hole that was in the back of each axe-head. Then
Página 257 - The bird that follows the cuckoo was once upon the point of flying into the cuckoo's mouth, but the world was saved from coming to an end by a boy who covered the cuckoo and the cuckoo's mouth. The people did not know what the world had been saved from, but the birds did, and out of gratitude
Página 186 - that would have been evil but that it was to last for a while only. She made his skin wither, and she dimmed his shining eyes. She made his yellow hair grey and scanty. Then she changed his raiment to a beggar's wrap, torn and stained with smoke.
Página 189 - Old man, no wanderer ever comes to this land but that our lady Penelope sends for him, and gives him entertainment, hoping that he will have something to tell her of her lord, Odysseus. They all do as thou wouldst do if thou
Página 257 - When the bird that follows the cuckoo flies into the cuckoo's mouth the world will come to an end!
Página 28 - ROY, the minstrel sang, was the greatest of the Cities of men; it had been built when the demi-gods walked the earth; its walls were so strong and so high that enemies could not break

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