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Address. U. S. Senator....

Miles Poindexter

.Spokane W. L. Jones...

North Yakima U. S. Representatives.

Will E. Humphrey, 1st district... Seattle
Stanton Warburton, 2d district. . Tacoma

William LaFollette, 3d district. Pullman Supreme Court Judges..

R. 0. Dunbar, C. J..

Olympia Mark A. Fullerton.

..Olympia Stephen J. Chadwick.

.Olympia M. F. Gose.

.Olympia Geo. E. Morris.

.Olympia Wallace Mount

Olympia Herman D, Crow.

. Olympia Emmett N. Parker.

..Olympia Overton G. Ellis,

.Olympia Governor

M. E. Hay...

Olympia Governor's Private Secretary

Frank M. Dallam, Jr.

..Olympia Secretary of State..

I. M. Howell.

..Olympia Assistant Secretary of State.

.J. Grant Hinkle.

. Olympia Auditor.

.C. W. Clausen.

Olympia Assistant State Auditor.

F. Jameson.

. Olympia Deputy State Auditor.

E. F. Jones.

Olympia Treasurer

John G. Lewis.

.. Olympia Deputy Treasurer

W. W. Sherman

..Olympia Attorney General

.W. V. Tanner.

.Olympia Assistant Attorney General.

Geo. A. Lee.

.Olympia Assistant Attorney General.

.J. T. S. Lyle.

.Olympia Assistant Attorney General.

. Stephen V. Carey.

Olympia Assistant Attorney General.

R. E. Campbell..

Olympia Law Clerk

W. M. Williams.

Olympia Commissioner of Public Lands.

E. W. Ross.

.. Olympia Asst. Commissioner of Public Lands ....Frank C. Morse.

..Olympia Insurance Commsisioner

.John H. Schively.

. Olympia Deputy Insurance Commissioner.

S. A. Madge...

. Olympia Actuary Insurance Department. F. T. Houghton.

Olympia Superintendent Public Instruction. Henry B. Dewey.

Olympia Asst. Supt. Public Instruction. .J. M. Layhue.

..Olympia Deputy Supt. Public Instruction. F. F. Nalder.

.Olympia Adjutant General

Fred Llewellyn

Seattle STATE OFFICERS, BOARDS, ETC.--CONTINUED. Asst. Adj. General....

.Harvey J. Moss..

. Seattle Commissioner of Labor.

Charles F. Hubbard.

.Olympia Asst. Commissioner of Labor.

. Mrs. Blanche H. Mason

Seattle State Librarian

.J. M. Hitt.

.Olympia Assistant Librarian

.Josephine Holgate

Olympia Law Librarian

.C. W. Shaffer.

..Olympia Superintendent Traveling Library. Mrs. Lou J. Diven.

..Olympia State Grain Inspector.....

.C. J. Holst....

Tacoma Dairy and Food Commissioner.

L. Davies

. Davenport State Fish Com'r and Game Warden. Jno. L. Riseland.

. Bellingham Commissioner of Statistics.

I. M. Howell, ex-officio. ..Olympia Deputy Commissioner of Statistics. Harry F. Giles.

.Olympia Horticultural Commissioner

.F. A. Huntley.

Tacoma Coal Mine Inspector...

D. C. Botting.

. Seattle Inspector of Oils.

A. A. Tozer...

. Everett Public Printer

E. L. Boardman.

..Olympia Bank Examiner

J. L. Mohundro.

Seattle Hotel Inspector

M. S. Kribs.

.Seattle Fire Warden

.J. R. Welty.

Olympia Highway Commissioner

W. J. Roberts.

..Olympia State Geologist

. Henry Landes

. Seattle Clerk Supreme Court.

.C. S. Reinhart.

..Olympia State Chemist

. Prof. Elton Fulmer.

Pullman State Veterinarian

S. B. Nelson.

Pullman State Sealer Weights and Measures. Secretary of State.

.Olympia State Commissioner of Health..

Elmer E. Heg..

Seattle State Fiscal Agency in New York. ..... Trust Company of America.

STATE BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS. Public Service Commission.

.H. A. Fairchild.

..Olympia John C. Lawrence.

..Olympia Jesse S. Jones.

..Olympia F. M. Larned, Secy.


0. 0. Calderhead, Rate Expert.. Olympia Tax Commission

.J. E. Frost..

..Olympia T. D. Rockwell.

. Olympia Thomas A. Parish.

Olympia E. J. Koors, Secy.

..Olympia Board of Control.....

E. D. Cowen.

..Olympia H. T. Jones.

..Olympia A. E. Cagwin.

..Olympia H. G. Ballou, Secy.

.Olympia Forest Commission

E. W. Ross...

Olympia Frank H. Lamb.

