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fully understand the money exigencies and demands of the city for the current year.

$ 14. In addition to the other duties of the comptroller of said city, it is hereby made his duty, on or before the tenth day of each and every month, to make out a monthly statement, giving a full and detailed statement of all moneys received and from what sources, and on what account received, and of all moneys ordered to be paid or drawn for by warrant by him, and on what account the same have been paid, for the month preceding that in which such statement is made; and the said comptroller shall cause the said monthly statement to be delivered to each branch of the common council at their next regular meeting, and to be printed and published in such manner as the common council shall direct.

8 15. He shall examine the reports, books, papers, vouchers and ac. counts of the treasurer, and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed in this act, and as the common council may, from time to time, direct.

§ 16. All claims and demands against the city, before they are allowed by the common council, shall be audited and adjusted by the comptroller, and immediately after the allowance by the common coun.' cil of any claim or account, it shall be the duty of the clerk to furnish to the comptroller a complete list of the same, and, before any warrants shall be issued therefor, it shall be the duty of the comptroller to coun. tersign the same.

§ 17. The comptroller shall be authorized to administer oaths and affirmations in all matters arising under the laws and ordinances of the city; and he may require all parties having claims or accounts against the city or either of the wards, to verify the same by affidavit. In all cases of doubt arising under any claim or contract against or with the city, he shall inquire into the same; and for this purpose he may exam. ine parties and others under oath. And if any person shall swear or affirm falsely, touching the expenditure of any of the money of the city, or in support of any claim against the said city, such person shall be subject to indictment on information, and on conviction thereof shall be punished as for willful and corrupt perjury.

§ 18. The comptroller shall keep a record of all his acts and doings, which record shall be open to the inspection of all parties interested. He shall not be directly or indirectly interested in any contract or job to which the city is a party.

THE CITY TREASURER. § 19. The city treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the city, and shall keep his office in some place, to be designated by the common council, appropriated to the keeping of such office, in the treas. ury department. He shall keep his books and accounts in such manner as the city comptroller or common council may prescribe, and such books and accounts shall be always subject to the inspection of said comptroller and the finance committee.

§ 20. All warrants drawn upon the treasurer must be signed by the comptroller and countersigned by the mayor, stating there'n the particular fund or appropriation to which the same is chargeable and the person to whom payable; and no money shall be otherwise paid than upon such warrants so drawn.

$ 21. He shall keep a separate account of each fund or appropriation, and the debts and credits belonging thereto.

$ 22. He shall give every person paying money into the city treasury a duplicate receipt therefor, specifying the date of paynient, upon what account paid; and he shall also file copies of such receipts with the city comptroller at the date of his monthly reports.

§ 23. The treasurer sball, at the end of each and every month, and oftener if required, render an account to the comptroller, under oath, showing the state of the treasury at the date of such account, and the balance of moneys in the treasury, and where such moneys are kept. He shall also accompany such sworn account with a statement of all moneys received into the treasury and on what account, together with all warrants redeemed and paid by him, which said warrants, with any and all other vouchers held by him, shall be delivered over to the comp. troller and filed with his said account in the comptroller's office upon every day of such settlement. He shall return all warrants paid by him stamped or marked "paid," and shall give a list of said warrants, stating the number and amount of each.

$ 24. The treasurer, before entering upon the duties of such office shall give bond with sureties to the amount of not less than two hundred thousand dollars, and the amount of his bond may be increased to such sum as may be fixed by the common council ; said bond to be ap. proved by the common council and filed in the clerk's office, and entered on record. He shall also be sworn the same as other officers, to the faithful discharge of the duties of his office.

THE CITY CLERK. § 25. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal, and make a record of the proceedings of the common council, at whose meetings it shall be his duty to attend ; and copies of all papers duly filed in his office, and transcripts from the records of the proceedings of the common council, certified by bim under the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts, in like manner as if the originals were produced. He shall also have power to administer any oath authorized to be taken by the laws of this state.

