Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, Volumen49


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Página 367 - The distinction between actions at law and suits in equity, and the forms of such actions and suits heretofore existing, are abolished...
Página 439 - Every person who shall be convicted of feloniously taking the property of another from his person or in his presence, and against his will, by violence to his person or by putting him in fear of some immediate injury to his person, shall be adjudged guilty of robbery in the first degree.
Página 480 - ... of the property affected thereby ; and every person whose conveyance or incumbrance is subsequently executed, or subsequently recorded, shall be deemed a subsequent purchaser or incumbrancer, and shall be bound by all proceedings taken after the filing of such notice, to the same extent as if he were made a party to the action.
Página 132 - No private or local bill, which may be passed by the Legislature, shall embrace more than one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.
Página 715 - Where a passenger upon a railroad, by the wrongful act of the company, is put to an election between leaving the cars while they are moving slowly, or submitting to the inconvenience of being carried by the station where he desires to stop, the company is liable for the consequences of the choice, provided it is not exercised wantonly or unreasonably.
Página 506 - And, upon the same principle, courts of law have of late years leaned as much as possible against construing demises, where no certain term is mentioned, to be tenancies at will ; but have rather held them to be tenancies from year to year so long as both parties please, especially where an annual rent is reserved...
Página 88 - Life is the immediate gift of God, a right inherent by nature in every individual; and it begins, in contemplation of law, as soon as an infant is able to stir in the mother's womb.
Página 544 - May, 1887, which reversed a judgment in favor of plaintiff, entered upon the report of a referee, and ordered a new trial.
Página 443 - ... a question of fact for the jury, and not of law for the court.
Página 570 - APPEAL from judgment of the General Term of the Superior Court of the city of New York, affirming a judgment in favor of plaintiff, entered upon the report of a referee. This action was brought...

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