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and forty ninetieths, over and above the sum of five thousand eight hundred and six, and seventy two ninetieths, as above stated, in support of which, vari. ous and important documents are offered, though of a nature too general to be admitted, agreeably to the rules of the treasury; and whereas, this deficiency of vouchers appears to arise from the nature of the disbursements made by Mr. Dohrman, whose own house was frequently the asylum of whole crews of captive American seamen, who were fed, cloathed, and re. lieved in sickness through his benevolence, and that at a time when his attachment to the cause of Ame. rica was dangerous both to his person and property, Reritelor, And whereas, Congress are disposed to acknowledge ble and meri.. in the most honorable manner the eminent services torious servi. rendered by Mr. Dohrman, and to make him further ces of

Dohrman, compensation;

Resolved unanimously, That one compleat and en- One entire tire township, subject to the reservations as in the township free other townships, agreeably to the ordinance of the

s granted him. twentieth of May, 1785, out of the three last ranges surveyed in the western territory of the United States, be and hereby is granted to the said Arnold Henry Dohrman, free from all charges of survey, and that the said Arnold Henry Dohrman be allowed to make A

choice out of choice of the aforesaid township of land, out of any three ran of the said three ranges last surveyed, after the secretary at war shall have drawn for the proportionate quantity of land assigned to the late army, agreeably to the said ordinance of the 20th May, 1785. *

of Mr.


Sec. 1. The President of the United States is VI. 85. hereby authorized to issue a patent for the thirteenth 27th Februatownship, in the seventh range, to Arnold Henry ry, 1801.

Patent to isDohrman or his legal representatives, agreeably to a sue for i3ih resolution of Congress of the first day of October, in township in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-se, the 7th range. yen.

* The public gratitude towards Mr. Dohrman, for his generous services, was manifested by other compensation of a pecuniary na. tire at the same time.

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(7) Donation to the French Inhabitants of Gal

liopolis. III. 114.

Sec. 1. The President of the United States shall be, 30 March, and he is hereby authorized and empowered, to cause 1795... to be surveyed, in the territory north-west of the Ohio, President to

to a tract of land, situate on the northerly bank of the cause a certain tract of river Ohio, beginning one mile and a half on a straight land to be line above the mouth of Little Sandy, thence down surveyed.

the said river Ohio along the courses thereof eight miles when reduced to a straight line, thence at right angles from each extremity of the said line so as to

include the quantity of twenty-four thousand acres of · land to be disposed as hereinafter directed. And the Sec. 2. The President be authorized to cause to French inha- be ascertained the number of French inhabitants and bitants of actual settlers of the town or settlement of Galliopo. Galliopolis to :

to lis, being males, above eighteen years of age, or wie be enumera

dows who are or shall be within the said town or settlement of Galliopolis on the first day of Novem

ber next. Letters pa. Sec. 3. The President of the United States shall tent to be is- be, and he is authorized and empowered, to issue sued to John lettere notent in the non

letters patent, in the name and under the seal of the G. Gervais for a tract of United States, thereby granting to John Gabriel Ger. said land on vais, and his heirs, four thousand acres of land, part condition.

of the said twenty-four thousand acres, to be located on the north-west bank of the river Ohio, opposite to the mouth of the Little Sandy, with condition, in the said letters patent, that if the said John Gabriel Gervais, or his heirs, shall not personally, within three years from the date of the same patent, settle on the same tract of land, and there continue settled for three years next thereafter, the same letters patent shall be void and determine, and the title thereof revest in the United States as if this law had not

passed. Remainder Sec. 4. The President of the United States shall to be distribú. be, and he is hereby authorized and empowered, to ted among the cause to be surveyed, laid off and divided, the reactual settlers of Galliopolis, naming wenty thousand

lis maining twenty thousand acres of land, residue of the by lot. twenty-four thousand acres, into as many lots or parts

as the actual settlers of Galliopolis shall, on the ascertainment aforesaid, amount to, and the same to

be designated, marked and numbered on a plat thereof, to be returned to the secretary of the said territory, together with a certificate of the courses of the said lots; the said lots or parts of the aforesaid tract to be assigned to the settlers aforesaid by lot. And the President of the United States is hereby authori. zed and empowered, to issue letters patent as afore. Patents to said, to the said actual settlers and their heirs, for issue. the said twenty thousand acres, to be held by them in severalty in lots to be designated and described by their numbers on the plat aforesaid, with condition, in the same letters patent, that if one or more of the said grantees, his or her heirs or assigns, shall not, within five years from the date of the same letters, On condition make, or cause and procure to be made, an actual of actual setsettlement on the lot or lots assigned to him, her or

dikin honor tlement with

in five years. them, and the same continue for five years thereaf. ter, that then the said letters patent, so far as concerns the said lot or lots not settled and continued to be settled as aforesaid, shall cease and determine, and the title thereof shall revest in the United States, in the same manner as if this law had not passed.*

Sec. 5. Nothing in this act shall be taken or con: Settlers sidered in any manner to impair or affect the claims claims under of the said settlers against any person or persons for to be impair or by reason of any contracts heretofore made by ed. them, but that the same contracts shall be and remain in the same state as if this law had not passed.