§ 26. The city clerk shall be authorized to appoint one or more deputies, subject, however, to the approval of the common council. Such deputies, after contirmation by the council, and after taking the oath required to be taken by the clerk, may, in case of the sickness or absence of the clerk, perform all the duties imposed by law, or any ordinance of the city, on said clerk, and shall likewise be subject to the same liabilities and penalties.

$ 27. The clerk shall record all orders and ordinances passed by the common council, in a proper book or books, with proper indexes; and transcripts from such books, certified by him under the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts and places, in like manner as if the originals were produced.

THE COUNSEL TO THE CORPORATION, AND CITY ATTORNEY. $ 28. The counsel to the corporation, and the city attorney, shall devote themselves exclusively to the duties of their respective offices, and shall have their offices in such place as shall be provided by the common council. Neither of said officers shall be employed in any other business than that which relates to the duties of their offices respectively, during the term for which they were chosen.

§ 29. The counsel to the corporation shall be the chief officer of the law department of the city. He shall, with the city attorney, conduct all the law business of the corporatio:) and of the departments thereof, and all other law business in which the city shall be interested, when so ordered by the corporation. Said officers shall hold their office in such place as the city shall provide, and, when required, shall furnish written opinions upon subjects submitted to them by the mayor or common council, or any other department of the municipal government. They shall keep a docket of all the cases to which the city may be a party in any court of record, in wbich shall be briefly entered all steps taken in each cause, and wbich shall, at all times, be open to the inspection of the mayor, comptroller, or any committee of the common council.

THE COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC WORKS. $ 30. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of public works to take the special charge and superintendence, subject to such general ordinances as may be lawfully established by the common council, of all streets, alleys, lanes or highways in the city, and of all walks and crosswalls in the same, and of all bridges, docks, wharves, public places, public landings and public grounds and parks in said city, and of all markets, market places and market houses, engine houses, hospitals armories and other public buildings in the city, belonging to the city, except school houses, and of the erection of all public buildings; to procure the necessary plans and specifications for the same, and of all lamps and lights for the lighting of the streets, alleys, lanes, biglways, bridges, parks, public places and public buildings of the city, and of the erection and repair of such lamps and lights; of all works for the widening, deepening or dredging of any river in such city, or of its branches; of all sewers and the works pertaining thereto; of the water works of said city; of all public improvements hereafter to be commenced by the city ; and he shall perform all the duties by this act prescribed, and such other duties as the common council may prescribe by ordinance: Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to confer any power or control upon such commissioner over any public park or parks, the government and control whereof is vested by law in any board or boards of park commissioners.

§ 31. The commissioner of public works may appoint one or more deputies, for whose acts be shall be responsible; and such other assistauts as may be provided by law.

§ 32. Said commissioner shall, before entering upon the discharge of his duties, give bond to the city in such sum as the common council shall prescribe, with sureties to the satisfaction of the mayor and board of councilors, which bond shall be conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as such commissioner, and that he will well and truly pay over any and all money, and surrender any and all property, books and papers which may come into his hands as such commissioner, on the expiration of his term of office, or when required to do so by the commou council.

THE COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH. § 33. Said commissioner of health may, subject to all general ordinances of such city, make such rules and regulations as he may deem advisable, in harmony with the provisions and objects of this act, and all acts, (the object of which is to promote and preserve the health, safety and sanitary condition of the city,) now existing or that may hereafter be passed, not inconsistent with the constitution or laws of this state, and enforce the same.

§ 34. Said commissioner may appoint one or more deputies, for whose acts he shall be responsible, and such other assistants as may be provided by law.

$ 35. Said commissioner, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take the oath prescribed herein, and shall also give a bond to the said city, in such sum as the common council sball prescribe, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties as such commissioner of health under the provisions of this act, said bond to be approved by the board of councilors, and filed with his oath of office in the office of the city clerk.

COMMISSIONER OF POLICE. § 36. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of police to assume and exercise the entire control of the police force of such city; and be is hereby invested with full power and authority over the police organization, government, appointment and discipline within such city.

