Life, Letters, and Literary Remains, of John Keats, Volumen1

Though Keats's publishers wished to publish "The Memoirs and Remains of John Keats" shortly after his death, his friends were unable to cooperate on the endeavor and it was eventually scrapped. Published in 1848, 27 years after Keats's death, Richard Monckton Milnes's "Life, Letters, and Literary Remains, of John Keats" was the first biography dedicated solely to the great poet. With much material provided from Keats's close friend Charles Armitage Brown, the volume offers a fascinating glimpse into the poet's tragically brief life and one of the first looks at his personal correspondence. While Keats's letters did not receive much notice in the nineteenth century, they became greatly admired in the twentieth century, with the great modernist poet T.S. Eliot even observing that they were "certainly the most notable and most important [letters] ever written by any English poet."

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