The Compleat Day Trader II

McGraw Hill Professional, 1998 M07 22 - 232 páginas
The Compleat Day Trader II picks up where the Compleat Day Trader left off. Bernstein provides new trading strategies and techniques soecifically designed for the new breed of intuitive" traders, who create their own system, customized for their own trading styles and areas of effectiveness. The Compleat Day Trader II includes the most up to date strategies and systems for seizing hold of day trading success, including: A separate chapter detailing each system and method; Indicator formulas and system codes; The psychology of day trading.

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Claims and Caveats
A Review of Market Timing Indicators
Pros and cons
Power of the Inside Day
or Foe?
Emotions Traders and Markets
What Markets to Day Trade?
Closing and Openings
Gap Methods for Day Trading
FAQS Frequently Asked Questions
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Jake Bernstein is an internationally recognized author, trader, and researcher. He publishes the MBH Weekly commodity letter and, as the author of some 30 books and research studies, BernsteinÕs influence and renown stretch across the globe. He has been a frequent guest on Wall Street Week and scores of other radio and television programs, and is a popular speaker at investing and trading seminars.

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