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James M. Marvin, William C. Fields, Addison Indiana-William E. Niblack, Michael C. Kerr,
H. Laflin, Alexander H. Bailey, * John C. Morton C. Hunter, William S. Holman,
Churchill, Dennis McCarthy, Theodore M. George W. Julian, John Coburn, Henry D.
Pomeroy, William H. Kelsey, William S. Lin Washburn, Godlove S. Orth, Schuyler Colfax,
cold Hamilton Ward, Lewis Selye, Burt Van William Williams, John P. C. Shanks.
Horn, James M. Humphrey, Henry Van Illinois-Norman B. Judd, John F. Farnsworth,

Ellihu B. Washburne,* Abner C. Harding, New Jersey-William Moore, Charles Haight, Ebon C. Ingersoll, Burton C. Cook, Henry

Charles Sitgreaves, John Hill, George A. Hal- P. H. Bromwell, Shelby M. Cullom, Lewis sey.

W. Ross, Albert G. Burr, Samuel S. Marshall, Pennsylvania-Samuel J. Randall, Charles O' Jehu Baker, Green B. Raum, John A. Logan. Neill, Leonard Myers, William D. Kelley, Ca- Missouri-William A. Pile, Carman A. Newleb N. Taylor, Benjamin M. Boyer, John M. comb, James R. McCormick & Joseph J. Broomall, J. Lawrence Getz, Thaddeus Stevens, Gravely, Joseph W. McClurg, Robert T. Van Henry L. Cake, Daniel M. Van Auken, George Horn, Benjamin F. Loan, John F. Benjamin, W. Woodward, t Ulysses Mercur, George F. George W. Anderson. Miller, Adam 'J. Glossbrenner, William H. Arkansast-Logan H. Roots, James Hinds, Koontz, Daniel J. Morrell, Stephen F. Wilson, Thomas Boles. Glenni W. Scofield, Darwin A. Finney, John Michigan-Fernando C. Beaman, Charles UpCovode, James K. Moorhead, Thomas Wil son, Austin Blair, Thomas W. Ferry, Rowliams, George V. Lawrence.

land E. Trowbridge, John F. Driggs. Delaware-John A. Nicholson.

Florida-Charles M. Hamilton, (qualified July Maryland–Hiram McCullough, Stevenson Arch 1, 1868.)

er, Charles E. Phelps, Francis Thomas, Fred-IowaJames F. Wilson, Hiram Price, William erick Stone.

B. Allison, William Loughridge, Grenville M. Ohio-Benjamin Eggleston, Samuel F. Cary, Dodge, Asahel W. Hubbard.

Robert C. Schenck, William Lawrence, Wil | Wisconsin-Halbert E. Paine, Benjamin F. Hop-
liam Mungen, Reader W. Clarke, Samuel Shel kins, Amasa Cobb, Charles A. Eldridge, Phile-
labarger, John Beatty, Ralph P. Buckland, tus Sawyer, Cadwalader C. Washburn.
James M. Ashley, John T. Wilson, Pbiladelph Californiat-Samuel B. Axtell, William Higby,
Van Trump, Columbus Delano, Martin Welker, James A. Johnson.
Tobias A. Plants, John A. Bingham, Ephraim Minnesota-William Windom, Ignatius Don-

R. Eckley, Rufus P.Spalding, James A. Garfield. nelly.
Kentucky-Lawrence S. Trimble, (vacancy,) Oregon-Rufus Mallory,

Jacob S. Golladay, J. Proctor Knott, Asa P. Kansas—Sidney Clarke.
Grover, Thomas L. Jones, James B. Beck, West Virginia-Chester D. Hubbard, Bethuel
George M. Adams, Samuel McKee.

M. Kitchen, Daniel Polsley.
Tennessee**-Roderick R. Butler, Horace May- NevadaDelos R. Ashley.
nard, William B. Stokes, James Mullins, Nebraska-John Taffe.
John Trimble, Samuel M. Arnell, Isaac R. The following persons were elected to the
Hawkins, David A. Nunn.

