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With Ancillaries

Published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service
General Services Administration, as a Special Edition of the Federal Register

Pursuant to Section 11 of the Federal Register Act as Amended

As of Jan. 1, 1964
Title 47 (two volumes), Rev. as of

Jan. 1, 1958
Replaced by Four Volumes

Title 47, Parts 0–19
Title 47, Parts 20–69
Title 47, Parts 70–79
Title 47, Parts 80-End



For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington, D.C., 20402 • Price $1.50 (paper cover)


This is one of four books which constitute Title 47Telecommunications, revised as of January 1, 1964, as follows: Subchapter A-GeneralParts 0 to 19; Subchapter B-Common Carrier Services—Parts 20 to 69; Subchapter C—Broadcast Radio Service—Parts 73 and 74; and Subchapter D—Safety and Special Radio Services—Parts 80–99. These four books replace the two volumes entitled “Title 47Telecommunications, Parts 1 to 29, Revised as of January 1, 1958” and “Title 47—Telecommunications, Parts 30 to End and Title 48 (Vacated; reserved), Revised as of January 1, 1958”, and become an integral part of the Code of Federal Regulations. Title 48 has been activated and is contained in a separate volume.

The text in this revision is derived from the latest text of the rules and regulations, general and permanent in nature, duly promulgated in the FEDERAL REGISTER on or before December 31, 1963. Source materials from which the text is derived are cited with the text and should be consulted to determine the effective date of any given provision. All dates appearing in the source citations are dates of publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER and should not be construed as effective dates.

Current regulatory material appearing in the daily issues of the FEDERAL REGISTER follows the numbering system used herein and serves as a daily supplement hereto. This book contains the following finding aids: a list of current CFR volumes; a list of superseded CFR volumes; a table of CFR titles and chapters; an alphabetical list of CFR subtitles and chapters; redesignation tables indicating former part numbers of regulations codified in this title; and a list of sections affected which furnishes FEDERAL REGISTER citations to all changes in Parts 20 to 69 of Title 47 since January 1, 1949, including changes which are no longer in effect.

This volume is published pursuant to Part 30 of the regulations of the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register as revised March 20, 1959 (24 F.R. 2352; 1 CFR Part 30), under the authority containued in section 11 of the Federal Register Act (67 Stat. 388, as amended; 44 U.S.C. 311). The contents of the FEDERAL REGISTER and the Code of Federal Regulations are by law prima facie evidence of the text of the original documents and are required to be judicially noticed (49 Stat. 502, 67 Stat. 388; 44 U.S.C. 307, 311). The approved citation of the Code is “CFR.” Thus the citation 47 CFR 0.1 refers to $ 0.1 of this Title.

D. C. EBERHART January 2, 1964.

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