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occasionally become sad and low, through the burden of sin and infirmity, but they were not the moanings and anxious fears of a slave approaching his Master, conscious of many failures, and fearful of his anger. Mary rose strengthened, refreshed in soul, and comforted, her sole hope and rest was in Christ; the more she saw of self, the less was she induced to look there for help. She felt his atoning blood efficacious indeed. Mighty to save :'-she repeated the words again and again. Mighty to save!' in truth, or how had I ever dared to hope that I should reach heaven! Daily, hourly, I am seeking to destroy myself, to renounce His allegiance, and to serve His enemies. Yet He never forsakes me never fails to help memand will never let me perish, nor suffer any one to pluck me out of his hand. Blessed assurance ! may it animate me to press on-to live more in heaven-to glorify Him more-to urge others to seek Him with me. A vile, worthless, wandering sinner, raised to share His glory! Oh, may this blessed joyful conviction ever excite me toincreased diligence, that I may run and not be weary, and walk and not faint!'


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Phil. i. 21.

On the following day, as they drove towards the house of the old Rector whom Mary had requested to see, they passed the church-yard, and the first object that caught their attention was the old man himself, standing beside the grave of one of his parishioners, and committing his earthly remains to their kindred dust. On perceiving him, Henry pulled up the horse, and awaited the conclusion of the solemn ceremony.

As soon as the church service was ended, and the book closed, the Rector addressed the silent and sorrowing mourners :assembled here,” he said, “on this solemn occasion, to commit to its last home all that now remains on earth of our respected and muchloved friend John Evans. I need not remind such as are here present, and knew the man whose body lies slumbering beneath, that the

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death of a righteous man is matter for joy rather than for sorrow. The sigh will rise in the bosom, and the tear fill the eye, as human nature feels the pang of separation ; but the heart of the believer will still rejoice: he looks from the mortal tenement, to the immortal spirit of the justified and glorified saint: he looks with the eye of faith, and sees the poor, tried, and tempted sinner safe at his journey's end-safe in bis Father's house-safe in the purchased inheritance! No more trials for him,- no more anxieties no more sighs for freedom from sin,-no more anxious longings for a further display of his Saviour's power and glory :-all is over! He is at home, and in his Father's house! Angels rejoice over him, and glorified saints, in possession of their portion, greet him with songs of triumph ;-while his gracious Master bids him welcome, 'Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.'-His bliss is secure from eternity to eternity: worlds may be swept away, and multitudes 'who would not have God to reign over them,'may for ever be removed from the presence of the Lord : time itself will be no more, but the believer in Jesus sits on his right hand ;--enjoys the full glory of his Master's kingdom ;--lives in the blessed possession of His

heavenly favour, and worships and adores Him with unceasing and unmingled joy and triumph! My beloved friends, is there not cause enough here for our hearts to rise in gratitude ? Is there not ground for rejoicing? Might we not almost raise our voices in a song of praise ? Let us retire to our homes, and bless the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, that he has taken our beloved brother to himself. Let us seek diligently to redeem the time, to press forward on the heavenly road, ever looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.' We shall make no advances unless we look to him : every thing in self, is sinful, and stamped with infirmity. Look to Him, he is the author.' He it is who begins the work in us, giving us desires after him. He strengthens, upholds, guides, preserves us.

He is the finisher,' carrying us on to the end, never leaving us, never forsaking us, till the work is finished in glory. Do not trust to yourselves, think as meanly of yourselves as the spirit now in safety was ever known to think of himself; exalt the Saviour as he did; go to him in all your sorrows, he can pity ; go to him in all your temptations and difficulties, he will carry you through: he has promised to do it. Trust him fully,-trust him at all times ; and in patient hope

and joyful anticipation await the summons which shall shortly be sent forth to call us home. Bless the Lord : bless him especially for all those who depart in his faith and fear; theirs is a glorious exchange.”

The Rector's voice ceased, and the mourners slowly and silently withdrew. When Mary's brother advanced, and introduced his sister, he held out his hand with an expression of much kindness, trusting, as he said, that he met a sister in the faith, and one with whom he might hope to pass an endless eternity. “I have,” he continued, “just committed to the narrow house, the earthly remains of an aged and faithful servant of the Lord; a man whose character and conduct was an honour to his station, and one whose acquaintance it was my delight and happiness to cultivate. Many an hour have I passed with him in delightful conversation; many a time, when my mind has been depressed by the cares and anxieties attendant on my profession, has the cheering influence of that departed man's simple, holy faith, brightened my cloudy views, and raised and animated my spirit. I am not, my dear friends, one of those idolaters who are given to exalt human creatures on pedestals, and bend the head in token of admiration and

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