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NOV 2 4 1911



(As constituted during the period covered by this volume from Decem.

ber 15, 1910, to February 1, 1911.)

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JAMES BREATHITT, Attorney General.
JOHN F. LOCKETT, First Assistant Attorney General.
THEODORE B. BLAKEY, Second Assistant Attorney General.
TOM B. MCGREGOR, Third Assistant Attorney General.
T. R. MCBEATH, Reporter Court of Appeals.
NAPIER ADAMS, Clerk Court of Appeals.


(During the Period Covered by This Volume-1910.)

1st District-R, F. SMITH
2nd District-JOHN G. LOVETT
3rd District-DENNY P. SMITH
4th District-JOHN L. GRAYOT
5th District-S. V. DIXON...
6th District-BEN D. RINGO
8th District-JOHN H. GILLIAM
9th District-J. R. LAYMAN
15th District-F. E. DAUGHERTY
11th District-C. S. HILL
12th District-CHAS. H. SANFORD
13th District-CHARLES A. HARDIN
14th District-ROBT. B. FRANKLIN
15th District-E. E. WINN
16th District-R, G. WILLIAMS
17th District-W. A. BURKAMP
18th District-JAS. C. DEDMAN
19th District-M. J. HENNESSEY.
20th District-J. B. WILHOIT
21st District-W. B. WHITE
22nd District-JOHN R. ALLEN
23rd District-THOMAS C. JOHNSON
24th District-JOHN F. BUTLER
25th District-B. A. CRUTCHER
26th District-J. G. FORESTER
27th District-J. C. CLOYD
28th District-M. L. JARVIS
29th District-A. A. HUDDLESTON
30th District-JOSEPH M. HUFFAKER
31st District-WILLIAM H. MAY
32nd District-J. M. WAUGH
33rd District-IRA FIELDS..
34th District-JOS. B. SNYDER.



Elkton Scottsville Elizabethtown . Bardstown

Lebanon New Castle Ha odsburg Frankfort

. Warsaw .Covington

.Newport .Cynthiana


..Grayson Mt. Sterling Lexington

Tallega . Pikeville Nicholasville

Harlan Manchester ..Somerset .Burksville

.Louisville . Prestonburg

Grayson Whitesburg Williamsburg

(Who Presided During the Period Covered by This Volume.)


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1st District-R. J. BUGG

Bardwell 2nd District-W. M. REED,

....Paducah 3rd District-J. T. HANBERRY

Hopkinsville 4th District-J. F. GORDON

Madisonville 5th District-J. W. HENSON

... Dixon 6th District-T. F. BIRKHEAD

.Owensboro 7th District-W. P. SANDIDGE

.Russellville 8th Distriot-MCKENZIE TOSS

Bowling Green 9th District-WEED S. CHELF

Elizabethtown 10th District-SAMUEL E. JONES

.Glasgow 11th District-1. H. THURMAN

Springfield 12th District-CHARLES MARSHALL

.. Shelbyville 13th District-L. L, WALKER

. Lancaster 14th District-R. L. STOUT

.Versailles 15th District-J. W. CAMMACK

..Owenton 16th District-F. M. TRACY

..Covington 16th District-M. L. HARBESON

.Covington 17th District-CHARLES Y. YUNGBLUT

.Newport 18th District-L. P. FRYER

.Falmouth 19th District-C. D. NEWELL

Maysville 20th District-W. C. HALBERT

. Vanceburg 21st District-ALLIE W. YOUNG

Mt. Sterling 22nd District-WATTS PARKER

.Lexington 23rd District-DAVID E. REDWINE

.Jackson 24th District-A. J. KIRK

.... Inez 25th District-J. M. BENTON

.Winchester 26th District-W. T. DAVIS

Pineville 27th District-WILLIAM LEWIS

.. London 28th District-B. J. BETHURUM

...Somerset 29th District-J. C. CARTER

Tompkinsville 30th District, Jefferson Circuit Court-Louisville

JAMES P. GREGORY_Criminal Branch.
SHACKELFORD MILLER-Chancery Branch, First Division.

(To December 31, 1911.)
R. W. BINGHAM-Chancery Branch, First Division.
SAMUEL B. KIRBY-Chancery Branch, Second Division.
WILLIAM H. FIELD Common Pleas Branch, First Division.
THOS. R. GORDON-Common Pleas Branch, Second Division.

WALTER P. LINCOLN—Common Pleas Branch, Third Division. 31st District-D. W. GARDNER

.Salyersville 32nd District-J. B. HANNAH

Sandy Hook 33rd District-L. D. LEWIS..

.Hyden 34th District-W. R. BLACK..




Page. Alliance Ins. Co. v. Tyner

22 Allison & Yates a. Linneman & Moore

309 American Nat. Bank v. Minor & Son

792 American Engineering & Construction Co. v. Crawford, By, &c.. 217 Anderson v. Commonwealth

446 Anderson County v. Collins

394 Anderson Foundry & Machine Works a. Walton Brick Co.... 274 Anglea's Admr. v. East Tenn. Tel. Co.-Franklin Eler. Ice Co. V. Anglea's Admr.

539 Bach a. Lang

224 Baker v. Crescent Coal Co.....

191 Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern R. R. Co. v. Clift.

573 Ballard County Bank a. Randolph, et al.

145 Banks' Admr, a. C. & O. R. R. Co..

746 Barton v. Barton's Admr., et al...

487 Bay's Admr, a. L. & N. R. R. Co..

400 Beeler a. I. C. R. R. Co

772 Belcher a. Childers

605 Belcher a. Mullins, et al. ...

673 Berry's Admr., et al. a. Duncan; et al..

178 Birkhead, Judge a. Patrick, et al...

466 Board Council Frankfort a. East Tenn. Telp. Co.

408 Board Council City of Danville v. Fox.....

476 Board Trustees La Grange Gd. Com. School Dis. a. Snyder, et al. 739 Bowen v. Walton

509 Bowman, et al. a. Doody, et al. ...

153 Bowling Green Gaslight Co. v. Dean's Extx.

678 Bradford v. Jones, Police Judge

820 Brandenburg a. C., N. 0. & T. P. R. R. Co..

814 Brink, et al v. Edwards Corrugating Co...

88 Brock, et al a. Calvert

833 Brown v. Carpenter

676 Brown a. Caruso

76 Bryant, et al. a. Louisville Ry. Co...

.159 Buckley, Trustee v. Hogan, et al..

706 Bullock a. Holtman

335 Bullitt v. Louisville Ry. Co.

670 Burchfield a. Cornett

357 Burns a. Greene

710 Burton, et al a. Deaton, et al..

7 Calvert v. Brock, et al.....

833 Camden, Jr. a. Commonwealth, By, et al.

365 Campbell County Bank v. Schmitt .


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