House of Representatives at the election held

on the constitutions of their respective States : * Qualified November 30, 1867. + Qualified November 21, 1867, in place of Charles

North Carolina -John R. French, David HeaDenison, deceased.

ton, Oliver H. Dockery, John T. Dewees, Israel I Qualified November 21, 1867, in place of Ruther- G. Lash, Nathaniel Boyden, Alexander H. Jones. ford B. Hayes, resigned. 1 Qualified February 5, 1868, in place of Cornelius

South Carolina-Benjamin F. Whittemore, C. 8. "Hamilton, killed December 22, 1867.

C. Bowen, Simon Corley, James H. Goss. (Also & June 3, 1868, Mr. Delano qualified, in place of two elected at large: J. P. M. Epping, Elias H. George W. Morgan, the House having voted/36 to 79—

Dickson.) that Mr. Morgan was not entitled, and—80 to 38—that Mr. Delano was entitled to the seat.

Georgia–J. W. Clift, Nelson Tift, William P. Mr. Adams qualified July 8, 1867. Messrs. Beck, Grover, and Jones qualified Dec. 3, Mr. Knott Dec. 4 Mr. Golladay Dec. 5, and Mr. Trimble January 10, 1868. Mr. John Young Brown, claiming a seat for the

or the Louisiana~). I[ale Sypher, James Mann, second district, was voted, February 13–43 to 108– not entitled thereto, by reason of having voluntarily Blackburn given aid, countenance, counsel, and encouragement to persons engaged in armed hostility to the United States; and February 15, the House voted-30 to 102-1 that Samuel E. Smith, not having received a majority

John B. Callis, Thomas Haughey.
of tho votes cast for Representative, was not elected.
The Speaker was directed to notify the Governor of
Kentucky of the vacancy in the second district, but

* Mr. Washburne having been absent at the previous no election was called by him. Mr. McKee qualified | session, qualified November 21, 1867. June 22, 1868, the House 'having, June 22, voted-90 to 1, p Qualified December 17, 1867, vice Thomas E. Noell, 30--that John D. Young was not entitled to the seat,

deceased. and that Samuel McKee was entitled to it.

I Qualified June 23, 1868, the bill declaring Arkanisas ** Messrs. Maynard, Stokes, Mullins, John Trimble, entitled to representation having become a law Juno Hawkins, and Nunn qualified November 21, 1867; Mr. | 22, 1868. Arnell, November 25: Mr. Butler, June 26, 1868.

I Qualified November 21, 1867.

ncis W. Kelloge, Charles W.


To Continue the Bureau for the Relief of Frood | hands of the Commissioner, not required othermon and Refugoos.

wise for the due execution of the law, may be, Be it enacted, &c., That the act entitled “Ani in the discretion of the Commissioner, applied act to establish a Bureau for the relief of for the education of freedmen and refugees, subFreedmen and Refugees," approved March 3, lject to the provisions of law applicable thereto. 1865,* and the act entitled "An act to continue SEO. 4. That officers of the veteran reserve in force and to amend · An act to establish a corps, or of the volunteer service, now on duty Bureau for the relief of Freedmen and Refugees, in the Freedmen's Bureau as assistant commis. and for other purposes,' " passed on the 16th of sioners, agents, medical officers, or in other caJuly, 1866+ shall continue in force for the term pacities, who have been or may be mustered out of one year from and after the 16th of July, in of service, may be retained by the Commissioner the year 1868, excepting so far as the same shall when the same shall be required for the proper be herein modified. And the Secretary of War execution of the laws, as officers of the bureau, is hereby directed to re-establish said bureau upon such duty and with the same pay, comwhere the same has been wholly or in part dispensation, and all allowances, from the date of continued : Provided. He shall be satisfied that their appointment, as now provided by law for the personal safety of freedmen shall require it. their respective grades and duties at the dates

Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the Secre- of their muster-out and discharge; and such tary of War to discontinue the operations of officers so retained shall have, respectively, the the bureau in any State whenever such State same authority and jurisdiction as now conferred shall be fully restored in its constitutional rela. upon “officers of the bureau" by act of Con. tions with the Government of the United States. I gress passed on the 16th of July, 1866. and shall be duly represented in the Congress SEO. 5. That the Commissioner is hereby em. of the United States, unless, upon advising with powered to sell for cash, or by instalments with the Commissioner of the bureau and upon full ample security, school buildings and other buildconsideration of the condition of freedmen's ings constructed for refugees and freedmen by affairs in such State, the Secretary of War shall the bureau, to the associations, corporate bodies, be of opinion that the further continuance of or trustees who now use them for purposes of the bureau shall be necessary : Provided, how-education or relief of want, under suitable guarever, That the educational division of said bū- antees that the purposes for which said buildings reau shall not be affected or in any way inter- / were constructed shall be observed : Provided, fered with, until such State shall have made That all funds derived therefrom shall be resuitable provision for the education of the child turned to the bureau appropriations and acdren of freedmen within said State.

counted for to the Treasury of the United States. SEC. 3. That unexpended balances t in the

IN HOUSE *See page 72 of Manual of 1866.

1868, March 19—The bill passed-yeas 97, + See page 150 of Manual of 1867.

nays 38, as follow: # The financial affairs of the bureau are as follow, as appears from a recent report on the subject in the

1 YEAs-Messrs. Allison, Ames, Arnell, Delos R. Ashley, House of Representatives, the figures in which were

James M. Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, taken from the books of the bureau:

Beaman, Bingham, Blaine, Blair, Bromwell, Broomall, From the establishment of the bureau, on

Buckland, Butler, Cake, Churchill, Sidney Clarke, the 15th of May, 1865, there have been

Coburn, Cook, Cullom, Dawes, Dixon, Dodge, Donappropriated by Congress for its sup

nelly, Driggs, Eckley, Eliot,' Farnsworth, Ferriss,

Ferry, Fields, Garfield, Gravely, Higby, Hill, Hooper, port........

....................................$10,780,750 00 The total expenditure from this appropriation, from

Hopkins, Chester D. Hubbard, Xulburd,' Hunter, 15th of May, 1865, to January 1, 1868, was as follows:

Ingersoll, Jenckes, Judd, Julian, Kelley, Kelsey, Salaries of assistant and sub-assistant commissioners ................

$302,244 88

Besides this appropriation by Congress, the bureau Salaries of clerks.........

509,833 80

came into the possession of certain funds belonging Stationery and printing......

to the “department of negro affairs" which had pre

78,306 14 Quarters and fuel...

viously existed in the rebel States, and from rents,

196,906 54 Clothing for distribution.......

143,735 99

fines, conscript fund, and miscellaneous sources, Commissary stores...................

amounting to ......................

...................... $1,605,694 19

1,245,271 76 Medical department.....

470,834 37

Of which, there were expended, for labor, Transportation of officers and agents......... 131,052 54

schools, rents, repairs, clothing, fuel, subTransportation of freedmen and refugees.. 115,979 87

sistence, &C.........

....... 1,544,092 80 Transportation of stores......

87,490 36 Forage ...............

53,096 28

Leaving a balance on hand, Dec. 31, 1867... $61,601 39 School superintendents......

28,247 61

Of this amount of $4,397,854 39 expended, $500,000 Building for schools and asylums, including

were applied, by a resolution of Congress, for the relief construction, rental, and repairs..............

of destitute people in the South who were starving by

558,914 91 Telegraphing and postage...

reason of failure of the crops, and $50,000 were trans

35,546 98 Internal revenue (tax withheld on salaries) 4,981 55

ferred to the Agricultural Department for seeds for the Southern relief.......

