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MEETINGS. The annual meeting of this Association shall be held at 10 o'clock a. m. on the third Wednesday in July of each year, at such place as shall have been designated at the last preceding annual meeting.

Special meetings may be called at any time by the Executive Committee. At such special meetings no business shall be transacted except such as shall be specified in the notice thereof.

Notice of special meetings shall be given by the Secretary by publication in some newspaper and by written or printed notice sent to each member at least ten days before the time of meetings.


QUORUM. Nine (9) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the Association, and three members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Committee.


ELECTIONS. Elections of officers shall be by ballot at the annual meeting of the Association.


FEES AND DUES. The fee for admission to membership and the dues shall be such as may from time to time be prescribed by the By-laws.


TERMS OF OFFICE AND VACANCIES. Officers of this Association shall hold their offices from the close of one annual meeting until the close of the succeeding annual meeting..

In case of a vacancy in any office, the same shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee. A


vacancy in the office of President, however, can only be filled by the appointment of a Vice President.


COMMITTEES. The following committees shall be annually appointed by the President for the ensuing year, and shall consist of five members each: On Jurisprudence and Law Reform; on Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure; on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar; on Commercial Law; on Uniformity of State Laws; on Publications; on Grievances; and such other committees as he shall deem necessary for the transaction of the business of the Association.

A committee of three, of whom the Secretary shall always be one, shall likewise be appointed by the President at each annual meeting of the Association, whose duty it shall be to report to the next meeting any member who shall, in the interval, have died, with such notices as shall, in the discretion of the committee, be deemed proper.


AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any annual meeting; but no change shall be made unless at least twelve members are present.


DISCIPLINE. Any member of the Association may be suspended or expelled for misconduct in his relations to this Association or in his profession, on conviction thereof.



PRESIDING OFFICERS. The President shall preside at meetings of the Association; in his absence, the senior Vice President attending shall preside. If none of these officers be present, a President pro tempore shall be chosen. The President shall open each annual meeting of the Association with an address.


SECRETARY. The Secretary will keep a record of all meetings of the Association and of all other matters connected therewith of which a record shall be deemed advisable by the Association, and shall conduct the correspondence of the Association. He shall notify all officers and applicants for membership of their election, who are not present at such election; shall keep a roll of members, issue notices of all special meetings, receive all moneys due the Association and turn the same over to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor.


TREASURER. The Treasurer shall keep all moneys of the Association and disburse the same only upon orders drawn upon him, · signed by the President and attested by the Secretary. He shall, if required by the Association, before entering upon the discharge of his duties as Treasurer, execute a bond with good and sufficient surety, to be approved by the President, payable to the President and his successors for the use of the Association in the sum of one thousand dol. STATE BAR ASSOCIATION

lars, conditioned that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office and surrender to his successor in office all moneys and other property of the Association which may be in his hands. He shall report in writing at each annual meeting of the Association, and to the Executive Committee whenever required by the President. His report shall contain a statement of his receipts and disbursements and the financial standing of the Association.



The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President; shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association ad interim, and make a full report of its transactions to the Association at its annual meetings. The Executive Committee shall also, at its first meeting, select not more than six members of the Association to read papers at the next annual meeting.

All other committees appointed by the President shall perform such duties as are required of such committees in deliberative bodies.



Applicants may be admitted to membership by the Association or by the Executive Committee. The vote shall be by tallot. If balloted for by the Association, one negative vote in every four shall exclude the candidate; if by the Executive Committee, the vote must be unanimous in his favor or he cannot be admitted.

Applications for membership must be in writing, signed by the applicant, who must be recommended by at least one member of the Association, and shall be given or sent to the Secretary, who shall present the same to the Association, if in session; if not in session, then to the Executive Committee for its action thereon.


DISCIPLINE. Whenever complaint is made against a member of the Association for misconduct in his relations to the Association, or in his profession, the member or members preferring such complaint shall present it to the President, in writing, subscribed by him or them, plainly stating the matters complained of, with particulars of time, place and circumstance. Upon receipt of such complaint the President shall refer it to a committee of three members, to be appointed by him, or to the committee on grievances if such committee shall then be existence. The committee to whom it shall have been referred shall, without delay, cause to be served upon the accused a copy of the complaint and a notice to appear within ten days and answer the same. Upon answer made, or after the expiration of the time given therefor, the committee shall appoint a time and place of trial and notify the accused thereof. The committee shall have power to summon witnesses to give testimony before it. A member of the Association being so summoned shall, if he refuse to appear and give testimony, be liable to be proceeded against for misconduct and be tried therefor as herein provided. The committee shall try the case according to the rules of evidence in civil cases. At the conclusion of the trial the committee shall make findings of fact and render its decision thereon. If the accused be found guilty, the committee shall fix the penalty for the offense, and for this purpose shall have power to render judgment of temporary or indefinite suspension from membership in the Association against him, or of expulsion from the Association. Such judgment of suspension or expulsion shall go into effect at the expiration of ten days from the rendition thereof, unless meanwhile the accused shall have taken an appeal therefrom to the Association at its next annual or adjourned meeting. If the decision be in favor of the accused, and judgment of acquittal is entered, the complaining witness or witnesses

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