I Was Blind But Now I See Evolution - Creation

Lulu.com, 2007 M09 1 - 76 páginas
A book that takes a look at the theory of evolution, and a look at creation. Some of the questions that are covered in her new book are - What are the real facts behind evolution? Were we designed by Intelligence? Did dinosaurs and man really coexist? What the earth's crust tells us. How the Great Flood fits the fossil record. What were the Father of Evolution Charles Darwin's real thoughts on his own theory of evolution? What some evolutionists say on this theory. Louis Pasteur did multiple experiments on Darwin's theory. What were his findings? All evidence and proof point to ... ? The evolution/creation controversy is not just a scientific issue.In her book, she is going to show you the reasons why she thinks the evolution theory is wrong and how creation gives a better account. She believes students-and people in general-should feel free to choose for themselves among these ideas and to be able to exercise their freedoms of thought and of opinion. How long have your eyes been closed?

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