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Excess or de- And in all cases where the exterior lines of the townie ficiency to be ships, thus to be sub-divided into sections or half sec. added to or

tions, shall exceed or shall not extend six miles, the deducted from the excess or deficiency shall be specially noted, and add. northern and ed to or deducted from the western and northern western

ranges of sections or half sections in such township, ranges of sections.

according as the error may be in running the lines from east to west, or from south to north; the sections and half sections bounded on the northern and western lines of such townships shall be sold as con. taining only the quantity expressed in the returns and plats respectively, and all others as containing the complete legal quantity : and the President of the

United States shall fix the compensation of the de. Expense of puty-surveyors, chain-carriers, and axe-men : Prorunning.lines vided, the whole expense of surveying and marking not to exceed the lines shall not exceed three dollars for every mile $ 3.

that shall be actually run, surveyed and marked. Lands to be Sec. 4. The lands thus sub-divided (excluding the offered for sections reserved by the abovementioned act) shall be sale, at public offered for sale in sections and half sections, sub-disale.

vided as before directed at the following places and times, that is to say: Those helow the Little Miami

shall be offered at public vendue in the town of CinAt Cincin.

cinnati, on the first Monday of April, one thounati,

sand eight hundred and one, under the direction of the register of the land office there established, and of either the governor or secretary of the north-western territory: The lands east of Sciota, south of the

military lands and west of the fifteenth range of townAt Chili. ships, shall be offered in like manner for sale at Chilicothe, coihe on the first Monday of May, one thousand

eight hundred and one, under the direction of the register of the land office there established, and of either the governor or secretary of the said territory : The lands east of the sixteenth range of townships south of the military lands and west of the Muskingum, in

cluding all the townships intersected by that river, and at Mari. shoulbifered for cola;

Fe shall be offered for sale in like manner at Marietta, on

the last Monday of May, one thousand eight hundred and one, under the direction of the governor or secretary or surveyor-general of the said territory. The sales shall remain open at each place for three weeks and no longer. The superintendants shall obserre'

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he rules and regulations of the abovementioned act, in classing and selling fractional with entire sections, and in keeping and transmitting accounts of Lands re. the sales. All lands remaining unsold at the closing maining un.

sold, may be of either of the public sales, may be disposed of at disi private sale by the registers of these respective land at private offices, in the manner hereinafter prescribed ; and the sale. register of the land office at Steubenville, after the 5

Steubenville first day of July next, may proceed to sell, at private to sell at prisale, the lands situate within the district assigned to vate sale, his direction as herein before described, disposing of the same in sections, and classing fractional with en. tire sections according to the provisions and regula. tions of the above-mentioned act and of this act: And and that of the register of the land office at Marietta, after the Marietta, the said first day of July next, may proceed to sell at lands east of privale sale, any of the lands within the district as- the Muski signed to his direction as aforesaid, which are east of the river Muskingum, excluding the townships intersected by that river, disposing of the same in sections and classing fractional with entire sections as afore. said.

Sec. 5. No lands shall be sold by virtue of this No lands to act at either public or private sale for less than two be sold for.. dollars per acre, and payment may be made for the less same by all purchasers either in specie, or in evi. in specie or

per acre, dences of the public debt of the United States, at the stock. rates prescribed by the act intituled, “ An act to authorise the receipt of evidences of the public debt in payment for the lands of the United States;" and shall be made in the following manner, and under the following conditions, to wit:

1. At the time of purchase, every purchaser shall, exclusively of the fees hereafter 'mention. ed, pay six dollars for every section, and three* dollars for every half section he may have purchased, for surveying expenses, and deposit one-twentieth One-twentie part of the amount of the purchase money, to be for- eth of the feited, if within forty days one fourth part of the pur. purchase mo. chase money, including the said twentieth part, is not nes paid.


* Surveying expenses no longer paid by purchasers, by act of 26th March, 1804

With interest


Four instal- 2. One fourth part of the purchase money shall ments, at 40 be paid within forty days after the day of sale as days, 2, 3, &

aforesaid; another fourth part shall be paid within 4, years.

two years; another fourth part within three years; and another fourth part within four years after the day of sale.

3. Interest, at the rate of six per cent, a year, on 3 last pay

from the day of sale, shall be charged upon each of the three last payments, payable as they respec

tively become due. * 8 per cent. 4. A discount, at the rate of eight per cent. a discount on year, shall be allowed on any of the three last payprompt ments, which shall be paid before the same shall be. payments.