. Hoquiam R. W. Condon.

Port Gamble Joseph Irving

Snoqualmie F. M. Broadbent.

Morton Board of Accountancy.

E. J. Shorrock*.

Seattle H. W. Carroll.

Seattle George Shedden

Tacoma F. T. Green...

Spokane Alfred Lister, Secy.

Tacoma Bureau of Inspection of Public Offices...C. W. Clausen, Chief.

..Olympia James F. Leghorn.

..Olympia F. H. Lieben..

.Olympia Al. Helander


* Resigned.


M. E. Hay.

.Olympia C. W. Clausen.

..Olympia J. E. Frost.

. Olympia Alex. Polson

.. Hoquiam A. F. Taylor..

..Everett Mitchel Harris

.Olympia E. W. Ross, Secy.

Olympia l'niform Legislation Commission....... Charles E. Sheppard,

Seattle Alfred Battle

Seattle W. V. Tanner.

.Olympia Board of Education.

State Supt. Public Instruction.. Olympia
Deputy Supt. Public Instruction. Olympia
President Univ. of Washington...Seattle
President Wash. State College. . Pullman
E. T. Mathes.

Frank B. Cooper.

Seattle H. M. Hart....


Mrs. Josephine Preston... . Walla Walla First Military Board.

H. T. Jones, Chairman. . Olympia
State Auditor.

Adjutant General

..Seattle Second Military Board...

H. T. Jones, Chairman.

Olympia State Auditor

Olympia E. S. Hadley.

Seattle State Fair Commission.

J. C. Hubbell.

. Ellensburg W. A. Ritz.

Walla Walla J. T. Kloeber.

.. Green River Charles Heath.

North Yakima T. N. Henry.

Prosser J. W. Pace, Secy.

North Yakima Southwest Washington Fair Com... W. J. Machette..

Ladu George Robinson

Chehalis H. 0. Stone...

Toledo J. E. Calder.

Montesano George Walker

Chehalis E. C. Trusdale.

Centralia George F. Castle.

. Centralia F. D. Hubbard.

Centralia Henry Tramm

Adna E. W. Lilly..

Menlo Chas. E. Marvin.

.Olympia M. S. Hougen.

Skamokawa Library Advisory Board..

Mrs. Kate T. Holmes.

Seattle F. F. Hopper..

Tacoma W. E. Henry.

. Seattle J. D. Bassett.

Ritzville Board of Medical Examiners..

E. Weldon Young, Pres..

Seattle A. McRae Smith.

.Bellingham H. R. Keylor..

Walla Walla Charles E. Keeler.

North Yakima E. J. Taggart..

Bremerton W. T. Thomas.

...Tacoma Geo. H. Dow

Chehalis L. L. Garrigues.

.Spokane F. P. Witter, secy.

. Spokane


F. G. Titus...

Vancouver E. B. Edgers.

Seattle W. B. Powers.

.Seattle L. B. Manchester.

Wenatchee A. Storke Oliver.

Spokane Board of Pharmacy.

C. Osseward

Seattle James Lee

. Seattle L. L. Tallman.

Walla Walla J. H. Clossen.

. Seattle Peder Jensen, Secy.

Tacoma Board of Health and Vital Statistics. ... Wolson Johnston

. Colfax James R. Yocum.

Tacoma E. L. Kimball.

. Spokane T. Frank

North Yakima Elmer E. Heg, Secy.

Seattle Board of Embalmers Examiners...... .0. W. Stone.

Davenport L. L. Brunning.

. Colfax Board of Barber Examiners..

.C. W. Whisler.

Seattle Henry Schaller

Tacoma Thomas Ivey, Secy.

.Spokane Nurses Examining Board.

Helen K. Lester...

Spokane Mrs. Mayme Barry.

Walla Walla Miss Mildred Marsden.

Tacoma Vary Howley


Audrey F. Waymire, Secy. Pullman Veterinary Examining Board.

A. J. Dammon.

Ellensburg E. J. Drake..


S. B. Nelson, State Vet'n. Pullman Board of Optometry.

L. E. Capps..

Seattle J. P. Woll.

Bellingham H. B. Vinton, Secy.

Spokane Industrial Insurance Commission.*


. Governor

Olympia State Auditor

.Olympia State Treasurer

.Oympia Historical Building Commission.... . Governor

Olympia Secretary of State.

Olympia State Treasurer

Olympia Board of State Land Commissioners.... Land Commissioner

.Olympia Fire Warden


Members Tax Commission. ... Olympia Board of Equalization.

State Auditor

Olympia Land Commissioner


Members Tax Commission.... .Olympia Public Archives Commission.


.Olympia Secretary of State.

.Olympia State Auditor

. Olympia

* To consist of three members and a clerk; not yet appointed.

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