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91-26-44 BER

THE Order of Odd-Fellows has become, within & generation, a most extensive, and, in the estimation of those who are unacquainted with its inherent qualities, a most extraordinary association. Its success has been the cause of wonder and astonishment with those whose warped and clannish minds can see no good thing come out of Nazareth. It has been, from its incipiency until the present moment when it numbers two hundred thousand members—the subject of suspicion and attack, and has been ostracised by those who were wilfully ignorant of its character and intentions.

But the success of the Order has become an es. tablished fact, and therefore it has now very many warm friends of every name and creed.

We have in this little book explained, fully and clearly, for the edification of all, the theory and idea of Odd-Fellowship. We have attempted to make the work useful as well as interesting. We have told all that it is proper to tell, but have revealed no secret-have explained no matter which the world should not know. Yet what has been said in these pages will be, to the Order, plain, and capable of a perfect understanding. We submit our labor, therefore, to our brethren, with a full confidence that it will be understood and appreciated.

It may be well enough to add, that the proprietors of this work, having been liberally remunerated in the publication of the Text-Bookwhich has succeeded beyond their most sanguine anticipations—have thus determined to indicate their sense of the appreciation of the Order by pre senting what they believe to be a better, because a more convenient work, viz. a Pocket Companion, They have been, in fact, forced into this arrange ment by the desire of numerous friends whom they are willing and anxious to serve.


Nov, 1863.

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