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fonso declared null and void . 304 exceeding 2000 acres confirmed
45 Saving the rights of actual set. in his title thereto · · 315, 316
tlers conformably with the laws, 55 No claim to a lead mine or salt
usages and customs of the Spanish spring confirmed by this provision 316

ib. 56 Time for filing and recording
46 Residents in said territories pri- written evidences of claims ex-
or to the 1st October, 1800, being tended to the 1st July, 1808 · 317
heads of families or above 21 57 Certificates of the commission.


and who had prior ers in favor of claimants to be fil-
to said day obtained from the ed with the Register or Recorder
French or Spanish government a- in 12 months after date . . ib.
ny registered warrants or orders' 58 Tracts granted by the commis-
of survey for lands actually inha- sioners to be surveyed at the ex-
bited by them on that day, confirm- pence of the parties in all cases
ed in their claims thereto 305 where an authenticated plot shall
47 Similar provision in favor of not have been filed with the pro-
such persons as had by permission per Register, &c. or appear of re-
of the proper Spanish officer made cord in the public records of Or-
actual settlements prior to the leans and Louisiana territories . 318
20th December, 1803, and who 59 Claims to be arranged into three
on said day actually inhabited and ciasses; first, such as in the opi.
cultivated the lands so settled 305-6 nion of the commissioners ought
48 Not more than one tract not ex- to be confirmed in conformity with
ceeding one mile square to be the provisions of the several acts
granted to one person


of Congress in relation thereto . ib.
49 Provisions in regard to the filing 60 Secondly; claims not embraced
of claims and the recording of by said provisions, but which
grants and other written evidences ought to be confirmed according

306-7 to the laws and usages of the Spa-
80 Repeal of so much of a former nish government

act requiring plots to be recorded

61 Thirdly; claims, neither embrac-
as relates to tracts which had not ed by said provisions, nor proper
been surveyed by the proper offi- to be confirmed, according to said
cer under the Spanish government

laws and usages

prior to the 20th Decem. 1803, 311 See Commissioners.
51 What shall be evidence of set-

Military Bounties.
tlement by permission of the pro-

per Spanish officer ... 311, 312
52 Modification of the provision re-

quiring persons claiming settle-
ment rights to have been above 21

Of the King of Great Britain of the

years of age at the time of settle. 7th October, 1763

Of the United States in Congress

52 Time for filing of claims extend.

assembled pursuant to the resolu-
ed to the 1st January, 1807 ib.

tion of the 15th June, 1785, a.
53 Repeal of so much of the Act

gainst unauthorised settlements on
of the 2d March, 1805, as prohi-

the public lands

bits the confirmation of incom-
plete titles unless the claimant at

Public Debt.
the time of its date was the head Proceeds of sales of the public
of a family or above twenty-one lands in the Western Territory ap-
years of age

315 propriated to the discharge of the
54 Every person who for ten con debts of the United States 1378.
secutive years prior to and on the

See Georgia, 5, 9.
20th December, 1803, had been in

Evidences of Public Debt.
possession of a tract of land not


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Public Schools;

Appropriation for in the state of

53 Of public Lands
For a general view of the appropria- See Sales of Public Lands,
tions and reservations for schools Pre-emption, 2, 6, 10, 14, 19.
See note in page 141.

Register, 15. Forfeiture, 3, 4, 5.
See Tennessee, 7.
Ohio, 6, 9. Reserved Sections.


Receivers of Public Monies. Rector, William & Elias ;
1 One to be appointed in each of

Their accounts for surveying pri-
the land Districts

151 vate claims in the Illinois territory
2 To give bond and security in 10, directed to be settled

000 dollars for the faithful dis-
charge of his trust


3 To give receipts for all monies
received by him

From Canada and Nova Scotia.

4 To transmit to the Secretary of

See Military Bounties, 17 to 25.
the Treasury, within 30 days in
case of public sale, and quarterly

in case of private, an account of

1 of the Land Office to be appoint,
all monies by him received, speci-

ed for each of the offices of Cin.
fying certain particulars

5 To transmit to the Treasurer of

cinnati, Chilicothe, Marietta and

Steubenville who shall give bonds
the United States, within three
months after receiving the same,

for faithful performance of duties,

all public monies by him received ib. 2 Plats of land to be sold at their

6 His compensation one per cent. on
monies received

offices to be furnished by the Sur-

7 One-half per cent. added, and

3 Directions to, in regard to appli-
$500 salary, except the receiver

cations for purchase, entering
of Marietta whose salary is $200 159

them on books, &c.

· 152
8 In the districts of Vincennes,

4 To determine by lot between two
Kaskaskia and Detroit, to be a
commissioner for the examination

or more applicants for the same

of claims in said districts 267 5 In three months after the appli-

9 And the Receiver of Detroit to be

cation, if the party shall not pro-
a commissioner, &c. for the ter-
ritory of Michigan


duce a receipt for one-fourth of
10 Additional compensation to the

the purchase inoney including the
receivers of Vincennes and Kas-

one-twentieth deposit, he shall
kaskia as commissioners, &c. 277

enter the same, and that the land

hath reverted to the United States ib.
See Sales of Public Lands, 31.

