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WASHINGTON, May 3, 1929. The following publication, entitled “Military Laws of the United States, 1929,” prepared in the office of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned.

(A. G. 010.6 (5–1-29).) BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:



Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: C. H. BRIDGES, Major General,

The Adjutant General.




This compilation, prepared under the direction of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, contains all permanent and general statutes of the United States now in force directly affecting, and many such statutes indirectly affecting, the War Department and the Military Establishment, including the legislation enacted by the Seventieth Congress, which adjourned March 4, 1929. In addition, there are a few provisions of a temporary nature inserted for the value of the precedent established or as indicative of the kind of treatment given the subject by the Congress in past legislation, notably provisions in the War Department appropriation acts.

Considerable care has been exercised to insure a correct reproduction of the statutes. Asterisks are used to indicate any omissions.

As in the preceding edition, use was made, with their permission, of material in the publications of the West Publishing Co., publishers of the United States Compiled Statutes, and the Edward Thompson Co., publishers of the Federal Statutes Annotated. These two great law-publishing concerns have now united in the publication of the United States Code Annotated, where full annotations are found to practically every section appearing in this book. It will be noted that reference is added, in the citation, to the United States Code wherever a section of this publication is likewise found in that code. Grateful acknowledgment is made to these publishers, and it is, of course, understood that the incorporation of this material in this volume does not authorize its use in any other publication without the direct consent of the copyright owners. Annotations have also been freely added by the compilers.

A Table of Acts Cited by Popular Names, listing the more important acts of military interest, has been added, and by use of the comprehensive Table of Citations any provision of the Revised Statutes or Statutes at Large reproduced in this compilation may easily be found herein.



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