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The Committee on Commerce has undertaken the task of consolidating and reenacting the merchant marine, navigation, and shipping laws of the United States. This enormous task was broken down into three sections and the first consolidation, the Merchant Marine Act of 1966, was introduced in the 89th Congress as S. 3446. The second portion, the Navigation Act of 1967, has now been prepared in a draft form and is presented here as a committee print for comment and discussion before introduction in the 90th Congress. In this form, the new or revised text can be compared with existing language.

The Bureau of Customs, which proposed this draft, was under the explicit direction not to propose any amendments to the substantive law unless made necessary by recent organizational changes or similar requirements, and to indicate and provide explanations for all proposed changes in wording.

These requirements were made to assist the maritime industry, maritime labor, and other groups of individuals interested in maritime affairs, in promptly preparing helpful and constructive comments for the committee on the proposed draft included in this report. These comments should be made available to the Senate Committee on Commerce no later than July 1, 1967. On the basis of comments received by April, the committee will have a bill prepared for introduction.


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