6 On such receipt being produced,
Superintendants of Sales,

he shall note the same, and give
5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 16, 18.

the party a certificate thereof 153

7 When payment is completed, he

shall give a certificate thereof, on
Of land titles in the district of Loui. which the patent shall issue ib.
siana to be appointed, who shall 8 He shall denote tracts sold, by
give the like security and receive marking the letter A on his book
the same compensation as the Re- of surveys ; and payment of one-

184 fourth of the purchase money by



the letter P, and cross the said A ed to appoint deputies not exceed.
when the land reverts, &c. ib. ing one in each county

9 His books shall be open at all 28 Notices of claims may be deliver.

154 ed to the Register or his deputy
10 Shall make quarterly returns to for the county in which the land
the Secretary of the Treasury of lies

bis transactions, &c.

See sales of Public Lands, 14, 31.
11 Mode of proceeding in case of Superintendants of Sales.
purchase by the

12 When required by any party in

writing, he shall enter a withdraw-
al of his application


For satisfying the claims of ancient
13 His fees and emoluments 155

settlers on the Mississippi 260
14 Fees no longer demandable by,

See Virginia Military Bounties.
and additional compensation to 159

Reserved Sections. Minet.
15 To transmit final certificates to
the Register of the Treasury who

Reserved Sections,
shall obtain and forward patents 1 By the ordinance of 20th May,
to purchasers


1785, sections No. 8, 11, 26, 29,
16 Not to give final certificates un.

are reserved for future sale in the
til all the lines of the tract be run, territory north west of the Ohio 133
and the contents ascertained 167

2 And No. 16 for the maintenance
17 One to be appointed for the

of public schools
Zanesville district

174 3 By the Act of 18th May, 1796,
18 For each of the districts of De. 4 sections at the centre of every
troit, Vincennes and Kaskaskia 175

township are reserved for the fu.
19 For the district of Jeffersonville 177

ture dissal of Congress · 141-2
20 In the Mississippi territory, for 4 To be let on improving leases for
each of the two districts there 182

a term not exceeding 7 years 156
21 In the Orleans territory for each 5 Directed to be sold by the Acts
of the two districts there . 184

of 3d March, 1805, and 29th Fe-
22 In the districts of Vincennes, bruary, 1808

Kaskaskia and Detroit to be one of

See Notes to pages 133, 141.
the commissioners for the exami.

Sales of Public Lands, 34, 35.
nation of claims in the said dis-

Ohio Company, 3, 4.

23 Compensation to them as com-

Robinson, Robert,

24 And in the district of Detroit to Compensation to, for extra services
be a commissioner, &c. for the

as clerk and agent to the Board
territory of Michigan


of Commissioners at Kaskaskia,
25 Additional compensation to the


Registers of Vincennes and Kas-
kaskia as commissioners


Rogers Samuel,
26 Of the two land offices in the
Mississippi Territory to be com-

A Canadian refugee; 2240 acres of
missioners of claims therein. 285

land granted to

27 In the Orleans territory authoris-

See Military Bounties.


Sales of Public Lands,
1 By the ordinance of the 20th May,
1785, after seven ranges were sur.
veyed north of the Ohio, and one

seventh thereof drafted for the use
of the late continental army, the
residue to be divided among the
thirteen states, and sold by the

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commissioners of loans of each 18 Lands remaining unsold at pub-


lic sale, to be sold at private sale 149
The first township in the first 19 For not less than $ 2 in specie
range to be sold entire, and the

or evidences of the public debt ib.
second in lots, and so alternately, 20 Terms and conditions of sale ib.
through all the ranges, for not less 21 Eight per cent. allowed for
than $ 1 per acre, in specie, or prompt payment

. 150
public securities reduced to specie 22 Deposit &c. forfeited on failure

. ib

of first payment, and the lands
3 Further provisions relating to may be disposed of at private sale ib.
said sales by resolution of the 21st 23 Lands not paid for in one year
April, 1787, as to the place of sale, after the date of the last payment,
payment, &c


to be sold at vendue for not less
4 Repeal of so much of the afore. than the arrears due

said ordinance as relates to sales 24 If it will not sell for so much,
by commissioners of loans, &c. 135

the money paid forfeited, and the
5 Board of treasury directed to sell land may be sold again at private
those parts of the seven ranges re- sale

maining unsold, &c. pursuant to 25 By the act of the 26th March,
said resolution of the 21st April, 1804, fractional sections, north of

136 Ohio or south of Tennessee, may
6 Fractional sections to be sold with

be sold singly or two or more to-
the entire ones


gether, under the direction of the
7 By the act of 18th May, 1796, the Secretary of the Treasury 157
lands remaining unsold in the se- 26 All public lands, the sale of
Ten ranges, including those drawn which is authorised by law, after
for the late army and those sold, being offered in quarter sections,
but unpaid for, to be advertised may be purchased (at the buyers
for sale

