The complete works in prose and verse of Charles Lamb, ed. by R.H. Shepherd


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Página 15 - I behold like a Spanish great galleon, and an English man-of-war ; Master Jonson (like the former) was built far higher in learning ; solid, but slow in his performances. Shakespeare with the English man-ofwar, lesser in bulk, but lighter in sailing, could turn with all tides, tack about and take advantage of all winds, by the quickness of his wit and invention.
Página 15 - How have I seen the casual passer through the Cloisters stand still, entranced with admiration (while he weighed the disproportion between the speech and the garb of the young Mirandula), to hear thee unfold, in thy deep and sweet intonations, the mysteries of Jamblichus, or Plotinus (for even in those years thou waxedst not pale at such philosophic draughts), or reciting Homer in his Greek, or Pindar— —while the walls of the old Grey Friars re-echoed to the accents of the inspired charity-boy!...
Página 25 - She never made a revoke, nor ever passed it over in her adversary without exacting the utmost forfeiture. She fought a good fight : cut and thrust. She held not her good sword (her cards) "like a dancer.
Página 24 - And yet repines at destiny, Appears ungrateful in the case. And merits not the good he has. Then let us welcome the new guest With lusty brimmers of the best ; Mirth always should good fortune meet, And renders...
Página 21 - He knows it indeed, and, if need were, he could preach a homily on the fragility of life ; but he brings it not home to himself, any more than in a hot June we can appropriate to our imagination the freezing days of December.
Página 11 - ... matter before he proceeded to sentence. The result was that the supposed mendicants, the receivers or purchasers of the mysterious scraps, turned out to be the parents of , an honest couple come to decay, whom this seasonable supply had, in all probability, saved from mendicancy; and that this young stork, at the expense of his own good name, had all this while been only feeding the old birds ! The governors on this occasion, much to their honour, voted a present relief to the family of , and...
Página 25 - The skirmishes of quadrille, she would say, reminded her of the petty ephemeral embroilments of the little Italian states depicted by Machiavel, perpetually changing postures and connections; bitter foes today, sugared darlings tomorrow, kissing and scratching in a breath; but the wars of whist were comparable to the long, steady, deeprooted, rational antipathies of the great French and English nations.
Página 16 - Providence doth he manifest, — taking no more thought than lilies ! What contempt for money, — accounting it (yours and mine especially) no better than dross ! What a liberal confounding of those pedantic distinctions of meum and...
Página 18 - Buncle, a widower-volume, with " eyes closed," mourns his ravished mate. One justice I must do my friend, that if he sometimes, like the sea, sweeps away a treasure, at another time, sealike, he throws up as rich an equivalent to match it.
Página 23 - More than all, I conceive disgust at those impertinent and misbecoming familiarities, inscribed upon your ordinary tombstones. Every dead man must take upon himself to be lecturing me with his odious truism, that "Such as he now is I must shortly be.

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