A Journal of the Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the ... General Assembly of the State of Florida, at Its ... Session


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Página 20 - ... 2 Hats. 82. [The rule of the Senate is, when a motion shall be made and seconded, it shall be reduced to writing, if desired by the president or any member, delivered in at the table, and read by the president before the same shall be debated.
Página 66 - that whoever drew blood in the streets should be punished with the utmost severity," was held after long debate not to extend to the surgeon, who opened the vein of a person that fell down in the street with a fit. 5. But, lastly, the most universal and effectual way of discovering the true meaning of a law, when the words are dubious is by considering the reason and spirit of it or the cause which moved the legislator to enact it.
Página 66 - the correction of that wherein the law (by reason of its universality) is deficient.
Página 20 - Every member when he speaks shall address the chair, standing in his place, and when he has finished shall sit down. 4. No member shall speak more than twice, in any one debate, on the same day, without leave of the senate.
Página 32 - When a bill or resolution, which has been passed in one house, shall be rejected in the other, it shall not be brought in during the same session, without a notice of ten days, and leave of two-thirds of that house in which it shall be renewed.
Página 66 - The fairest and most rational method to interpret the will of the legislator is by exploring his intentions at the time when the law was made, by signs the most natural and probable. And these signs are either the words, the context, the subject matter, the effects and consequence, or the spirit and reason of the law.
Página 113 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened.
Página 22 - I. 5.] [The proceedings of the Senate, when not acting as in a Committee of the Whole, shall be entered on the journals, as concisely as possible, care being taken to detail a true account of the proceedings. Every vote of the Senate shall be entered on the journals, and a brief statement of the contents of each petition, memorial, or paper presented to the Senate, be also inserted on the journal.
Página 21 - Senate, on motion made and seconded to shut the doors of the Senate on the discussion of any business which may, in the opinion of a member, require secrecy, the President shall direct the gallery to be cleared; and during the discussion of such motion the doors shall remain shut.
Página 96 - That the section number sixteen, in every township, and where such section has been sold, granted or disposed of, other lands equivalent thereto and most contiguous to the same, shall be granted to the inhabitants of such township, for the use of schools.

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