143 option) in, whole, balf, or quarter
8 The townships in Philadelphia and sections

sections in Pittsburg

ib 27 In the two last cases how the
9 Terms and conditions of sale 143-4 sections shall be divided

10 Failure in any payment renders 28 Subdivision to be at the purcha-
the sale void, and the money paid


144 29 No interest chargeable for lands
11 Ten per centum allowed for

sold under the act of the 10th
prompt payment

May, 1800, or hereafter sold, if
12 Particulars of sales to be enter- the instalments be regularly paid 157-8
ed in books, copies of which, at 30 Nor on instalments due in Octo.
every suspension, are to be trans- ber, 1804, but from the time they
mitted to the Secretary of the are due, except there be failure of


payment, when it shall be charged
13 By the act of 10th May, 1800, from the time of purchase 158
four land offices established for 31 Reserved and classed fractional
the disposal of the lands directed sections, and all other public lands
to be sold under the act of the 18th north of Ohio and above the mouth
May, 1796, at Cincinnati, Chili- of Kentucky river, to be offered
cothe, Marietta, and Steubenville 146 for sale in quarter sections, under
14 Each under the direction of a the directions of the registers and


. ib.
15 Lands to be offered for sale in

32 Places, times, and terms of sale ib.
sections and half sections 148 33 All other public lands, north of
16 Times, places, and other circum- Ohio or south of Tennessee, which
stances of sale

ib. are directed to be sold, to be sold
17 Sale to remain open three weeks in quarter sections

. . 159
at each place

ib. ! 34 Au the reserved sections in the

ser's expence


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range, &c.

State of Ohio, except No. 16, Salt Reserve, and on the Ohio, between
Springs, &c. to be offered for sale the Cincinnati and Vincennes dis-
on the same terms, &c. as other tricts, except No. 16, and thirteen
public lands, but for not less than

sections, including the lower Dela-
$8 per acre

160 ware town, to be offered for sale
35 Same provision, except a reduc- on the same terms as the lands
tion of the price to S4 per acre, by north-west of Ohio and above the
the act of 29th February, 1808 160-1 mouth of the Kentucky river 178
36 The operation of the 6th condi- 48 Sale to continue open six weeks ib.
tion of the 5th section of the act 49 Lands unsold at public, to be
of 10th May, 1800, relating to re- sold at private sale
sale and forfeiture for non-pay- 50 Lands acquired by the treaty of
ment, suspended in favor of actual Detroit, of the 17th November,

161-2 1807, to be offered for sale at De.
37 The President, when authorised troit, on the same terms as other
to offer lands for sale, may offer public lands of that district 178-9
part at one time and part at ano- 51 All the public lands except sect.

164-5 No. 16, acquired by the treaty of
38 After the 1st June, 1810, appli- Fort Wayne, west of and adjoin-
cant for purchase at private sale ing the Greenville treaty boundary
shall produce to the register a line, to be offered for sale at Cin-
memorandum in writing, describ- cinnati, and the residue of the
ing the tract, township, section, lands, acquired by that and other

165 treaties at Vincennes, to be offered
39 Part of the military tract lying for sale at Vincennes, on the same
west of the 11th range, to be offer. terms as other lands in said dis-
ed for sale at Chilicothe 173-4 tricts

40 The public lands north of Ohio 52 Sales to remain open one week
and east of the Mississippi, except at Cincinnati and three at Vin-
section No. 16, a township for a

seminary in each of the districts 53 All the public lands in the Mis-
of Detroit, Vincennes, and Kas- sissippi Territory, except sect. No.
kaskia, Salt Springs, &c. to be of- 16, thirty-six sections for a semi.
fered for sale at the places where nary, and certain lots in Natchez,
the land offices are kept 175-6. to be offered for sale on the same
41 Terms and conditions of sale 176 terms as the lands north of Ohio
42 Lands between the Wabash and and above the mouth of Kentucky
Ohio, and the road leading from the river

falls of Ohio to Vincennes, to be 54 Sales to remain


offered for sale at Vincennes ib. weeks

43 And those lying north and west 55 Lands unsold at public, to be
of the Indian boundary line, esta- sold at private sale
blished by the Greenville treaty, at 56 Lands in said territory acquired
Detroit or such other office in Olio by the treaty of Mount-Dexter, in
or Indiana, as the President shall 1805, except No. 16 and 1500 acres

176-7 reserved to John M'Grew, to be
44 So much as the President shall offered for sale on the same terms
appoint of the lands purchased of as other public lands in said terri-
the Sacs and Foxes at Kaskaskia, tory


177 | 57 The lands purchased of the
45 On the same terms as other pub- Cherokees and Chickasaws, and
lic lands, &c.

ib. lying in the Mississippi territory,
46 Sale to continue open at Vin- except section No. 16, Salt Springs,
i cennes six weeks

ib. &c. to be offered for sale on the
47 Lands between the United States same erms as other public lands
military tract and the Connecticut in said territory.





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