South--making $550,000.

385,410 81 Agricultural Bureau(transferred). .............. 50,000 00

With these sums deducted from the expense account

of the Bureau, the whole expenditure from Total expended...... tions by Congress, for the use of the Bure:

its ................$4,397,854 39

establishment, amount to $3,847,854 39. Balance in hands of agents, August 31, 1867.. 645,911 33 No further appropriation was asked or made for the Undrawn from Treasury...... ............ 5,736,984 28 ensuing fiscal year, and the appropriations previously

made of $10,780,750 will carry the Bureau from May, Amount on hand December 31, 1867..... $6,382,895 61 / 1865, to July, 1869.











Koontz, Laflin, William Lawrence, Loan, Logan, 1 Tipton, Trumbull, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Wir
Lynch, Maynard, Miller, Moore, Morrell, Myers, New liams, Wilson, Yates-37.
comb, O'Neill, Orth, Paine, Peters, Pike, Pile, Plants, Nays—Messrs. Buckalew, Doolittle, Fowler, Hender
Polsley, Pomeroy, Price, Raum, Robertson, Sawyer, son, Hendricks, Johnson, McCreery, Norton, Pritcrcon o:
Schenck, Selye, Shanks, Spalding, Aaron F. Stevens, Tennessee, Ross, Vickers--11.
Thaddeus Stevens, Taffe, Thomas, John Trimble,

Trowbridge, Twichell, Upson, Robert T. Van Horn,
Ward, Cadwalader C. Washburn, Ellihu B. Washburne, June 19–The resolution passed-yeas 102,
Henry D. Washburn, William B. Washburn, Welker,

nays 25, as follow : Thomas Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom-97.

YEAs-Messrs. Allison, Ames, Delos R. Ashley, Bailey, NaysMessrs. Adams, Axtell, Barnes, Beck, Boyer, Baldwin, Beatty, Benjamin, 'Benton, Blaine, Blair, Brooks, Burr, Chanler, Eldridge, Getz, Golladay,' Grover, Boutwell, Buckland, Butler, Cake, Sidney Clarke, Haight, Holman, Hotchkiss, Johnson, Kerr, Knott, George | Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Cornell, Covode, Cullom, Delano, V. Lawrence, Marshall, McCormick, McCullough, Mercur, Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, Eggleston, Ela, Eliot, Moorhead, Morgan, Mungen, Niblack, Nicholson, Phelps, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Fields, Garfield, Gravely, GrisRandall, Ross, Sitgreaves, Taber, Lawrence s. Trimble, wold, Halsey, Harding, Higby, Hill, Hooper, Chester Van Auken, Van Trump, Wood, Woodward-38.

D. Hubbard, Hulburd, Jenckes, Judd, Julian, Kelsey,

Ketcham, Kitchen, Koontz, Lincoln, Loan, Logan, IN SENATE.

Loughridge, Lynch, Mallory, Maynard, McCarthy, Mc June 11—The bill passed without a division.

Clurg, Mercúr, Miller, Moore, Moorhead, Morrell, Mullins, Myers, Ó'Neill, Orth, Paine, Peters, Pike, Pile,

Polsley, Pomeroy, Price, Raum, 'Robertson, Sawyer, Vote of Thanks to Ex-Secretary Stanton. Schenck, Scofield, Shanks, Shellabarger, Smith,

Starkweather, Aaron F. Stevens, Stokes, Taffe, Taylor, IN SENATE.

Twichell, Upson, Van Aernám, Van Wyck, Ward,

Cadwalader C. Washburn, Henry D. Washburn, William 1868, May 28—Mr. Edmunds offered this reso

B. Washburn, Welker, Thomas Williams, William lution:

Williams, James F. Wilson, John T. Wilson, Windom, Resolved by the Senate, (the House of Repre Woodbridge, and Mr. Speaker Colfax-102. sentatives concurring.) That the thanks of Con.

