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Daily A.M.P.M. P.M.A.M.P.M.P.M.A.M.P.M. P.M. mean.||A.M. P. M. P.M. mean.

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Monthly mean.

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This register is to be transmitted to the Surgeon-General monthly. All fractions are to be expressed in decimals carried out two points. The thermometer and hygrometer, if not connected, will be suspended side by side. One third of the sum of the three daily observations will be registered as the daily mean. The direction (D.) and force (F.) of the winds will be expressed in accordance with existing regulations. The whole number of times any point of the compass is recorded during the month, gives the "number of observations," and the aggregate of the numbers denoting the force, gives the “sum of force," from that point. The results thus obtained are to be recorded under "Summary of winds and weather." Observations on the weather will be recorded as fair or CLOUDY; and the number of fair and cloudy days during the month will be ascertained by dividing the sum total of each record by 3. The number of days on which it rains or snows will be noted separately.

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