ó come due, reckoning this discount always upon the

sum, which would have been demandable by the U.

nited States, on the day appointed for such payment. On failure of 5. If the first payment of one-fourth part of the first payment, purchase money shall not be made within forty days deposit far.

after the sale, the deposit, payment and fees, paid teited.

and made by the purchaser, shall be forfeited, and the lands shall and may, from and after the day, when the payment of one-fourth part of the purchase money should have been made, be disposed of at private sale, on the same terms and conditions, and in the same manner as the other lands directed by this act to be disposed of at private sale : Provided, That the lands which shall have been sold at public sale, and which shall, on account of such failure of payment, revert to the United States, shall not be sold at private sale, for a price less than the price that shall have been offered for the same at public

sale. Tracts not 6. If any tract shall not be completely paid for paid for with. within one year after the date of the last payment, in one year after date of

of the tract shall be advertised for sale by the register last payment of the land office within whose district it may lie, in to be sold at least five of the most public places in the said disagain,

trict, for at least thirty days before the time of sale: and he shall sellt the same at public vendue, during

* Interest no longer charged when the instalments are punctually paid, (aci of 20th March, 1804.)

+ Thuse sales suspended for a limited time in certain cases, by acts of lóth April, 1806, 2d March, 1809 and 30th April, 1810.

or to revert

the sitting of the court of quarter sessions of the coun, ty in which the land-office is kept, for a price not less than the whole arrears due thereon, with the expens or ses of sale; the surplus, if any, shall be returned to the U. S. to the original purchaser, or to his legal representa tive; but if the sum due, with interest, be not bid. den and paid, then the land shall revert to the United States. All monies paid therefor shall be forfeited, and the register of the land-office may proceed to dispose of the same to any purchaser, as in case of other lands at private sale.

Sec. 6. All and every the payments, to be made by Payments to virtue of the preceding section, shall be made either to be made to the treasurer of the United States, or to such person or

the treasurer

of the U. S. officer as shall be appointed by the President of the or receiver of U. States, with the advice and consent of the Senate, public moreceiver of public monies for lands of the United nies. States, at each of the places respectively where the public and private sales of the said lands are to be made; and the said receiver of public monie's shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, give bond, with approved security, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, for the faithful discharge of his trust; and it shall be the duty of the said treasurer and re. Receivers to ceiver of public monies to give receipts for the mo- give bond. nies by them received, to the persons respectively paying the same; to transmit withinthirty days, in case of public sale, and quarterly in case of private sale, an account of all the public monies by them received, specifying the amount received from each person, and distinguishing the suns received for Their duties surveying expenses, and those received for purchase money, to the secretary of the treasury, and to the registers of the land office, as the case may be. The said receivers of public monies shall, within three months after receiving the same, transmit the mo. nies by them received to the treasurer of the United States; and the receivers of public monies for the said sales, and also the receivers of public monies for the sales which have taken place at Pittsburg under the act, intituled “An act providing for the sale & compensaof the lands of the United States in the territory north-west of the Ohio, and above the mouth of Kentucky river," shall receive one per cent, on the


money received, as a compensation for clerk hire, receiving, safe-keeping, and transmitting it to the treasury of the United States.

Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of the registers of the Registers to land-offices respectively, to receive and enter on books enter in books kept for that purpose only, and on which no blank applications for purcha

leaves or space shall be left between the different en. ses.

tries, the applications of any person or persons who may apply for the purchase of any* section or half section, and who shall pay him the fee hereafter. mentioned, and produce a receipt from the treasurer of the United States, or from the receiver of public monies appointed for that purpose, for three dollars for each half section such person or persons may apply for, and for at least one-twentieth part of the purchase money, stating carefully in each entry the date of the application, the date of the receipt to him produced, the amount of monies specified in the said receipt, and the number of the section or half section, township and range applied for. If two or more persons shall apply at the same time for the said tract, the register shall immediately determine by lot, in presence of the parties, which of them shall have preference. He shall file the receipt for monies produced by the party, and give him a copy of his entry, and if required, a copy of the description of the tract, and a copy of the plat of the same, or either of them; and it shall be his duty to inform the party applying for any one tract, whether the

same has already been entered, purchased, or paid. duties. for, and at his request to give him a copy of the

entry or entries concerning the same. He shall,
three months after the date of each application, if the
party shall not have within that time produced to him
a receipt of the payment of one-fourth part of the
purchase money, including the twentieth part above.
mentioned, enter under its proper date, in the said
book of entries, that the payment has not been made,
and that the land has reverted to the United States,
and he shall make a note of the same in the margin
of the book opposite to the original entry. And if


* Original application to be kept on file in the registers office by act of 24th February, 1810,

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