Nays-Messrs. Archer, Beck, Brooks, Cary, Chanler,

Eldridge, Getz, Golladay, Grover, Haight, Holman, Hotch gress are due, and are hereby tendered, to Hon. kiss, Humphrey, Johnson, Jones, Kerr, Knott, McCormick, Edwin M. Stanton for the great ability, purity, Mungen, N

Mungen, Niblack, Nicholson, Phelps, Pruyn, Stone, Taber and fidelity to the cause of the country with

--25. which he has discharged the duties of Secretary

Quorum of Supreme Court. of War, as well amid the open dangers of a | 1867, December 4-The SENATE passed, withgreat rebellion as at a later period when assailed out a division, this bill: by the Opposition, inspired by hostility to the Be it enacted, &c., That any number of the measures of justice and pacification provided justices of the Supreme Court of the United by Congress for the restoration of a real and States, not less than five, and being a majority permanent peace.

thereof, shall constitute a quorum. June 1-Mr. Hendricks moved to strike out

IN HOUSE. the latter clause, beginning with the words “ as well.”

1868, January 13–The rules were suspended, Mr. Henderson moved to amend so as to make

(yeas 114, nays 38,) and the above bill with an the resolution read as follows:

amendment was reported to the House from the That the thanks of Congress are due, and are

Judiciary Committee. The amendment was a hereby tendered, to Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, for

new section, to which the proviso was added in the great ability, purity, and fidelity to the cause

the House, the whole being as follows: of the country with which he discharged the du

SEC. 2. That no cause pending before the saties of Secretary of War amid the open dangers P

preme Court of the United States, involving the of a great rebellion.

action or effect of any law of the United States, Which was rejected without a count; also, the

. also the shall be decided adversely to the validity of such amendment offered by Mr. Hendricks.

law without the concurrence of two-thirds of $ Mr. Henderson moved to amend by adding to all the members of said court in the decision the resolution these words:

upon the several points in which said law or any And Congress takes this occasion to tender its part thereof may be deemed invalid: Provided. thanks to Chief Justice Chase for the great abil

reat abil. however, That if any circuit or district court of ity, purity, and distinguished learning which

the United States shall adjudge any act of Con-. have illustrated his position on the bench of the gress to be unconstitutional or invalid, the.. Supreme Court.

judgment, before any further proceedings shall Which was disagreed to-yeas 11, nays 30, as be had upon it, shall be certified up to the Sus follow :

preme Court of the United States, and shall be Yeas-Messrs. Buckalew, Doolittle, Fowler, Hender.

considered therein ; and if upon the considera." son. Hendricks. Johnson, McCreery, Norton, Patterson of tion thereof two-thirds, of all the members o Tennessee, Ross, Vickers-11.

the Supreme Court shall not affirm said judg. Nays-Messrs. Cameron, Cattell, Chandler, Cole, Conk

ment below, the same shall be declared and hel ling, Conness, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Frelinghuysen, Harlan, Howard, Howe, Morgan, Morrill of Maine,

reversed. Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Nye, Patterson of New Pending this new section,

MESTOBATT Hampshire, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Stewart, Sumner, Thay

Mr. Thomas Williams moved to substitate fina sem er, Tipton, Van Winkle, Wade, Williams, Wilson, Yates

it these words: The resolution was then adopted-yeas 37,

In all cases of writs of error from and appenderita nays 11, as follow:

to the Supreme Court of the United Statement Yeas-Messrs. Anthony, Cameron, Cattell, Chandler,

where is drawn in question the validity oce Cole, Conkling, Conness, Cragin, 'Drake,'Edmunds, statute or an authority exercised by the Union Ferry, Fessenden, Frelinghuysen, Harlan, Howard, States, or the construction of any clause of RA Howe, Morgan, Morrill of Maine, Morrill of Vermont, | Constitution of the United States, or the valid Morton, Nye, Patterson of New Hampshire, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sherman, Sprague, Stewart, Sumner, Thayer, I of a statute of or an authority exercised undag to

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mu. Campbell, Carter, tcheson, Jami- Vliet, Westcott, Whela

Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, as reorganized un- I passed the Senate February 19, 1868, and the der the Presidential plan-13 in all.