Sec. 1. It shall be the duty of the surveyor-gene- v.76. ral of the North-Western territory, to survey one 25th June, thousand two hundred acres of land, beginning on 1798. the bank of the Ohio river at the lower corner of a

* made of 1200 tract surveyed pursuant to an act of Congress, enti- acres of land tled, f“ An act to authorize a grant of lands to the on the Ohio. French inhabitants of Galliopolis, and for other pur. poses therein mentioned,” and running thence down. said river along the courses thereof six hundred and forty poles when reduced to a straight line, thence

• The condition of actual settlement repealed by act of 21st Fe. bruary, 1806. + Viz. the preceding act of 3d March, 1795.

extending back from the river and parallel' to etxe

lower line of the said grant so far as to include the To be divid- quantity aforesaid. And the said surveyor general ed into eight shall by lines, plainly marked upon trees, divide the parts, and as coidart inte

S said tract into eight equal parts or lots, having each signed by lot to the per. as nearly as may be, an equal front on the river, and sons named. designated by progressive numbers, marked on the

corners thereof. And the surveyor-general, when
the said lots are laid off and numbered as aforesaid,
shall distribute or assign the same by lot, to Stephen
Monot, Lewis Anthony Carpentier, Lewis Vimont,
Francis Valton, Lewis Philip A. Fichon, Anthony
Maguet, Margaret G. C. Champaigne, wife of Peter
A Laforge, and Maria I. Dalliez, wife of Peter Luc,
and to their heirs, being inhabitants of Galliopolis,
who were prevented from obtaining their proportion
of the land granted by the act aforesaid. The said
surveyor general shall also make out a fair plat of the
said tract, and shall designate thereon the said lots,

marked each with the name of the person to whom Plats to be the same shall have been assigned by lot as aforesaid, made of the which plat with a certificate of the bounds and courses tract and tots.

of the said tract and lots he shall record in his office, and return a copy thereof to the secretary of state, to

be filed in his office. Letters pa- Sec. 2. The President of the United States is heretent to be is- by authorized and empowered to issue letters patent sued therefor. in the usual form, thereby granting to the persons

above named, and to their heirs, the said tract of land to be held by them and their heirs in severalty, in

lots designated, numbered and marked as aforesaid. Saving of pri- Sec. 3. Nothing in this act shall be taken or convate contracts sidered in any manner to affect the claims of the permade with the grantees. Sous

os sons herein named against any person or persons, for

or by reason of any contracts heretofore made by them, but that the same contracts shall be and remain in the same state as if this act had not passed.

IX. 7.

Sec. 1. So much of the fourth section of an act, en. m e titled *66 An act to authorise a grant of lands to the Repeal of the French inhabitants of Galliopolis ; and for other pur.

* Viz. the above act of 3d March, 1795.



poses therein mentioned,” as imposes the condition 4th sec. of a of an actual settlement on the said inhabitants, or any former act,

of of them, their heirs or assigns, is hereby repealed.

which impoAnd in every case where a patent has issued, in con- dition of acformity with the said fourth section, to any of the tual settleinhabitants aforesaid, their heirs or assigns, the con. me ditions aforesaid, inserted in any such patent, shall be considered null and void ; and the fee simple be vested to all intents and purposes, in the person to whom such patent has been issued, his or her heirs or assigns.


(8) Donations for certain general purposes, in

the State of Ohio.

ention of


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Sec. 7. The following propositions are hereby VII. 40. offered to the convention of the eastern state of the 30th April, . said * territory, when formed, for their free accep- 13

cope Propositions tance, or rejection, which, if accepted by the conven- offered to the tion, shall be obligatory upon the United States :

First. That the section, number sixteen, in every the state of township, and where such section has been sold,

Ohio. granted or disposed of, other lands equivalent there- 16 for the use to, and most contiguous to the same, shall be granted of schools. to the inhabitants of such township, for the use of schools.

Second. That the six miles reservation including Sciota salt , the salt springs, commonly called the Sciota salt springs springs, the salt springs near the Muskingum river, granted to : and in the military tract, with the sections of land which include the same, shall be granted to the said state, for the use of the people thereof, the same to be used under such terms and conditions and regu. lations as the legislature of the said state shall die rect: Provided, The said legislature shall never sell nor lease the same for a longer period than ten years. Third. That one twentieth part of the net proceeds One twenti

eth of proof the lands laying within the said state, sold by Con- et

ona by Lone ceeds of pub. gress, from and after the thirtieth day of June next, lic lands sold


Viz : The territory north-west of the river Ohio, now the state of Ohio.

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