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The Machine Shop

The facility includes a machine shop capable of diversifed work and adequate equipment for model work plus production of certain components. For example, machine for cutting the core of the toroidal potentiometer, as well as a winding machine for the long mandrel required by same device, have been designed by the mechanical engineering department and fabricated by the machine shop. Also, seve eral components of the electromechanical integration computer, such as gear trains, coders and decoders, and other newly designed servo components are successfully fabricated by the machine shop.

The machine shop is also adapted to fabricate microwave components and antenna feeds. It also mass produces several components, now employed in lighting installations, such as motorized autotransformer dimmers, brackets, chassis and cabinet and sheet metal work for the electronic equipment. The machine shop now includes the following equipment: .Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine- Duro Belt Sander-Model =B-3066 1 horse power

Niagara 4-fcot sheet metal shear 10" South Bend Bench Precision Lathe

52 QC
Delta Bench Type Drill Press !%" cap. Diegl Pedestal Type Grinder
Buffalo Floor Type Drill Press !%" cap. Companion Eench Tool Grinder
Walker Turner Band Saw

Chicago Steel Bending Brake10" Craftsman Bench lathe

8 ft. long-Size 816 Yankoo Si Power Press

Automatic Wire Cutting and Alphil Spot Welder Model D.

Stripping Machine-ARTOS Circular Sow

Model CS6E

Transformer, Choke and Saturable Reactor Winding and Processing Section

ADI has set up a separate section for the winding and processing of transform'ers, chokes and saturable reactors. This section includes the following equipment:

Coil winding machine-Leesona
Impregnator-Red Point Corp.
Drying oven-Gruenborg Electric

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Engineering Talent


The engineering staff of ADI consists mainly of the scientists who originally conceived, organized, and formulated the company and its goals. As part owners, these scientists contribute maximum effort towards its success. The group consists of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Physicists and Chemists, with long and broad experience. The following are some of the many fields of capability of the ADI engineering staff for research development and production:


Gaseous light sources, transformers, ballasts, dimmers, light blters, lighting systems.


Computers, servomechanisms, power supplies, amplifiers, magnetic amplifiers, medical electronics, communications equipment, TV systems.


Transformers, chokes, saturable reactors, potentiometers, selector switches, electromechanical transducers for computers.


Antenna feeds, antenna pedestals, stabilized platforms, rotary joints, and slip ring assemblies.


Microwave components, UHF through X Bank, Matched loads, direc tional couplers, tuncrs, slotted sections, hybrids, crystal mounts, mixers, coaxial linc to waveguide adaptors.


Infrared, phosphors, cletroluminescencc.


Electromagnetic theory, quantum plıysics, mathematics.


'resent Standard Products of A.D.I.

The Cold Cathode Interference Free Fluorescent Lamp

This type of Auorescent lamp presents the following advantages versus the conventional hot cathode fluorescent lamp.

1 It is instant staning-therefore, it does not require separate starter.
2 It is long-lived. Its average life is about 27,000 hours. Further, its

life length is not deteriorated by on-and-off switching. Conven-
tional fluorescent lamps lose as much as 25 hours from their life

with every switching.
* 3 Th. Cold Cathode fluorescent lamp can be dimmed like an ordi.

nary Incandescent lamp.
4 The Cold Cathode's nuorescent lamps generate minimum radio

interference. It is therefore the only solution to quiet illumination, so
Important in any installation where electronic equipment may re-
ceive interference from fluorescent lighting. For this reason, cold
Cathode supplies fluorescent lighting in most military noise-sensi.

live installations.
• S Cold Cathode lamps do not require heating element at the cathode;

therefore, operate at lower temperature than conventional

6 Cold Cathode lamps provide an improved electrode design with

greater contact area; therefore, they offer lower contact resistance
losses, and they are rugged enough to withstand greater vibration
and shock.

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Present Standard Products of A.D.I.


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mable macter controlled mat portr supply Inlay circuitry for I see fire alarm system

THE TOROIDAL POTENTIOMETER This high accuracy component combines the long mandrel and multi-turn advantage of the heli-pot with the continuity offered by the circular single too1 polentimeters. As many as 32 furns and 100 inch ! !!!! element are provided within a 5 diameter potentiometer. The multi-turn feature helps to practically eliminate any backlash errors. A gear is provided for direct mechanical output.

THE INTEGRAL CALCULUS COMPUTER The unit will be able to integrate the product of any number of any functions over any definite interval. The integral will be given as a number. The project is now in the breadboard stage.

telef Toroidal potentiometer

fel o sew circuit selecter

NIGN SPEED CLUTCH AND BRAKE This new clutch concept permits engagement or two shafts at any speeds, without the fear of breakaze. It engages and disengares very smoothly, thus avoiding sudden jolts. Since the clutch does not depend on friction, it suffers negligible wear. Project at model stage.

KIGN SPECD SELECTOR SWITCH A low inertia concept of a mechanical selector switch permits the scanning of up to 400 circuits per second. The selector switch has the capability of stopping precisely at the activated circuit. Creadboard stage.

BATTERY CHARGER A low cost automatic battery charger controls the charging rate around a fued current value, and shuts automatically when the battery reaches optimum charge. Breadboard stage.

A NARROW BAND TELEVISION SYSTEM Salisfactory television picture is expected from extremely narrow bandwidths. Project in breadboard stage.

FUEL BATTERY SYSTEM Chemicals are fed in fluid form and processed by the battery as current is needed. In design stage.

AIRCRANT ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM A novel design for an aircraft anti-collision system Includes special antenna design for elimination of ground reflection: a computer for the determination of relative target height, target range, rate of closure, time to closest zpproach, distance to closest approach, and probability of collision, plus spe cial three-dimensional target display, with associated warning devices. In design stage.

INFRARED TELEMETER A device for determining distance of I.R. or luminous objects. Design stage.

INFORMATION CORRELATOR The purpose of this device is to examine and determine the similarities and differences between two coded situations.

ANTENNA FEEDS Advancement Devices are now developing a new design of bipolarized antenna feed with extremely lo* YSWR. In the future, several microwave components Incorporating new concepts will enter the company's products. . -

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