House February 20, but was vetoed by the Not ACTED—Iowa, California, Nebraska-3. Governor..

The resolution was repassed over the Gov. Subsequent Action of State Legislatnres. ernor's veto, in the Senate, March 5-yeas 11, Since that date, Iowa and Nebraska ratified nays 9, as follow: the amendment and California rejected it, thus Yeas Messrs. Anderson, Bowne, Dater, Edsall, Gaskills increasing the ratifying States to 23, and the Hopper, Little, (President,) Rice, Robins, Wildrick, Winn rejecting to 4, excluding the insurrectionary | NAYS-Messrs. Bettle, Blackman, Clark, Cobb, Hays,

field-11. States, or 14 with them.

Horner, Plummer, Richey, Warwick-9.' The Legislatures of Ohio and New Jersey of The vote on passing in the House, March 25, 91868 passed resolutions for the withdrawal of was yeas 45, nays 13, as follow: "their previous ratification.

Yeas-Messrs. Albertson, Allen, J. L. Baldwin, Bergen,

Brown, Christie, H. C. Clark, H. F. Clark, Coghlan, Col13, 1868, was as follow :

lins, Corlies, Corson, Cox, Duryer, Evans, (Speaker,) Ful

mer, Givens. Hedden, Hendrickson, Henry, Hering, Hood, in Senate-yeas 19, nays 17, as follow: Hough, Huff, Hunt, Jones, Lanning, Lippincott, Magona

Ynas-Messrs. Berry, Campbell, Carter, Dickey, Dowd- gle, Maxwell, Molony, Pearce, Pickel, Price, Probasco, ney, Emmitt, Evans, Godfrey, Golden, Hutcheson, Jami

Rosenbaum, Sharp, Smith, Strong, Taylor, Van Vorst, son, Kenney, Lawrence, Linn, May, Rex, Scribner, Stam

Vliet, Westcott, Whelan, Wills-45. (One Democrat abó baugh, Winner-19.

sent.) Nays-Messrs. Biggs, Brooks, Burrows, Conant, Co

NAY-Messrs. Atwater, J. R. Baldwin, Cowperthwaite, zey, Everett, Griswola, Hall, Jones, Keifer, Kessler, Gage, Keim, Kennedy, Lord, Mackin, Nixon, Peck, Kraner, Potts, Simmons, Torrence,'Woodworth, Yeo-Reeves, Speer, Van Voorhies-13. (One Republican man-17.

absent.) In House-yeas 56, nays 46, as follow:

of the Insurrectionary Statos, YEAs-Messrs. Acker, Baker, Ball, Belville, Boehmer, Arkansas ratified the amendment. April 6. Branch, Buell, Callen, Cockerill, Cusac, Denman, Dilworth, Dungan, Fielding, Finley, Fitch, Gaston, Gerhart, Gordon, Senate, yeas 23, nays 0; and, April 3, House, Headley, Henricks, Hill of Defiance, Hord, Hughes of yeas 56, nays 0. Butler, Hughes of Highland, Jewett, Jones, Kemp, Kennon, Larwili, Larson, Leete, Mann, McMarrell, Moffett,

mal Florida ratified the amendment, June 9, in Neal, Newman, Nichoł, Parks, Parr, Pennisten, Read, Senate, yeas 10, Days 3; and in House of RepRichardson, Robinson, Ross, Rutter, Shaw, Stickney, resentatives, yeas 25, nays 14. Swaip, Swetland, Thompson of Stark, Thornhill, Walling, Wilson, Worth, Mr. Speaker Follett-56.