§ 37. The duties of the police force shall be executed under the direc tion and control of said commissioner, and according to rules and regulations, which he is hereby authorized to make from time to time, for the more proper government and discipline of his subordinate officers and the police force of said city. The said force shall consist of said commissioner of police, oue deputy commissioner of police, three or more captains of police, sergeants of police, and as many police patrolmen as may be authorized by the cominon council, on the application of the police commissioner, and each patrolman so appointed shall hold office only during such time as he sball faithfully observe and execute all the rules and regulations of said commissioner and the laws of the state, and the ordinances of the city: Provided, that the said commissioner inay at any time remove said deputy, or any other member of the police force, and make the necessary appointments to fill such vacancy; but such commissioner shall not remove any such deputy or otlier member of such police force, except for incompetency, neglect of duty, or other cause affecting his fitness to discharge the duties of such office, and such commissioner shall, within ten days after such removal, report in writing to the common council the name or names of the person or persons so removed, and the reason for such removal.

§ 38. The commissioner of police, in his annual estimate of police expenses made to the city comptroller, shall, if in his judgment the public weal requires it, recommend to the common council such addi. tional police patrolmen, and also such additional sergeants as may be necessary.

§ 39. The common council may, on such recommendation of said commissioner, provide by ordinance for such increase of patrol force: Provided, however, it shall require three-fourths of all the members

elect of each branch of the council authorized by law to be elected, to pass such ordinance.

$ 40. Said commissioner of police may appoint a deputy, for whose acts he shall be responsible, and such other assistants as may be provided by law.

§ 41. Before entering upon the duties of his office, said commissioner shall take an oath as prescribed herein, shall also give a bond to said city in such sum as the common council shall prescribe, with sureties to the satisfaction of the board of councilors, conditioned for the faithful discharge and performance of his duties as such commissioner, and that he will well and truly account for, and pay over, any and all moneys, and surrender any and all property, books and papers, which may come into his hands as such commissioner, on the expiration or other termination of his term of office.

POLICE CLERKS. § 42. It shall be the duty of the mayor to appoint, as herein before provided, one or more police clerks.

§ 43. Such clerk shall attend the police court to which he is assigned by such appointment, and he shall keep a full, detailed and complete account, on his docket, of all cases and persons arrested and brought before such police court; how tried and disposed of; the number of cases disposed of; the cases in which moneys have been collected, and the cases in which money is to be collected ; the amount of all forfeitures, penalties and fines assessed, or the punishment fixed in each case, with the fees and costs accrued and accruing thereon; and on behalf of said city to collect and receive from the justices of such police court all such fees, fines, penalties and forfeitures, and the proceeds of all judgments and executions, and all moneys whatever accruing, or to be paid in for the use of the city, from the enforcement of any of the laws thereof, and forth with to pay over the same to the treasurer of the city.

§ 44. The said police clerk shall, at the close of every day, make a written report to the comptroller, containing the name and number of each case disposed of during the day, in which the city is a party, and its final disposition; the names of all witnesses in each case to whom certificates for witness fees have been issued, with the amount of each fee; and also the amount of all such fines, penalties and forfeitures as he may have collected during said day. He shall also specify in his said report the number of cases pending, the number of cases in which any fine, forfeiture or penalty has been inflicted, and the amount thereof, and also the amount of moneys outstanding to be collected in such cases, and the state of each case respectively, and, upon making each and every statement, he shall verify the same by oath taken before some competent officer, that such statement is a full, fair and complete statement of all the moneys received and collected by him during said day, and of all matter required by law to be embraced in said report. He shall also pay over to the city treasurer, at the close of every day, all moneys received and collected by him as such clerk, and shall file his receipt therefor with the said comptroller.

§ 45. In case of the failure of such clerk to make such report and pay over said moneys daily, as herein required, a notice shall be served on him by the comptroller that within three days he is required to make such returns and pay over all moneys received, and in case of the failure

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