Trade Adjustment Assistance: Hearings Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session, July 19 and 20, 2001, Volumen4


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Página 135 - ... (2) Such worker had, in the 52-week period ending with the week in which such total or partial separation occurred, at least 26 weeks of employment at wages of $30 or more a week in adversely affected employment with a single firm or subdivision of a firm...
Página 87 - The views expressed in this book are solely those of the author and should not be ascribed to the persons or organizations acknowledged above, or to the trustees, officers, or other staff members of the Brookings Institution.
Página 207 - Comments From the Department of Commerce Note: GAO comments supplementing those in the report text appear at the end of this appendix.
Página 81 - A final report is to be submitted to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee by June 30, 1977.
Página 85 - I am also recommending as an essential part of the new trade program that companies, farmers, and workers who suffer damage from increased foreign import competition be assisted in their efforts to adjust to that competition. When considerations of national policy make it desirable to avoid higher tariffs, those injured by that competition should not be required to bear the full brunt of the impact. Rather, the burden of economic adjustment should be borne in part by the Federal Government.
Página 70 - Labor, 1999) has estimated that by 2006, nearly half of all US workers will be employed in industries that produce or intensively use information technology products and services.
Página 133 - Becoming certified to receive TAA benefits requires meeting several criteria specified in the law. The process begins when a group of workers or their representative petitions the Department of Labor for certification of eligibility to apply for services and benefits under the program. The Department then conducts an investigation to determine if increased imports have contributed to the loss of employment. The investigation focuses on whether (1) a significant number of workers have lost their jobs...
Página 149 - There is a reasonable expectation of employment following training completion; (4) Approved training is reasonably available from government agencies or private sources; (5) The worker is qualified to undertake and complete such training; and (6) Such training is suitable for the worker and available at a reasonable cost. If training is approved, the worker is entitled to payment of the costs...
Página 36 - Congress, other government agencies such as the Small Business Administration and the Department of Justice.
Página 124 - I will be happy to respond to any questions that you or Members of the Subcommittee may have. CONTACTS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS For future contacts regarding this testimony, please call Janet Heinrich at (202) 512-7119.

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