Nays—Messrs. Anderson, Betts, Borden, Bronson, I ate 36 to 2, in the House 72 to 23. Brooke, Canfield, Cannon, Carpenter, Coleman, Dennis, With the ratification by the Legislatures of the Dickson, Dunn, Éames, Gallup, Haré, Hill of Erie, Hill of Fulton, Howard, Johnson, Kain, Kennett, Kerr of

of remaining States whose restoration to represenFayette, Kerr of Jefferson, Lawrence, Lee, Lewton, tation is dependent upon that condition, as set McMorran, Moore, Parker, Pond, Ritezell, Rough, forth in the act of June 25, 1868, the requisite Rukenbrod, Saylor, Scott of Hamilton, Scott of Warren, Sherwin, Sinclair, Sisler, Skaats, Thompson of

three-fourths of the thirty-seven States will be Columbiana, Ullery, Warnking, Warren, Welsh, Wolf secured, even conceding the right of Ohio and 46.

New Jersey to withdraw. In New Jersey, the resolution of withdrawal port from Washington says it is probable an Votos on Oonstitutional Amendments in the enabling act will pass. We do not know what

States. to believe. I find nothing here.


Exchange Hotel. | The vote in April 1868, on the new constitu-
His Excellency ANDREW JOHNSON, President.

tion, as officially declared by the State board of

canvassers, was as follow:
Vote for the Constitution...

... 71.733 Against the Constitution.....

...... 110,582
Majority against the Constitution........ 38,849

72,462 or the

WASHINGTON, D. C., January 17, 1867. For prohibition........ Son What possible good can be obtained by reconsidering the constitutional amendment? 'I know Majority against prohibition...........

13,681 of none in the present posture of affairs; and I For annual sessions .......................... ...... 24,482 do not believe the people of the whole country mannla of the whole conntry | For biennial sessions..............

................. 100,314 I will sustain any set of individuals in attempts

Majority for biennial sessions.......... to change the whole character of our Government

...... 75,832 Dola canles by enabling acts or otherwise. I believe, on

The vote on the constitution is larger by about Selles, in the contrary, that they will eventually uphold

H|18,000 than the vote on Governor in 1866. Howani, Hore) ll who have the patriotism

Total vote on constitution.......

182,315 and courage to TOTAL VOT

prohibition .........

... 158,605 Singers Powertand by the Constitution, and who place their ! " "

sessions..................................... 121,

124,796 Williams Bonfidence in the people. There should be no

MesirItering on the part of those who are honest in
Pichet eir determination to sustain the several co-or-

IN OHIO. arch 2–Date departments of the Government, in ac- ! In October, 1867, the vote was taken on the kelions of the Perdance with its original design.

proposed constitutional amendment respecting

ANDREW JOHNSON, suffrage, for which see Political Manual for de vetopa Ion. LEWIS E, PARSONS,

1867, page 131, or the combined Manual, page Montgomery, Alabama.

257. The result was :



















Cole. Conklinghe

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Against the amendment..
For the amendment.......

OULU........................................ 210.987


12.0 2


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........... 255,340 | and payable twenty years from date, and bear. 216,987 linge interest

ing interest at the rate of 6 per cent. per anTotal vote......

472,327 num, payable semi-annually. And the bonds Majority against on vote cast...............

herein authorized shall be of such denominations, Not voting on amendment.....

12,276 not less than $50, as may be determined upon

by the Secretary of the Treasury. And the Constitutional majority against...


Secretary of the Treasury may dispose of.such

bonds at any time, at the market value thereof, IN KANSAS.

for the coin of the United States, or for any of In November, 1867, the vote was taken on the treasury notes that have been or may here. three proposed amendments respecting voters : after be issued under any former act of ConFirst. To strike out the word "white." Second. gress, or for United States notes that may be To strike out the word “male.” Third. To dis- issued under the provisions of this act; and all franchise rebels. The votes were as follows: stocks, bonds, and other securities of the United

On striking out “white," the yeas were 10,483, States held by individuals, corporations, or assonays 19,421. Majority against, 8,938.

ciations, within the United States, shall be exOn striking out “male," the yeas were 9,070, empt from taxation by or under State authority. nays 19,857. Majority against, 10,787.

