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the Grand Lodge may direct. He receives such Balary as may be ascertained and fixed upon at each annual session. He must, previous to installation, give bonds to the three first-named Grand officers, in such form and penalty as they may approve of, for the faithful discharge of his duties.

The Grand Treasurer must receive and take charge of the moneys of the Grand Lodge; pay all orders drawn on him by the Grand-Master, under the seal of the Grand Lodge; make such investment of the funds as the Grand Lodge may direct; keep his accounts in such a manner as will exhibit the sources and amount of receipts, and by whom paid; the pure poses and amount of disbursements, and to whom paid ; have his accounts closed up on the first day of blank, annually, and submit them to the Finance Committee. He must, previous to installation, give bonds to the three first-named Grand officers, for the faithful discharge of his duty.

The Grand Representatives must attend the Grand Lodge of the United States, and faithfully perform the duties of legislators therein.

The Grand Chaplain must attend the sessions of the Grand Lodge, for the purpose of opening and closing with prayer.

The Grand Marshal must assist the Deputy GrandMaster in supporting the Grand-Master in the Grand Lodge; must attend at the installation or organization of Lodges; and have charge of all processions that may be ordered or participated in by the Grand Lodge.

The Grand Conductor must examine the certificates of candidates for admission, and introduce such candidates to the Grand Lodge; and assist the Grand Marshal in the discharge of his duties.

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The Grand Guardian must attend the door or the Grand Lodge, and permit no improper person to enter. At the installation of the officers of Lodges, he must have charge of the door of the Lodge.

The Grand Herald must officiate as the messenger of the Grand Lodge, at ceremonials and processione of the Order, and as the 0. G.

The District Deputy Grand-Masters must perform, in their several districts, the duty of presiding at meetings for the transaction of business relating to the members in their localities. In other respects, also, they perform the duties of a Grand-Master. They must confer degrees and install the officers of the Lodges. They must report immediately to the Grand-Master any violation, on the part of their Lodges, of the laws of the Grand Lodge or of the Order.

The revenue of a Grand Lodge is derivable from charter-fees and assessments on the subordinates. It is appropriated to the purpose of defraying the necessary expenses of the Grand Lodge.


VHE several Grand Lodges and Grand Encamp

ments usually cause the necessary business

of their jurisdictions to be performed by depu. ties appointed by the Grand-Master, those bodies mostly convening only once a year. The following rules of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, adopted by that body in 1850, are excellent, and may very properly be adapted to most of the large States :

“ The V. D. Grand-Master, as the Representative of the Grand-Master and Agent of a Grand Lodge,

must correct all irregularities and illegalities of Lodges and their members within his district, and decide in writing all questions of law and order properly presented to him for that purpose.

“Ai Lodges and members in his district must present any questions of law and usage, which may actually arise, to the D. D. Grand-Master for his decision.

“ All questions of law or usage must be clearly stated in writing, with a statement of the circumstances under which they have arisen, and must be signed by the member or officers of the Lodge proposing the same.

“ All questions thus proposed must be answered in writing, under seal of the D. D. Grand-Master, and signed by him, within three weeks from the date of their reception; unless at an earlier date he should notify the Lodge or member of the necessity of referring it to the Grand Lodge or its officers.

“If any appeal from such decision is made by the Lodge or member, it should be made within one month after its reception; and should be accompanied by the decision appealed from, or a copy thereof, certified as correct under seal of the Lodge, and the reasons for the appeal, addressed to the GrandMaster.

“No communication from any member or subordinate Lodge, on questions of law and usage, (except an appeal as aforesaid, or a formal complaint against the D. D. Grand-Master,) should be received by the Grand Lodge officers, unless the same comes under the seal and endorsement of a D. D. GrandMaster.

" The D. D. Grand-Master of each district must file all questions presented or arising for his decision,

endorsing thereon or filing therewith a copy of his decision in each case. And he must also keep a record of each case and each decision in a book pro. vided for that purpose, together with a memorandum of each irregularity corrected by him. And he must affix to each item the number and name of the Lodge, or name and Lodge of the member thus corrected, with the date of such correction. Said book and papers to be considered as the property of the office, and to be delivered up to the Grand Lodge or its agent accordingly.

At least once in every six months he must present said file of questions and decisions, or said books of records and minutes, to the Grand-Master, for review and correction or approval, or for reference to the Grand Lodge.

“ A copy of all complaints or appeals by Lodges must be furnished to the D. D. Grand-Master complained of or appealed from, and time be allowed him for reply, before proceedings shall be instituted against him, or his decision be reversed; and all communications on such decisions from the Grand Lodge to her subordinates, should be first communi. cated to the D. D. Grand-Master, and by him be made known to the Lodge.

“ Any communication placed in the D. D. GrandMaster's hands for a member or subordinate Lodge, or for the Grand Lodge or its officers, should be by him forwarded as addressed, without any further delay than may be absolutely necessary to read the Bame, and certify to its genuineness if need be.

“Any V. D. Grand-Master, or other officer of a Grand Lodge, or any subordinate Lodge or member thereof, neglecting the duties or violating the obligations imposed by these rules, may be proceeded against as for the violation of any other duty, obli. gation, law, or usage of the Order; and on conviction thereof after a fair trial, may be punished according to the heinousness of his offence, at the discretion of the triers having authority in the case.

[The duties of D. Deputies of Grand Encampments correspond nearly to those of D. D. Grand-Masters.]


HESE bodies have control over the Encamp-

ments of a State, district, or territory where
they may be established. They are instituted

* The following are the duties assigned to the D.D. G. Masters of the Grand Lodge of Northern New York:

“ The D. D. G. Master shall, in the absence of the Grand-Master, preside at all meetings of the D. G. Committees (consisting of all Past Grands in good standing) of their respective districts, and preserve order and decorum therein, and enforce due observance of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge; be the organs of the Grand-Master with the subordinates in their districts; have power to call special meetings of the D. G. Committees when necessary; to grant dispensations to Lodges in their districts for granting certificates for the five degrees in less time than may be otherwise permitted, when circumstances require it, and to officiate in person or by special deputy, in conferring the five degrees in places where no Degree Lodge may be located. They shall see that tho work of the Order is performed uniformly; confer official degrees on past officers; collect from Lodges in their districts all returns and moneys due the Grand Lodge, and forward them immediately to the Grand Secretary; install the officers of the Lodges under their charge; decide all questions of law that may be submitted to them by Lodges or members thereof under their charge, and report serui annually to the Grand-Master of their proceedings. They shall forth with report to the Grand-Master all cases of violation, on the part of subordinates, of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge, or of disobedience to its lawful commands, or the lawful commands of the D. G. Committees. When officially visit ing the subordinates of the district, the D.D. G. Masters shall be toceived with the honors of the Order."

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