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List of Territories Referred to in Subparagraph 2 (a)

(ii) of Article 14 Countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its

dependent territories,
The Commonwealth of Australia and its dependent territories,
New Zealand and its dependent territories,
The Union of South Africa and South West Africa,
Southern Rhodesia,


Assignment of Functions With Respect to Intergovern

mental Commodity Arrangements

Reference to Chapter

VI as Redrafted


Suggested Authority Within Organ


Art. 48, par.

Invitation to certain Members Executive Board on the rec2 and non-members to appoint ommendation of the Com

representatives to à Study modity Commission; the Group.

latter will carry out actual administrative arrangements for the Study

Group. Art. 48, par. 3 The Study Group makes recom- Recommendations received

mendations to the Organiza- by Commodity Commistion as to how best to deal sion and transmitted to with difficulties.

Members of ITO through

Executive Board. Art. 49, par. 1 Convening of Commodity Con- Executive Board.

ference. Art. 49, par. 2 Invitation to non-members to ditto.

participate in Commodity

Conference. Art. 50, par. 1 Receipt of studies, or of request Commodity Commission.

for studies, from specialized

agencies. Art. 50, par. 2 Requests to specialized agencies | Executive Board the

to take part in the work of recommendation of the

the Commodity Conference. Commodity Commission. Art. 51, par. 1 Determination of whether terms ditto.

are "no less favorable.” Ap-
proval of terms of subsequent

Art. 51, par. 2 Invitation to non-members to ditto.

participate in arrangements. Art. 52, par. 3 Decision whether exceptional Executive Board advised by

circumstances exist which the Commodity Commiswould justify a regulatory sion, subject to procedures agreement for a non-primary established by the Concommodity.

ference. 1 With reference to paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article, it would appear that the determination whether the circumstances in fact exist in which a regulatory agreement may be used will be made "by consultation among the Members having an important interest in the trade in the product concerned.” See Suggested Charter, art. 55, par. 6, read together with art. 66, par. 3, and art. 45, par. 2 (b).


ANNEXURE B-Continued

Reference to Chapter

VI as Redrafted


Suggested Authority Within Organ


Art. 54, par. 3


[blocks in formation]

Appointment of non-voting Executive Board the

Members to Commodity recommendation of the

Commodity Commission.
Nomination of non-voting chair- Commodity Commission

man at request of Commodity (Ref. art. 66, par. 8, of

U. S. Suggested Charter).
Consultation re Secretariat. ditto.
Approval of rules of procedure. Commodity Commission

(Ref. art. 66, par. 7, of

U. S. Suggested Charter). Receipt of reports from Com- Commodity Commission

modity Council, and requests (Ref. art. 66, par. 9, of

to latter for special reports. U. S. Suggested Charter). Preparation and publication of Preparation by the Com

a review of operation of an modity Commission; pubagreement.

lication by authority of

the Executive Board. Disposal of archives, etc. on Documents in charge of

termination of an agreement. Director General. Receipt of information regard- Executive Board (subject to

ing existing commodity ar- approval of the Confer-
rangements; review and deci- ence) upon recommenda-
sion regarding continued par- tion of the Commodity

Similar function in connection ditto.

with negotiations.

Art. 55

Art. 57, par. 1

Art. 57, par. 2

Note: General matters not specifically referred to in the Draft Charter which involve the Organization will normally fall within the province of the Commodity Commission in its advisory capacity to the Executive Board

CROSS-REFERENCE INDEX Between Article Names and Numbers of Foregoing

Redraft of Charter and Those of Original United States Suggested Charter NOTE: An effort has been made to indicate which articles of the United States Suggested Charter cover the general subject matter dealt with in the articles of the Redraft. In a majority of cases the subject matter of articles in the Suggested Charter is the same, or substantially the same, as that of articles in the Redraft, even though its treatment might be somewhat different; in such cases crossreferences are precise. In some cases the cross-references are only approximate.

[blocks in formation]

1 Arts. 4 and 5 of Redraft. · Arts. 3 and 4 of Redraft.

[blocks in formation]

Art. 18. Tariff Valuation



Ar:. 19. Customs Formalities



Art. 20. Marks of Origin





Art. 21. Publication and Adminis-

Art. 12. Tariff Valuation

Art. 13. Customs Formalities

Art. 14. Marks of Origin

tration of Trade Regulations-
Advance Notice of Restrictive

Art. 15. Publication and Admin-

istration of Trade Regula-
tions-Advance Notice of Re-
strictive Regulations

3 Arts. 6 and 7 of Suggested Charter.

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