On disfranchising rebels, the yeas were 15,672, Act Creating a Sinking Fund, &c. nays 12,990. Majority for, 2,682.

SEC. 5. That all duties on imported goods

shall be paid in coin, or in notes payable on IN MINNESOTA.

demand heretofore authorized to be issued and In November, 1867, on a vote to amend the by law receivable in payment of public dues, constitution so as to extend suffrage without and the coin so paid shall be set apart as a regard to color, the yeas were 27,461, the nays special fund, and shall be applied as follows : 28,759.

* First. To the payment in coin of the interest

on the bonds and notes of the United States. IN ILLINOIS.

Second. To the purchase or payment of one In November, 1868, a vote is to be taken for per centum of the entire debt of the United or against calling a convention to form a new states, to be made within each fiscal year after constitution,

the 1st day of July, 1862, which is to be set

| apart as a sinking-fund, and the interest of which FINANCIAL LEGI&LATION.

shall in like manner be applied to the purchase

or payment of the public debt as the Secretary Act Authorizing the b's of 1881.

of the Treasury shall from time to time direct. July 17, 1861-An act to authorize a national Third. The residue thereof to be paid into the loan, and for other purposes.

| Treasury of the United States. SEC. 1. Be it enacted, &c., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized

Act Authorizing the 10.40's. to borrow on the credit of the United States, March 3, 1864-An act supplementary to an act within twelve months from the passage of this entitled "An act to provide ways and means act, a sum not exceeding $250,000,000, or so

for the support of the Government," approved much thereof as he may deem necessary for the public service, for which he is authorized to issue SEO 1. Be it enacted, &c. That in lieu of so coupon bonds, or registered bonds, or treasury much of the loan authorized by the act of March notes, in such proportions of each as he may 3, 1863, to which this is supplementary, the Secdeem advisable; the bonds to bear interest not retary of the Treasury is authorized to borrow, exceeding 7 per cent. per annum, payable semi- from time to time, on the credit of the United annually, irredeemable for twenty years, and States, not exceeding $200,000,000 during the after that period redeemable at the pleasure of current fiscal year, and to prepare and issue the United States; and the treasury notes to be therefor coupon or registered bonds of the United of any denomination fixed by the Secretary of States, bearing date March 1, 1864, or any subthe Treasury, not less than $50, and to be paya- |

sequent period, redeemable at the pleasure of the ble three years after date, with interest at the government after any period not less than five rate of seven and three-tenths per cent. per an years, and payable at any period not more than num, payable semi-annually.

forty years from date, in coin, and of such denom

inations as may be found expedient, not less than Act Authorizing the 6.80's.

$50, bearing interest not exceeding six per centum February 25, 1862-An act to authorize the a year, payable on bonds not over $100 annually,

issue of United States notes, and for the re- and on all other bonds semi-annually, in coin; and, demption or funding thereof, and for funding he may dispose of such bonds at any time, on such the Hoating debt of the United States. terms as he may deem most advisable, for lawful

* * * money of the United States, or, at bis discreSEC. 2. That to enable the Secretary of the tion, for treasury notes, certificates of indebtedTreasury to fund the treasury notes and floating ness, or certificates of deposit, issued under any debt of the United States, he is hereby author- act of Congress; and all bonds issued under this ized to issue, on the credit of the United States, act shall be exempt from taxation by or under coupon bonds, or registered bonds, to an amount State or municipal authority. And the Secre. not exceeding $500,000,000, redeemable at the tary of the Treasury shall pay the necessary pleasure of the United States after five years, expenses of the preparation, issue, and disposal

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